For years childcare experts have talked about the closeness and intimacy of breastfeeding. They have reported that it strengthens maternal affection. Some studies have even suggested the action of a baby suckling changes how a mother’s brain behaves. Apparently, a mother gets a huge rush of oxytocin

in the brain. This kind of surge is known to enhance feelings of trust and love according to scientists. However, breastfeeding does not come naturally to everyone.

For many mothers nursing a baby does not come that easy and it can take weeks to get it right. A lot of new mothers feel a great deal of pressure to feel natural and be good at breastfeeding, so when things don’t go exactly as they envision, it can lead to stress. Lactation experts say being “relaxed” is half the battle. If a mother is tense and frustrated with breastfeeding it won’t do the baby any good. If a mother is really struggling with nursing, she can get help from a lactation consultant.

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