15Thinking Their Child is Perfect 

As I said, there is no problem with showing a ton of love and pride when you are talking about or to your child. If anything, they need to see this from both parents because it lets children know that his or her parents are very proud and happy to

have them.

But, this is only good to a certain extent. A huge mistake a lot of parents these days make is thinking that their children are perfect.

In fact, a study that was done a few years ago by the Center for Disease Control informed readers that a hefty 96 percent of parents in America thought their children were well behaved. Think about that next time you go in a public place and see a mother or father giving into their little one because he or she is throwing a loud fit over not getting a toy or movie they want.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be proud of your child, but also do not make the mistake of thinking he or she can do no wrong. Because if they are raised to also believe that they are perfect, it might cause them to carry that attitude into adulthood, which is never good.

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