• 15 Birth Moments That Broke The Internet

    Every birth moment is incredible and a miracle but some are more amazing for the sheer power they invoke in our lives. I remember the moment I saw our two daughters and I could have sworn that time itself had stopped. I was in pure amazement how this perfect and tiny human being had grown inside me for so long and was now here, breathing with us.

    Babies are beautiful and precious and they astound is by the incredible things they do and learn so quickly. Over the years, we've had some beautiful images and videos shared on social media, many going viral because of their magnetism and amazement. It can be difficult to comprehend some of these moments such as a baby appearing to walk minutes after being born or an unborn baby holding the finger of a doctor. They simply are beautiful and astonishing and make us wonder about the evolution of man and how we got here.

    Being pregnant was an amazing experience but, for me, throughout the nine months I was unable to imagine or picture what my baby would look like or what she would do when she was here. The moment she was born that all went out the window and I marvelled at everything she was about to learn. The natural instinct of human life is incredible to watch as your baby grows. Check out some of these incredible and amazing birth moments that rocked the internet.

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    Mirena Fail

    I recently saw the "Mirena Fail" baby on social media and thought no way could it be real but amazingly it is! This hilarious photo made the rounds on Facebook and was an almost instant viral sensation. The picture shows a newborn baby delicately clutching a Mirena implant just moments after he was born. Wow, how did this happen? Mirena is a plastic device which is implanted into a woman's womb which releases hormones into the body preventing pregnancy.

    However, Lucy Hellein, from Texas, discovered she was pregnant despite having the Mirena implant fitted four months earlier. Amazingly, baby Dexter was born weighing a massive 9lbs 1oz, and Lucy, like many new Mom's introduced her baby to her friends and family via her Facebook page. Brilliantly, however, she captioned a cute photo of her newborn "Mirena fail!" since the baby was snapped holding a Mirena implant in his hand.

    The post went viral after being shared more than 70,000 times online. Baby Dexter was born by caesarean section and during the surgery her doctor searched for the Mirena device. Amazingly the little baby boy got there first.

    Although Dexter was unplanned, Lucy said she can't imagine life without him. She said, "Dexter was definitely meant to be. His original due date was May 4 and even the doctor said ‘the force was strong with this one’. Although he wasn’t planned, my family and I feel incredibly blessed."

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    Transgender Man Gives Birth

    In one of the world's firsts, a transgender man in Oregon gave birth to a baby boy just recently and joyfully shared his pregnancy journey on social media. His reasoning for openly and honestly sharing his journey was in the hope of changing the stigma around a transgender man having children.

    Trystan Reese and Biff Chaplow are ordinary parents but their journey to having a family went down a different route. The couple are also parents to two children, Chaplow's niece and nephew who they adopted. Their third child, Leo, has a different story.

    Reese was born a female at birth, but grew up identifying as a male and at 20 years old, he started the transformation to becoming a man. Reese began hormone therapy and opted not to have surgery. This decision left the couple open to having their own children one day.

    Reese said of the decision, "It's actually not that different than if a woman is on hormonal birth control and their cycle stops. So I stopped taking my hormones and eventually my cycle came back… About five months later, we got the positive pregnancy test."

    The result was their beautiful baby boy, Leo. Reese documented his journey openly and has encouraged others in their position to not be afraid to take the same step.

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    Walking Newborn Baby

    The incredible video of a baby girl walking moments after being born went viral recently after stealing the heart and minds of everyone on social media. Amazingly, this newborn baby appears to take a number of steps while being guided and supported by a medical technician.

    How on earth is it possible though, you may wonder. Is this a miracle baby? Or the most intelligent baby of our generation who knew how to walk as soon as she was born? Regardless of whether this is simply a primitive reflex that has come naturally to this newborn or pure intelligence, it is absolutely beautiful to watch as this newborn treads lightly as a nurse guides her along the table. What an incredible sight to behold.

    The video has been viewed over an incredible one million times on YouTube already and a whopping 99 million times on Facebook.

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    Sister Delivers Her Brother

    In one of the most moving birth stories, a twelve year old girl delivered her own baby brother this year. The emotional moment was caught on camera and the photos were posted on Facebook where they immediately went viral amassing thousands of views almost instantly.

    Birth as we know it, is a powerful moment in anyones life and the incredible rollercoaster of emotions felt at the birth of a child can clearly be seen on this twelve years olds face. The beautiful photographs opened the parents up to some criticism as some people deemed it inappropriate for a young child to be so closely involved in the birth of a child considering it can be an emotional and somewhat graphic position to be in. Personally, I think this twelve yer old was incredibly brave and resilient to take part in the amazing birth of her baby brother. The pure love for her sibling is written right across her face as she brings him into the world with Momma.

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    Mother Child Bond

    Becoming a Mum is an amazing experience and when you have spent so many years giving your child one on one attention, the change to two children or more can be dramatic. Not just for you but for your child also. There is a major emotional upheavel you both must deal with.

    There is a photo that has gone viral on social media recently because so many Moms can relate to it. Portland-based birth photographer Laura Paulescu took a photo of a mom, holding her daughter tightly in a warm hug before she delivered her third child. Paulescu shared the photo on her Facebook page and it was shared thousands of times.

    Paulescu wrote on the heartwarming photo, "Pure sweetness. Last hugs before saying goodbye to momma & the last time she would sit on that big round belly with her sister still inside."

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    Unborn Baby Holding Doctors Finger

    We have heard many times before about a baby grabbing hold of a doctors hand before they were even born. In amazing photographs and videos we have been in awe at the magic of a baby's grip, so perfect and tiny. One such image is this one, which shows baby Nevaeh clasping on to her mother's doctors finger. In a moment that will never be forgotten by her parents Nevaeh become famous before she was even born as the image, captured by her father, went viral.

    "I just thought right away that it was a beautiful, amazing photo that I had never seen before," Nevaeh's mother, Alicia Atkins, said, "I knew it was special right away.

    "When my doctor broke my water, the doctor told my husband, 'Hey, she's holding my finger,'" Atkins said. "He had my camera, and so they were able to capture the moment of her holding his hand."

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    The Male Labour

    OK, so this is not strictly a birth moment but it's far too good not to share. Watching two men scream in agony as they experience the pain of childbirth is just too good to be true. In 2013, two Dutch TV presenters set the trend for men to be filmed as they felt every twinge, pain and contraction. And every woman in the world rejoiced. Since then more men have braved the experience and felt what it is like to be a labouring woman about to give birth.

    The pain of childbirth is difficult to explain since no two women have the same experience. It's even harder to explain to a man what childbirth is like since they have no basis for comparison. But presenters Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno, hosts of the Dutch TV show Guinea Pigs, happily strapped themselves to electrodes on their abdomen and underwent a gruelling two hour labour. Their jokes and laughter at the beginning quickly turned to groans and tears as the reality of what women go through became real for them.

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    Newborn Hugs Mom After Birth

    The moment your baby is delivered will probably be one of the most emotional moments of your life. You have waited nine months to meet and hold this baby and finally he or she is here. There is nothing more breathtaking than holding your baby for the first time and breathing in that new baby smell.

    Well, one Mum in Brazil recently had the intense experience of bonding with her newborn as her baby was filmed moments after being born, clinging to her face. The video was taken just moments after she was delivered by C-section.

    Brenda Coelho de Souza who gave birth to her daughter, Agata Ribeiro Coelho in April, said, "It was an incredible moment when my daughter hugged me for the first time. The medical team were great and were all really surprised that she acted this way, they couldn't believe how affectionate she was with me."

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    Mother Has C-Section After Giving Birth

    The following is an incredible story which really should not have happened. However, a mother in the UK has shared her horror story after doctors performed an emergency C-Section on her when she was 30 weeks pregnant. While this may seem an ordinary occurrence, the terrifying thing is that the mother, moments before, had already given birth naturally.

    Amber Hughes, said medics were confused after performing the c section and finding no baby. They discovered her newborn son in bedsheets two minutes later when he started crying. In an incredible series of events, the 21-year-old mother had delivered her son naturally at almost the exact same moment that the doctors performed the caesarean section.

    Sadly, Hughes underwent the unnecessary c section and suffered the intense recovery of the surgery despite her son being born naturally.

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    Mother Delivers Baby During Gentle C Section

    Maternal Assisted Delivery is becoming more and more common during Cesarean Section delivery as surgeons are now more confident in the procedure and have greater control of the surroundings. It is a perfect way for a mother to feel empowered during the surgical delivery of her babies at a time when she is ordinarily without any control.

    In these remarkable images which went viral almost instantly, Mum Sarah Toyer, lifted her baby out of her body as she delivered her baby via C Section. Sarah, a Mum of four with three C-sections under her belt already, was determined that her fourth C-section would be on her own terms and after hearing about gentle C-sections she discussed the possibility of delivering her baby during the planned section with the hospital.

    Sarah says of the experience, "I was lucky enough to be able to get the birth I was after and it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced. With a low-risk, planned c-section I highly recommend it to any mother! I would do it 100 times over if I could."

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    The Moment A Baby Was Born Encaul

    This moment is both somewhat terrifying and altogether amazing, as a baby is born via Cesarean Section still within the amniotic sac. Known as a ‘Caul Birth’, which is exceptionally rare, babies born within the sac are often considered to be lucky. The video showing this baby's birth went viral almost instantly. It shows the moment the baby, still within the amniotic sac is lifted out of the mother’s womb during a c-section and placed on the mother’s abdomen.

    A caul birth stories quite an infrequent occurrence. Doctors were forced to break the amniotic sac, releasing the fluid. It is not often, something as incredible as this birth happens, as the amniotic sac is usually broken during the strenuous process of birth or by a scalpel during c-section.

    The video grew worldwide attention but also some.negative and worried comments. There were many observers who feared that the baby was distressed while in the sac. To the untrained eye, it may appear so but according to OB/GYN Dr Gino Pecoraro said, “This is one of those times where things that may appear normal to people who are trained and know what they are looking at look very different to someone who may not know the intricacies of what the inside environment of an abdomen or a uterus looks like. I don’t think that you can say the baby is distressed from that clip at all.”

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    Mother Gives Birth In A Stream

    A mother of four has wowed the world with a birth video that has brought childbirth back to its raw and natural state. Simone shared a video of herself giving birth in a stream just recently and proudly delivered her fourth baby completely unaided and without medication. The magical and natural birth empowered her to share her experience with others but she has insisted that she isn’t a "hippy drippy mum".

    Simone didn’t have any pain relief or a midwife or doctor with her during the natural delivery. Instead she was surround by her family and nature and trusted her own instincts.

    Simone wanted to empower other women to take control of their child's birth and their body. She said, "I didn’t put the video online to make a statement I simply thought a few people would be interested in what it would be like to give birth in nature and to inspire women that if they wanted to they could have a child outside a hospital.

    "Naturally I would not suggest you try this without talking to doctors and your doula or midwife but as a mum of three children already I felt it was the right decision," she said.

    "After 50 people watched it I thought OMG my friends have seen me really naked, after 500 I was shocked and now 52 million people have viewed it. I think wow and get many complimentary emails and provide advice to people.

    "If people watch it and learn just a little something about the birth process or it makes them have a greater understanding of what happens or it builds their confidence to perhaps ask their GP or midwife more questions than I have done my job."

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    The Sister Selfie

    Not something I would ever do, but a daring Texas woman had snapped a smiling selfie of herself in a hospital delivery room while her younger sister gave birth to her first child. Kat Armendariz captured the ironic, humorous and honest image of her sister Kimberly, who can be seen screaming in pain as she was about to give birth.

    "SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag!" Armendariz wrote. The elder sister, who has five children of her own, said that she had already told her sister prior to arriving at the hospital that she planned to capture the moment. "I told her, 'I am going to take this selfie and you can thank me later,'" she said. "I warned her that I wanted to take a selfie while she was in pain because I did my time already." Armendariz said that her sister wasn't in much pain at first, but she waited for the perfect opportunity to snap the selfie.

    "She started to feel it and right when she was like, 'Oh my god I can't take this,' I took the photo," she said. Happily, Kimberly gave birth to a baby boy after an incredible 15 hours of labor and said her sister successfully captured one of her greatest moments of pain. "I didn't know what I was going to feel, but at that moment, she got it right on time," the younger sister said. The photo was viewed more than 500,000 on image sharing site imgur, and despite Armendariz receiving a lot of negative comments for appearing to make fun of her sister's condition she said, "I wanted to capture that moment from the bottom of my heart. It was out of love."

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    A Whopper Baby

    This viral image is possibly one of the most beautiful and joyful birth photos in recent years. The happiness on Mum Natalie Bancroft's face is so vivid and clear as she welcomes her baby boy into the world.

    Natalie had a natural birth at home with "no interventions, no internal exams, no complications," and delivered, naturally, a healthy baby boy weighing a staggering 11lb 2oz.

    Laura Fifield, who captured the beautiful image, said that neither the Mum nor her midwives were expecting an 11lb baby. Fifields expert photography skills clearly caught Natalie's surprise at finding out the weight of her baby boy.

    "Once he was out we could tell he was a little chunker! Natalie and her husband were immediately in love with their new son," said Fifield.

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    The Mishapen Head

    Babys go through some amazing events during the birthing process with plenty of tugging and pulling and squeezing.  Florida-based photographer Kayla Reeder, captured a stunning image of a newborn and the pressures which birth puts on their tiny bodies. The newborn’s head was significantly misshapen as the baby passed through the mother’s cervix.

    The incredible black-and-white photos of Chris and Nikki’s son have gone viral due to the unusual shape of the newborn’s head. The photos show how incredibly soft the skull of a baby can be.

    Reeder said, "Pushing took about an hour. Little man was a bit sideways so Mama had to work a little harder but no additional interventions were necessary. Mama had immediate skin to skin with him and Dad showered them with love. The love and adoration and relief that he was finally here radiated through them."

    On filtering through the images, Reeder noticed this unusal photo which captured the uneven shape just moments after the baby was born. "The moulding on Graham’s head was extra dramatic because of his position. His head was tilted a bit to the side so the molding isn’t centred and it caused his mama to push for a bit longer than if he would have been in a better position."

    However, as is normal in these cases, the newborns head took normal shape soon after and by a few days old he had a perfectly shaped head

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