15 Birthday Cake Epic Fails

Birthdays are the highlight of a little kid's year. They love the attention and can't wait to celebrate with their friends and open presents. But for moms, birthdays are some of the most stressful events ever. Pinterest has just upped the ante and made everything more stressful — especially the cake.

Back in the day, our moms would bake a simple sheet cake for birthdays — or if they wanted to get fancy, a layer cake. We had a few choices — yellow cake or chocolate, and maybe a few moms would do something bigger like strawberry, red velvet or coconut. But these days, kids want something with a lot more pizzazz and the best bakers out there make it look like its easy for all of us to comply. But it takes a lot of skill to turn a cake into a masterpiece. Let's face it — most of us are entirely overmatched in the process.

Some of the most epic cake fails happen when moms get ambitious and try to sculpt their kid's favorite character, and others happen even when mom goes to a professional and pays someone else to make the cake. We've found some of the worst examples. Take these as warnings, moms: don't get over the head and end up on the Pinterest fail list.

Here are 15 hilariously awful birthday cake fails.

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15 Once In A Minion

We can't even remember the name of the main character in Despicable Me. But we remember the minions. Ever since the first movie came out, kids fell in love with the silly, lovable little dudes. And many kids have the same devotion to minions that they have to their master. Cue the minion birthday party.

It seems like an easy cake to make, especially since you can use a round cake as the base and basically just add an eye and a band around it. That's easier said than done, as the cake above proves. You've got to get the consistency of the yellow frosting pretty smooth, and if you glob up the eye and the band, it just looks like a weird one-sided bra. This cake looks like it was made by minions, doesn't it?

14 Proofread Fail

There is an entire hashtag devoted to terrible mistakes on cakes. From name spellings to misplaced apostrophes to crazy variations on words like congratulations, bakers tend to be pretty atrocious when it comes to adding words onto a cake. That's why people have been making notes on their orders to make sure that these guys are more careful. We think this momma was probably worried about the spelling of her little girl's name, since Arika is unique. But the baker didn't get the hint. Instead he just added the note right on top.

And let us please note the problems with the proofreading message. Three out of four words are misspelled — five if you count the "Hapy Brithday" at the beginning. I mean, this guy didn't even spell cake correctly. This is one of the biggest spelling fails we have ever seen — although the princess and the frog look really cute.

13 Monstrous Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Cupcakes can be so much easier for parents to tackle, especially when they find something creative on Pinterest. But even those smaller versions can be really difficult to actually implement. This one seems simple — some blue frosting, goofy eyes and a cookie in his mouth to make a Cookie Monster from Sesame Street fame. But three steps can go wrong in an instant in the hands of some moms.

We think the worst mistake of this birthday cupcake fail was that the frosting is too runny.  It definitely makes it look like Cookie Monster is melting and choking on his cookie at the same time. The eyes are a little crazier than they bargained for as well, but if they stayed in the right place, it would't be more Cookie Monster and less monster. It's an unfortunate blue mess that will truly frighten some toddlers who couldn't wait to celebrate a birthday on Sesame Street.

12 Unrecognizable Princess

Well, less can be more, but this is just ridiculous. This is what can happen when you try a cake pan shape but you have no idea how to do the frosting — Ariel ends up an unrecognizable ghost who no one would guess was actually a mermaid. We think that the designer actually had a dot idea in mind, with a few black accents to make the details. It looks amazing in the picture, but it's a total mess in real life.

We get it — it's hard to match the red of Ariel's hair, but this pink outline doesn't even come come close to looking like the Disney princess's gorgeous mane. And the stark white doesn't come close to skin tone. The colors aside, this cake baker didn't even attempt to make any actual definition in the shape. But we feel like we should say something positive, so we'll add — the flower isn't bad.

11 Melted Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Well, it's important that if you build a snowman cake that it doesn't look melted, especially when it's the perpetually cold and happy Olaf, who is melt-proof even in summer. The "Frozen" character is one of the most beloved by kids in the past decade, and many kids have birthdays dedicated to the story year after year. But if they end up with this cake, they will never see Olaf in the same way again.

This one looks easy — as easy as building a snowman with a few white snowballs stacked on top of each other. The head is definitely more difficult, but it wasn't the shape was the detriment of this atrocious Olaf. It was all in the frosting. The patchy white fluff just doesn't give the aura of snow in the same way that fondant would. The coal buttons look like dirt patches, and the eyes are definitely off. But the worst part is definitely the nose — it's a little too droopy for our taste, if you know what we mean.

10 Minecraft Mess

Minecraft is an absolute obsession for lots of elementary school aged boys. And for moms, it can seem like a gift, since the old-school style graphics basically look like blocks stacked up. That would make for a simple cake, right? Wrong, as this piece of art shows us. There is nothing sharp and square about this, for sure.

This stuff doesn't look like stacks of blocks as much as it is gobs of goo. The square shapes are all but lost in the catastrophe. It's definitely a leaning tower of chocolaty goodness. The baker really should have considered leveling things off before piling it up. And the frosting is running and sticking and sliding all over the place. The simplicity of the game's aesthetic is definitely lost in this mess, and we're not sure that little boys who play the game religiously would even recognize this as a Minecraft mess.

9 Not So Super

We're not sure what this is supposed to be. At first we thought it was Elmo's face, but then we were told it was actually an attempt at a Spiderman head. Yeah, they nailed it, right? The shape is definitely off, and we're not sure that the texture works at all — that's the reason that we thought they were going for a furry monster, not an amazing superhero.

The eyes, though. They say it all. Instead of, "I'm strong, I'm amazing, and I'm going to save the world," these eyes say, "I'm droopy and I need a nap." Our spider-sense is definitely tingling, but we think that might just be the Red Dye No. 40, which is going to make our kid hyper even on top of the sugar rush. We wouldn't trust this superhero cake to get us out anything. It definitely looks like the Green Goblin got the best of this Spiderman.

8 Cake Pops Pits

Cake pops are the newest big trend for celebrations, and in theory, they are supposed to be a simple way to give bite-size sweet morsels for an alternative to cupcakes. The idea of doing them sounds perfect for grown ups, who don't want their kids — or their own waistlines — gorged out on sweets. But not only is it impossible to eat just one, it's also super difficult to make them look as pretty as they do in the bakery.

There are tons of fairly cheap gadgets meant to make baking cake pops so much easier. But once you have the little balls of goodness baked, you have to decorate them. The frosting here looks terrible, and the truth is that it's not possible to make them look good using the frosting that you find on the baking aisle. The trick is to use melted chocolate or candy and dip the cake pops in, swirl off the excess and let it dry. You can add sprinkles before they dry, but clumpy frosting just won't do the cake pops justice. They may taste good, but they'll look like a mess.

7 Happy Trail

When you design something three-dimensional, you really need to look at it from all angles before you put it out there. No one wants to get home with their Rapunzel cake and figure out that the yellow trail doesn't look at all like hair. It becomes something entirely different when you look at it from overhead — and that is the first vantage point that all 3-year-olds want to have when they get up on the table and try to lean over and get closer to the candles.

It's also the first angle that parents see, and they are the ones more likely to notice the disgusting trail of — what is it? — poop, vomit, we're not sure. It definitely doesn't look like Rapunzel's silky locks, and that is quite a shame. It takes this cake from sweet and silly to gross and creepy. It's an overhead image that no one needed or wanted, especially when their little ones are about to gorge themselves on sugar.

6 Ariel Again

We've talked about Ariel already, but this kind of discussion can apply to any princess who will go from beautiful to unrecognizable in two seconds. All little girls want is to wear a crown and celebrate with their favorite hero. They don't want have their vision of the princess that they love forever altered, but that's what happened in this cake.

We agree that the image of Ariel on Disney screens might set up false expectations of beauty, but giving her a little bit bigger waist is different than frosting images of a tiny face, strange shaped arms and a misplaced shell bra. And we're really not sure what they were thinking with that fin. Instead of eyes that look like she is dreaming of bettering her life, this Ariel looks like she might have scratched her eyes out. No kid wants a Picasso-style picture of her favorite princess, so if you can't do it right, just stick with the crown and skip the fancy drawing on the cake.

5 Pony Over-Powered

birthday cake | food for fun - Cake Ideas

We love the idea of using toys for a cake that can then be given to the birthday boy or girl. But this mom truly took the cake (ha, ha) for adding on the action figures. This cake is definitely pony over-powered. We have a feeling that the mom may not have been happy with her decor, so she decided to add even more. But she covered up layers of extra frosting with way too many ponies that got sticky and messy in the meantime.

If this mom had created a simple green meadow with maybe two or three pony friends on top, her 7-year-old would have probably been ecstatic. And the rest of the pony neighborhood could have decorated the table. But putting them all on top of the cake makes us worry about the cake being edible underneath. Less is sometimes more when it comes to cake decorating and life, no matter how much you love your ponies.

4 And Another Pony

We love a good three-dimensional cake, but it takes talent to achieve, and this one is sorely underachieving. With the mess of frosting, the very shape of the cake looks ill-defined, and we wouldn't be able to tell if this was a pony, a pig or some other strange mystical creature without the side-by-side picture. It's definitely going to scare the kids, especially when they cut into it.

Seriously, old school frosting is just killing most of the cakes on this list. It's just a gooey, gross mess that starts everything off wrong. The little slash for a smile looks like Rainbow Dash got a cut on her throat, and the hair — what's with the colors? Those aren't rainbow shades. ROYGBIV, remember? — looks like rivers of pink and purple and blue slime. There is so much wrong with this cake, that we're not even sure if there is anything right. Maybe go for the one with the ponies on the top instead.

3 Barbie's Mud Bath

A few years ago, cake dresses were the dream of every little birthday girl. They thought it was such a great idea to take their favorite doll and decorate a beautiful dress out of icing. With a bell shape and some pretty bow accents, it lends itself perfectly to go with a princess dress or a Barbie. But you have to make it look natural, and this person definitely didn't get the shape right.

Barbie doesn't exactly wear a bundt shape dress. And the icing here just makes it worse. It looks like Barbie is taking a mud bath, and the grotesque colors and the placement of Barbie's arms make it look like she is a Stepford wife waving for help as she drowns. Strawberry and chocolate may taste delicious together, but they look absolutely gross, especially when you are bathing in them.

2 Be Careful With the Candle

This cake maker almost did everything right. This is from another language, but we think that things were spelled correctly. Winnie the Pooh looks recognizable, well outlined and with a little bit of texture that gives the impression of a well-loved stuffed animal. His eyes are a little weird, but that's certainly not what we are looking at right now, is it? This cake just goes to show you that every detail is important.

If this was a cake for a 3-year-old we might not be having the same conversation, but the 1 candle definitely makes the placement of it even more important to pay attention to. We are hoping that mom and dad moved the candle before their little one blew it out — otherwise the pictures would just be hilariously awkward. Everything counts in cake-making, including the candle.

1 Creepy Character

Parents have to be careful when they plan a birthday party. Things can go very wrong very quickly when you try to bake a cake, and the decorating can be even worse. But even when things are well executed, a birthday cake can still be really creepy. They should really think carefully about what character they want to make into a cake because a poop emoji might just be asking for a weird end result.

Kids really love emojis, and the poop one is definitely a favorite, but even if you put eyelashes and a pink smile on it, it's still not exactly lovable. The dark spots and the little cream patches — we're not sure what they are supposed to be, but our minds are definitely in the toilet on what we think they might be. And the candle at the top — just stop. Weirdly, this cake looks a lot better than the messes on this list, but even a smooth looking poop is still something that we would rather not put into our mouths.

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