15Phantom Of The Belly

There are a ton of new-fangled inventions out there allowing expectant fathers to feel the fetal kicks and movements that their pregnant partners just take for granted. There’s no telling how scientifically accurate these pregnancy belts, bands and bracelets may be but they definitely make for good entertainment. However,

according to statistics, there are many men out there claiming to feel these fetal movements even without any doodads!

Consider it coincidental or a mysterious symptom of couvade syndrome (sympathetic pregnancy). Either way, it can and does happen. And really, it’s not all that surprising considering many new moms report feeling phantom kicks after giving birth. This has often been explained as muscle memory, uterus contraction, internal organs shifting or else because of how accustomed they had become to noticing every teensy twinge during pregnancy. When a man has pregnancy on his mind, it only makes sense that he may be hyper aware of his own internal rumblings as well.

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