15 Blessed Baby Names for Boys

As your delivery date nears, the pressure to find a name is on. Our advice: take a deep breath, and find the answers by connecting to a higher power.

The divine realm has many names just waiting to be discovered. From all over the globe, we have rounded up some wonderful names that will bless your baby boy. But even if you are not spiritual, these boys’ names offer timelessness, poetic style, and meanings you will want to bestow on your child.

Whether you want to honor your religious roots or just love the sound, consider these 15 names for your little blessing.

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15 Benedict (Latin)

Benedict may not be as popular as his cousins Ben and Benjamin, but this aspect may be a plus if you prefer unconventional names. The name, which means “blessed,” has Latin origins. Historically, Benedict of Nursia was a Saint. He led a monastic life, founding the Benedictine Monastery.

The most famous namesake is Benedict Cumberbatch, the English actor of TV’s “Sherlock Holmes.” If you can get past the link to the notorious traitor Benedict Arnold, this is a fine name for a baby boy.

14 Mubarak (Arabic)

Vintage names are making a resurgence, and Mubarak fits into this classical category. In Arabic, Mubarak means “one who is blessed” or “lucky.” The name also has Muslim and African origins. There are several different spellings, including Mubaraak and Mubaraq. The name is also a variant of Barack.

The name Mubarak found international fame in the early 1980s when Hosni Mubarak became the President of Egypt. The variation of the name became widely known when U.S. President Barack Obama took office in 2008. If you name your son Mubarak, you may be destined to have a leader.

13 Asher (Hebrew)

Asher exudes greatness. The name, which means “fortunate” and “happy,” has roots that go back to the Bible. In the Old Testament, Asher was promised a life of blessings. In this spirit, the name could give your son an auspicious start in life. Asher is proof that a powerful name can be a simple name. And with the cool nickname “Ash,” it seems Asher has it made.

12 Keitaro (Japanese)

If you’re looking for a rare boy’s name, Keitaro may be the one. Again, the name means “blessed.” You won’t find this one in any top name charts in America. A unique name like Keitaro may be highly unusual, but it is also extraordinary and distinctive. Names like these are quite memorable. Keitaro is interesting, bold, and infused with sacred meaning. Any boy would be lucky to have this name.

11 Ngozi (Egyptian & Nigerian)

There is an undeniable quality with the name Ngozi. Pronounced “n-GO-zee” or “n-GAW-zee,” this name is quite popular in Africa. The name translates to “being a blessing.” If you find this name too eccentric, try it out as a middle name.

There is one aspect you may not love about Ngozi. While the pronunciation is not as difficult as it looks, you’ll probably need to sound it out to anyone who reads it. If constant correction isn’t a deal breaker, this could a blessed name for a baby boy.

10 Zelig (Yiddish & German)

At first, this name may seem too mature for a baby. Yet, it has an exquisite sound, and would be a blessed name for any young boy. Meaning “happy” or “the blessed one,” Zelig is not a popular name. In fact, it has never ranked in the top 1000 for American baby names. And although this name is not prominent with famous people, a famous film bears its name. “Zelig” is a 1983 film starring Woody Allen and Mia Farrow.

9 Micah (Hebrew)

This biblical name has soared to the height of popularity. In 2014, it ranked #109 on the American baby name chart for boys. The name means “one who is like the Lord.” Micah has a poetic sound and a timeless charm. It’s no wonder that parents are choosing this name as an alternative to Michael. With a name like Micah, your son is sure to go far.

8 Giovanni (Italian)

Do you like the name John, but dislike how familiar it is? It’s a great name, but let’s face it—almost everyone knows, at least, one John. Consider Giovanni as an elegant alternative.

Giovanni, pronounced “joh-VAH-nee,” is a classic Italian name, and yet it is ranked #125 on the baby name chart in America. There are several popular namesakes, including actor Giovanni Ribisi, and the late clothing designer, Giovanni “Gianni” Versace. A Giovanni in your family will be loved by generations to come.

7 Hans (German, Dutch & Scandinavian)

This name isn’t rising on baby name charts, but it remains a classic. This short, macho name has an old world image and a retro feel. Hans, meaning “gift from God,” is a German variant of the name John. Writer Hans Christian Andersen and composer Hans Zimmer has given this name visibility. If you’re looking for a masculine name, this may be a gracious gift to bestow upon your little boy.

6 Ian (Scottish)

Another variant of John, Ian is the Scottish version. Again, it translates to “the Lord is gracious.” Ian is quite a popular in the United States, charting in the 77th position for boys’ names. Researchers have found that common names like Ian are more successful, more well-known, and more desired, so don’t be afraid to choose this popular name. There are many famous bearers of the name, including actor Ian McKellan, and writer Ian McEwan.

5 Jonas (Greek)

Jonas is not your grandfather’s name anymore. Though it has a classic vibe to it, Jonas is far from dated; it’s just waiting for a comeback. Jonas, a Greek variant of Jonah, is popular in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway. Americans may associate the name with Dr. Jonas Salk, the father of the polio vaccine, and the pop trio, The Jonas Brothers.

A time-honored name like Jonas will never sound trendy, and it will never feel outdated. It has a retro appeal that is steeped in traditional charm.

4 Matteus (Swedish & Norwegian)

Matteus may not be as pervasive as its English counterpart Matthew, but it’s a fine alternative. It has an element that seems to impart nobility. The name means “gift from God,” a fitting moniker for your baby boy. We love Matteus because it sounds debonair, refined, cultured, and, of course, it has a beautiful meaning. It is a name your son will be proud to bear.

3 Sean (Hebrew)

Sean is the only name on our list that ranks extremely high on the name charts; at least it does in Ireland, ranking in the top 10. It has slipped a bit in American popularity sitting at position #223 on the U.S. name chart for boys.

From Hebrew, the name translates to “God’s gracious gift.” Other variants include Shawn, Shaun, and Shane. Perhaps its popularity is due to its connection to famous people, such as actor Sean Connery, actor Sean Penn, and hip-hop mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Although Sean has had a long history, it is a name that will suit your child at any age.

2 Teodoro (Italian, Portuguese & Spanish)

Teodoro is another gift from God. Pronounced “teh-oh-DOH-roh,” this name will put a little faith in your son’s world. Prepare yourself because you may have to spell and pronounce the name over and over again. On the plus side, your son may grow up to appreciate the uniqueness of his name. Because the name is as wonderful as its meaning, Teodoro is a great choice.

1 Zeb (Hebrew)

This short-and-sweet name has biblical origins. From the name Zebediah or Zebulon, Zeb means “portion of the Lord.” With a name like Zeb, he is sure to become an interesting character. Consider it as a heavenly name for your little blessing.

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