15 Blonde Baby Names For Boys

In high school biology class, we learned that dominant and recessive genes are the traits we inherit from our parents. These genes are the likelihood that certain characteristics will pass from parents to their children. The science of genetics is complex but, simply put, these factors can determine physical characteristics.

For instance, hair color can be divided into two shades: light and dark, and light hair is a recessive gene. The color of someone’s hair is determined by the amount of eumelanin in the genes. Hair with small amounts of eumelanin become light; hence, a baby boy with mostly fair genes will be a blond. Put another way, if both mom and dad have light hair, the baby is likely to be a blond. Genetics is more complicated than this, but the odds are, blond-haired babies are likely in this scenario.

Parents that have the same hair color can have a child whose hair is similar but slightly different. Still, it’s an inherited characteristic determined by genetics. Light hair is recessive over dark dominant genes. So, expecting parents don’t need to be experts in genetics to predict the color of their baby’s hair.

There are just some names for males that make you think of a fair-haired dude. Future offsprings with blond locks lend themselves to certain monikers. Here are 25 names for boys with blond hair.

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25 Brady

This Irish surname has become quite a popular first name for boys, especially in the last 20 years when the name hit its peak. It’s no coincidence the boom began in 1969 with the debut of the saccharine TV family The Brady Bunch.

The meaning of the name varies. Some say it means one with broad eyes; others say it means broad-chested. Other definitions say Brady means lives on a broad island or from the broad valley. So, the true translation is a bit fuzzy. Nevertheless, broad appears to be the recurring theme with the name Brady, so we’ll just go with that.

You may associate the name with comedian and TV host Wayne Brady. It’s also a namesake from the world of sports thanks to former baseball player Brady Anderson, and the New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady is a name that is full of spirit. It’s a well-known name yet it’s one-of-a-kind; that’s a special combination.

24 Anderson

One undeniable reason for the enormous popularity of Anderson is the fair-haired journalist Anderson Cooper. On the boy’s name chart, it currently ranks at #305. But, Anderson is not new as a first name. In 1880, the name ranked even higher than it does today.

The name is Scandinavian. Naturally, it means son of Anders. This is why there are so many similar international versions of Anderson, including Anders in Norway and Sweden, Andreas in Greece, Germany, and Amsterdam, and, of course, Andrew in the United States.

Anderson also translates to manly and brave. Naturally, the son of Anders remains strictly a boy’s first name. Actress Edie Falco, who played the mafia wife on the HBO TV series “The Sopranos”, named her son Anderson.

Although there are not many famous people with the first name Anderson, there are many others with the surname, namely Danish children’s author Hans Christian Andersen.

23 Mason

If you’re looking for an attractive alternative to Jason, try Mason. It’s an occupational surname-turned-baby name. As a profession, a mason was a stoneworker or a bricklayer. Today, it’s a rock-solid hit among parents.

In 2011, Mason soared in popularity, reaching #2 on the boy’s name chart. This name remains a favorite among parents as it currently sits high on the list at #3. Although it’s become a unisex name, it trends significantly higher for boys. In fact, the name is currently not in the top 1000 for girls. Still, the name is beginning to cross over.

But parents who choose Mason for their daughters tend to adopt alternative spellings such as Masyn and Maysen.

You can’t deny Mason’s impact through pop culture references. In the ‘50s and ‘60s, actor Raymond Burr played criminal defense lawyer Perry Mason in a TV series of the same name. Also, the name is red hot in Hollywood, picked by such famous parents as Cuba Gooding, Jr., Melissa Joan Hart, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kelsey Grammer.

22 Jonas

Perhaps parents like the name John but dislike how familiar it is. It’s a great name but let’s face it—almost everyone knows, at least, one John. Jonas is an elegant alternative, and it’s a name any son would be proud to bear.

Jonas, a Greek variant of Jonah, is popular in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Norway. In America, it ranks #429 on the boy’s chart. Surprisingly, Jonah is more popular in the United States than Jonas.

The older generation may associate the name with Dr. Jonas Salk, the father of the polio vaccine. The younger generation may think of the singing trio comprised of Joe, Kevin, and Nick, better known as The Jonas Brothers.

Jonas is not your grandpa’s name anymore. Though it has an old-world feel, it has modern appeal; that’s the best of both worlds.

21 Ellis

It’s no wonder why parents are choosing the surname Ellis as a first name for their babies. Ellis, a Welsh name derived from the Greek name Elias and the English name Elijah, means benevolent. It also bears a striking resemblance to familiar names like Alex and Alice. With a sound as beautiful as its meaning, it makes sense that Ellis has become a favorite among modern parents.

The obvious association is with Ellis Island, the gateway to which millions of people immigrated to the United States. The name also has a connection to the world of music. The famed jazz pianist Ellis Marsalis is the father of the musical Marsalis family, which includes saxophonist Branford Marsalis and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis. Ellis is also familiar as the surname of fashion designer Perry Ellis.

Although the name has a classic sound, it’s more modern than ever. The more Ellis is used today, the more it adopts a new vibe.

20 William

The name William has a claim to fame. Only second to John, William is the most popular name among English-speaking people. It makes sense when you think of all the Williams in history.

There were four U.S. Presidents named William: Harrison, McKinley, Taft, and Clinton. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for the name-fame. There’s also Microsoft magnate Bill Gates, the playwright William Shakespeare, author William Faulkner, and actor William H. Macy, and Hollywood hunk Will Smith. And, we can’t forget Britain’s Prince William, the Prince of Wales.

William is a Germanic name made up of two words: will meaning desire, and helmut meaning protection. The name Willahelm eventually transitioned into the lovely name we know and love today.

As a bonus, William probably has more spinoffs than any other name on this list, including Will, Bill, Billy, and Liam. For such a conservative name, William seems to check all of the right boxes.

19 Carson

From Irish and Scottish descent, Carson means son of the marsh-dwellers. Although it ranks #89 on the boy’s name chart, the name has not quite crossed over as a girl’s name. It’s a rugged-sounding moniker that is associated with the Wild West. Christopher Carson, known as Kit, was an American rancher and a soldier who helped expand the western frontier in the 1800s.

There have been two very famous Carsons on the small screen. Carson Daly is a renowned talk show host, radio personality, and a former VJ on MTV’s “Total Request Live”. And, no one can deny the influence of comedian Johnny Carson. He was the king of late-night television, hosting “The Tonight Show” for 30 years.

Carson is a cool name that rolls off the tongue. You don’t need to repeat it, and others will understand the name immediately. And yet, it’s not your everyday name. A child with this name will stand out for the right reason.

18 James

In Spanish, the name is Diego. In French, it’s Jacques. In Italian, it’s Giacomo. In Ireland, it’s Seamus. And in the English-speaking world, the name is James.

What’s James’ claim to fame? It’s the most common name of former U.S. Presidents. Six men have carried the name: Madison, Monroe, Polk, Buchanan, Garfield, and Carter. It’s also one of the most popular names of all time, maintaining a spot in the top 20 for the last century. In 2015, it ranks #7 for boys.

James is a Hebrew name that comes out of the name Jacob. Although the name originates from the Bible, it’s far from dated. It’s a classic yet modern name that is shared by countless celebs. Famous namesakes include singer/songwriter James Taylor, actor Jim Carrey, guitarist Jimmy Page, and singer James Brown.

It’s a perfect name for all ages. With both style and substance, James will be fashionable for a long time.

17 Cooper

Cooper is not just a tradition surname; it’s also an English occupational name. A cooper by professional was a barrel maker or seller. Since 1982, the name has seen a rapid growth. Cooper entered the top 100 names list in 2007 and it hasn’t left. The name is even more popular in Australia.

Actor Bradley Cooper and journalist Anderson Cooper have made it a household name. And fans of the hit TV show “The Big Bang Theory” will associate the name with the lead character Sheldon Cooper played by actor Jim Parsons. Also, football stars Peyton and Eli Manning have an older brother named Cooper.

Famous parents agree it’s an awesome name for a cool dude. Among the celebs who have chosen Cooper for their sons are Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, and actors Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Murray.

Cooper is a friendly-sounding name. That probably has much to do with the easy-going nickname Coop. Add super to the front of the name and you have one amazing moniker

16 Elijah

Another biblical favorite is the name Elijah—a prophet in the Old Testament. In terms of popularity, this name has surpassed other biblical monikers such as David and Daniel. But even if soon-to-be parents are not spiritual, Elijah offers timelessness, a poetic style, and a meaning they will want to bestow on their child.

Elijah, derived from Hebrew, means Yahweh is God. In the Bible, Elijah was an Israelite prophet who entered Heaven in a chariot of fire. But the name isn’t just a figure in the Christian religion. It’s also part of Jewish and Muslim religions, too.

Actor Elijah Wood helped bring this ancient name to the modern age. Well-known parents who have chosen Elijah for their sons include actor James Spader, Cher and Greg Allman, actor Donnie Wahlberg, singer Wynonna Judd, and Bono. Along with 13,000 parents every year, they all agree that Elijah is a blessed name for a baby boy.

15 Matthew

In Swedish, the name is Matteus. In French, it’s Matthieu. In Italian, it’s Matteo. And in the English-speaking world, the name is Matthew. Biblical in origin, Matthew was the author of the first book in the New Testament. Its meaning, gift of God, is truly fitting.

In the ‘80s and ‘90s, Matthew was the third most popular boy’s name in the United States. In 2015, the name ranked #15 for boys.

There’s certainly no shortage of model-like Matthews in Hollywood: McConaughey, Damon, Broderick, Perry, and Dillon to name a few. Decade after decade, Matthew remains a perennial favorite among famous moms and dads. But some well-known parents have chosen foreign versions of the name. Singer Ricky Martin, and actor Benjamin Bratt have sons named Matteo, and comic actor Will Ferrell named his son Mattias.

14 Logan

Nature-loving parents will appreciate this suave Scottish surname which means small hollow. It’s currently holding the 14th position in the United States, but it ranks #7 in Wales, #8 in its native Scotland, and #12 in Canada. While it remains a trendy name for girls, Logan is predominantly a boy’s name.

Since the 1970s, the name has risen in the charts, but modern pop culture has certainly helped the popularity of the name. If you’re a fan of the X-Men comics and movie series, you’ll recognize Logan as the name of the mutant character Wolverine. Also, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant chose this name for his son.

The spelling variations of Logan are plentiful. You can use Loggan, Logun, Loghan, or Logn. However you spell it, Logan will continue to have long-running success for a while.

13 Andrew

A strong boy may be in your future if you choose the name, Andrew. The name literally means manly in Greek. Andrew is the patron Saint of Greece, Russia, and Scotland. In the Bible, he was one of the 12 apostles.

Andrew has two user-friendly nicknames: Andy and Drew. Still, there are many international versions of the name, including:

  • Anders in Norway and Sweden
  • Andre in France
  • Andreas in Greece, Germany, and Amsterdam
  • Andrei in Russia

Several prominent figures share the name, including actor Andy Garcia, artist Andy Warhol, and former U.S. Presidents Andrew Jackson and Andrew Johnson.

Andrew is a masculine name with a genuine history—not a bad combination for a baby name. Not only does it have a timeless quality but Andrew is one of the most popular male names ever.

12 Noah

Noah is the perennial favorite among parents. Not only is it number one right now, it has been at the top of the list for three years in a row. Besides taking the top spot in America and Switzerland, Noah is #2 in Denmark, #3 in Northern Ireland, #4 in Australia, and #5 in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Meaning rest or comfort, the name is a classic Old Testament name that has been dramatized in more than one epic movie. The story of Noah is, of course, one of the most well-known from the Bible. Noah was asked by God to build an ark and fill it with two of every creature to protect them all from the Great Flood. And by the boatload, parents continue to bestow this beautiful name on their sons. Millions of people can’t be wrong.

11 Caleb

Like Noah, James, Luke, and John, Caleb has roots that go back to the Bible. In the Old Testament, Caleb left Egypt with Moses and Joshua to pursue the Promised Land. This Hebrew name means devotion to God.

The name Caleb first entered the United States in the 1600s, but it took some time to gain popularity. The name rose high in the 1800s and then declined. But yet again, it made a comeback in the 1960s. In 2015, it soared to #37 in America. Caleb also makes the top 100 in England, Scotland, New Zealand, and Australia.

The only drawback may be the nickname, Cale. Some people may associate it with the green, leafy vegetable. Personally, we like kale and we like the name, Caleb.

10 Aiden

Aidan may be the traditional Irish spelling, but Aiden is the outperforming favorite. Meaning little and fiery, Aiden fits with the Jayden, Brayden, and Caden naming trend. Perhaps this is why the name skyrocketed up the name chart climbing 400 positions in 10 years.

Although it’s an Irish name, Aiden is most popular in the United States, where it ranks #13. It also ranks high in Canada at #18.

Actor Aidan Quinn may have also given the name some fame. The name is also red hot in Hollywood, picked by such famous parents as actress Tracey Gold, and singer Rod Stewart.

This is another name that can be spelled dozens of ways, including Aidan, Aden, Ayden, Aydan, and Edan. And the nickname Denny is just another reason to love the cool name Aiden.

9 Ethan

To describe Ethan as a popular name would be an understatement. It’s a biblical name, but since the end of the 20th century, this name hasn’t looked back.

This Hebrew name means strong and firm. In 2015, the name ranked #6 among American boys. But it ranks even higher in Canada, where it is the second most popular boy’s name. Ethan is a popular name is many countries, including France, the U.K., New Zealand, and Belgium.

Its popularity may have to do with the luxury furniture store Ethan Allen. Also, heartthrob actor Ethan Hawke may have given the name a boost. Or perhaps parents appreciate a boy’s name that can’t be shortened into a cutesy nickname. We like it because it’s a youthful-sounding name that means strong. On all accounts, Ethan is pretty perfect.

8 Wade

There are many Wades out there, and it makes sense because the name has never been out of the top 1000 chart for boys—ever. The popularity of this name saw an uptick in the late 1940s, reaching as high as #195, but it started its decline in the early 1970s. Currently, it’s ranked #521 for American boys.

Historically, Wade is an English name that means at the river crossing. Although it’s become unisex, the name currently trending much higher for boys. Perhaps the connection to water allows the name to have a nature-inspired feel, making it fair game to both genders. Still, Wade slants heavily towards the males, beating the females in popularity by a 10-to-1 ratio.

Wade is also a namesake in the sports world. Thanks, in part, to longtime Boston Red Sox Hall of Famer Wade Boggs, and All-Star basketball player Dwyane Wade, the name continues to have long-running success.

7 Jeffrey

Yes, this name comes from the longer versions Jeffrey and Jefferson, but if a baby boy will be called Jeff anyway, just give him the four-letter version as a standalone name. The name translates to pledge of peace.

Although Jeff currently ranks low on the name charts, this name was mega popular in the late 1950s to mid-1960s. This may explain the host of Hollywood actors from this era, including Jeff Daniels, Jeff Goldblum, Jeff Daniels, Jeff Bridges, and Jeff Dunham. Other famous Jeffs include race car driver Jeff Gordon, and the founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Jeff Bezos.

Former Yardbirds guitarist Jeff Beck has given the name international fame, although this Jeff was born Geoffrey. Beck is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time. Finding name inspiration from this musical genius just might bless a little boy to become a rock legend.

6 Joshua

The name Joshua, which means the Lord is my salvation, has roots that go back to the Bible. In the Old Testament, Joshua was the successor to Moses. After many attempts, he led the Israelites to the Promised Land. In this spirit, the name could give a boy an auspicious start in life.

It’s fairly popular, ranking #33 in the United States, but it ranks even higher in Australia, England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Famous Josh’s include singer Josh Groban, actor Josh Hartnett, and actor Josh Duhamel. Joshua was also picked by such celebrity parents as singer Faith Evans, entertainer Donny Osmond, actor James Brolin, and NBA player Tony Parker.

Joshua exudes friendliness. It’s proof that a simple name can be powerful. And with the cool nickname Josh, it seems Joshua has it made.

5 Thomas

Thom may not be as popular as his cousins Thomas and Tom, but this aspect may be a plus if you prefer less common names. This name certainly isn’t rising on baby name charts. In fact, Thom ranks #3652 on Nameberry, but it remains a familiar classic. In the Netherlands, however, the name ranks significantly higher at #186.

Pronounced Tom, this four-letter version is the short form of Thomas. It’s also a creative way to spell Tom. Meaning twin, this name is of Aramaic, Greek, Scottish, and Hebrew origins. Thom entered the American boy’s name chart in the 1940s and peaked at #1722 within the same decade. The name is ranked #3652 on Nameberry, however, it’s a popular Dutch name. At the moment, Thom is ranked #186 in the Netherlands.

Thom has gone up and down the name charts like a roller coaster. Although it’s trending downward, many parents still realize the appeal of this masculine name.

4 Liam

It began as a nickname of William but now it’s a full-fledged name on its own. Although it’s an Irish name, Liam is currently more popular in the United States than Ireland. It’s the second most-popular American name for boys. It’s also a hit in Sweden and The Netherlands, where it ranks #3 in both countries.

Actor Liam Neeson gave this name a spotlight, and actor Liam Hemsworth keeps it center stage. Other famous Liams include One Direction singer Liam Payne, and former Oasis band member Liam (born William) Gallagher.

Tori Spelling, Rod Stewart, Craig Ferguson, and Kevin Costner are just a few celebs who have chosen the name for their sons. So, we all agree that Liam is a fine alternative to William. We’re just waiting for it to hit the #1 spot.

3 Rhys

If expecting parents prefer an unconventional name, Rhys is a solid choice. Pronounced Rees, this Welsh name means ardor, rashness, or enthusiasm. This is why the name is more popular in England, Ireland, and Scotland, where it ranks #126, #98, and #92, respectively. Rhys is somewhat less popular in the United States where the name ranks #513.

Joey McIntyre from the boy band the New Kids on the Block named his son Rhys Edward. Fortunately, there are several spellings of the name, including Rhyce, Rhyse, and Rice. Soon-to-be parents are also using the name Reece, but we love the four-letter version.

And because of actress Reese Witherspoon, parents have found a female spelling of the same name. We’ll still go with the four-letter masculine version because Rhys is a sophisticated name with an easy-going charm.

2 Adam

The name Adam will be forever linked to the biblical prophet. In the Old Testament, Adam was the first man in the garden of Eden. Along with Eve, Adam was, supposedly, the first human created by God.

This ancient name is a Hebrew name that means earth or son of the red earth. It found name-fame in the seventh-century, then in the 1700s, and then again in the 1970s. Currently, Adam boasts universal popularity. It’s a top 100 name in the United States, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Denmark, and Australia. It’s even more popular in Sweden, Poland, Belgium, Hungary, Ireland, and Northern Ireland, ranking in the top 20 in these countries.

Famous bearers of the time-honored name include actor Adam Sandler, Maroon 5’s frontman Adam Levine, and singer Adam Lambert. Also, actor Leonard Nimoy, actor Alan Arkin, and British singer Maurice Gibb all named their sons Adam.

In a family with a long line of girls, Adam would be an ideal name for the first boy. Similar boys’ names like Aiden may be the trendy go-to of the day, but Adam will always be steeped in traditional charm.

1 Finn

Finn in Gaelic means white or fair. From the Irish mythological hero Fionn mac Cuumhaill derives this Anglicized surname Finn. It would make sense the name would be more popular in Ireland than in the rest of the world, and yet it ranks #32 in its native country. It is, however, a top 10 name in Germany and the Netherlands. In the United States, the name has been a steady climber since 2000. Currently, it’s the 209th most popular boy’s name in America.

Pop culture has had an effect on the name’s popularity. Finn got an early start in the Mark Twain novel Huckleberry Finn. Later, the late actor Cory Monteith played Finn Hudson on the TV musical Glee.

As a first name, many famous parents have chosen this name for their sons, including model Christy Turlington, and actress Jane Leeves from TVs Frasier and Hot in Cleveland. Perhaps moms and dads want to honor their Irish traditions, or maybe they just like the sound. Whichever the case, Finn is a pretty cool name for a baby boy.

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