15 Bone-Chilling Pics Of Ghost Kids Caught On Camera

Ghost stories have been around since as far as history can remember. Whether or not one believes in them or not.

In the past 10-20 years, there have been countless television shows and movies based on ghost stories, sightings, and hauntings. Ghost have become incredibly popular in the horror genre, and the ones that really stick out are the children ghost stories.

Ghost stories are creepy enough; the idea of something unseen or undetectable by the human eye is enough to send chills down a person's spine. Then add children into the mix and it makes for one creepy story or picture.

Ghost children are just downright creepy. Kids are thought to be so innocent and pure, thinking of them as ghosts aren't just scary, but also kind of sad.

There have been many tragic events over time that have involved children. Stories about school buses wrecking and killing a bunch of children, or a place where some other destruction occurred and left many children dead.

These areas are basically hotspots for ghost kids. Many people report seeing children playing where a school bus wrecked and have photographic evidence! There are numerous photos of real ghost children if one is brave enough to look at them...

15 The Ghostly Children Of San Antonio

South of San Antonio is the location of one of the most famous ghost stories out of Texas.

In the 1930's (or 1940's depending on who's telling it) there was a school bus that was crashed into by a train. Killing the children on the bus.

The story says it was a rainy morning and the train conductor saw a bus sitting on the tracks. He was unable to stop and hit the bus, killing 10 kids.

The legend says if one is to drive their vehicle off the tracks and put the car in neutral the ghost children will push the car uphill to get it out of the way of the train. Many have reported sightings and the picture above is from of those brave enough to visit.

14 The Cemetery Baby

The picture showing this ghost child was taken by a woman visiting the grave of her daughter. However, the little ghost that appeared in the picture was not her daughter.

The woman, Mrs. Andrews from Queensland Australia snapped this picture in the 1940's. She said when she took the picture there was nobody or anything on the grave of her daughter.

Paranormal researchers who investigated have found out that Mrs. Andrews daughters grave was close the graves of 2 infant girls. The little one appearing in the picture is said to be one of those buried close by.

The baby doesn't look at all threatening or evil, like some of the ghost children pictures that are around. But it is still pretty creepy...

13 Caught In The Museum

While visiting the Glasgow Museum a mother of two captured what she believes is one of the clearest pictures of a ghost on her cell phone camera.

The woman began taking pictures when she was in the museum's Victorian-themed street. She was shocked to see this image of the ghost girl, with curly hair, waving back at the camera! especially since it was only her and her son Owen in the themed room.

The ghost girl looks like she means no harm, however, it is very creepy how her face is so blurred with only one hollow black eye staring back at the camera. Many have tried to rationalize this and come up with an explanation. But even the biggest doubters can't explain this one.

12 The Hotel Ghost

This photo was taken of a ghost girl at a hotel in Mexico City.

A man and his daughter were staying at the colonial style guest house. All seemed normal and the trip was going well, until one evening.

The father and daughter went to their room for a little rest. When it was time to leave the dad reached for the key off the table and felt the hand of a little child grasp his hand firmly.

The little hand was connected to that of a 9-year-old ghost girl (allegedly). The girl in the photo above is supposed to be that same girl. She is said to match the description of a little girl who died in a fire.

11 It's Not Mom In The Window

The image above was taken by the owner of the home. He claims when he took the picture his mom was inside the house, but obviously, it is not her peering out the window.

In addition to the chilling photo, he says they have experienced paranormal activity in the house. The previous owners experienced paranormal activity as well.

Why would someone buy a home knowing it was haunted?

They didn't know and talked to the previous owners after the picture and other strange happenings occurred. The picture is haunting, and the ghost boy is scary looking and does not look friendly like Casper.

Personally, I would have to move after seeing this, or at least have the home blessed by a priest or something.

10 The Trail Cam

New landowners got quite the shock after putting up a trail cam.

The owners were hoping to see some wild game and had hopes of going hunting on their new property. However, they got something they did not bargain for.

The cam took a picture of what looks like a ghost girl running and frolicking in the woods.

The owners said they didn't know ghosts enjoyed running or skipping through the woods. Other neighbors in the area have experienced many supernatural encounters in the woods out there.

The child in the picture is said to resemble a girl who was murdered in the area. One man said he recognized her as his granddaughter and she is alive. Regardless, the picture is creepy!

9 The Cannock Chase Murder Victim

This photo is said to show the murder victim of the Cannock Chase murder.

The woman taking the picture was simply trying to snap a memory of her boys climbing in the tree. She certainly did not expect a little ghostly apparition in the picture.

The girl is shown is said to be one of the three murder victims. Images like this are not just scary because of the unexplained image, it is scary because the ghost is a murder victim. It is truly scary for parents to hear about such young kids getting murdered and is a parent's worst nightmare.

To add to the creepiness of the picture, many who visit this site say they get filled with a sense of fear or anger.

8 The Ghost From City Hall

The photo above was taken by a councilor in the city of Vegas del Genil, Grenada.

After the image got out, people called on the mayor to have an exorcism performed at the city hall. The image is that of a little girl, around 2-4 years old.

The councilor said he felt the air turn very cold and grabbed his jacket as he got up to go use the restroom. When he got to the hallway he heard strange noises and scuffling. He said it sounded like someone was dragging files around.

He grabbed his phone thinking it was burglars and was about to call the police when turned on the lights and saw no one was there. He decided to snap a photo instead and saw the image.

7 The Floating Girl

The picture above appears normal enough. A woman and her daughter posing for the camera in front of some awesome ships. It's the kind of picture that should be framed and displayed.

The woman in the picture says when she got the picture back there was a surprise. The girl to the right that looks like she is in black and white. When the picture was taken there was not a little girl there, as that is actually a 6-foot drop to the ocean.

There was in fact nowhere for that girl to be sitting, even more proof that she is a ghost. The woman said they felt no presence of a ghost nor did they see anything weird or ghost like.

6 The Girl Playing Peek-A-Boo

If you look closely between the ladies legs on the left there is someone who should not be there... And who wasn't there when the photo was taken. At least not there to where any of them could see.

The little girl in the picture is said to be a ghost. The woman who lives there said many of her neighbors in the apartment complex have seen a small girl, 2-3 years old running around. However, there is no child that age living there.

Pretty creepy, right?

The child crying is said to be scared of the little ghost peeking between the ladies legs. It has been said children are more susceptible to seeing and hearing ghosts. Perhaps because of their innocence and open-mindedness.

5  The Black-Eyed Kids

The black-eyed ghost children are an urban legend of sorts. They are highly pursued by real ghost hunters though.

The first sighting of these black-eyed ghost kids was in Abilene, Tx in 1996. Reporter, Brian Bethel, sent an email out in regards to his sighting of two black-eyed ghost kids, and another persin story from Portland, Oregan who also had an encounter with them.

There are stories from all over the world with sightings and encounters of the creepy ghost kids with black eyes. They are thought to be nothing more than an urban legend made up and the story has just been passed on. Some take it very seriously and believe them to be real.

Real or not, the picture above is creepy as it gets.

4 Graduation Spirits

The picture above was taken at an 8th-grade girls graduation by her aunt. What her aunt did not bargain for was capturing a ghost girl chilling right beside her niece.

There is not much more to the story than that, but the picture is creepy enough. No story is really needed. Being a parent, aunt or uncle is scary enough. Constantly worrying about the kids we love. Ghost kids screwing with our real kids and showing up in pictures is uncalled for.

These spirits need to calm down and stay out of pictures! Most believe ghost and the photos proving the existence to be false. But whether one believes or not, the pictures are unsettling at the least. This one is downright freaky.

3 Branch Davidian Siege Victim

The picture above was taken in Waco, Tx at the sight of the Branch Davidian Massacre.

The non-dead girl in the picture decided to visit the site. It is a popular place, especially to us Texans, due to the unfortunate events that took place there.

The government seized the compound due to suspicion of weapon violations. A fierce battle erupted between the Branch Davidians and the FBI which lasted 51 days.

The FBI decided to tear gas the compound and somehow a fire erupted killing 76 of the Davidians and ending the standoff.

Over 20 children died. The ghost girl in the picture above is said to be one of those who lost her life during the siege. Others who have visited the site have claimed to see ghosts

2 Amityville Horror

The Amityville Horror is by far one of the most popular haunted houses/murder stories in America.

A man murdered his family and the house remained vacant for 13 months when a new family moved in only to discover it was haunted and had the gateway to hell in the basement.

Now, many do not believe in this story as there was no physical evidence. There are some pretty freaky pictures, one being pictured above.

The Warrens who did the investigation at this house claim this ghost child is a demon that shape shifted into a child. Making it easier to lure people to him. The picture is grainy, black and white, and those glowing eyes give it the right amount of creepy.

1 The Haunted Gothic Hall

The photo above shows what appears to be a little boy who is said to haunt the Pen-Y-Lan Hall.

The Hall was built in 1690 and is said to be haunted by numerous ghosts, including many children. The hall has been investigated numerous times by paranormal investigators who use different scientific approaches to help prove the existence of the ghosts.

The picture above shows a little boy peering out the window. There are no occupants in the building and the investigators who took the pictures say it is proof of the ghosts that live in Pen_Y-Lan Hall.

Visitors have also claimed to hear footsteps and see shadows moving about when there is nobody else around. Many have been swayed to believe in ghosts after visiting the Hall.

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