15 Boy Band Baby Names That Will Take You Back

"Backstreet's back! Alright!" Boy bands are pretty much one of the best things ever invented. Who doesn't love a group of handsome guys...with voices like angels...that are also great dancers, and look great in tight shirts? The 1960's brought about a few of the first real boy bands with musical groups like the Osmonds, The Jackson 5 and The Monkees. These guys were wonderful and all, but the 80's, 90's and early 2000's were any boy-band-lover's dream. Why? All-male musical groups abounded.

The names of the boys that made up these beloved groups were doodled on notebooks, spoken with sighs, and whispered into the night skies when young girls wished upon the stars.

Yes, bands like One Direction and Big Time Rush have come along since then and are just as swoon-worthy, but boy bands of the past are something extra special. Maybe it's the memories their songs invoke, or their cheesy dance moves, but girls who grew up in the era of *NSYNC, The Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Boyz II Men, The New Kids on the Block, and so many more, will always hold a special spot in their hearts for these singing sensations.

Expecting a boy soon and searching for that perfect name? How about one that is cool, collected, dashing and relatable? Are you saying to yourself, "I want it that way!" You've come to the right place. Read on for 15 boy band names that are larger than life and sure to have you saying, "Bye, bye, bye" to your search for the perfect name.

15 Nick

Nick is the English diminutive of the name Nicholas or the name Dominick, but is a charming stand-alone name that has been assigned to some pretty dreamy vocalists of boy-bands-past. Two of the most well-known are Nick Lachey and Nick Carter.

Nick Lachey first gained fame as lead singer for the boy band 98 Degrees. He was hitched to Jessica Simpson back in the day, and starred alongside his former wife in the reality show, Nick & Jessica: Newlyweds on MTV. After a public split from Simpson, Nick went on to produce a solo album and marry the lovely actress/model, Vanessa Manillo. He and his new love have two children together, son, Camden and daughter, Brooklyn. Nick Carter rose to fame at the impressionable age of 12 after becoming a member of the Backstreet Boys.

The name Nick has a short, snappy sound that goes perfectly with nearly any middle and last name, and was the 686th most popular name chosen for boys in 2016.

14 Howie

How could anyone not adore this name? It's unexpected, sweet and has a totally awesome boy band past. Howie is a shortening or variation of the name Howard, a name with origins in German and English that means high guardian or brave heart.

Howie Dorough, affectionately known by his fans as Howie D, made it big as a member of the Backstreet Boys after spending his youth appearing in small movie roles and commercials. He has continued to act and has also ventured out as a solo artist. He married Leigh Boniello in 2007. The couple has two sons: James and Holden.

Howie is currently the 3,792nd most popular name for boys in the United States. It's a name that is both interesting and charming. Plus, Howie is up a whopping 1,992 places in popularity since 2015. It's one that may be making a comeback. Snatch it up while it's still a rare choice.

13 Jamie

Jamie is a diminutive of the classic biblical name, James, and means supplanter or one who supplants. It is a name that is popular for both ladies and gents, but there's something about a guy named Jamie that's just irresistible. Jaime Lanister, a flawed yet beloved Game of Thrones character, has helped bring this name recognition in recent years.

Jamie Jones is one of the cool-as-can-be members of the dynamic musical group All-4-One, which formed in 1993. Their hits include the romantic ballads "I Swear" and "I Can Love You Like That." Chances are you've enjoyed a slow dance or two to one of their tunes.

Jamie is presently the 503rd most popular name chosen for boys in the United States, while it's the 470th most popular choice for girls. Other names that may appeal to those who love the name Jamie include the gender-neutral names Riley, Taylor or Jordan.

12 Hanson

Hanson is the name of a band of brothers, Isaac, Taylor and Zac, that made it big in the 90's with their hit single, "MMMBop." This chart-topping song was found on the trio's Grammy nominated debut album, Middle of Nowhere. Since then, loyal fans have followed them around the globe to bask in the sound of their melodic music. The band is still experiencing commercial success. Their most recent album, entitled Anthem, was released in 2013.

All three of the boys in this band have delightful first names, but their last name is the epitome of debonair flair. Hanson is surname of Scandinavian origin that means son of Hans; it's a moniker that fits in perfectly with the current trend of using last names as first names that many parents are loving.

Hanson was the 5,478th most popular name used for boys in 2016. Similar names one may wish to consider include Anderson, Jensen or Gibson.

11 Drew

Drew Lachey is the younger brother of Nick Lachey. Before finding major success as a member of the band, 98 Degrees, Drew was an ambulance driver. After the band split up, he competed on, and subsequently won, the second season of ABC's hit show, Dancing With The Stars. He returned to the show in 2012 for an all-star competition.

The name Drew is a diminutive of the name Andrew and means strong and manly. It is a more popular shortening of the name Andrew than Andy, and has been a stand-alone name since 1942. Super Bowl winner, Drew Brees and comedian, Drew Carey are notable men with this name. Actress Drew Barrymore brings some femininity to the name, but it is still much more popular for boys. Parenthood and Everybody Hates Chris are two popular television programs that contain characters named Drew.

Currently, Drew is the 335th most popular name for boys in 2016. For girls, it currently ranks 964th.

10 Kian

Kian Egan is an Irish musician, and former member of the boy band, Westlife. He is currently a judge on Ireland's The Voice, and his name is pure perfection. It's one of those designations that flows off of the tongue with effortless splendor. Plus, it's not often heard, and sure to be a hit.

Westlife was originally signed by Simon Cowell in 1998. Their hit songs include "My Love" and "You Raise Me Up." The band parted ways in 2012, but not before selling over 50 million records and accumulating 13 number-one singles in the United Kingdom.

Kian, pronounced KEE-en, is an Irish variation of the name Cian, which means ancient. It is the 329th most popular name for boys in the United States at present, and is up in popularity 11 places since 2015. Similar names with lilting Irish undertones that may appeal to fans of the name Kian include Kieran, Declan and Killian.

9 Carter

Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter doesn't just have a really lovely first name. His last name is another wonderful choice for any little lad. It's an English occupational name that means transporter of goods by cart.

Carter is a surname currently enjoying time in the spotlight. It's currently the 15th most popular name for boys in the United States, and up 3 places since 2015. This name is especially well-loved in the mid-west and parts of Canada. It was recently ranked as the 2nd most popular name for boys in Nebraska and Saskatchewan, the 3rd most popular for boys in Iowa, and the 5th most popular for boys in Manitoba.

Steamy characters on The OC and Gossip Girl have helped to give this name an edge. Those who love this one may also wish to consider the similar names Jackson, Mason or Parker as a possibility for their tiny gentleman.

8 Joey

Joey Fatone was an ultra-cool member of the 90's band *NSYNC. Since then, he's competed on the television program, Dancing With the Stars and is currently the host of the cooking show, My Family Recipe Rocks!, which airs on the Live Well Network.

The band *NSYNC formed in 1995. Their hit albums include No Strings Attached and Celebrity. The band's single, "It's Gonna Be Me" reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the year 2000. The music video for their single, "Bye, Bye, Bye," is perhaps the one they are best known for around the world, most likely due to the totally awesome dance moves that accompany the melody.

While Joey is a diminutive of the name Joseph, a name of Hebrew origin that means Jehovah increases, it is being used more and more as a stand-alone designation. Joey is currently the 235th most popular name used for boys in the United States. Loving the name Joey? Other names that may be appealing include the casual-yet-crisp names Leo, Jack or Charlie.

7 Mark

Mark Wahlberg is a big-name Hollywood actor who actually got his start in the music industry. He was a member of the band, Marky Mark and The Funky Bunch and a Calvin Klein model before becoming a well-known movie star. His older brother, Donnie was a member of the beloved boy band, New Kids on the Block. He helped Mark use music to turn his life around after Wahlberg spent time in jail at the age of 16. Wahlberg's film credits include Ted 2, The Other Guys, Lone Survivor and Daddy's Home. 

Mark is one of those names that will always be a hit. It's a biblical name with Latin origins that means warlike. At present, this name is the 215th most popular name for boys in the United States.

Other notable celebrities with this name include actor, Mark Ruffalo and Facebook found, Mark Zuckerburg. Like this name? Similar monikers include the classic choices Luke, Daniel and David.

6 Shane

Shane Filan is an Irish singer and songwriter who was once the frontman for the band, Westlife. Since the band parted ways, Filan released a solo album, You and Me in 2013. He's a brooding type that gives this name a mysterious air. He's said of his time with the band, "When I was in Westlife, we had songs that would make the whole place stand still, and you could hear a pin drop. There's nothing like that."

Shane is a name of Irish origin that means God is gracious. This name also became synonymous with the Old West after it was used as the title of a 1953 western film. It currently ranks as the 277th most popular name for boys in the United States, and 59th for boys in Ireland.

Actor, Kevin Sorbo and singer, Siohban O'Connor both chose this fetching name for their sons. Logan, Cole and Blake are similar names that may appeal to those who adore the name Shane.

5 Jonas

The Jonas Brothers were one of the biggest boy bands of the early 2000's, skyrocketing into the spotlight after their songs were played on Radio Disney and the Disney Channel. They were the first musical artists to ever have three albums in the Billboard Top 10 at one time.

Jonas is a Greek variation of the biblical name, Jonah, and means dove. It's a unique name that is currently the 339th most popular for boys in the United States, and has risen in popularity 51 places since 2015. This name appears to be on the rise in the U.S., and is already a hit in Europe, where it is widely used in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Norway.

Fans of the Jonas Brothers, or just the name Jonas, can't go wrong when using this retro-chic name for a little man. Other names that are similar, and equally enchanting, include Asher, Caleb and Elijah.

4 Jesse

Jesse McCartney is a dreamy musician who spent time as a member of the boy band Dream Street. He then solo with his music career after signing with Hollywood Records. His first solo album included the hit single "Beautiful Soul", and his song, "Leavin" was the most played song of the year on Top 40 Radio after its release.

The name Jesse is another classic biblical designation. It's a name of Hebrew origin that means gift. Actors Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Jesse Eisenberg are two phenomenally talented chaps that are currently helping this name to shine.

While Jesse is currently ranked as the 218th most popular name for boys in the United States, and down 11 places in popularity since 2015, it's a name with staying power. Those who like this one, but are looking for a few more similar options may also wish to consider the names Micah, Benjamin or Luke.

3 Matthew

Matthew Morrison is most known for his role in the successful Broadway production of the musical, Hairspray, followed by his flawless portrayal of teacher Will Shuster on The Fox Network's hit television show, Glee. Before these major accomplishments, Matthew was a member of the boy band LMNT (pronounced element) for a short time from 2001 until 2002. The group was not widely known, and dissolved before ever making it big, but their recordings were featured on the soundtracks for The Lizzie McGuire Movie and Kim Possible.

Matthew is a name of Hebrew origin that means gift of God. Matt is a common shortening of the name, and Matty is becoming more and more heard of for boys after being used for one of the main characters on MTV's Awkward.

Currently, Matthew is the 23rd most popular name for boys in the United States, up 1 place since 2015. It's a classic choice that sounds beautiful with a variety of different middle and last names. Similar names include the equally traditional and beloved names Jacob, Noah and Joshua.

2 Shawn

Shawn Stockman is a man with a velvet voice who was a member of the wildly popular all-male Grammy-winning group Boyz II Men. The quartet of talented singers were all-the-rage in the late 80's and early 90's, turning out hit after hit. Some of their songs are ballads perfect for slow dancing, while others are up-beat melodies. Stockman is currently a judge on the popular television show, The Sing-Off.

Shawn is a variation of the name Sean, which is an Irish variation of the name John, and means God is gracious. When spelled Sean, this name is in the top 10 names for boys in Ireland. In the United States, Shawn is currently the 353rd most popular boys name, while Sean ranks 207th.

Fans of the name Shawn may also wish to consider the similar names Evan, Dylan, Connor or Aiden for a little guy due to arrive shortly.

1 Justin

What's not to love about Justin Timberlake? He started out on the road to fame and fortune singing and dancing alongside Brittney Spears and Christina Aguilera on The New Mickey Mouse Club. In 1995, he was the object of many young girls' affections after becoming a member of the band *NSYNC.

In 2002, Timberlake ventured out on his own and has since had a wildly successful solo career. He's also a talented actor, and has appeared in many hit movies, including The Social Network and Bad Teacher. He's also lucky enough to share his name with fellow musical master, Justin Bieber.

Justin is a name of Latin origin and means fair or righteous. It once ranked as high as number 9 for boys in the 90's, and although at present, Justin ranks as the 145th most popular name for boys in the United States, it has risen in popularity 34 places since 2015, meaning it may be on the rise once again.

The names on the list above are sure to cause parents to exclaim, "Quit playing games with my heart!" How will moms and dads-to-be expecting sons ever decide which one to choose for their new kids on the block?

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