15 Brand New Baby Products Mommies Need To Buy

When a baby is on its way, there are a lot of things to be done. The nursery needs to be decorated, clothes need to be washed and a name needs to be picked out. There is so much to buy, which can get expensive. On the bright side, everyone loves to buy gifts for babies. Some moms-to-be even get lucky and are thrown a baby shower—or several! If the baby is the first grandchild in the family, they will likely be spoiled.

When a neighbor, co-worker, friend or family member asks a mom-to-be what she’d like for her new baby, there are plenty of things to choose from. It can be a challenge to decide what exactly is needed and what’s worth the money—especially if it’s the mama’s first rodeo.

There’s no need to waste money on the items that will sit on a shelf. Plus, a baby only needs so many toys and outfits.

We’ve decided to make this a little bit easier on the pregnant women—and their families—out there. We have found 15 items that moms must buy in 2018! These are mostly essentials that can be used every day. They are also products that will make life a lot easier in general. Let’s take a look!

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15 Take It Easy, Baby

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While most parents would love to hold their babies 24/7, it’s unrealistic. All of those bottles need to be cleaned, tiny clothes need to be washed and mama needs a shower once in a while. It’s important to have a safe, relaxing place for baby to lie.

This is where the Boppy Newborn Lounger comes in. It’s affordable, transportable and quite comfortable for baby. One plus is that it can be thrown in the washer, which makes cleaning it easy. It even has a handle to make it easier to move from room to room—or to grandma’s!

The Boppy Lounger can be used until baby is 16 pounds.

Most babies are somewhere around six months old when they get to this point. It’s a good investment considering how long it lasts and the affordable price.

14 A Doctor’s Office Solution

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Sometimes a baby will feel warm, but parents may be unsure if they actually have a fever. A regular old thermometer can tell parents what a child’s temperature is, no problem. What if the whole process could be simplified, though? Think about how many false alarm trips to the doctor could be avoided!

This thermometer is no average thermometer. It boasts some pretty impressive features that can totally change the way parents take care of their sick little ones. The Kinsa Digital Smart Ear Thermometer takes the temperature and then displays the results on a smartphone app.

Within the app, parents can see a quick “fever” or “no fever” reading. To make things even better, symptoms can be added. Then, treatment options show up. This can be used for all ages, so it’s a great item to add to any collection!

13 Snug As A Bug

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Swaddling an infant has been a big deal for as long as most of us can remember. It’s a commonly used way to comfort a crying baby. It can also help baby to fall—and stay—asleep during the night. Not to mention, they keep little ones nice and warm.

While it’s a nice idea, swaddling a baby can take practice and it doesn’t always work with a wiggly child.

Plus, there are risks with babies sleeping with blankets. Sleep sacks are a great way to keep babies comfy and safe!

This Halo SleepSack Swaddle is the perfect way to swaddle a baby without actually swaddling them. It uses a combination of zippers and Velcro to keep the baby comfortable. Halo makes a variety of sleep sacks, so there is one for everyone!

12 A New And Improved Pump

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When a breastfeeding mama leaves the baby with a sitter, she has two choices. She can leave formula or she can leave pumped breast milk. Some moms opt for pumping simply because they need to expel the milk anyway. Finding a comfortable and effective pump can be a challenge.

Luckily, we’ve found an amazing breast pump. The Spectra Baby Breast Pump boasts several features that may not seem important until a mom tries to go without them. One is that it’s pretty quiet, as far as pumps go. It also improves the overall milk supply. It also has added nightlight and timer options.

As hygiene can be a concern, the Spectra was designed to keep things nice and clean. This is done with a closed system, which helps to prevent any germs and bacteria from being spread.

11 Bedtime’s A Breeze

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This is a product that can be used for years. It is a great way to improve sleep in infants, but it doesn’t stop there. The Hatch Baby Rest Night Light Sound Machine pairs two important components to a child’s restful sleep and blends them into a single smooth design.

It has a night light and a sound machine.

An added bonus is that it has a feature that signals to young kids when it’s okay to leave their room. The biggest plus to all of these features is that it is controllable from a smartphone. This means no more sneaking into baby’s room to turn off the sound machine after they fall asleep. This is for families with kids of all ages because sound machines and night lights are a necessity for lots of little ones!

10 The Keurig For Babies

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Just like mom and dad need their cup of joe, a baby needs their bottle of milk. Things can get ugly if these family members don’t get their beverages of choice in a timely manner. Late-night feedings are tricky anyway because the little one usually wants to eat immediately.

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro is essentially a Keurig that makes bottles. It’s a miracle worker, especially when baby starts to get impatient. This particular product can hold 20 bottles worth of both formula and water, which means it’s easy to keep up with. It makes and warms a bottle in less than 30 seconds.

No more trying to shake a bottle with one hand while holding a hangry baby in the other—all while it’s 4 o’clock in the morning. The Baby Brezza does the hard work and keeps things clean.

9 A Cozy Carrier

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Yes, strollers are a good way to transport babies. They aren’t always the most convenient, though. Some places—like tight clothing stores or crowded events—don’t leave enough room for strollers to glide through with ease. Plus, mamas usually like to keep their little ones nice and close. This is especially true when out and about in busy places.

The Tula Ergonomic Baby Carrier makes taking baby along for the ride a breeze. It’s fully padded, keeping both mama and baby comfy and cozy.

Its weight requirements are 15-45 pounds. This means that it can last for more than a couple of months.

It’s a good investment because of its safe design and the amount of time it can last.

The Tula carrier is adjustable for maximum relaxation for all involved!

8 Simplified Sheet Switches

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We’re pretty sure that nobody can say that they love changing bed sheets at 2 o’clock in the morning. A mom or dad isn’t very excited to wake up to a crying baby during the night. It makes it even worse when a parent finds the baby’s sheets soaked as a result of a diaper leak.

The QuickZip Easy Change Crib Sheet is a quick and easy way to make sheet changes easier—no matter what time of day or night it is. The top part of this fitted crib sheet zips away from the exterior. Then, a new top sheet can be zipped on and baby can go back to sleep.

Most mamas buy a couple of extra top sheets just so they aren’t caught in a pinch between washes!

7 A Parent-Perfect Smartwatch

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As we all know, smartwatches are becoming a necessity for a variety of different reasons. It seems like everyone has one of some kind, and they use them all the time. Even though these watches are generally used for messaging, pulling up emails and setting timers, there are still other uses that could be addressed.

This is where the Project Nursery Parent and Baby Smartband comes in. This is a well-executed idea at a super affordable price.

The purpose of this smartband is to keep track of everything baby-related. It’s the ultimate gift for any new parent.

It tracks things like feedings, diaper changes, fetal movement and even more.

It’s pretty durable and features both sweat and water resistance. The battery lasts a whopping 30 days, too, so charging each night isn’t needed!

6 This Bottle-Feeding Game-Changer

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It can get challenging to stay awake while feeding a baby during the night. It can also become boring if a parent is sitting still for too long. Their arms grow tired and achy. It’s not ideal to hold the baby in one arm and the bottle in the other.

The Beebo has transformed bottle-feeding. It is a clever, inexpensive product. All that a parent has to do is place a bottle in the slot and place the product over their shoulder. This holds the bottle in place for the baby to continue eating while mom or dad can rest one arm.

It can hold a bottle of any size, which means it can be used from child to child as different bottles might be purchased. It’s lightweight so that it doesn’t cause stress on the shoulder.

5 A Squeaky Clean Solution

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This product stems from the idea of bathing babies in the kitchen sink. It’s the perfect spot for their tiny bodies! The Puj Tub reinvents that idea by giving parents a cozy cushion to bathe their babies on. This fits into the sink to keep things comfortable for the little one and to keep things clean.

Additionally, the insert safely holds the baby, making it a great option for even new babies. Its innovative design is small, so it fits in any sink and doesn’t take up too much room. It easily hangs to dry anywhere, which makes clean up easier.

It’s also a good item to take on trips. It fits in nearly every sink and can be used at hotels or grandparents’ houses as well. Hauling a big plastic baby bath isn’t necessary anymore!

4 Not Your Average Playard

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Play yards are always a nice thing to have around because they keep baby out of trouble and off the floor. Laying a baby on a blanket on the floor isn’t a bad idea, but it helps if the little one can be safely contained. This is especially true if there are other children or pets in the house

who could intentionally or unintentionally harm the baby when the parents aren’t in the room.

The 4moms Breeze Play Yard was efficiently designed to be ready to go. It opens with a single push and closes with a single pull. This makes it easy to open or close with a baby in one hand. It comes complete with a travel bag, so it’s quite the travel companion! Not to mention, it doesn’t come in awkward colors and patterns.

3 A Co-Sleeping Dream

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Co-sleeping is somewhat controversial among mothers. Some argue that it’s totally safe and even healthy. Others are concerned about the baby potentially getting rolled over onto. Regardless of a parent’s stance on the whole concept, this next item is a nice piece to have around.

The Arm’s Reach Concepts Mini Ezee 2-in-1 Bedside Bassinet cozies up beside any bed. It attaches while keeping one of the crib’s sides down. The sides are around six inches high, which keeps things safe. This makes it easier for parents to feed a baby without getting out of bed during the night. It even includes a waterproof mattress and a sheet!

It’s great to have baby close so that parents can check on him or her throughout the night. It’s also a safety precaution in case of emergency.

2 Dining Out Made Easy

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The Inglesina Fast Table Chair is perfect for when families travel and when babies get to tag along on date nights. It features clamps that attach to just about any table. Its smart design prevents table scratches. Though parents usually bring this along when they go out to eat, it can easily be used at home.

The company recommends use for little ones from six months old to 37 pounds.

It includes an attached carrying bag. The whole seat cover can be removed and then hand-washed. The rear pocket is a nice and easy storage option for bibs, wipes or any other dinnertime necessities.

It barely takes up any space at all, which makes it easy to store and take on the go. It weighs a light four pounds, so anyone can carry it. It’s collapsible, too!

1 A Sleepy Soother

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Some kiddos just don’t sleep so well on their own. There are a few things to try before contacting the pediatrician. Maybe it’s another bottle right before bed or a different routine. The trial and error doesn’t have to end there though, because we have found another solution.

The Monkey Portable Sound Machine is the perfect fix for any sleepless little ones. It can also be used as a part of a bedtime routine, regardless of how the baby has been sleeping. This small gadget is an inexpensive way to promote much better sleep—for everyone in the house. Its lightweight, compact size makes it great for travel. It’s rechargeable and cordless, so it can be used anywhere from the stroller to the car.

It has a variety of sounds, including the classic white noise. Another cute feature is that the monkey’s cheeks light up.

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