15 Brand New Baby Products That Are Worth Every Dollar (And 5 That Are Overhyped)

There are always baby products that every new mom wants. Celebrities seem to effortlessly find the latest items to make themselves and their babies look super stylish as manufacturers manage to come up with new ideas to evolve baby gadgets. Moms will always want the latest product for their babies and hence the world turns.

However, there are some items that are just genius and moms will wonder how they ever managed without them. The money is justified when it saves time, soothes the baby or provides extra sleep. There are so many different products on the market that parents are understandably confused.

How simple it must have been when the only thing a parent had to choose was which color crib! Now, the choice of cribs alone runs into the hundreds. The best advice is to talk to other moms who have had babies recently and also to midwives and health professionals. Anyone who is around babies a lot will know what is necessary and what is a fashion accessory.

The bottom line is that the baby needs to be happy. Anything that enhances that is worth the money. However, the most important thing a baby needs is love and attention. As long as they are fed, changed, rested, well, loved and stimulated, they should be happy.

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20 Puj Tub

via: flacsoparaguay.org

The Puj Tub is a really clever idea for bathing your baby anywhere. It’s made from soft foam and is foldable so it can either be put in a bath or if there is no bath available, it fits safely in a sink. It’s strong enough to keep the baby safe and has holes so not too much water gathers in the bowl of the chair.

It’s a great option for traveling parents and can be used at home or away, saving money on extra baby products and ensuring that the baby is clean wherever the parents go.

It has magnetic attachments that keep it together and it even comes with hooks so it can be hung up to dry.

19 Ingenious Pump Naya Health

via: youtube.com

This amazing pump is at the top of the range model for pumping moms. It uses water rather than air to activate suction and this makes it quieter than its air pumped competitors.

Not only is it quieter, but it’s more comfortable too, attaching to the chest with silicone for extra comfort. It also claims to increase milk production by 25% compared to air pumps.

It has fewer parts than other pumps and is cordless, with a battery that lasts for 180 minutes. It comes with its own bag so it’s portable and perfect for working mums who need to pump as they work.

18 Overhyped: The Kid Kustoms Roddler Stroller ($4,495)

via: pinterest.com

It may seem ridiculous to the majority of the world to spend this kind of money on a stroller, but there are those that disagree. The aluminum framed stroller has stainless steel hardware and the upholstery is leatherette.

It has a suspension that would shame a car, a front wheel that pivots and contains 52 spokes and even white-wall tires.

If you want to really make this a money saving option, the company can convert the stroller into a trike. It can be customized in a color to suit your child and they claim the conversion kit is easy to use.

17 Cuisinart Baby Food Maker

via: youtube.com

This high tech food maker will process all your fruit, vegetables and meat to the right consistency for your weaning baby. It’s made of stainless steel, which is durable and comes with silicone feet to attach it to the work surface for safety.

The Cuisinart baby food maker also warms bottles so it is a really handy gadget to have in the home.

With a number of useful features, it most notably has two processing speeds and offers the possibility to add more ingredients as the food is being processed. There is also a small bowl for little quantities to be made at a time.

16 Itzy Ritzy Nursing Scarf

via: youtube.com

This gorgeous scarf is perfect for fashion-conscious breastfeeding moms. Not only is it perfectly designed to allow the mother to breastfeed discreetly by covering the baby safely, but it also comes in a variety of pretty patterns. This means it can also be worn as a fashion accessory while the baby is not being fed.

It folds up as well, making it small enough to keep in a changing bag or handbag and is easy to wash in case of spillage. Itzy Ritzy aims to provide parents with solutions to style and function and with this scarf they have certainly fulfilled the brief.

15 Kozii Milk Warmer

via: pinterest.com

There are many bottle warmers on the market but some have been found to heat milk inefficiently and leave hot spots in the liquid. The Kozii Kinde bottle warmer uses flowing water that ensures even heating and avoids the problem of hot spots.

Also, it is possible to put either chilled or frozen milk in the warmer to be heated effectively. It can be used several times before the water needs to be refilled and stops working if it has run dry as an added safety feature. There is also less risk of BPA chemicals being released due to the water flow system.

14 Overhyped: Onda Luxy Bubbles ($3,000)

Via: Pinterest

If you want your baby to have the ultimate luxury in bathing, this is the baby bath for you. Of course, it has the practical features that a baby bath needs, such as restraints for the baby and a special curved structure to keep the baby safe. However, most baby baths do not have a whirlpool feature, but the Onda Luxy Bubbles does!

Your baby can enjoy a relaxing massaging bath that has bio-energetic properties that are purported to be beneficial to a baby.

Add into the picture that the bath contains LED lights for extra stimulation and relaxation, and here is the ultimate baby bath.

13 Nanobebe Bottle

via: claudiacandelas.com

The Nanobebe is a revolution in bottles and is specifically designed to preserve the nutrients that are found in breastmilk. It is a completely different shape from traditional bottles and has a domed shape that provides a more efficient distribution of heat when warming or cooling when bacteria are at most risk of forming.

It is easier to store and takes up less space and also has a little piece that is designed to prevent colic. As it looks more like a breast, there is a theory that it helps breastfed babies to transition more easily to bottle feeding, according to Toys Tots Pets & More.

12 Magnetic Fastening Baby Clothes

Via: Pinterest

One baby clothes manufacturer has come up with an ingenious way to make changing a baby’s clothes much easier. Instead of the fiddly snaps and buttons or zips that are used on traditional baby clothes, Magnetic Me have come up with magnetic fastenings for vests and sleepsuits.

The magnets are hidden in the fabric, so the baby only feels the soft fabric against their skin. Products are made from 100% cotton, modal, fleece or velour and are fully machine washable. The garments are easy to put on and take off and don’t rely on having to push clothes over a baby’s head.

11 Belo + Me Teething Mitt

via: amazon.co.uk

Teething can be a painful and distressing time for mother and baby.

Moms search for anything that will ease the baby’s discomfort, and baby’s search for anything they can put in their mouth to ease the ache.

The Belo + Me Teething Mitt is perfect for little babies who can’t grip on a toy successfully. It covers their hand and is strapped on, so the baby has access whenever it needs it.

It is made from silicone and cotton, which is completely safe for the baby. Made for Mums says that they also come in a variety of colors and patterns that make them appealing to the baby.

10 Overhyped: Gucci GG Supreme Diaper Bag ($1,260)

Via: Poshmark

Moms rely on their diaper bags when they have babies and they become the command center of baby maintenance when moms leave the home. Gucci makes a beautiful, streamlined version of this essential, but to be honest, it has nothing more to offer than a bag that costs a tenth of the price – nothing, that is, apart from the Gucci logo and craftsmanship.

It has bottle compartments and a separate changing mat, it is beautiful, but really only a product that moms would buy if they really have money to spare, the baby will not care what kind of bag its diaper comes from.

9 Totokan Portable Baby Monitor

via: totokan.com

This stylish little number is a baby monitor with attitude. It has no leads, so it is portable and it’s also waterproof. It is IOS and Android compatible and allows you to watch your baby from your cell phone even without a Wifi connection! You simply install an app on your phone and you are up and running.

You can take pictures with it from the monitor and take it outside, put it in your pocket and go. It’s a funky orange and white compact box that will see your baby through to toddler age and beyond. It comes with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger.

8 Noni Crib

via: noninonikids.com

Now, this compact crib doesn’t come cheap, but it is unique. The Noni crib comes in a variety of soft colors and of course, is completely baby safe. It is perfect to use in the nursery, but also flat packs for easy storage and can be reconstructed in minutes (so they say!) for transportation or use as a travel cot.

For environmentally-minded parents, reassurance comes from the fact that the cribs are made from fully sustainable materials. The company was started by a mom, who worked with her architect father to come up with the concept. Her craftsmen make each item to order and Noninoni Kids says that everything can be customized.

7 Overhyped: Fantasy Coach Crib ($65,000)

vvia: mit24h.com

Now, this is the price of a small house, granted, but for those with no limits to their budget, it is every girl’s dream. Alux tells us that this amazing coach-styled sculpture is a complete replica of a Cinderella-type coach. It takes six months to make, so orders need to be placed early, but it can be customized to fit your baby’s room precisely.

If you want your baby to sleep like a mini Kardashian, this is the crib for you.

It has wooden wheels, a small seat and a chest for keepsakes, as well as the obvious space for baby to sleep. There is even a crown fashioned on the top of the carriage.

6 Project Nursery Alexa Speaker

via: youtube.com

Project Nursery has made the first Alexa-dedicated baby monitor. It also incorporates a camera and speaker. The monitor makes it possible to check in on the baby using a smartphone or tablet! It can be commanded to play songs, lullabies and read audiobooks.

The voice-controlled Alexa-linked system is a great addition to a traditional baby monitor and means that parents and caregivers can give remote commands. The camera can pan around a room and tilt up and down to make sure the whole area is covered according to Tom’s Guide. It is also possible to store photos and videos.

5 Cybex Sirona Car Seat

via: gumtree.com

The Cybex Sirona car seat is a clever innovation in car seat design. It can be placed in the car as a rear-facing car seat, then swiveled to side-facing so the baby can be easily removed from the car, saving parents’ backs. It can also be moved to a front-facing seat without having to move it out of the car.

There are ISOFIX fittings in both the front and rear facing positions, making it a safe option for baby, as the seat is securely positioned in the car. There is also protection from side impact of the cleverly designed head and shoulder protection.

4 Overhyped: The Carkoon Car Seat ($750)

Via: Yahoo

The biggest selling point of the Carkoon seat is that safety is at the forefront of all its aims. However, it has been cleverly designed to swivel in the car, so parents can get the baby out of the seat more easily, and transfer it from a rear facing to a front facing seat when necessary.

The seat is designed to go in the back seat of a car only and it has an integral airbag that surrounds the child on impact. It has an Isofix system for safe attachment to the car and an easy release system to allow easy access in case of emergency. But at $750, we don't recommend it as there cheaper car seats out there that are just as safe.

3 Safety 1st Riva Travel System Recycled

via: walmart.com

The Riva travel system is a lightweight, foldable stroller system that makes life easier for moms and dads. All the fabric on the stroller is easily removed with zipped fastenings and is machine washable.

It incorporates one hand ‘lift to fold’ technology and only weighs 18 lbs.

It has crash-resistant technology for extra safety and it is made from 100 percent recyclable materials so it is environmentally friendly as well. It even has a special cell phone holder built-in. There is a tray for baby to place snacks and toys on, which is pivotal and removable and goes in the dishwasher.

2 Ju-Ju-Be Pumped

via: youtube.com

This amazing changing and storage bag is specially designed for mums who are breastfeeding and want to pump while they are out. There are special compartments that hold all the pumping equipment and a cold storage area that keeps up to four bottles cool.

It’s a very stylish design so it doesn’t look like a changing bag. There is a dedicated pocket at the front for mom’s items like keys and a special easy reach area for a cell phone. There is even a sunglass holder that cleans the lenses! There is plenty of storage space and Teflon fabric to avoid stains.

1 Beanko Changing System

via: amazon.com

This fantastic changing system is a one-stop shop for baby changing. The foldup mat makes a sided unit for safely changing the baby, and there are dedicated compartments for all the paraphernalia that a standard changing bag needs.

This is a perfect solution for moms on the move. The baby can be comfortably changed in the car, on holiday or in the park.

There is no need to hunt for somewhere to change the baby as the Beanko allows easy, safe changing wherever you are. It just looks so cool, and has a little compartment for wipes with a hole for the opening to poke out of!

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