15 Brunette Baby Names For Girls

The science of genetics is complex but simply put, there are factors that can determine physical characteristics. In high school, we learned that dominant and recessive genes are the traits we inherit from our parents. In other words, there is a likelihood that certain characteristics will pass from parents to their children.

For instance, hair color can be divided into two shades: light and dark. Dark hair is a dominant gene.The color of someone's hair is determined by the amount of eumelanin in the genes. Hair with large amounts of eumelanin become dark; hence, a baby girl with mostly brown genes will be a brunette. Put another way,if mom is a brunette and dad is a blond, the baby is likely to have dark brown hair. Genetics is more complicated than this, but the odds are, brown-haired babies are likely in this scenario. This is why brown or black is the most popular hair color in the world.

Generally speaking, Black, Hispanic, and Asian babies are commonly born with dark brown or black hair. Parents that have the same hair color can have a child whose hair is similar but slightly different. Still, it's an inherited characteristic determined by genetics. Dark hair is dominant over blonde or red recessive genes. So, expecting parents don't need to be experts in genetics to predict the color of their baby's hair.

Future offsprings with dark locks lend themselves to certain names. Here are 25 names for a girl with brown or black hair.

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25 Zola

This girl's moniker is a classic name in African countries with ties to the Congol. The famous South African Zola Budd broke world records as an athlete. And while the name isn’t rising on the baby name charts in the U.S., at least two American celebrity parents dig the name. Just ask Eddie Murphy, and Dweezil Zappa (the son of musician Frank Zappa); both have daughters named Zola.

The name Zola also has a literary connection. In the late 19th century, Émile Zola was a famous French author and activist who founded the Naturalist movement. And you might be surprised to hear that Zola is also a unisex name, but more commonly used for girls than boys.

Although the name hasn’t catapulted to the top of the ranks, Zola is swimming in historical richness. With its feminine quality and relative uniqueness, Zola is a fantastic name for a brunette. It hits all the important points parents should consider when selecting the first name; it’s easy to read, pronounce and spell, which makes it perfect for any little girl.

24 Mila

From 1881 to 2005, the name Mila had not entered the top 1000 name list for girls. In recent years, though, the name has catapulted to the top of the ranks. Currently, it’s #53 for girls in the United States. In Australia, Germany, and New Zealand, it’s even more popular. And in the Netherlands, Mila is the 9th most popular girl’s name.

This four-letter European name is pronounced MEE-la. In Russia, Mila is the short version of Ludmila. In terms of popularity, you can’t disregard Tinseltown’s impact. Raven-haired Mila Kunis, from TV’s That ‘70s Show and the film Black Swan, helped popularize the name, even though the Ukrainian-born actress was named Milena at birth. Actress-slash-model Milica “Milla” Jovovich gave the name a further spike.

Mila is a great name that fits a brunette, fun-loving, girl who is sociable and loves to include everyone in her plans. This fits with some of the meanings we found for Mila, which include love, warmth, and grace.

23 Sydney

Sydney is a French name that comes from the name Saint Denis, which means wide meadow. About 20 years ago, the name changed genders. The nerdy boy’s name Sidney became the cool female name Sydney, and it hasn’t looked back. For boys, the name ranks #2607 but for girls, it’s flying high at #122.

As a famous namesake, it’s associated with actor Sidney Poitier. He has a daughter who is also named Sydney. The name also calls to mind the major city in Australia.

One great thing about the name Sidney is that it spans cultures and continents. This is why the name would be more popular among brunettes. Also, the elegant sound of the girl’s name is one reason for its name-fame. This adorable name also has many spellings, including Cidney, Sidnee, and Sidneigh.

22 Asia

Speaking of a perfect name for nature-lovers and girls with dark locks, Asia is a name choice any girl would appreciate. Asia hasn’t quite caught on in the U.S. This place-name ranks #907 on the girls’ list. Still, the name is appealing and exotic.

A name inspired by a landmark on our planet may seem like a hippie throwback, but with the rise of environmentalism comes a renewed interest in earthy names. It also has ties to Greek mythology. Asia was the mother of Atlas and Prometheus.

Parents who choose the name Asia may want to give a nod to their ancestry. Or maybe they appreciate the nature-inspired sweetness. Or perhaps they just love the sound. In any rate, a little girl named Asia will likely grow up to appreciate the uniqueness of her name.

21 Mimi

This short-and-sweet name is a short form of the name Willamina. It’s also a nickname for Michelle, Jasmine, and Miriam–which are all great names as well!

The meaning of the name varies. Some say it means wished for child; others say it means rebellion. Other definitions say Mimi means sea of sorrow or sea of bitterness. So, the true translation is a bit fuzzy.

The most famous namesake is probably the actress Mimi Rogers, who was born Miriam. Singer Mariah Carey also goes by the nickname Mimi. Plus, the “Queen of Disco” Donna Summer named her daughter Mimi. All of these women have lustrous, brunette tresses--well, all except Mariah who has lightened her natural color.

Mimi may not be as pervasive as some of the names on this list but this short name is a fine alternative. On all accounts, Mimi is pretty perfect. We think Mimi fits a little,brown-hairedgirl who loves to smile and explore. Consider Mimi for your little wanderer!

20 Maya

There’s an undeniable quality with the name Maya. This girl's name has zoomed up the baby name charts, and for good reason. It’s charming, full of spirit, and delightfully feminine. Pronounced MY-a, there are several different spelling options, including Maya, Mya, Maja, and Mayah.

The name gets a huge boost from the world of celebrity, too. In terms of popularity, you can’t disregard the many famous brunette bearers with this name, including the late Maya Angelou. SNL alum Maya Rudolph,daughter of singer Minnie Riperton, also gave the name major visibility. Other celebs with the name include singer Mya and British rapper/singer Maya.

Also, Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke chose this name for their daughter, as did artist Pablo Picasso. No wonder this name is so popular! Maya has an exquisite sound that any young dark-haired, little lady would love. We don’t see this beautiful name fading away anytime soon.

19 Emma

Looking for a pretty girl's name for a brunette that has grace and a little glamor? Victoria fits the beautiful bill.

From the Latin word meaning victory, Victoria is a traditional name of ancient Rome. She was the goddess of victory. Although the name was used throughout Europe, it wasn’t visible in America until Queen Victoria’s rule in the 19th century. Queen Victoria was the second-longest reigning British monarch in history, ruling from 1837-1901. A Canadian city and an Australian state are two of many geographical areas that bear her name.

Famous Victorias include former pop star and wife of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Disney actress Victoria Justice, and actress Victoria Spelling, also known as Tori—all natural brunettes.

The name also brings to mind Victoria’s Secret, the retailer that sells lingerie, women’s fashions, and beauty products. Plus, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show displays some of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. It’s not a bad association to have once your little girl grows up.

18 Charlotte

She’s the newest member of the British royal family and the daughter of Chelsea Clinton. Her name is Charlotte, the feminine form of Charles. Meaning free man, this name has French origins. Along with trendy names like Sophia, Olivia, and Isabella, Charlotte is a classic girl’s name currently in the top 10 list. It's a name that seems to suit a raven-haired beauty.

The name Charlotte has a royal connection. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, Queen Charlotte of England was the mother of 15 children. In the realm of pop culture, Charlotte was Scarlett Johansson’s character in Lost in Translation and Kristen Davis’ character in Sex in the City.

And you can’t deny the influence of E.B. White’s classic children’s book Charlotte’s Web. Celebrity parents are digging the name, too. Actor Dylan McDermott, and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. have daughters named Charlotte.

And a plus, Charlotte comes with a bunch of adorable nicknames such as Charlie, Char, and Lottie. With a feminine sound and a timeless charm, it’s understandable why parents love the name, Charlotte. Who wouldn't?

17 Kaya

As an alternative to Kayla and Maia, Kaya is a surprising baby name on the rise. Pronounced KY-a, the name means to rejoice. It can be spelled many ways, including Kaia, Kya, Kaiyah, and Kaija, the name currently ranks #123 on Nameberry.

Kaya has Estonian roots. This girl's name is the short form of Katarina. It also originates from Kai, the Hawaiian word for sea. At least, one famous agrees that Kaya is an awesome name for a cool little lady. In 2001, former supermodel Cindy Crawford named her daughter, Kaia.

There is one aspect parents may not love about the name Kaya; it will probably need to be spelled out over and over again. If constant spelling and corrections aren’t deal breakers, this is a lovely name for a brunette baby girl.

16 Elizabeth

It’s not fair to call Elizabeth a popular name for grandmothers because it has always been popular. The name has never fallen out of the top 50 because it has a long history among royal monarchies and religious figures. The name means pledged to God.

The name’s roots are Hebrew. In the Old Testament, Elizabeth (also spelled Elisabeth) was the mother of John the Baptist. Famous bearers also include queens and empresses around the world, not to mention Hollywood stars. Interesting note: beautiful, brunette actress Elizabeth Taylor disliked being called Liz. It’s also the name of two American First Ladies: Bess Truman and Betty Ford, both born Elizabeth.

As a plus, Elizabeth comes with a bunch of adorable nicknames such as Beth, Liz, Lizzie, and Liza. Whether it has historical significance or you just like the sound of the name, Elizabeth is a classic name to bestow on a dark-locked baby girl.

15 Nala

This short and sweet girl’s name has both African and Indian origins. It’s the Swahili word that means gift. In Sanskrit, the name means stem. Combine the meaning from these two cultures and what you have is the beginning of a gift, which is appropriate for a dark brown-haired baby.

In terms of pop culture, the name has seen big screen fame. In the 1994 animated Disney film The Lion King, the character Nala is Simba’s lifelong best friend and wife. Also, In Living Color producer Keenan Ivory Wayans named his daughter Nala in 1996.

Nala squeaks into the top 1000 girls list in the U.S., ranking #946. This underused name hasn’t seen rapid growth, but that just means it’s waiting to be discovered. Whether you want to honor your African or Indian traditions or you just like the sound, Nala is a pretty cool name for a baby girl.

14 Zoey

Pronounced ZO-ee, this inviting name means life. While the alternate spellings Zoe, Zowie, and Zoie are rising in the ranks, Zoey is the most popular, currently ranking 23rd on the American girls’ name list.

The name catapulted to the top of the ranks in the last decade due, in part, to characters in popular TV shows such as Zoey 101, How I Met Your Mother, The West Wing, and Nurse Jackie. And talented, raven-haired actress Zooey Deschanel also represents the name well.

The only downside is that Zoey is super popular right now; that means millions of other girls have the same name. But there’s an upside: studies show that well-known names come across better to future hiring managers. It's also an easy name for school-aged children because it'seasy to pronounce, spell and read, hitting all the checkmarks of school success. So, parents shouldn’t be afraid of the current Zoey trend.

13 Mia

Mia is a multicultural name, so it's a perfect name for a brunette. It’s also short and sweet, and distinctly feminine. All of these traits make Mia a popular choice for parents, which is probably why the name is 6th on the girl’s name chart.

Its origins are Latin. Meaning mine or wished-for child, the name is a short version of Maria. This would make the pronunciation MEE-a as opposed to MY-a, but the sound of your daughter’s name is a personal choice.

In terms of popularity, you can’t disregard the impact of famous people with the name. Born Maria, actress Mia Farrow starred in the classic horror film Rosemary’s Baby. And actress Mia Sara is better known as Sloane Peterson in the ‘80s John Hughes film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

Famous parents agree it’s a pretty name for a baby girl. Among the celebs who have chosen Mia for their daughters are English actress Kate Winslet and blogger Perez Hilton.

12 Lucy

This name sits in the top 30 in England, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand, but it’s a little less popular in America currently. We see Lucy making a great comeback name for little girls with hipster moms loving the heritage behind the name.

Pop culture and famous people have given the name Lucy a definite boost in popularity. Fans of the comic actress Lucille Ball will associate the name with her and her TV comedies, which were arguably the best sitcoms of all time. Actress Lucy Lawless, the title character of TV’s Xena: Warrior Princess, and actress Lucy Liu have also given the name visibility.

Also, you can’t deny the influence of the brunette cartoon character Lucy in Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts. And no doubt, the Beatles and their song Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds played a part in the name’s popularity, as well.

11 Echo

Echo is an uncommon name, indeed. And although it’s not a run-of-the-mill moniker, unique name like these are quite memorable. It may be unusual but it’s also extraordinary and distinctive.

In Greek mythology, Echo was a mountain nymph who fell in love with Narcissus. When Narcissus fell in love with his own image and died in a lake, Echo mourned him until she died. All that was left was her voice. This is the myth that explains the phenomenon of echoing.

This name, borrowed from the natural world and Greek mythology, certainly hasn’t found mainstream success. But if it’s too eccentric, it’s a good name to consider as a middle name.

If parents-to-be are looking for a rare, girl’s name, Echo may be the one a brown-haired beauty. It is a name that is unique while feeling familiar. Plus, Echo has no cutesy nicknames; that’s what you call a triple threat name.

10 Logan

Nature-loving parents will appreciate this suave Scottish surname which means small hollow. It’s currently holding the 14th position in the United States, but it ranks #7 in Wales, #8 in its native Scotland, and #12 in Canada. Though, be forewarned; while it remains a trendy name for girls, Logan is predominantly a boy’s name. Still, for girls, Logan seems to suit a little lady with dark tresses.

Since the 1970s, the name has risen in the charts, but the modern pop culture has certainly helped the popularity of the name. If you’re a fan of the X-Men comics and movie series, you’ll recognize Logan as the name of the mutant character Wolverine. Also, Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant chose this name for his son.

The spelling variations of Logan are plentiful. You can use Loggan, Logun, Loghan, or Logn. However you spell it, Logan will continue to have long-running success for a while.

9 Thea

And yet again from Greek origins, another name for a brunette has emerged. Thea can be pronounced many ways: TAY-a, THAY-a, or THEE-a are the most common pronunciations.

Thea is not just a standalone name. It can also be used as a short form for several other names, including Theodora, Dorothea, and Althea. Thea means goddess or godly.

Thea is currently ranked #464 on the American girls’ name chart. Despite only entering the top 500 in 2015, Thea is one of the fastest growing names in the country. Still, its popularity is much higher in New Zealand, Sweden, Scotland, and England. But Norway is where Thea reigns supreme, ranking #12 for girls.

There’s an attractive quality to the name Thea. It’s a feminine, and pretty name that will stand the test of time. Also, because this name is as wonderful as its meaning, Thea is a great choice.

8 Victoria

Looking for a pretty name for a dark-haired girlsprinkled with elegance? Victoria fits the beautiful bill.

From the Latin word meaning victory, Victoria is a traditional name of ancient Rome. She was the goddess of victory. Although the name was used throughout Europe, it wasn’t visible in America until Queen Victoria’s rule in the 19th century. Queen Victoria was the second-longest reigning British monarch in history, ruling from 1837-1901. A Canadian city and an Australian state are two of many geographical areas that bear her name.

Famous Victorias include former pop star and wife of David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Disney actress Victoria Justice, and actress Victoria Spelling, also known as Tori—all natural brunettes.

The name also brings to mind Victoria’s Secret, the retailer that sells lingerie, women’s fashions, and beauty products. Plus, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show displays some of the most beautiful supermodels in the world. It’s not a bad association to have once your little girl grows up.

7 Zara

Zara reached name-fame in the U.S. after Britain’s Princess Anne defied convention by bestowing her daughter with an Arabic name that means princess. Since then, the name has seen a mainstream spotlight. The name also brings to mind the store Zara, the retailer that sells men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.

Famous parents agree it’s an awesome name for a dark-haired girl. Comedian Chris Rock chose this name for his daughter. Also, the oldest daughter of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is named Zahara, a related name of Zara. Surprisingly, the name Zara is related to the more common biblical name ‘Sarah.’ Pretty cool, huh!

Perhaps soon-to-be parents love the million and one variations of Zara, including Zahra, Zarah, Zaria, and Zarina. Or maybe expecting parents like the elegant sound of the name. We love Zara because it sounds debonair, refined, cultured, and it has a beautiful meaning. No wonder this name has been shooting to the top of name lists since 2005.

6 Madeleine

The origin of this name comes from "woman from Magdala" or Mary of Magdala, otherwise known as Mary Magdalene. Over time, the name formed in Maudelyn, and continued to transform into many other variations around the world. The French-sounding two syllable version “mahd-LEHN”can also be pronounced as “mahd-a-LEHN.” It has become a regal, sophisticated version of Madison.

Besides the distinctly French given name, Madeleines are also shelled-shaped French pastries, made with finely ground almonds and lemon zest. There are also a series of children’s books that bears the name Madeline. Popular American namesake includes Madeleine Albright, the first female Secretary of State. Also, the daughters of talk show host Stephen Colbert and actress Lea Thompson are both named Madeleine.

With its feminine quality and relative uniqueness, Madeleine is a fantastic name for a brunette.It has an element that seems to impart nobility. Even if you use the American pronunciation “mad-a-LEIN” or “mad-a-LYNN,” your little girl will thank you for it.

5 Reese

If expecting parents prefer an unconventional name, Reese is a solid choice. Pronounced Rees, this Welsh name means ardor, rashness, or enthusiasm. This is why the name is more popular in England, Ireland, and Scotland, where it ranks #126, #98, and #92, respectively. Rhys is somewhat less popular in the United States where the name ranks #513.

This is for both boys and girls. There are several spellings of the name, including Rhyce, Rhyse, and Rice. Soon-to-be parents are also using the name Reece. Joey McIntyre from the boy band the New Kids on the Block named his son Rhys Edward.

Soon-to-be parents are also using the name Reece, but we love the five-letter version with the "s". Thanks to actress Reese Witherspoon, parents have found a female spelling of the name. It's a sophisticated name for a brown-haired beauty with an easy-going charm. We're pretty sure any girl would love it.

4 Nell

What’s old is new again; this adage perfectly explains the contemporary-vintage appeal of the name Nell. The name derived as a nickname for Helen, Ellen, Penelope, and Eleanor. In fact, former President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sometimes addressed his wife Eleanor as Nell—just one of his pet names for her. Today, Nell is used as a standalone name.

Since 1956, the name Nell has not appeared on the girl’s name chart in America, but it’s just waiting for a comeback. Although it has a classic vibe to it, Nell is not your nana’s name anymore. We believe this is one of the sophisticated names that will catch on with parents looking for a mature name for their little girl.

This short name has a friendly sound. And perhaps this old-fashioned charmer might be the perfect moniker for a modern baby girl. For many reasons, Nell is a great choice for a little brunette baby.

3 Ella

Ella may not be as popular as her uber popular cousins Isabella and Emma, but the name is still in the American top 20. The name is almost tops in Sweden and Australia, however, where the name ranks 4th and 6th, respectively.

The most famous bearer of this name is arguably raven-haired, jazz songstress Ella Fitzgerald, which is just one more plus for the name. Ella is also modern and fashionable, and yet, it’s a name that fits any age group. A time-honored name like Ella will never sound trendy and it will never feel outdated. It has a retro appeal that is steeped in traditional charm.

Parents shouldn’t be afraid to choose this popular name. Researchers have found that common names like Ella are more successful, more well-known, and more desired. Famous parents agree, such as Mark Wahlberg, Ben Stiller, and John Travolta.

2 Abby

This upbeat name is not rising in the ranks, but the name Abby has a lot going for it. The full name, Abigail, is a little more sophisticated, but we love the shortened version. You don’t need to repeat it, and others will understand the name immediately.

The name is perfect for a brunette because Abby is a Hebrew name that means my father is joyful. The name’s prominence began in the mid-1950s. Abby started to peak in the early 2000s, but it has since declined in popularity. Abby ranks #437 in the United States but places a bit higher in the Netherlands at #393.

Probably the most famous association with the name is the advice columnist Dear Abby, whose real name is Abigail Van Buren. Other popular versions of Abby include Abbie, Abi, and Abbey. We love the name for little girls because it’s cute, easy to spell, and just rolls off the tongue. We suggest putting this on your name list because it’s adorable!

1 Kruiz

From Spanish origins, the name Kruiz means the cross of the Christ or crucifix. Cruz is actually the Spanish word for cross, which is the symbol of Christianity.

In 2005, football legend David Beckham and his wife, former Spice Girl Victoria, named their third son Cruz. This gave the name a popularity boost. In 2010, the name really started to rise in the ranks. By 2012, the name peaked on the boys’ name chart. But soon-to-be parents should be warned as Kruiz is considered a unisex name.

There area million and one ways to spell it, including Cruse, Kruze, Cruzz, Cruiz, Kruzz, and Cruize. Still, Kruiz is used mostly for females, and we love this beautiful name for a brunette baby girl.

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