This girl's moniker is a classic name in African countries with ties to the Congol. The famous South African Zola Budd broke world records as an athlete. And while the name isn’t rising on the baby name charts in the U.S., at least two American celebrity parents dig the name.

Just ask Eddie Murphy, and Dweezil Zappa (the son of musician Frank Zappa); both have daughters named Zola.

The name Zola also has a literary connection. In the late 19th century, Émile Zola was a famous French author and activist who founded the Naturalist movement. And you might be surprised to hear that Zola is also a unisex name, but more commonly used for girls than boys.

Although the name hasn’t catapulted to the top of the ranks, Zola is swimming in historical richness. With its feminine quality and relative uniqueness, Zola is a fantastic name for a brunette. It hits all the important points parents should consider when selecting the first name; it’s easy to read, pronounce and spell, which makes it perfect for any little girl.

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