15 Cancer Symptoms Women Keep Mistaking For Pregnancy

There are a variety of things that happen to a woman's body when she is pregnant. Many of the symptoms, like missing a period or morning sickness, can also be symptoms of breast cancer or ovarian. In fact, there are more than a few. A woman knows her body better than anyone, but being able to differentiate between the two can be hard. And it is best to go see a professional if one should have any doubt that they are pregnant.

It is exciting to begin seeing these symptoms when a woman is trying to get pregnant, and easy to get caught up in that excitement. Unfortunately, it is not always wise to get caught up in the symptoms. When experiencing the symptoms, no matter how "early" make an appointment with an OBGYN to make sure it is actually a pregnancy.

Not many women would even begin to think that cancer would be an option, especially when they're trying to conceive. But it happens. And what a twisted way to find out. Not only does one find out she is not pregnant and bringing life into the world, but she finds out she has a life-threatening disease which could take her life. Which is highly unfair.

15 Pregnancy Tests Can Detect Signs Of Cancer

Positive pregnancy tests are something that can make most women simply ecstatic. It is truly an exciting time for a woman to find out she is pregnant. For some women, the joy is short-lived. When taking pregnancy tests, we all know it looking for a certain hormone, hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is the hormone that also appears for certain types of cancer, such as ovarian cancer or uterine cancer.

Some doctors miss the fact that the "pregnancy" is actually cancer and usually by no fault of their own. With all of the symptoms and the hormone levels pointing to pregnancy, why would a doctor think any different?

A positive pregnancy test can also detect testicular cancer in men. For women who know they aren't pregnant, and receive a positive test, don't fret. It isn't foolproof at detecting pregnancy or cancer.

14 Bloating Is Often Mistaken For 'The Bump'

Being bloated is such an annoyance. When it's that time of the month, during pregnancy, menopause or just on a Monday for whatever reason at all, bloating happens to all of us. Bloating is also a very common symptom of ovarian cancer. There have been so many women who have been told they were pregnant and months later find out it is indeed ovarian cancer. With the symptoms being so similar to pregnancy and cancer it is difficult for doctors to tell. But not impossible.We as women know our bodies better than anyone.

Dealing with hormonal issues, I had to go to a variety of doctors before finding one who believed me when I told him that something was wrong. Be diligent when a problem is suspected. Go to a hundred doctors if need be.

13 Aunt Flo Can Signal Ovarian Cancer

One of the best parts of being pregnant is having no monthly visitor. In my opinion anyway. It is so nice to not have to worry about it. Missing a period is one of the biggest telltale signs that a woman is pregnant. And what a glorious feeling it is! First to realize you are pregnant, and then to realize there will be a baby in 9 months! Sadly, for some, this not always the case. A skipped period can be due to stress, dietary changes and in some instances, ovarian cancer. Missing a period will often send a woman to her OBGYN to find out if she is indeed pregnant. Normally an ultrasound will be performed and hopefully, she is pregnant. For some, they find tumors on the woman's ovaries. And while that is awful, early detection is the best way to find out.

12 Will Nothing Stay Down?

Morning sickness is one of the most loathed symptoms of pregnancy. It is incredibly unfortunate to be experiencing this classic pregnancy symptom. Then to find out it is stomach or colon cancer.... that's a double whammy of life being a jerk. Some people will know instantly they are not pregnant, due to not having any kind of baby making relations ever or even recently. Those who haven't been trying for a baby, or have had no intercourse and are experiencing morning sickness need to see a doctor as soon as possible. Some doctors don't always listen and in some instances, women have said they were told to take multiple pregnancy tests. Simply because the doctor did not believe the woman. If anyone experiences a Doctor who doesn't believe them, she should immediately seek the service of another Doctor.

11 Breast Cancer Patients Experience 'Mommy Brain'

Brain fog is incredibly annoying to deal with. Wondering where your keys are or the book you just had went can be frustrating. Brain fog isn't just being forgetful either, it is also the inability to focus. When we suffer from brain fog it is our bodies way of telling us something is off. Typically pregnant women, new mom's and menopausal women deal with brain fog because it is brought on by hormonal issues. Women who think they are pregnant and find out they want should be screened for cancer, namely breast cancer. Many women who have breast cancer (and sometimes even brain cancer) have stated they felt the onset of brain fog long before their official diagnosis. And it doesn't get better because once a woman begins her treatment the brain fog doesn't get better, but worse while undergoing radiation and chemo.

10 The Sudden Urge Can Be A Warning Sign

The urge to pee more frequently typically suggests to a woman she is pregnant. Frequent urination just gets worse throughout the pregnancy. Sometimes it feels like that tiny little baby is using the bladder as a trampoline! Unfortunately, the need to go all of the time doesn't always mean one is pregnant. Just like the other things on the list, frequent urination can also be a sign of cancer. Not only can it be frequent urinating, but also the urgent need to go as well, that can be symptomatic of cancer, namely ovarian cancer.

It is truly unfortunate so many of the pregnancy symptoms are also symptoms of ovarian cancer. On the plus side, if one thinks she is pregnant she will be going to the doctor to get checked out.

9 Red Dots Might Mean Uterine Cancer

In the United States, over 80,000 women are diagnosed with gynecological cancer each year. And many of those women have dealt with spotting. It is not uncommon for a woman to spot at some point in her life, and it is also fairly common for a woman to spot during her pregnancy. Normally a woman will be able to tell she is pregnant because she will miss her menses, but have some light spotting. The spotting is also a major symptom of ovarian, cervical and uterine cancers. Spotting from these cancers also can happen between monthly cycles and after intercourse. Spotting, while not necessarily is a more significant symptom of cancer, it is definitely one that can scare a woman. Even when it is a symptom of pregnancy, it is often thought that spotting means something bad. And sometimes, it does.

8 Pregnant Women Aren't The Only Ones Who Swell

Swollen feet suck, but it happens. It happens during pregnancy frequently, and it can be most uncomfortable and unsightly. It happens in the second trimester and even has a name, it is called edema. A pregnant woman can also endure swelling of her face, legs, and hands. It is quite normal and over 50% of pregnant women experience at some point.

Sometimes the swelling gets worse and intensifies and can become a medical condition known as preeclampsia, which is due to high blood pressure which causes severe swelling.

Most women typically don't see their feet swelling and think they are pregnant, however, due to it being a symptom of pregnancy some might. Swelling of one's appendages can also mean something much scarier, such as bone cancer in the foot or ankle. Bone cancer is one of the harder to treat cancers.

7 Pain Is Also A Symptom Of Stomach Cancer

Stomach pain can be caused by a plethora of different ailments, but many people forget it can be a sign of stomach cancer, Now, when one is pregnant, obviously there will be some stomach pain, the same goes when we are on our periods or if we are having any kind of hormonal changes. Bad stomach pains are normal for some women during the time aunt Flo is visiting. Some women just have worse period pain than others. And while many of us are used to it, or just assume that's how it is, or that being pregnant is going to just be painful it isn't normal. Far too often stomach pain is overlooked because most assume they are pregnant - when in fact they do have stomach cancer. Severe stomach pain is not normal when pregnant, nor every month.

6 Don't Overlook The Number

Weight gain is a pretty clear indicator that a woman is pregnant. It is completely normal and healthy to gain some weight while pregnant. Unfortunately, some women gain weight and believe they are pregnant, but find out they actually have ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer symptoms mimic many pregnancy symptoms. Weight gain around the stomach is a main symptom of ovarian cancer. As tumors grow they expand the stomach and cause weight gain. Ovarian cancer is frequently known as the silent killer. However, in the past decade, it has been proven that it does indeed have symptoms. Some of which are often mistaken for pregnancy. Early detection saves many women's lives, so if there is any question in your mind that it could be ovarian cancer, or any other cancer, go get the proper tests — immediately.

5 Thyroid Cancer Also Makes The Body Tired

The body becomes fatigued when it is fighting infections, stress or growing a life inside of it (to name a few things that cause fatigue). Many women who are trying to become pregnant can tell they are when they begin to notice a big change in their levels of fatigue. It changes the body so much and can make normal tasks completely wear the mom to be out. The same goes for cancer. When the body is fighting something off, like cancer, it is normal for a person to develop fatigue, and for some, it is extreme fatigue. If a person notices her level of fatigue changing drastically, she should definitely seek medical attention. Not only can fatigue mean pregnancy, it can be indicative of other problems like thyroid disorders and thyroid cancer.

4 Is There Leaking?

Many know that women produce milk towards the end of their pregnancy and for months after delivery. During the last few weeks of their pregnancy, they might notice a thicker substance leaking out, which is called colostrum. Most of us know that colostrum is the best of the mother's mile for her new baby. It contains the most important nutrients in which a baby needs.

Even if a mom decides not to nurse, she can still produce milk for a short time. Then there are those who produce milk even when they aren't pregnant, which can be due to hormonal changes and even the mental state of the women. Spontaneous discharge is the kind which is the cause for concern, and if it is red or clear. Also, if it only comes out when the breast is squeezed, no more squeezing! And definitely, seek medical advice, it may be cancer.

3 Pay Attention To The Push

Being backed up can make even the most pleasant of people become not so pleasant. It is most uncomfortable, being plugged up. Unfortunately for pregnant women, it happens, and it happens quite often. Thank goodness there are lots of ways to help combat constipation, like fiber powder and probiotics.

Constipation is also symptomatic of cancer, namely colon cancer. And changes to a woman's body are normal during pregnancy, bowel movements and digestion included, being able to differentiate them between cancer and pregnancy is best left to the professionals.

If one is experiencing these stomach issues and being backed up more frequently than not, better high tail it to a doctor and speak to them about what is going on. Colon cancer has a high survival rate. This is due to the symptoms showing up fairly early, which leads to an early diagnosis, which saves lives.

2 Headaches Can Be Tumors

Experiencing a migraine is one of the most excruciating pains I have ever dealt with (and yes I've given birth). The intensity and mind-numbing throbbing pain can make a person pray for eternal sleep. They are often experienced by women during a time when their hormones are out of whack, like during pregnancy. For some, they have to deal with them more regularly than just during pregnancy. Migraines can be a sign of brain cancer and if one is experiencing them, they should definitely go and get checked out by a doctor. Migraines can be a sign of a brain tumor, which is nothing one should mess around with. There have been plenty of times during my own migraines I thought about going to the emergency room because I thought for sure I had a tumor, or that I would die from pain and vomiting.

1 The Change In Attitude

Mood swings, something many of us girls knows a thing or two about! We have to deal with some pretty big hormonal fluctuations monthly, and sometimes that makes us a touch moody. Mood swings typically happen during the first few weeks of pregnancy and are a pretty good indicator of being pregnant. These mood swings can be due to stress, fatigue, chemical/hormonal imbalances and changes in our metabolism.

A symptom of cancer is also mood swings. Brain cancer/tumors can cause chemical fluctuations and hormonal imbalances which can cause mood swings, as well as abnormal fatigue and stress (just like when it is a symptom of pregnancy). Those who are diagnosed with cancer are also prone to mood swings, as well as depression and anxiety. It is harder to diagnose pregnancy and cancer by mood swings alone, so get to the doctor if there is a chance of either.

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