15 Car Deliveries That Are Too Fast And Furious

The hospital bag is packed by the door,the birth plan is printed, the route to the hospital is planned out, and Mom-to-be has timed how long it will take to get there. But everyone knows what they say happens to the best laid plans?

We've all heard of women who have ended up giving birth in the car. Whether it was a police officer who delivered their baby, her husband, or even the mom herself, the event has to be both exciting and terrifying. Many people may think it only happens to people who aren’t paying attention to the signs of labor, but things can quickly change and escalate when having a baby.

The chances are high of you making it to the hospital to deliver your newborn. But if you don’t, it’s probably not a bad idea to be prepared. Many moms have had successful deliveries in their vehicles. The most important things to remember are to remain calm, call 911, have a blanket or towels nearby, and be ready to catch the baby when it comes out. The baby can stay attached to the umbilical cord until paramedics arrive, so be sure you don’t pull or cut the cord.

Having a baby in a car is not something you expect to do. If it does happen, though, you will have quite a story to tell. Read on for 15 car delivery experiences that will leave show it happens time and time again.

15 Stuck In Traffic

A young mother was overdue with her third child and was trying to avoid an induction at the hospital. She had been induced with her first two pregnancies and really wanted to go on her own this time. She read that castor oil can bring on contractions, and even though she was skeptical, she took two tablespoons. To her surprise, it actually worked. Contractions began, and she called her midwife when they were about two to three minutes apart. She was encouraged to come to the hospital.

They first dropped their two children off at the grandparents, and by then the contractions were becoming almost unbearable. As they headed back to the hospital they got stuck in traffic, and the mom-to-be could not find a comfortable position. She ended up kneeling on her seat and when she reached down; she felt her baby’s head. All of a sudden her water broke, and out came her daughter. She wrapped her in her shirt, and finally made it to the hospital 25 minutes later.

14 Picture Perfect

The chances of a mom having to give birth in a car are actually quite low, it’s almost even more impossible to have a professional photographer there to capture it all. This is exactly what happened to Lauren.

Lauren went into labor at home, and when it was time to head to the hospital, she called her photographer to meet them there. The photographer decided to meet them at home instead, and follow them to the hospital.

As they approached the hospital, Lauren’s husband missed the ER entrance, and the baby had decided he wasn’t going to wait anymore. They pulled over, and her husband helped to deliver his own child. The photographer was right there to capture the entire ordeal. She was able to get the entire birth on film, and the precious moments afterwards.

The ER staff arrived to help them eight minutes later, and after an exam, declared both mom and baby healthy.

13 Quiet Delivery

The first time a mom goes into labor, it can take many hours. New mom, Priscilla expected just that when she planned out the delivery of her first child. She and her husband had even timed the route to the hospital so they would have plenty of time to get there.

On a Monday night, Priscilla’s water broke, and they jumped in their SUV and headed for the hospital. Priscilla could feel the baby’s head crowning and she just reached down and held it there quietly, so she wouldn’t freak her husband out. Her body would not cooperate though, and the baby just came out. Priscilla grabbed her and held her to her chest.

Her husband was amazed at how calm Priscilla was throughout the entire process. She cleared the baby’s mouth cleaned her eyes, and they continued on to the hospital, where the nurses and doctors took over.

12 Non Supportive Husband

It's not as uncommon as you think to have your baby on the way to the hospital. One couple actually made it all the way to the hospital, but still ended up delivering in their truck. Andrea was sitting inside her truck, just outside the hospital entrance bleeding and in labor. Fortunately, and ER surgeon was walking outside and helped deliver the baby. The cord was wrapped around her neck, but once the doctor moved it away, their baby girl was born crying.

There was a crowd gathered by that time, and a cheer went up when the doctor announced they had a healthy baby girl. The dad looked a bit peaked from the blood, and people were concerned that he might pass out. He surprised them all, however, when he yelled at his wife for ruining their new truck. He even said the interior had been special ordered. Andrea’s reaction was to literally punch him in the face, leaving all three members of the new family to require medical attention.

11 Gas Station Delivery

Camille was two weeks away from her due date, when she felt what she thought was Braxton Hicks contractions. She took a bath to see if they would ease up like they had in the past. They were still there, although not painful, but they decided to head to the hospital anyway. It was a thirty minute drive, and they were sure they had plenty of time.

As they pulled out of their driveway, and extremely hard contraction hit, followed quickly by another. When the third contraction came, Camille told her husband to pull the car over at a gas station. Her husband called the hospital and they told him to tell Camille not to push. It was a little late for that since the head was already between her legs. Ryan opened the car door just in time to catch the baby. The cord was wrapped around her neck and she was not breathing. Once he removed the cord, she began crying. Paramedics arrived a short time later, and both mom and baby were transported to the hospital.

10 Family Delivery

A mother-to-be woke up with an incredible urge to clean house. She scrubbed, swept, and organized all day before relaxing in front of the television that evening. She drew herself a warm bath to help ease the discomfort she was feeling. Her husband came to check on her and told her he thought they should head to the hospital. As soon as the words left his mouth, her contractions hit hard.

They phoned her father who had planned to take them to the hospital and help watch their young son. As they were driving to the hospital the mother’s pains were so intense that she was screaming in the back seat. They spotted a police car on the side of the road and asked for an escort. Even with the escort, the baby was not waiting to make her arrival and the mother ended up delivering her just around the corner from the hospital entrance, with her husband, father, and son all there to witness.

9 New City, New Baby

After moving to a new city, Kate and her husband found they were expecting a baby. They thought they knew how the birth was going to go: lots of pain, lots of pushing, and lots of hours. It’s how their first child was born. It didn’t exactly turn out that way for them this time.

In the wee hours of the morning, Kate woke to light contractions and found her water had broken. They called a friend to stay with their still sleeping three year old, and proceeded to the hospital. They drove past their E.R. in their neighborhood, and took the ramp to the highway that would lead to the hospital they planned to deliver at. The contractions became stronger and it wasn’t long before Kate could feel her baby crowning. The baby came out completely as her husband called 911. Despite the excitement and fear, Kate felt a peaceful calm as she held her newborn while waiting for the ambulance.

8 Speedy Delivery

Anna was expecting her third bundle of joy, and was three days overdue. She had experienced false labor every night for over a week, and even went to the hospital only to be sent home again. She decided she was going to walk this baby out of her, so she and her husband headed to Target to pick up a few items and walk as much as she could. They stayed until the store closed, and then went home to rest.

Anna decided to take a relaxing bath, and as soon as she was in the tub, her contractions became strong and on top of each other. She barely had time to throw on some clothes before her husband pushed her back into the car.

As her husband raced to the hospital, Anna ended up delivering their child. She had a baby girl, going 85mph on the highway. Her husband pulled over and called 911. The paramedics loaded her into the ambulance, cut the cord, and took them to the hospital.

7 New Parents Panic

It was the day before Brenna’s due date, and her second child hadn’t arrived yet. She went to bed that night and woke to some Braxton Hicks contractions that were a bit stronger than they had been thus far. As they picked up in intensity and frequency, she called the birth center to let them know what was happening. She didn’t feel her contractions were as strong as when she had her first child, so she figured she had plenty of time to labor at home before heading in. They were only 20 minutes away from the birthing center.

A bit later, they decided to make the drive to the Center and Brenna’s contractions got stronger on the way. She screamed at her husband to go faster, and all of a sudden her water broke. On the next contraction, she could feel her baby entering the world. As soon as the baby was completely out, Brenna scooped her up onto her chest, while her husband panicked. They called the midwife who told them to just keep going and meet her at the birth center.

6 Birth In A Cab

Sarah was living in New York City with her husband, when they found out they were expecting their first child. While in her ninth month of pregnancy, she was sitting at home on a weekday afternoon when her water broke. Her husband was unfortunatly out of town, so she called her brother, who was attending college in NYC, where she was then living. He decided to hail a cab to come over and pick her up. On the way to the hospital, they got stuck in rush hour traffic. With more than 50 blocks yet to go, it was too far for Sarah to walk in her condition.

While still in the cab, Sarah asked her brother to check her progress, and he said he could see the baby’s head. The baby came out just moments later, and the cab driver called 911. Paramedics soon arrived and took Sarah and her new baby to the hospital, where both were deemed healthy.

5 Giving Birth In A Car TWICE!

Christy gave birth to her first child in a car as her husband was driving over 85 miles per hour down the road. When she found out she was pregnant with their second, she and her husband were determined to make it to the hospital.

During the last few weeks, they had several false alarms, and were sent back home from the hospital. Yet when contractions started back up, they didn’t hesitate to load up the car, and make the trip back to the hospital. Their second child however, had no plans to wait. They didn’t even make it three blocks, when Christy’s water broke and their daughter was delivered on the next contraction.

They continued to the hospital, and the staff could not believe it had happened for a second time. Fortunately both babies were healthy (along with mom) despite their unexpected deliveries.

4 Delivering In The Driveway

Mindi had everything planned for the perfect birth, even though it was a couple weeks away yet. Her bag was packed, she had her friend lined up to watch their oldest, and she even had a backup person on standby. It was Halloween night, and her husband joked about their baby coming that night. She went to sleep as normal, but woke up in the middle of the night with a strong contraction.

Another one followed quickly, and she told her husband they needed to leave. They called their friend to watch their daughter, and Mindi yelled at her husband to call 911 because the contractions were right on top of each other, and she knew the baby was coming. He however thought he could make it to the hospital first, and urged her into the car. He didn’t even get the car door closed, when Mindi felt the baby coming out. Her husband finally called 911 and they walked him through the birth.

3 Pulled Over By Police

A couple from Washington was on the way to the hospital to have their fourth baby. The mother knew from experience that the baby was not waiting and urged her husband to drive faster. He did, only to find himself being pulled over by the police. Before the officer could even walk to the car, the father jumped out telling them that his wife was in labor.

The officers called for an ambulance and went over to assist the mom, as the dad paced alongside the car. A baby girl made her appearance just moments later, and struggled to breathe at first until the officer was able to clear her airway. The ambulance came and transported both mom and baby to the hospital where they were noted to be doing well.

The couple sent a thank you note to the officers who responded and safely delivered their daughter.

2 Roadside Delivery

Sian was actually headed for a prenatal checkup when contractions began. As they got stronger, the traffic stopped and she was stuck in gridlock. Fortunately she was able to pull over to the side of the road and call for help.

Before the ambulance could make its way through the traffic, a doctor who was a few cars down, got out when he noticed Sian was in distress. He was an endocrinologist, specializing in hormones and not babies, but could see that the baby was not going to wait. As he helped get her into a more comfortable position, the ambulance arrived. Instead of taking over, they handed gloves to the doctor, and he ended up delivering the baby just 20 minutes later.

The couple appreciated the doctor’s willingness to step in and help during their time of need. He was calm, which in turn, kept everyone else calm too.

1 Snow Storm Baby

Amy was enjoying an afternoon at home with her two children when her contractions started. She called her husband who immediately headed home, however there was snowstorm happening, and it took him more than two hours to get there. They didn’t know if they should call 911, but ultimately decided to drive to the hospital themselves.

Just a short while into the drive, they rounded a corner, and came upon a wall of traffic. Amy knew her baby was coming, and told her husband to pull over. An officer saw they were on the side of the road, and came over to see if everything was ok.

Amy’s husband called 911, and the operator helped walk him and the officer through the delivery. The couple’s two children sat in the back seat as quiet as could be. A fire truck and ambulance arrived immediately after the baby was born and transported them to the hospital.


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