15 Celeb Babies That Are Too Powerful For Their Own Good

Growing up is hard. It doesn’t matter who the person is. It’s weird figuring out what a person likes, what their morals are, even what their likes and dislikes are. However, not that many would know from personal experience, but it seems like living in a home with many millions of dollars put into it, would change things. If the mom makes 20 million dollars and the dad makes 15, then things might be a little easier. These kids were born with golden spoons in their mouths, no doubt about it. However, all the money and opportunity in the world will never make up for a lack of work ethic and drive, so these kids will still have to work hard if they want to make a mark in the same way that their parents did.

Here we will discuss some of the most powerful kids to be walking the face of the earth right now. Their parents are insanely rich, and most of them are pretty influential. They have all made very valuable connections, and they are not afraid to use them for the sake of their kids. Whether they are rappers, movie stars, actors or sports stars, they make a lot of money and they love their kids. An excellent combination for the kids, but a tough combination for those of us regular folk who are trying to get a leg up in the competition against them. So, without any further ado, here are the fifteen most powerful celebrity kids strutting around right now.

15 Prince George

People are absolutely obsessed with the royal family. For reasons beyond comprehension, people treat them as though they alone are making every scientific breakthrough known to man. Therefore, when they announced that they were pregnant with their first child, William and Kate Middleton, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, found themselves in the middle of a media hurricane. Kate was late in delivering George, and that drove people crazy. Coverage of the pregnancy upped traffic for every major news corporation out there.

With his whole family’s estimated worth at about $70 million, this little guy has probably the most promising career opportunity out of any of the other children we will discuss here today. This little guy is in line for the throne as the king of England. Although these days that is more of a title than anything else, it is a title that doesn’t suck to have.

14 Future Zahir Wilburn

This little youngster has some famous parents, too. Ciara and Future’s kid, Future Jr. was born into quite a wealthy household. People have gone crazy over his fashion “choices” (like his parents don’t dress him), like his Juicy hat and his Tims that match his moms, and he’s already been vaguely influential in that field.

With the parents he has, it's not a long shot at all to assume he'll try his hand at music. And with parents with as much money and influence as his, he doesn't even need to be good at it, (his dad sure isn't) he'll probably be successful. He's been photographed hanging out with North West, so maybe a collaboration is in the mix? Maybe they can get Blue Ivy in on the track and make an absolute banger. Tupac and Biggie would be pretty stoked for that kind of multi-generation collaboration for sure.

13 Otis Sudeikis

Born to movie stars Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, Otis has had a pretty good start to this life. Their financial numbers are a bit more mysterious than other people in their profession, but there’s no doubt that there is some money in that family. In addition to that, his parents are both funny people, so he will have that gene undoubtedly.

With the parents that he has, it's not unthinkable that he will act in movies himself. Or maybe he will try his hand at standup comedy. Or perhaps he'll go in a completely different direction. It's difficult to say what this little tyke will grow up to be, he's a baby after all. The only thing we know for sure is that he is adorable at Clippers games, but doesn't seem to like the noise of the crowd. So maybe he won't go into show business after all.

12 Hazel Krasinski

Born to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Hazel is another one that won't ever need to borrow money from a friend. With Dad being worth about $12 million, and mom coming it at about $16 million, this kid is going to need to worry more about being spoiled than being broke. Her parents are avid supporters of the #NoKidsPolicy movement, which is saying that paparazzi shouldn't photograph kids and that all kids photos should come from the parents.

With her parents, again it’s not unthinkable that Hazel will go into the movie business. Where her parents are a bit more down to earth than a lot of Hollywood’s inhabitants, however, maybe she will do something a bit more behind the scenes. Cosmopolitan online has guessed that maybe she will be a screenwriter. I can totally see a little Jim Halpert sitting in a Starbucks obnoxiously banging away at a laptop. Wait, that’s what I’m doing right now...

11 River Rose Blackstock

Kelly Clarkson’s daughter is going to be okay. Not necessarily news, but still. With Kelly’s net worth at about $29 million, and her dad being the step daughter of Reba McEntire, it is safe to say that she will be alright. Kelly has kept the baby somewhat out of the spotlight, (a healthy thing to do, if they want the kid to be well adjusted), so there aren’t too many pictures of her out there, but she is certainly adorable.

With her mom being who she is, it’s fairly likely that River Rose will go into music. In addition to Kelly being her mom, Kelly’s mom is Jeanne Taylor, who is one of country music’s most beloved names. Kelly’s husband has a stepmom, and that woman happens to be Reba McEntire, another country star. River Rose was already gifted a guitar by Blake Sheldon and Miranda Lambert. Again, it's fairly likely music will be involved in the youngster’s career path.

10 Apollo Bowie Flynn

The son of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, Apollo has managed to keep himself out of the limelight a fair amount. There wasn't even an official announcement photo or a debut photo, but there is a picture of Gwen breastfeeding in Switzerland. However, there is bound to be some level of interest, as his parents are worth an estimated $135 million combined. Therefore, it's reasonable to say this kid will have a good Christmas.

With the parents this kid has, a career in music would probably work out for him. With the connections of No Doubt and Bush, this kid could put out a 90’s sounding album and top the charts. Cosmopolitan online was saying that since there were photos of him at the U.S. Open, then maybe he would make a good tennis player. However, if I were a betting man I’d say that music would be pretty lucrative for this one.

9 Wyatt Isabelle

The son of Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, quite possibly the most adorable couple in Hollywood, this kid will never have the problem of a thin wallet. With mom being the secondary breadwinner, she is worth about $30 million, whereas Ashton is worth about $140 million. Needless to say, this kid will be pretty popular in school, regardless of his personality.

It’s hard to say what this kid might grow up to be. A career in acting would be a safe bet, but his parents are fairly smart, so maybe he might go in a different direction. Perhaps he will try his hand in music, or maybe he’ll work as a guidance counselor. Honestly, the world is this kid’s oyster, and any direction he wants to go in, one can be sure he has quite the support system behind him. And who wouldn’t want Jackie and Kelso in their corner?

8 Esmerelda Amada

Born to Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling, this powerhouse has never even been seen by the public eye. But with parents like these, one can imagine she will probably be a looker when she grows up. Eva is worth about $15 million and Ryan is worth about $30 million, so little Esmerelda will certainly not have holes in her shoes.

It's hard to say what this little tyke will be when she grows up, but based on her name and her kind of hippy parents, it'll probably be something cool. With that sort of bankroll in her corner, she certainly doesn't need to worry about finding the money to buy her insurance or whatever, so the world is pretty much at her fingertips. Hell, while the rest of us regular folk are punching time clocks, she could be surfing all day long and then drive home in a Bentley, and it certainly wouldn't be surprising.

7 Everly Tatum

Actress and wife of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan was seen out with her daughter, Everly Tatum at a farmer's market in Studio City, California.

The daughter of Channing Tatum, this little youngster is already way richer than most will be able to even think about. She is also apparently quite a charmer; Channing has been known to get quite emotional when talking about his little girl. A man who is worth about $16 million, mostly for romantic comedies/dramas, it’s not hard to imagine his lower lip quivering over the sight of his baby girl, but it’s still something to see this 200-pound behemoth get all teary eyed.

With the influence that Channing has in the entertainment industry right now, it's hard to imagine that wouldn't come in handy should Everly decide to act. It's no secret that many actors and actresses have parents already in the business, and that certainly makes breaking in a bit easier. Therefore, Everly would probably do well in the acting world. And even if she's not a very good actress, with Channing Tatum as the father, and the mother is quite good looking as well, this little one will probably be easy on the eyes. She'll do fine in Hollywood.

6 Milan Pique Mebarak

The son of Shakira and soccer player Gerard Pique, this is another kid who theoretically wouldn’t need to work a day in their life. The family is worth an estimated $140 million, so they probably won’t need to start a college fund anytime soon. His parents are huge in their own careers, so it’s not a reach to assume Milan will have a similar work ethic.

He also had his own twitter account by the time he was one. And it’s supposedly official. It’s got that little blue checkmark next to it. So it’s gotta be official. Who does that? Powerful babies like Milan over here. Most people are maybe 13 before they get a twitter account. This kid was not even one! He has also been on the set of The Voice!, where his mom is one of the judges. Most people have never been on sets of any show, let alone one on a major network that plays during primetime.

5 Vivian Lake Brady

This kid is absolutely all set. Tom Brady is her dad. Need more be said? Yeah? Okay. Her mom is Gisele Bündchen. So this kid is going to be alright as far as finances go. The Brady family is worth about $390 million, between both Tom and Gisele. And they treat this baby like an absolute cherub.

It’s hard to guess what this kid might do when she grows up. She’s another one who wouldn’t have to do anything for the rest of her life if she didn’t want to. Her dad is the GOAT! But, if one had to guess, they would say she might follow in neither of her parents’ footsteps. A lot of athletes don’t actually like whatever sport they’re playing, they’re just good at it, so Tom might steer her away from athletics. And a lot of models, once they get into the business, realize how vapid of an existence it is, and how shallow, so Gisele might steer her away from that. Soooo...Accountant?

4 Luna Encinas Cruz

Born to Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, little Luna won’t be hurting for cash anytime soon. Her parents together are worth $67 million, so she’ll probably get a pretty decent allowance. Both of her parents are pretty good looking too, so as long as she got some of those genes, that will certainly open some doors for her.

This one will probably go into acting. With the parents that she has, being as happy as they are, being as successful as they are, I would imagine they probably paint a pretty good picture of what the acting world could possibly offer to a young good looking prospect. She’s another one, though, that if she wanted to do something different then she could totally do that. Her parents are very supportive of her, and they deeply care for Luna’s wellbeing. In fact, since she was born on the same day as Prince George, they used that news as almost a shield to try and limit the public’s interest in her. It can only work for so long though.

3 Angelo James Konecki

This little dude is the son of Adele. She is incredibly protective of him; it was almost eight months before anybody even saw a photograph of the little guy. She was also very blasé about her pregnancy announcement, and sort of just started referencing her pregnancy as though it were common knowledge. Classic Adele.

After Rolling In The Deep Adele’s popularity skyrocketed, as did her bank account numbers. Being worth over $32 million makes it fairly easy to raise a kid how they want to. With Alan Carr as a godfather as well, he will have no problem making any sort of connections in the entertainment world, so anything could happen as far as this kid’s career goes. He could be a singer (if he’s got the chops) or maybe an actor. Maybe a comedian, I’m sure growing up with a mega famous mom would be a good source for giggles. It’s really all about the connections anyways, which this kid has in spades.

2 Blue Ivy Carter

Born to the world's most rich and powerful couple out there, Blue Ivy Carter's parents Jay-Z and Beyoncé certainly have set this girl up for a bright future. At two days old, she became the youngest person to ever chart on Billboard. Her family is worth an estimated 800+million, so she is certainly never going to have to work at a Baskin Robbins.

She’s already the type of person to do a wardrobe change in the middle of an event, and she and her mom kill it all over Instagram. She has an official tumbler, but it seems to have taken a backseat to a fan run one called Queen Blue Ivy Carter, and she is certainly being treated that way. She already seems to be developing a knack for entertaining, and it’s quite possible she will not only follow in her parents’ footsteps, but it’s possible she will exceed the standards set for her already.

1 North West

Born to another power couple, North West’s parents Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have made her path fairly easy. Her mom is worth $65 million, and her dad is worth $100 million. She’s been in Vogue, she has people looking to her for fashion advice, and she is not even four until this coming June. She is doing okay for herself.

Little North was born into a family of reality TV stars. Her father is one of the most well-renowned music producers of all time. She, therefore, has a pretty good in at any sort of entertainment career she could want. With her mom as fashion conscience, as she is, it's not unthinkable that she could even start her own fashion line. At the very least, she could probably just start her own reality show, and she herself could make millions before I could even make $100,000.

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