15 Famous Babies We Can't Help But Love

Okay, let's admit it. Most of us are a tad bit obsessed with celebrities. Honestly, how many people stand there in the checkout line at the grocery store and not even glance at the magazines shouting gossip from their covers? Come on, sometimes the pictures are too unbelievable and we just have to know which celebrity has gained 80 pounds or which celebrity was seen leaving another celebrity's movie trailer.

Not only do we want to know what is going on in their private lives, we want to copy their clothing, their style of dress, their make-up, or their hair. Who could forget when everybody was getting the "Rachel" haircut Jennifer Aniston was rocking on Friends? Or how many people do you know with pouty red lips just like Gwen Stefani?

So, it's no surprise that the majority of the population not only knows celebrity children by their faces and names, but many of us have come to love the cuties as much as their famous parents. It's not like celebrity babies are any better than a regular "average joe" baby but their is good chance the celebrity baby will have some interesting genes.

What happens when a super model makes a baby with an all star quarter back or baseball player? Is the baby more likely to be good-looking or super athletic? Or what about when two comedians hook up and have a baby; will the baby naturally develop an awesome sense of humor? Of course there is no guarantee, but the world is sure waiting to see. Here are 15 celeb babies we can't help but to love!

15 Dusty Rose Levine

Dusty Rose Levine is the daughter of musician, Adam Levine, and model, Behati Prinsloo. This adorable baby was born September 21, last year in 2016. She is now six months old. Adam Levine said she is absolutely a daddy's girl. He spoke to Ellen Degeneres on her show back in February and told the comedian/host that he can't believe his luck having a wonderful baby girl and a beautiful wife. He said he was "so in love" with his daughter and recently choked up during a speech accepting his star on the walk of fame.

Both Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are 27 years old and have been married for almost three years. They are loving parenthood and it's easy to see. One cool side note is that Ellen Degeneres helped name the little girl. Adam supposedly texted Ellen some names which she said were terrible and suggested a list of five including the name Dusty!

14 Flynn Bloom

Okay, so let's talk about good genes. Flynn's parents are mega hunk movie star, Orlando Bloom, and model, Miranda Kerr. No wonder this kid is so gosh darn cute. Check out those munchkin cheeks! Despite Miranda and Orlando divorcing four years ago, they have made a huge effort to co-parent, they are both actively involved in each other's lives and continue to raise the six-year old boy as best they can.

Since Miranda and Orlando's divorce the two have been involved in serious relationships. Miranda Kerr got engaged to Snapchat founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel, last summer. Orlando Bloom has been dating Katy Perry for a little more than a year now. Both Miranda and Orlando's partners are involved in Flynn's life, too. Miranda says that Orlando has become "like a brother" to her and the two are actually very close.

13 Daisy Josephine Sudeikis

Daisy Josephine Sudeikis was born on October 11th of 2016 to funny man, actor Jason Sudeikis, and his wife, the gorgeous actress, Olivia Wilde. She is the second child for the couple that also has a son named Otis. Otis was born in 2014 and will be three years old on April 20, 2017. Rumor has it that Daisy was almost born at a Beyoncé concert. Olivia is a huge Beyoncé fan and was on her way with Jason to see the former Destiny’s Child diva in concert when she suffered some serious Braxton hick’s contractions.

They were strong enough to cause them to turn the car around which was stuck in traffic and about to enter a tunnel and head for the hospital. After they got out of traffic, Olivia walked around for a bit and the contractions lessened. This happened the Friday before the baby was born the next Tuesday. Talk about a close call.

12 Riley And Ryan Curry

Steph Curry is a top-notch basketball player currently playing for the Golden State Warriors, and he might be an “A” lister when it comes to fame, but he’s got nothing on his too cute and too sweet daughter Riley. After she trailed along with him at a sports press conference and took the stage, the world has become quite smitten. Steph and his wife Ayesha also have a one year old daughter, named Ryan. Steph and Ayesha married when they were very young, Steph was 23, and Ayesha was 22.

Shortly thereafter they were pregnant with Riley, and Ayesha even calls her “a somewhat honeymoon baby”. As much as Riley seems to love the spotlight, she does tire of the constant picture taking. Her mom, Ayesha, said it breaks her heart to see the little girl blocking her face with her little hand when people start snapping away everywhere she goes.

11 Valentina And Alena Jonas

Forget the Jonas brothers, the new wave of cuteness is coming from this set of Jonas sisters. Alena and Valentina are the daughters of former Jonas Brother’s member, Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle. Alena Rose is three years old and her sister Valentina Angelina is 7 months old. These two adorable little angels are the pride and joy of Kevin Jonas.

The Jonas Brothers who got their big break on the Disney channel were very successful in about a decade ago before the group separated to pursue solo careers before reuniting and then splitting again. Nick Jonas, arguably the groups most successful solo artist had some major hits since the group broke up. Good thing they are brothers and the split was amicable. These two little girls are lucky to have such a talented family. Their uncles Nick and Joe Jonas along with dad, Kevin, probably sing them the best lullabies!

10 Honor And Haven Warren

Honor and Haven Warren aren’t exactly babies but we couldn’t help from adding them to this celeb baby list. They are just so cute! These little girls, now age 8 and 5, are the daughters of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. Jessica Alba, once only known for her acting in movies like Sin City, Honey, The Fantastic Four, and most recently The Mechanic, is now also a business woman. In 2012, she co-founded The Honest Company, a consumer goods company that sells non-toxic household products.

Last year the company was valued at 1.7 billion dollars, and since Jessica owns 15-20 percent of it, she is doing very well. Honor and Haven were the main reason she wanted to be involved in the company’s development. She said that once she became a mom, something changed in her and she wanted to help other moms and children to live healthier and happier lives.

9 Marion And Tabitha Broderick

Okay, let’s just pause for a second here and take in this double dose of sweetness. Marion and Tabitha Broderick are the daughters of none other than Sex in the City’s “Carrie” Sarah Jessica Parker and Ferris Bueller's Matthew Broderick. It’s so easy to see why these girls will obviously continue to be very stylish. SJP is known for her sense of fashion and she has clearly passed some of those stylish genes down to her twin girls.

These little ladies are also lucky enough to call Matthew Broderick, dad. We all know him best as Ferris Bueller, but he has also starred in Manchester by the Sea with Casey Affleck, and the Cable Guy with Jim Carrey, as well as tons of other movies. The twins are 7 years old, and according to SJP, they have very different personalities. These darling little girls live in New York City with their parents.

8 Max And Emme Muniz

Max and Emme Muniz are another set of adorable twins. Their mom is spicy Latina legend Jennifer Lopez, and their father is her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. Jennifer Lopez never goes too far without her twins in tow. She often takes to Instagram and other social media outlets to let the world into their very private world. Some of the most popular posts include their birthday celebrations where other celebrities can be seen (Leah Remini is their god mother), or holiday events.

Last year Jennifer took some candid shots of her dancing around with her children right before Kris Jenner’s annual Christmas Party. The two nine year olds are also often seen at her movie premieres and behind the scene on her movie sets. Although Marc Anthony and J Lo have been divorced for six years they are very close and rumors have been flying about the two reuniting!

7 Nahla And Maceo

There is no denying it, actress Halle Berry, makes some beautiful children. She had a little help though. She had her first child, daughter Nahla, with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. Nahla is nine years old. Halle also has a much younger child, Maceo, with actor Gabriel Martinez. Maceo is three. Halle Berry is very protective of her children’s identities and rarely takes to social media outlets to share pictures or information about their private lives. Most of the time if she does post a picture, she will either crop the children out or only use shots where the eyes, noses, and mouths are obscured.

Many people think it’s a great way for her to protect her children, but she has received some criticism. Some people questioning whether she was ashamed of the kids and that’s the reason why she doesn’t share much about them. What a silly idea! Childhood and children are sacred and sometimes need to be shielded from the blinding light of fame. Go Halle!

6 Skyler And Kai Berman

Talk about fashionable tots and these two take the cake. Skyler and Kiaus (often referred to as Kia) are the sons of star styling, clothes designing, reality star Rachel Zoe and her husband Rodger Berman. Another celeb that chooses to keep her personal life more personal (except when filming her reality show) rarely posts pictures of her children online. When she does, the kids (and her husband, Roger) are always rocking some major stylish clothes that are right on point with what’s trending.

Many people have asked Rachel if she spends as long styling her children as she does other celebs and she said most of the time she totally wings it. She did say her children are a lot like the people she styles, she has to get past what they are saying and figure out how they are actually feeling. One thing is for sure, these kids will definitely be some of the most dressed kids at school.

5 Levi, Livingston, And Vida McConaughey

What a happy family! Former model and business co-owner, Camila Alves, and her super handsome, super southern husband, renowned actor Matthew McConaughey have 3 children. They have two sons named Levi and Livingston, and one daughter named Vida. This close-knit family can often be found hanging out together on red-carpets, at movie launches, or on family vacations often beachside.

With gorgeous parents like the ones this adorable trio have, its clear they will be some lookers as they get older. Dad, Matthew McConaughey, has been in so many great movies, its hard to form a list that would take up a couple pages, one of his latest roles was a cute koala in the funny kids animated feature called Sing. Camila has also recently branched out starting a line of baby food that is unprocessed, naturally nutritious, organic, and supposedly more affordable than some other brands already on the market.

4 Journey River Green

Journey River Green is the youngest child of hottie, Megan Fox and her husband, actor Brian Austin Green. The couple has two other sons together, named Noah and Bodhi, as well as an older son from Brian’s previous marriage named Kassius. It took Megan a while to release any photos of little Journey, but her fans were overjoyed when she did. She also kept the pregnancy on the down low for quite a while, surprising everyone when she showed up at CinemaCon in Las Vegas to promote her film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, rocking a shockingly round baby bump.

Megan and Brian went through a rough patch in their marriage before she got pregnant with Journey, even filing for divorce. Thank goodness they healed their relationship so the world would get a chance to take a peek at this cute and chubby little angel.

3 Dream Kardashian

Well here is one more adorable baby Kardashian to add to the rapidly growing pack. We have met Mason and Penelope, North, Saint, and Reign and now it’s time to spend some quality time getting to know little Dream. Rob Kardashian has been through some ups and downs, which unfortunately have been on display for the whole world to see, but he has pulled through each and every struggle and come out stronger and better.

His most recent problem is dealing with custody battles with Dream’s mother and his ex-fiancé Black Chyna. The pair recently split in February, after welcoming Dream to the world in November last year, after a tumultuous year. Rob is so in love with his baby girl that his personal problems aren’t affecting him and his developing a relationship with his first child. He joked around on Instagram saying he sees why his mom had six kids!

2 Boomer Phelps

Want to meet a real American baby? Well, look no further than Boomer Phelps. Often caught in the most American duds a baby can find, he is a true American hero, okay not really but his dad is! Michael Phelps is the all American all-star swimming champion of the Olympics. He has won more swimming gold medals than most U.S. athletes that have made it to the Olympics combined.

But the best part about Michael Phelps is that he is still very down to earth and he truly loves his family, even declining to enter try-outs for the Olympics to spend more time with his son and fiancée Nicole Johnson. The name that Michael and Nicole picked, Boomer, is not only unique, it has a lot of meaning behind it. They chose Boomer because they wanted something different. His middle name, Robert, is his way of honoring his coach Bob Bowman and his grandmother Roberta.

1 Milo And Elizabella Bugliari

Seriously, I guess we sort of saved the best for last but it’s hard to tell with all the cute competition. Milo and Elizabella are two of the most adorable children on the planet. Many people say that when two people are truly in love and they have children, you can tell because the children look and act like “love-children” or a “love child”. So, it’s no surprise that Alyssa Milano is absolutely smitten with her husband of seven years because these two are obviously love-children.

The Who’s the Boss actress has said many times that divorce is “simply not an option” for her marriage to CAA agent David Bulgari. Alyssa and David got married back in 2009 and have been going strong ever since. The Charmed and Mistress actress plays a major role in her children’s lives but that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams as an actress and she continues to star in many TV shows and movies.

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