15 Celeb Baby Names Of 2018 Moms Should Steal (And 15 To Avoid)

When it comes to baby names, it seems like there’s no end to the inspiration parents can find in the unlikeliest of places. But for many parents, turning to celebrities is just the ticket to finding the perfect baby name for either a boy or girl—and sometimes both.

Celebrities are often known for picking iconic and unique names that everyday folks wouldn’t have thought of, but they also sometimes gravitate toward classics that are accessible to the average Joes in the world.

But although celebs can give new and expectant parents tons of inspiration when it comes to baby monikers, there are quite a few whose advice shouldn’t be readily taken. After all, even the stars sometimes hit a snag when choosing a baby name.

Whether it’s just too different or it’s too mainstream, there are a ton of baby names that can’t be recommended for parents to steal from celebs. Then again, there are a ton of baby names that are too good to pass up, even if regular mom’s kid will forever be twinning with a celeb tot. To help parents-to-be everywhere, here are 15 celeb baby names from 2018 that are worth stealing—and 15 that definitely are not.

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30 Steal: Miles

E! News

Whether you love Chrissy Teigen (and her hubby John Legend) or not, you can’t deny that they’ve picked a winner here! Miles is a common enough name that it’s not too out-there, but also not overdone to the point where people are tired of hearing it. And for whatever reason you choose the name, people probably won’t assume that you like it just because everyone’s favorite Hollywood couple did (even if that is the case!). Plus, with a unique middle name, it has even more to offer.

29 Avoid: Chicago


Nothing against the Kardashians, but place names have been done so much that they’re basically overdone. And when it comes to the point of picking a place name that a celeb couple already has? Your kid is essentially labeled for life. Even titles like India or Cairo (like Tia Mowry’s new baby) are following the place name trend too closely—and what about Brooklyn or Ireland? It might be tempting, especially if those places have significant sentimental value, but they’re just too trendy these days.

28 Steal: Banks


Not only did Hilary Duff and her partner Matthew Koma knock this one out of the park, but they also gave their little girl a more masculine name that we can’t get enough of. Her full name is Banks Violet Bair (Bair is Matthew’s real last name), which adds a nice feminine touch. Of course, you could also name a baby boy Banks—there’s nothing cuter than a tiny guy with a “big” name—but regardless, this is one moniker you’d do well to steal from the stars.

27 Avoid: Kulture


Really, any name with a K is kind of off the market at this point, given the popularity of the Kardashian family. And while Cardi B hasn’t given fans any significant explanation for her daughter’s name—apart from giving her dad Offset’s real name as a middle name—we can assume she gleaned inspo from the superstar fam themselves. After all, Cardi said that she spent hours with Kris Jenner talking about life and love and her professional aspirations, so it follows that Cardi may have named her girl in Kris’ honor.

26 Steal: Lulu


Isn’t Lulu the cutest and sweetest girls’ name ever? New mama Haylie Duff just welcomed her second kiddo with partner Matt Rosenberg this year, and they named her Lulu. Nope, that’s not a nickname—it’s the tot’s full name, and her middle name is Gray. We totally recommend taking a page out of Haylie’s book and picking an uber feminine first name to stick next to a more masculine middle name—it’s like the opposite of her sis Hilary’s pick, and they both work amazingly!

25 Avoid: Stormi

Business Insider AU

Again, we’d recommend staying away from any name associated with the Kardashians, just to make life for your kid a little bit easier! After all, it’s not fun living in the shadow of someone else. And while we know Stormi will grow up to own her name, there’s also the other Stormy that was in the news immediately prior to her birth. Regardless, neither of those spellings of the name will let your girl live a drama-free life, so we’d recommend avoiding them.

24 Steal: Crew


Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new baby’s name follows one of the naming trends everyone’s loving these days—picking a noun as a moniker. Think True or Dream or Luna—or titles that aren’t necessarily celeb trademarked like Hunter or River or Ridge. It’s super simple but also totally endearing, and it’s a fitting name as the Gaines family truly has an entire crew of kids already! And while it could work for either a girl or a boy, we’d recommend keeping this one on the boy name shortlist for sure.

23 Avoid: Leafar

Inked Magazine

As much as I love Kat von D, I have to say that I don’t exactly love her new baby boy’s name. However, it is a meaningful pick for the new mom because it’s her husband’s stage name. His real name is Rafael Reyes, but he’s made a new persona for himself by adopting Leafar Seyer, and the pair will undoubtedly let their tot make his own mark on the name. The thing is, reversing a family name doesn’t exactly work for most folks—and stealing Kat and Leafar’s isn’t cool because it’s unique and special to them.

22 Steal: Layne


We already loved Chelsea DeBoer’s picks for her first two kids—daughter Aubrey and son Watson—but she’s re-inspired us with the birth of her third child. She and husband Cole welcomed daughter Layne in 2018, sandwiching poor son Watson between two girls! And while Layne is a gorgeous name, from the spelling to the pronunciation, we also like that the couple can call their girl Laney. It’s adorable all around, and we can’t wait to see what else they come up with if they have more kids—we might just have to steal another name!

21 Avoid: Rani


Another family name that might sound tempting but isn’t really ours to take is that of Kate Hudson’s new baby daughter. It’s the first girl for Kate, who also has two older sons, but the name came straight from the heart. Her partner Danny Fujikawa’s father was named Ron, so the couple decided to honor Rani’s late grandfather by giving her a name that sounds like his—it’s pronounced “Ronnie.” It’s a meaningful name, but without the background, it’s not a great pick for a non-celeb kid.

20 Steal: Max


While this name tops plenty of rad baby name lists—and has for decades—it’s been revived again thanks to Josh Peck from Drake & Josh. The new dad has shared a handful of snaps of him holding his new baby boy, and while we know that Jessica Simpson already has a Max (actually Maxwell), we think there’s plenty of room in Hollywood for a few more. Plus, with variations like Maximiliano, Maxim, and Maxwell, there’s something for everyone to love.

19 Avoid: Hart


While Dream and True are cutesy names for celeb kids, we wouldn’t recommend using those names for an average kiddo who has to deal with public school and actually trying to get a job. For that reason, we’d also suggest staying away from Hart. Although as a masculine name, it’s not too cutesy and clearly suits Miranda Kerr’s new boy just fine, most people will think of the shape or organ heart and it’s just too awkward for us to endorse.

18 Steal: Lucia

Los Angeles Times

Who knew that Ricky Martin (and partner Jwan Yosef) would end up with a beautiful baby girl after having twins?! And as much as we love the boys’ names—Valentino and Matteo—Lucia is a gorgeous addition to the melodic-sounding family, too. It suits a variety of backgrounds, especially if you have Latin roots like Ricky, but it’s short and sweet for any little lady, too. And if you tire of explaining how to pronounce or spell her name, your little girl could also go by Lucy (or even Lulu), too.

17 Avoid: Axel

Cleveland Jewish News

Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe may have a great story to tell about their son’s birth, but we don’t suggest stealing their baby name. Apparently Alexi didn’t make it to the hospital with baby Axel, and he was delivered in the lobby of their building en route! So sure, Axel is fitting for a kid who rocked into the world that way. But other celebs have already used Axl, and it’s kind of just overdone in a rock star tribute kind of way.

16 Avoid: Luke


It’s understandable that Eddie Redmayne and his wife Hannah named their little guy Luke instead of Lucas or Lukas. After all, Eddie goes by a nickname, so it fits that their boy should, too. His full name is Luke Richard Bagshawe, but there’s just something about it that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. Plus, I’ve always had a pet peeve about naming kids anything that’s effectively a nickname on its own. Sure, there are exceptions, but in this case, they could have given him more to work with.

15 Steal: Lyla

Us Weekly

Who knew Owen Wilson was even a dad? I didn’t! But he and former partner Varunie Vongsvirates just welcomed a daughter together this year, and they named her Lyla. Owen’s other kids are Robert and Finn, so Lyla fits in, but at the same time, it gives the little girl something special. While it could have been mom Varunie’s pick—from what the tabloids say, the couple is no longer together and no one really knows how long they dated for—it’s a sweet and swipe-worthy name.

14 Avoid: Jack


Jamie Lynn Sigler picked this traditional and classic name for her new son this year, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But personally, I think it’s a bit overdone. Tons of other celebrities have already chosen the name, and it’s also been around for so long that it’s consistently hit the top 100 baby names lists many times over. If you want something original and special for your little guy, keep looking, because he’d be one of at least half a dozen in his preschool class if you choose Jack.

13 Steal: Canon


Steph and Ayesha Curry are the couple to watch both in terms of their professional lives and their parenting—their family is just too darn cute! The pair already shared daughters Riley and Ryan (not exactly swipe-worthy since Ryan is already used so often as a girls’ name), and this year they welcomed their first son. Baby Canon W. Jack Curry (see, there’s the Jack again!) already has a mini fandom dedicated to him, and we can’t say we’re mad about it.

12 Avoid: Riley

Today Show

We know that Ali Fedotowsky is one of the most beloved mamas out there in Hollywood, but we can’t say we’re loving her name choices. Her first child was Molly, and the most recent Riley, and while that’s a cute duo, Riley is just one of those names that seems like it’s everywhere already (see previous entry for Riley Curry!). It’s cute, it’s gender-neutral, and it works with all kinds of middle and last names, but it’s not exactly innovative or original—pass.

11 Steal: Gwendolyn


Maybe it’s just that James Van Der Beek and his wife Kimberly are expert baby namers, but they really hit the mark with this one! The duo is already parents to Olivia, Emilia, Annabel, and Joshua, and we’re happy to announce that we wholeheartedly approve of baby number five, Gwendolyn. After that many kids, we’re sure glad they’ve nailed the baby naming process—save for the somewhat passé Joshua—and we’re totally adding this one to our list of favorites.

10 Avoid: Jayden

Evening Standard

Back when Britney Spears first named her son Jayden in 2006, the name enjoyed a surge in popularity. And the name stayed on that wave for at least two decades, but I thought maybe it was about to fade into obscurity. Apparently not the case, at least not for Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green. Just like his dad didn’t fade into obscurity after becoming the most sought-after jailbird out there—Jeremy Meeks gained notoriety for his questionable face photo a few years ago—the name Jayden is still sticking around and making waves.

9 Steal: Emilia


Stanley Tucci has a total of seven kids, with the newest arriving in 2018 to his wife Felicity Blunt. Stanley had three kids with his late wife Kathryn, and he also helped raise two from her previous marriage. Stanley and Felicity had a son together already—Matteo—and welcomed baby Emilia in April of 2018. Obviously Emilia is a fantastic name—we’ve already highlighted how great the choice was when James Van Der Beek and his wife snagged it—so it’s on our list of swipebles, too.

8 Avoid: Billy

Brit Co

After waiting so long for our favorite uncle to have a baby, we’re not very impressed with John Stamos and his wife Caitlin’s choice of moniker for their baby boy. John was 54 when baby Billy arrived in 2018, and while the little guy is absolutely adorable, a grander name would have suited him better! Of course, it might be a family name, in which case, carry on! But otherwise? There are too many other great names to choose from for most parents.

7 Steal: Sebastian

Love B Scott

America Ferrera and her husband Ryan Piers did us a solid here—they gave us both inspiration for a grand baby name, but also a great idea for a nickname. According to interviews, America and her hubby call Sebastian Baz—how sweet is that?! It’s a great name for mamas or papas with a Latin background, or even just those who love The Little Mermaid (seriously, you can get away with this one, we promise). Either way, it’s a classy name for a classy little guy!

6 Avoid: Giulietta


Our best guess here is that Jessica Chastain and her hubby Gian Luca Passi de Presposulo are honoring his heritage here, but for a lot of teachers and even Giulietta herself, spelling and pronunciation might be a bit of a problem. Of course, when you’re a celeb, that’s not a concern—and it probably won’t be for this tiny tot—but we can’t imagine having to explain over and over that “it’s like Julietta but with a G and another I.”

5 Steal: Ennis


It was news to us that Kirsten Dunst was dating a new guy, but even better was the news that the pair welcomed a son together! Kirsten and her beau Jesse Plemons named their tot Ennis Howard Plemons, and while we can’t say Howard is the apple of our eye, Ennis is an amazing and original name. Of course, it won’t be for long, because we recommend every parent who’s expecting a boy to strongly consider snagging this one for their own little guy!

4 Avoid: Luca/Luka


There have been a handful of celeb kids already named Luca and Luke, including Hilary Duff’s big boy with her ex-husband, but there’s also CNN anchor Poppy Harlow’s new son Luca, born this year. Colin Firth also has a son named Luca, and it’s kind of just overdone. Add to the fact that Lucas is still hugely popular, and it seems like the variations are so omnipresent that it’s a better idea to just go with the classic version if you have to pick it.

3 Steal: Eli

In Touch Weekly

Remember what I said about skipping names that are basically nicknames? Here’s one of the exceptions I was also talking about. With a son named Elias, I appreciate the nickname Eli, but I also love that it stands alone—like Javi Marroquin and his girlfriend Lauren Comeau’s new baby boy born in 2018. Of course, fans everywhere loved Javi’s firstborn’s name too—Lincoln—and Eli is a great addition to an already gorgeously named fam! As far as middle names go, there’s room for improvement (Eli’s is Joseph and Lincoln’s is Marshall), but hey, they hit the jackpot with the first names!

2 Avoid: Soraya


It’s a melodic sounding name for the daughter of Tyrese Gibson and his wife Samantha Lee, but you shouldn’t snag this one just yet. Tyrese has been in the tabloids a bit lately for custody issues with his older daughter—Shayla—with his ex-wife Norma Gibson, but it seems like the birth of Soraya halted the drama for a bit. That said, Soraya is such a unique and specific name that we wouldn’t suggest following in Tyrese’s footsteps for this one.

1 Steal: Santiago


Maybe I’m biased, as I’ve loved this name forever, but Eva Longoria Baston chose the perfect name for her new bundle of joy. With her background, it made sense to pair her son’s name with something melodic and dedicated to her and husband Jose’s backgrounds—his full name is Santiago Enrique Baston. It’s a mouthful for such a little guy, but just think of how adorable the nickname Santi is for a little one! And even if you have no Latin background at all, it’s still doable in this day and age.

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