15 Celeb Daddies Who Knocked Up Their Mistresses (And Got Caught)

Men don't always get the best rap, which is because some of them are downright dirty cheaters. Not all of them of course, but there are many out there who have no problem catting around and lying to their wife. Male celebs seem to be in the news constantly for their scandalous affairs and love children.

Which, how stupid can they be? Not only do cheaters almost always get caught; but don't the celebrity cheaters realize it won't be kept private if they get busted? That it will be all over the world?! And all it takes is one person to tell another before it is in the news and his significant other is packing her things and out the door.

Cheating can bring on these things called consequences, and sometimes the consequence is having a child with a side piece. Which is more than likely not what the cheater was wanting when he stepped outside of his relationship.

Celebrity men cheating has become a joke, all they have to say is they're an addict and go to rehab. The somehow it all goes away and they will be forgiven by their wives, baby mamas, and their fans. Or so it seems.

15 Simon Cowell And His Best Friend's Wife

Simon Cowell is notorious for being brutally honest to contestants on American Idol and America's Got Talent. He comes off as an honest and no-nonsense type of guy. Usually, the honest type, though they may hurt some feelings, make pretty good friends. Not in Simons case. He had an affair with his best friends wife! Not only that, he ended knocking her up and they have been together since 2013. Laura Silverman was married to Andrew Silverman, Simons best friend. Simon has said he regrets the affair and the hurt he caused his friend. Though he is happy with the outcome, he has an adorable son (who appears on America's Got Talent with his daddy) and lovely woman by his side. Being a side-piece really worked out for Simon Cowell.

14 Beyonce's Dad Can't Be Faithful

Matthew Knowles is best known as Beyonce's dad. He was the manager of Destiny's Child and got his daughter's career started. He got into the music industry in 1992 and started his own company, Music World Entertainment. He found and managed many musicians including gospel musicians. Knowles gave the appearance of being a loyal father and husband and a Godly man. He and Beyonce's mother were married for 30 years. Unfortunately, as often happens in the entertainment industry, he became unfaithful to his wife. He had an affair with the actress, Alexsandra Wright, and fathered a son with her. When this was revealed in 2009 he and his wife split up.He also had an affair with another woman and fathered a daughter in 2013, though he remarried that year to former model Gena Charmaine Avery. Apparently being faithful is hard for him.

13 Nick Young Breaks Iggy's Heart

Nick Young, a shooting guard with the NBA has had his fair share of baby mama drama. Apparently like many other celebs, he found it difficult to stay faithful to his then-girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. He was actually engaged to Azalea when he knocked up his mistress, Keonna Green. Green, though, being a stand-up lady, told Young he should come clean to Azalea. Green was Youngs Highschool sweetheart and had a four-year-old son with him at the time. The affair makes sense. The feeling of first loves can linger. And while it was definitely wrong of him to cheat on Azalea, it worked out for his kids. He has a close relationship with their mother, and if history keeps repeating itself, the former high school sweethearts may just wind up getting married and having more babies.

12 The Dirty Truth About Tom Brady

Tom Brady, loved and hated by many, is a pro football player for the New England Patriots. He is also considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all times due to his numerous accomplishments. At the end of the 2016 NFL season, he was ranked 4th for all-time in career passing yards. Due to his alleged involvement in "deflategate" a football scandal, he was suspended from the first 4 games of the 2016 NFL season.

Brady dated Bridget Moynahan, from 2004-2006. He began dating his wife, Gisele Bundchen in 2007. Soon after he began dating his wife, his ex-girlfriend made it public that she was pregnant. Which have led many to believe that while he was dating Gisele, he was still getting it on with his ex-girlfriend... Though he has denied the claims.

11 Chris Brown - Scandal After Scandal

Chris Brown was once an up and coming rapper who made quite the name for himself with his amazing lyrical capabilities. He also dated the talented and beautiful Rhianna, which he was involved in a domestic dispute with, leaving her face battered and she required hospitalization. He also turned himself into the LA police department for charges of criminal threats. The media reported that he was making the threats against Rhianna.

Brown was dating Karrueche Tran, who he had many issues with, and she ended up getting a restraining order against him due to death threats. While they were together, news broke that he had impregnated his side piece, Nia Amey, who was friends with Tran. When the news broke, Tran, who was with Brown, immediately broke up with brown via twitter. While Brown may be a decent rapper, it doesn't sound like he is too good of a person.

10 Dwayne Wade Gets In Bed With Another Woman

Dwayne Wade is a pro basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is married to the beautiful and talented Gabriel Union (I am a huge fan of hers!) He filed for a divorce in 2007, which was granted in 2010 after a lengthy and acrimonious court battle. He is not only known for his "pro baller career" he's a huge philanthropist. He started his own organization to help kids in need, So, he sounds like a real nice guy, right? However, despite his charitable ways, he let fame get the best of him and chose to stray and lay with a mistress, who ended up becoming pregnant. He does give 10% of his earnings to a church in Chicago (his hometown). Despite all of the good things he does he still chose to bed another woman, who wasn't his wife, and he bore a child with her.

9 Reggie Bush - Another Baby On The Way

Reggie Bush is a running back for the NFL and has played for many different teams. Including the Saints, Dolphin, Lions, 49ers, and Bills; though currently, he is a free agent. He has had an impressive career. For those not into football, they may remember he dated the self-absorbed Kim Kardashian, a very long time ago. Bush began dating Lilit Avagyan, in 2011. They had their first child together in 2013 and married in 2014. They had 2 more after marriage. Before the third pregnancy was even announced, news broke that Bush had impregnated his mistress, Monique Exposito. Not only that, he apparently paid her millions in his money. His love child, Preston, was born but soon after, Bush and his wife announced the pregnancy of their 3rd child. Obviously, a little thing like cheating and having a baby with another woman isn't going to make Avagyan leave her man.

8 Ludacris Takes Advantage Of The Break

Ludacris fathered a daughtered in 2014 while on a "break" from his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie. He went and pulled a Ross. Which just goes to show, men will try and worm their way out of anything. A break is different from a breakup. A break up means the couple is done, a break means they are taking some time apart to think about things and then proceed. which is why it is frowned upon to hookup with someone else during the "break".

Luda didn't care and had a baby girl with his side chick, Tamika Fuller. And while the parents were proud and happy, there was an ensuing custody battle which turned quite nasty. After a year of custody court, Lada was awarded primary custody. Eudoxie and the rapper tied the knot in 2014. Talk about standing by your man.

7 Hugh Grant's Baby Mama Drama

Hugh Grant waited a while before becoming a father, he was 51 when he had his first. In 2011 he had a relationship with Tinglan Hong, and she is the mother of his first and third child. The first was born in September 2011. He then had another child with Swedish television producer Anna Eberstein in September of 2012. He was reportedly still with Tinglan Hong when he impregnated the Swedish tv producer. In 2013 Tinglan gave birth to his third child after they got back together for a short time. In December of 2015, Anna Eberstein gave birth to his 4th child. There was definitely some baby mama drama going on in this love triangle. Grant is no stranger to drama. In 1995 he was arrested with a "lady of the night" for lewd conduct in a public place.

6 Tiger Woods Breaks The Internet

Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time. That is pretty impressive. He is also one of the top paid athletes for many years now.Once upon a time, he was known for only his golfing skills. He was only 20 years old when he turned pro. But as time went on and he became more and more famous, his good image went awry. He cheated on his wife with numerous mistresses and claimed he was a sex addict and sought treatment.

During his escapades, he fathered a child, allegedly, with Theresa Rogers, who wanted millions in "hush money". There was a documentary in 2010 which claimed to have DNA evidence that Woods was indeed the father. He denies this, and varying reports say the child is his and others say it is his. With his record, it wouldn't be surprising if more kids pop up.

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger's Infamous Affair

Arnold Schwarzenegger is better known for his acting and being a professional bodybuilder as well as the former Mayor of California. He is also an activist, philanthropist, author, and businessman. He is an Austrian American, sharing dual citizenship.He was married to the lovely Maria Shriver from 1986-2017 thought they separated in 2011, the two met in 1977. A marriage that many thought would last forever ended due to the news of Arnold's love child coming to light. Schwarzenegger had an affair with his and Shrivers housekeeper in 1997 and which produced a son. Shriver gave birth to her and Schwarzaneggars 4th child shortly after the birth of his love child. The news of this didn't break until 2011 when Shriver became suspicious of the housekeeper's son and how he looked so similar to Arnold. After asking her housekeeper the truth, Patty Baena broke down and confessed to the affair.

4 Dan Marino Tarnishes His Squeaky Clean Image

Ex Miami Dolphin, Dan Marino, who's image portrayed him as a "squeaky clean guy" had that image ruined when it came to light that he had an affair and knocked his mistress up. Not only that, he paid the woman, who worked for a tv network and was 35 at the time, millions of dollars to keep her quiet. Donna Savattere, gave birth to her and Marino's daughter, Chloe, in 2005. Marino had only told his wife of the affair, until 2013 when he made it public that he did have another daughter, from an affair. Chloe is Marino's 7th child. He has 6 with his wife, Claire. He and Claire have been married since 1985, and she stood by him, despite his philandering and fathering a child with another woman.

3 John Edwards - Exposed By The Media

Former United States Senator from North Caroline made more of a name for himself by cheating on his wife and producing a child outside of his marriage than he did as a politician. The Democratic Senator was accused of fathering a child in 2007 by the National Enquirer. And many people disregarded it, as we all know, the Enquirer is usually full of lies. However, he finally came clean and admitted to an affair with Rielle Hunter. A filmmaker who was hired to work for Edwards Presidential campaign. She claimed that her child was his, and though he admitted to the affair, he denied being the father of her child. He denied being the father for a few years and finally admitted he was indeed the father in 2010. HIs wife Mary Elizabeth Anania Edwards, separated from him in 2010.

2 Adrian Peterson - In Court And In Hot Water

Adrian Peterson has an impressive football career which has brought him a lot of media attention. He also was in the media for a finding out he had a son that he didn't know about, who unfortunately was beaten to death by the mother's boyfriend. He also made the news when he was indicted by Montgomery County, Tx ( the county I reside in) for child abuse allegations. Then, on top of all of that, he was sued in 2015 for child support and not by his wife. It was a massage therapist claiming to be pregnant with the football stars baby.

The mistress ended up miscarrying then sued Peterson for the pregnancy expenses and "pain and suffering". Adrian Peterson was married in 2014 to Ashley Brown who stood by him through these allegations.

1 Jermichael Finley - Deadbeat Dad Status

Jermichael Finley may be a famous football player, but he is not safe from baby mama drama! Chelsie Bellisle went on twitter back in 2012 to blast the former tight end for not paying child support. As well as tweeting to his wife, Courtney Finley, that her husband has more children than the one with the 2 women. Chelsea claimed that not only was Finley cheating on his wife, and a deadbeat father for not paying child support; but he had knocked up one of the women he was cheating on his wife with. To add insult to injury, it was also said that he was letting his side chicks drive his wives cars around behind her back. His wife, a woman who stands by her man, blasted back and said her husband only missed one payment.

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