15 Celeb Dads We Thought Were Gay

Being a celebrity is probably one of the most sought out “careers”. It is probably one of the most difficult to attain due to the amount of people wanting to be one. Some people only get as far as dreaming of being a celebrity. Then there are the few that make it to become a celebrity. Some get there through acting, some singing and now with reality t.v. a lot make it through that channel. Soon after becoming a celebrity these people realize it is not all peaches and cream as they imagined. Celebrities are often criticized and under a lens with very little privacy.

There are some that have to prove wrong certain ideas the public has of them. One of the most common one among male celebrities is them being gay. Especially if they are taking their sweet time to get married. Some may have already come to mind and this is because the media definitely makes sure these rumors circle around to enough people. Sometimes the rumors just pass and people move on to the next person and sometimes the celebrity is suddenly married and/or with children.

Here is a list of celebrity dads that were once thought of as gay but proved us wrong:


15 George Clooney

This celebrity has often faced a rumor of being gay simply because looking the way he looks, there is just no way he would be single or unmarried without children for such a long time. It did not make it any easier to make the gay rumors disappear as he would never really deny it during interviews. During a 2014 interview with Esquire Magazine U.K., Clooney was asked about his sexuality and his response was, “I’m gay-gay. The third one’s pushing it.” This made it to a cover story claiming he had admitted to being gay. He then felt it would be insulting to the gay community if he denied it, so he did not. Well, he is now married to a beautiful model and has two children with her.

14 John Travolta


John Travolta has probably been the one celebrity accused of being gay for the longest time. He even had a former employee of his try and sue him because Travolta would not let him write a book on their alleged love affair. The nerve! But Travolta did not let these rumors or even this former employee’s nerve to get to him. He passed it off as part of the things you deal with as a celebrity. Then the death of his son happened and that is when he could not avoid being hurt by the media’s attention to it. The media said his son had been found dead by Travolta’s gay lover. Travolta has since then been married and has three children.

13 Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel, born Mark Sinclair, is a fine specimen of a man. With his rock hard abs —okay, body there really would be no doubt that he would be a pretty good catch. He is fifty years old and honestly, fifty has never looked so darn good. Who can tell the difference? I know I do not see 50 when I look at him. But that is besides the point. Vin Diesel is another man in Hollywood accused of being gay. But he has a logical explanation as to why he was chosen to be part of these type of rumors, he keeps his romantic life very private. He has even said that he dates outside of the United States where he would be less recognized in order to keep his relationships private. He mentioned he dated mostly in Europe. That being said, he is the daddy of three children.

12 Will Smith


Will Smith, born Willard Carroll Smith Jr., came to fame when he starred as “himself” in the t.v. sitcom, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He has been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards and won four Grammy’s. Even with all his success and fame he could not escape rumors of him being gay. It was through a FaceBook post that Alexis Arquette accused Will Smith and even his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith as being gay. Arquette later deleted the post. She claimed Smith paid off his first wife to keep quiet on her catching him in bed with another man. The Smiths have also had to go through rumors of having an open marriage once before. And through all these gay allegations, Smith is the father of three.

11 Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise is known for his many action movies that were box office hits. And who can forget his infamous couch jumping on Opera? Yes, he is a character all on his own but he is also one of the male celebrities that had the rumor of him being gay follow him. Even though he has been married three times! Why does that rumor follow him? Part of it could be because of how well he has aged. Cruise does seem to take care of himself. He is 55 years old and has wrinkles many see way before their 55th birthday and of course his amazingly fit body. Pretty insulting for straight people, right? That he would have to be gay for these reasons mentioned?

10 Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Beverly Hills, Cali - *EXCLUSIVE* - Actor and dad to be Joseph Gordon-Levitt is spotted walking arm in arm with his pregnant wife Tasha McCauley after enjoying lunch together at Comoncy in Beverly Hills, California. The happy couple are expecting their second child after welcoming their son in 2015. Pictured: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tasha McCauley Backgrid USA 3 MAY 2017 BYLINE MUST READ: Boba Fett / BACKGRID USA: Office +1 310 798 9111 . UK: Office +44 208 344 2007 . AUSTRALIA: Office +61 2 9212 2622 . GERMANY: Office +49 4541 8565014 . *UK Clients - Pictures Containing Children Please Pixelate Face Prior To Publication*

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is probably most recognized for his role as Tommy Solomon in the TV series, 3rd Rock from the Sun. He also starred in box office hits like Inception and The Dark Knight Rises. One more thing he is known for is for being accused of being gay by the media. Though he has been asked multiple times, he refuses to contest the accusations. During an interview with Out Magazine, he stated, “That would be really tacky—they would win if I had to clarify.” It makes a lot of sense as the media would probably take his answer and spin it anyway in some kind of way to make yet another “juicy story”. Well, it is pretty clear that he is not gay as he has been married to his wife for more than three years and they are up to baby number two.

9 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman is an Australian actor most famous for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men films. He is also a singer and producer, starring in the musical Les Miserables. It was for his role as Jean Valjean in Les Miserable that he earned his first Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. And though married for sixteen years to his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, rumors of Jackman being gay still surfaced. During an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jackman commented on his wife’s reaction and feelings towards the gay rumors, “Just recently, it bugs her.” It is really not clear where the rumors stemmed from. Jackman is the proud father of a twelve year old girl and a seventeen year old young man.


8 Colin Farrell


Colin Farrell is an Irish actor. He has appeared in such movies as Phone Booth, The Recruit, Minority Report and Daredevil. Farrell has been accused of being gay but it really did not get too far as Farrell does not seem bothered by it. He has been called a “gay advocate” and has played roles as a gay person. His brother, Eamon Farrell, is an openly gay man and Farrell has stood by him through all his trials growing up. Farrell was even Eamon’s best man at his wedding with his partner. Eamon on Farrell, “If someone called me names on our road he would go out and kick the sh*t out of them.” It is pretty clear Farrell is not taking you know what from anyone therefore I would suggest people relax on the gay rumors. Farrell has two boys, Henry and James.

7 Andy Samberg

Andy Samberg is an actor best known for his roles in the television show Saturday Night Live. He has starred in a few films as well such as I Love You, Man, Hotel Transylvania and Hot Rod. He now stars in the television sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was for his role in Brooklyn Nine-Nine that Samberg won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series in 2014. Samberg is a comedian and definitely takes on some skits which could possibly be why he has been accused of being gay. Samberg and Jason Sudeikis have both been accused of being gay and of being a couple. Funny guys as they are they released a video titled, Just Friends Booty Shorts, possibly adding to the gay rumors which they do not seem to care about. Samberg just recently became a dad.

6 Jamie Foxx


Jamie Foxx, born Eric Marlon Bishop, is an actor and singer. He started of as a comedian working in In Living Color and his own television show, The Jamie Foxx Show. He soon earned more serious movie roles like Jarhead, Dreamgirls and Django Unchained. Though Foxx is known to have dated (and married) some of the most sought out women in Hollywood, he was still accused of being gay at some point in his career. Comedian, Katt Williams, attempted to “out” Foxx during one of his standup routines saying that Foxx is gay and had slept with the only man on his label, Marcus Anthony. Howard Stern was another person who mentioned “knowing a lot of weird sh*t about Jamie [Foxx].” Well, regardless of the “weird sh*t” Foxx may be into, he is the father of two beautiful young ladies.

5 Kanye West

Kanye (Omari) West is a rapper, record producer and fashion designer. He was raised in Chicago and born in Atlanta. He came to fame through his rapping career. His fame continued to grow as he kept himself relevant through his musical talents. Then a story broke on a popular gossip magazine, In Touch claiming West was gay. The magazine wrote that West was having an affair with Givenchy designer, Riccardo Tisci. West is known to be friends with Tisci but would that really classify him as being gay? I would not think or say so. The worst part is that they released this article while West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, was pregnant using her in the story as well saying she may be devastated. Well, West and Kardashian-West are on to having their third child.

4 Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck is an actor. Some of his best known roles are Good Will Hunting and Chasing Amy. It was in the movie Chasing Amy that Affleck shared a kiss with another man. The director of the film, Kevin Smith, stated that Affleck was uncomfortable with the kiss. News website, Gay Star News stated that Affleck had said kissing another man was the biggest challenge for a male actor. Due to Affleck’s notable discomfort with kissing someone of the same sex rumors of his own sexual preference started to arise. If your profession is to act then should you not be comfortable kissing whomever during a role or scene? And if you are uncomfortable, then is there a deeper reason to this? Affleck is the father three children.

3 Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen is most notably known for portraying different fictional characters such as Borat Sagdiyev and Ali G. He has been nominated for a few Emmy’s, a Golden Globe and Academy Award. He has also been accused of being gay by the media. Mostly to do with the eccentric characters he has come up with and portrayed. But in typical Cohen style he really just saw the humor in it and responded as such. When asked about the gay rumors during an interview on WTF! podcast, Cohen responded he was twenty three percent gay. He continued to say that the percentage of gay he is does fluctuate depending on the circumstance. Now that is a way to tackle those gay rumors — by being a bit more ridiculous when responding to them. Cohen has three children.

2 Will Ferrell


Will Ferrell, the well known funny guy is another one who could not escape the gay rumors. But Ferrell is known to take things with stride and not let it affect him. Rumors of him being gay could have well stemmed from his make-out sessions with another actor. One made this list — Sacha Baron Cohen. He and Ferrell shared a kiss in the movie Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Now this could have just been brushed off as, they had to do it for work. But in 2007 the two again puckered up for a really long kiss at the MTV Movie Awards. These two definitely just see the humor in these rumors and have no problem showing that if they were gay, they would be loud and proud. Ferrell has three children.

1 Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman did not think that people would really get that he was gay when he kissed another man on television. Okay, it was not done because he was getting paid for it, as in an acting gig but more of a practical joke but I am sure he thought most if not all people would get it. He was at a Laker’s game and the kiss cam shot the group he was with; his wife, Jason Bateman and Bateman’s wife. No doubt about it, the kiss cam aimed towards their group and in humor of things Bateman and Hoffman locked lips with each other as opposed to with their wives. Many, missing the humor in this, immediately thought Hoffman to possibly like batting for the other team. Hoffman has six children!

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