15 Celeb Mom Pics We Will Never Forget

Moms such as these might want to rethink how and how often they use a little thing called the Internet.

In my little world, I hear so many moms putting a lot of pressure on themselves. They feel like everything they do is under scrutiny, or like nothing they ever do is quite good enough.

They’re always worried, always trying to do better, and always finding it really, really hard to just enjoy the odd moment here and there between the hard work of getting through the day.

And I have a theory: Moms such as these might want to rethink how and how often they use a little thing called the Internet.

The problem is that it’s always at our fingertips. And when we have a spare minute, it’s often completely unplanned, and certainly not enough time to actually make real social plans out there in the world, so we whip out our phones without a second thought and stare for a short while at that screen. We post the pics from our phones that make us feel happy and proud.

But what this might do – and how it might be doing more harm than good – is set us up for constant comparisons. We’re always seeking feedback (“likes”) from others. We’re always scrolling hungrily through our feeds to see how other moms are doing things – how they’re dressing, what they’re doing with their kids, and even how they’re parenting.

It’s fun sometimes, it’s entertaining, and often it’s all we have to take a little break from our busy mom days, but let’s all remember not to take social media too seriously and not be too hard on each other as we peruse 15 mom pics we will never forget.

15Pink Lady Day

Pink is a pop singer who’s been around for years and has really gathered attention lately for her liberal sharing of images from her life while pregnant and parenting her young daughter. Maybe her fans and followers out there can relate when she shares images that seem to be attempting to look real, honest, and, well, normal.

She captioned this shot, “When microwaving your decaf coffee becomes an excuse to sit on the floor and rest for a while.... #help#reststop #illjustbehereifyouneedme” – and I have to be honest about something. This image wasn’t even that attention-grabbing to me at first – because I sit on the floor ALL the time…

I have a baby and a toddler, and that’s where I eat sometimes. It’s where I rest. It’s where I work, in a bind.

Pink was pregnant at the time with Jameson and already had daughter Willow, and she shared her real mom moment of taking a little rest while heating the coffee she perhaps didn’t have a chance to drink while it was hot before.

14Laundry’s Just Swell, With Kristen Bell

“I’m workin on a batch of dirtys as we speak” tweeted Kristen Bell.

The actress is seen in her shared shot sans careful lighting, stunning makeup, or professionally styled hair. It’s just her and some dirty clothes and a tired, frank expression on her face.

It seems that she can laugh along with the rest of us at the fact that for parents, the laundry never ends. The work is never done.

And we know as parents ourselves that there is never – ever – enough rest.

Fans loved the glimpse into a normal moment of life for this famous mom. It’s sort of comforting I guess, isn’t it? Even if you make the big bucks to appear in movies and shows and everywhere you go someone recognizes your famous face, you still sometimes find yourself stuck throwing in yet another load.

13Selma Blair’s New Look

“I have never felt more beautiful. Or loved. #arthurSaint #my love,” wrote Selma Blair to accompany this pic of a creative makeup job by her 4-year-old son, Arthur.

She first shared a shot on Instagram of the application in the works, with her little boy holding her face while applying red lip liner to her cheek.

Then came the “after” shot, which is attention-grabbing, to be sure. It’s also so memorable and so sweet because this famous actress of a mom used the funny moment as a way to celebrate the time with her young son.

He thought he was making his mom look more “scary” – perhaps in celebration of the upcoming holiday of Halloween.

“There isn't one moment his little hands have touched, that I have not thanked G-d for this time. He wanted to make me look scary...” she shared.

12Jessica Biel’s High-Heeled History

What Jessica Biel has done in this shared shot is mix the high and the low, the glamorous with the basic. And fans and followers were pickin’ up what she was puttin’ down.

Her Manolos rest presumably in her home on a hardwood floor. They’re not on her famous feet or stored neatly in a ridiculously massive and beautiful custom closet. They’re filled with none other than tiny plastic dinosaurs.

And so high fashion by Manolo Blahnik becomes “Prehistoric pumps by Dino Blahnik. #momlife#partytime #momchella,” as the actress (and wife to Justin Timberlake) captioned it.

And even if fans don’t have the same pricy footwear, they can probably identify with this common mom moment. Toys and baby stuff take over your life. They are everywhere. And sometimes you pause for a minute and realize how funny and cute it really is, whether it’s dinosaurs in your high heels or Little Mermaid panties in your purse.

11So-Honest Selfie By Zoe Saldana

Star Trek, Avatar, and Guardians of the Galaxy movies have been graced by the presence of striking actress Zoe Saldana, and here she keeps it real by sharing a shot of what her #momlife looks like back here on Earth with the rest of us.

“This is my ‘I can't believe it's only Wednesday night’ face. #tired #threekids #fullhouse #busted,” the famous mom shared. With three kids younger than three, this down-to-earth mama probably just wants to get through the week like the rest of us.

With two tiny tots myself, it seems like it’s been months since I felt what I would actually call “rested.”

Thanks for keeping it real, Ms. Saldana. Maybe some moms out there will get a little boost of energy just from knowing that if they’re tired as can be by the middle of the week, they are so not alone.

10Kourtney Kardashian’s Snack Attack

“Also Friday night,” Kourtney Kardashian captioned this shot of her with her little girl.

The two apparently recline in bed munching potato chips, and I’d personally guess (though this is just a guess) that the daughter turns toward the alluring glow of a large TV screen.

While some moms boast of avoiding TV and feeding their children only fresh, local, organic foods for all snacks and meals, this Kardashian sister wasn’t shy about sharing a real moment like this. And I guess that’s not really so surprising, as she’s made a fortune along with the rest of her family having her life (heck, even her kid’s birth!) televised for the world to see.

But this shot keeps popping up, and fans love it because it’s real, it’s funny, and it’s just so mom.

The reality star isn’t glammed up or out on the town. She’s snug at home munching on junk food with her kid.

9Always Want More Drew Barrymore

Multiple snaps were shared of actress Drew Barrymore playing with her daughter in a foam pit and having what looked like a grand old time.

Barrymore’s fans love her honest and up-close looks into her life, not infrequently shared through social media.

Add in her little girl and a colorful pit of foam, and you’ve got one image that’s going to be remembered.

The two shared a kiss, blonde ponytails mirroring each other as they rested for a moment amid frolicking and playing.

And why is this shot so memorable and loveable? It captures a moment of a mom diving in, not being afraid of getting dirty, and having fun!

I know I wish I wound up doing that more often.

Here’s hoping Barrymore’s daughter Olive had a great time that day with her loving mom, and that moms out there were inspired to jump in and join the party.

8Keepin’ It Real With Kelly Clarkson

Way back around the turn of millennium in 2002, Kelly Clarkson won American Idol and became famous as can be.

Now she’s a mom and sometimes shares glimpses into her hectic life.

This post attracted at least 57.8k likes and 496 comments. It was captioned with a little explanation about what exactly was going on: “3 of our kiddos playing in the hotel room. When they're not breaking/spilling something I'm cool with anything ? #WhiteHouseTrip #DC they all met POTUS & FLOTUS. Seth had a full on conversation with POTUS and he's still on cloud nine ? #CanWeKeepObama ?”

Two little tots are being dragged around on the hotel room floor atop a blankie by their older bro.

Everyone appears to be having a fine time, and this famous mom was just fine with that.

7Portrait Of Daddy And Daughter By Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen shares quite a few shots of herself, husband John Legend, and their family on Instagram. Fans love her looks and how she tries, at times, to sort of keep it real by sharing moments of pregnancy and parenting a young baby.

She captioned this shot of her baby daughter and husband, “The dumber you look, the happier they are,” leaving followers to assume it was Teigen herself making her little family smile so. At least 5.2 million views and 5,445 comments then followed.

There have been a lot of memorable and attention-grabbing photos shared by this social media star in the last little while, and fans love this one of her happy baby and her happy (famous singer of a) daddy.

Instagram seems to be making it easier and easier for everyday people to follow along with the daily lives of the rich and famous, making for some unforgettably real and candid shots!

6Reese Witherspoon Snoozes

It looks like she’s resting in her trailer on a shoot, almost. The shade is mostly drawn, and she’s snuggled up in a cozy white robe – asleep on couch.

“How do I do it all- with 3 kids and a full time job?” she included with her post. “This is how. Me & every other mom. #Naptime,” she continued.

She’s clearly trying to be super real about what it’s like to be a mother. No matter who you are, you can find yourself just plain tired. And you do what you have to do to feel capable of getting through the day.

When her three kids have her feeling tuckered out, she takes a quick snooze – when she can.

With two young kids and daily writing to do, I’ve personally given up on napping myself, but a gal can dream…

5Fun Times With Anna Farris

Actress Anna Farris took to Twitter (as she and Chris Pratt not infrequently took to social media to share funny snaps of real life as parents) to share this sweetly memorable shot of her and her 4-year-old son Jack.

The two are happily all aboard what must be a tiny train, as the blonde mom captioned the pic with the words, “Train museum! For the 223rd time!”

She still looks as legitimately pumped on the whole thing as her little guy does, though, even if she has been there again and again and again lately.

Whether it’s reading the same book over and over and over again (which can help kids to learn how to read!) or visiting the same favorite place to indulge a favorite interest or hobby, parents put up with a lot of the same – and they do it gladly to make their kids happy and help them learn and be themselves.

4Bravo, Alyssa Milano!

Social media allows some pretty great statements to be made – statements that are memorable because they really piss some people off while providing great support and satisfaction to others.

The sentiment being celebrated in this (and other) snaps by actress Alyssa Milano (I somewhat recently rewatched Charmed, by the way, and it was amazingly good fun, especially taking in all the awesome fashions from circa my junior high days) seems to be that breastfeeding is normal and beautiful and not something that needs to be covered up and hidden away.

Criticize her for doing it publicly, and she’ll just keep sharing herself doing it more and more.

Moms everywhere applauded her efforts to stand up to the ignorant and celebrate the naturally awesome occurrence of feeding her child. Memorable and mom-tastic.

3Kristin Cavallari Defends Her And Cutler’s Kids

She became famous as a teen when she starred on MTV reality show Laguna Beach. Then came the follow-up show The Hills. Though some devoted fans continued to track her and her appearances here and there, it was when Kristin Cavallari joined Instagram (oh, and married and started having babies with NFL quarterback Jay Cutler) that the spotlight seemed to really start shining brightly on her – and she seems to be loving it!

She promotes her jewelry and herself by sharing snaps of herself carefully styled many days of the week. She posts videos of herself cooking and moving about daily life at home.

A while back, she really gathered attention, but in a way she didn’t mean to. When she posted this pic of her family at the beach, some commenters implied that her children weren’t getting enough to eat.

The svelte star stood up for herself, and standing up to mommy shamers is always memorable.

2Gisele Bündchen’s Beauty Regimen

It is already truly a classic. It’s been imitated. It’s been celebrated. It’s been mocked and criticized.

It’s supermodel Gisele Bündchen surrounded by her glam squad sitting apparently comfortably and elegantly as her nails are done, her makeup is applied, her hair is curled – and she breastfeeds her baby.

As you can see by the number of likes and comments, this shot didn’t exactly pass by quickly. It was (and still is) everywhere.

For some, it’s effortlessly beautiful motherhood and normalizing breastfeeding.

For others, it’s a glimpse into the fabulousness of celebrity life.

For others still, it’s vanity and exclusivity – the stuff everyday moms have to sort of laugh at.

The thing is, though, no matter what your thoughts and feelings happen to be about this shot – I bet you remember it, right?

1Sam Faiers’s Car Seat Conundrum

What happens when you combine a reality TV star with a public Instagram account – and then throw in a baby or two?

Why controversy, of course! Fans and followers seem to feel obligated to voice their concerns, opinions, and criticisms of everything shared from a celebrity’s phone to theirs via apps like Instagram and Twitter.

When a celeb mom posts an image of herself and / or her child, it makes news. There are entire articles devoted to a single image posted rather innocently and likely with the best intentions, either because fans think the moment captured is wonderful or deserving of attack.

When Sam Faiers shared a pic of her son Paul in a car seat swiveled outward, commenters criticized her, saying the boy wasn’t riding safely and the positioning was all off.

So we won’t forget – because we never do – that moms are harshly judged.


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