15 Celeb Mom/Daughter Relationships You Didn't Know Were Estranged

Celebrities are not immune to family drama. In fact, most of the time they are just a hot mess like the rest of us. Or maybe their profession makes them more likely to have rifts within their family circle? Fame and wealth can do that to people. Though, most of these women had plenty of family drama long before they became who they are today! So many female celebs seem to have daddy issues, but in the case of these 15 women they have mother-daughter problems to the max! Why would a daughter turn on her mom? So. Many. Reasons. Abuse, neglect, hating their significant other, deadbeat, divorce…you name it, these families have done it.

The shocking thing about most of these stories is the fact that they are real! One daughter who was born in a halfway house to a mom who was in prison for helping to smuggle drugs, is then having to take that same mom to court 20 years later for using money sent for a sick brother. Really? Who does this?! Some stars were adopted, neglected, abused…abuse seems to be the most rampant reason for estrangement of the mother-daughter pair. Though one is just because the daughters are so stinking embarrassed of their mom’s erratic behavior. I guess money and fame don’t always come with class acts. Regardless of the why, these women have had enough and have said goodbye to mommy dearest. Hopefully some will reconnect before its too late and they never get the chance to.

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15 Leighton Meester  - Born In A Half Way House

Leighton Meester who was undoubtedly the favorite star on the hit series Gossip Girl has done what no daughter would ever want to do. Take her mom to court of misappropriation on funds she was sending home for her younger brother. If you can imagine Leighton was sending home $7500 per month for her brother with serious medical issues to help with his care and procedures. But her mother was blowing that money on cosmetic procedures on herself and not spending any of it on her sick child. When Leighton found out about this she ended up having to take her mom to court and estranging herself from her because of it. Leighton won the court battle and lost her mother all at the same time. It seems her mother can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Leighton was born in a halfway house when her mother was in prison for helping drug smugglers.

14 Heather Graham  - Cut Family Out Of Her Life


Usually people have good reasons for cutting out their parents from their lives. In this case…it is unclear why Heather Graham would have a rift with her mom and dad but it’s infinitely clear that she does! Since making the film Boogie Nights in the late 90’s, Heather hasn’t seen either one of her parents Joan and Jim Graham. And yet, the parents are proud doting parents, with pictures of their little girl (who’s all grown up now) hanging all over the walls of their home. Her father John is a retired FBI agent, and even with his background in investigating the two cannot for the life of them figure out why their sweet and kind daughter who would always tell them everything and was very close, just one day stopped communicating and cut them out of her life. Talk about a tragic story. The parents are still hoping for reconciliation.

13 Jennifer Aniston - Mean Mommy

jennifer aniston estranged from mom

It’s no news to most fans that Jennifer Aniston was estranged from her mother Nancy Dow for a very long time. Passing away from a longtime illness in May of 2016, the pair had time to reconcile before her passing. But that doesn’t change the fact that for so many years, and much of Jennifer’s incredible career as an actress (from 1999 - roughly 2014), she did not have the love and support of her mom. Nancy was married to Jennifer’s father John Aniston for 15 years. When the pair split Jennifer went to live with her mom. They remained close until 1999 when her mother did something unforgivable to Jen. Writing a tell-all book titled From Mother and Daughter to Friends. Her mom was overly critical of Jennifer and had a hot temper. Both of which didn’t go over well for the pair and are part of the fallout.

12 Drew Barrymore - Publicly Emancipated Herself

drew barrymore estranged from mom

Drew Barrymore has literally grown up on screen. Starring in her first role (tv commercial) at the age of one, she was thrust into a lime light, despite her atrocious upbringing. By the age of 13 Drew’s mom Jaide had her committed to a drug and rehab facility. Though the drugs were Drew’s doing, she says she never really had parents growing up and her awful childhood was to blame for her being out of control. By the time Drew was only 14 years old, she had publicly emancipated herself from both of her parents in a case that had everyone talking. Despite cutting her parents out of her life for their lack of parenting skills, in May of this past year she did take to Instagram showing her with her mom on Mother’s Day. Though the past cannot be undone it seems the two may be trying to reconnect…or connect for the first time ever really.

11 Kendra Wilkinson - Mom Doesn't Approve

kendra wilkinson and estranged mom

Kendra Wilkinson and mom Patti have had a rocky relationship at best. Starring in shows together and even recently on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars — Family Edition (in 2017). The pair have some serious relationship repairing to do in the weeks ahead. Kendra’s mom says that she loves all of her kids, but she cannot understand why her daughter has chosen to star in a reality tv show about her family rather than care about her relationship with her own mother. She simply doesn’t get it, and the show has ripped them apart. For a brief time in 2014 the two stopped talking altogether. From the sound of it Kendra stopped talking to her mom, who was not happy about it to say the least! Though mom claims to not understand Hollywood and doesn’t recognize her own daughter anymore, she sure seems to be snippy with her Facebook account. Not sure who is right in this one…but like mother, like daughter.

10 Vanessa Minnillo Lachey - Abandoned By Her Mother

vanessa minnillo lachey estranged mom

Vanessa Minnillo Lachey has very good reasons for her estrangement for her mom. Abandonment, bad temper, divorce, you name it! Vanessa’s parents had a rocky relationship from the start. After she was born and the adoption of her brother, the family moved to Los Angeles area where the tumultuous relationship hit a whole new level of awful and the pair split. Fast forward a few years and Vanessa was left at her dad’s abandoned by her mother. She was left sad, confused, very emotional. Because of the terrible past, rocky relationship and abandonment by her mother, Vanessa didn’t invite her to her wedding to singer Nick Lachey. There is no reconciliation in sight for Vanessa and her mom. And by the looks of it, Vanessa and Nick are doing okay without her. Though she said she would love to meet her grand kids, that’s never happened, and probably never will.

9 Meg Ryan - Didn't Approve Of Quaid


It’s hard to imagine anyone having a quarrel with Meg Ryan, America’s sweetheart, and a Hollywood favorite in the 90’s especially. But Meg and her mom Susan are far from a loving mother-daughter pair. When Meg began her acting career in the 70’s and met Dennis Quaid it was love at second movie together. Despite her blossoming career and relationship with another rising star, her mother was far from pleased. Because of her public disapproval of Quaid, Meg didn’t invite her to their wedding, and cut her out of her life. The details of which are vague, but the general view is just this. It ended over a guy, and the marriage ended over infidelity. And so the Hollywood tale goes… It’s unclear if reconciliation is in the future for Meg and her mom, but nothing appears to be in the works anytime soon.

8 Frances Bean Cobain - Filed Restraining Order Against Courtney


Frances Bean Cobain and her mother Courtney Love have had a rocky relationship to say the least. It couldn’t have been easy to grow up with such famous parents. In recent years Frances and Courtney have seemed to work out some issues, but it has been a very interesting relationship for quite some time. Frances filed a restraining order against her mom when she was 17 years old. Court records showed it was because of domestic abuse, and she went to live with other family members. Their tweets in recent years are a bit odd, but it looks like they are now at a place where they can work through some of the issues and have a cordial if not loving relationship. Courtney has made quite a few attempts to reconnect with her daughter but the weird tweets seem to turn Frances off.

7 Courtney Love - Her Own Mommy Issues

Courtney-Love-and-mom Linda-Carroll

Her mother’s daughter…to quote the title of Linda Carroll’s book about her famous daughter Courtney Love. Though the book isn’t just about Linda and Courtney’s falling out, but about her and her biological mother that she never met. In any case, Courtney Love seems to be haunted by failing mother-daughter relationships across the board. Her own mother was given up for adoption and taken in by a wealthy couple. Though they provided for her, she was abused by her father. This rough upbringing must have carried over into her parenting. Of her five children she has very little to do with her famous daughter Courtney Love. In her book, though not quite a tell-all, it does give some detail into Courtney’s upbringing. Despite their differences, Frances (Courtney’s daughter) ad Linda (her mother) have a relationship…so that’s saying something! Hopefully this pattern of dysfunction ends here, and going forward the family can have a loving and more normal relationship.

6 Tiffany Haddish - Endured Abuse By Mom

tiffany haddish and estranged mom

Tiffany Haddish has taken the world by storm, and left everyone laughing in her wake. With her new memoir The Last Black Unicorn, she talks about her plans to reconnect with her estranged mother. Growing up wasn’t easy and she was left to endure abuse at the hand of a woman who is mentally ill. The abuse began long before the car accident that changed her mom’s life forever…but as the result of a head injury from a car accident when Tiffany was only 8 years old, her mother’s abuse only got worse. With her up and coming career seemingly blossoming in the last year, the star is determined to move forward with a relationship with the woman who has been estranged from her for a long time. She said her mother would tell her how ugly and worthless he was. As a child that has to be positively heartbreaking to hear a mother say that. But now, Tiffany looks in the mirror and she is proud of the woman she is becoming and she is ready to reconcile.

5 Ariel Winter - Money Hungry Mom

ariel winter estranged from mom

Ariel Winter who made her big debut on the absolutely hysterical television series, Modern Family, has had some family drama of her own. She is estranged from her mother for what the court agreed was emotional abuse. Ariel felt helpless as a child as her mother sexualized her outfits and she had no say in it. Parading her around in mini skits, and always showing too much skin she sought help from her on-set teacher Sharon Sacks. Ariel was ready for foster care just to get away from her mother, even though at the time she was a Hollywood star as member of a very funny, loving and slightly dysfunctional family on Modern Family. She ended up going to live with her older sister who she barely knew and the court ruled in her favor that her mom was abusive and she shouldn’t have to stay with her.

4 Tori Spelling - Daddy's Little Girl

tori spelling and mom estranged

Tori Spelling and her mom Candy have one of the most publicly explosive mom-daughter relationships in Hollywood. The feud started in 2006 when Tori divorced her husband and ran off with her then “other man” Dean McDermott. When Tori’s very wealthy father suddenly passed away, she found herself sitting down to hear the reading of the will. But to her great disappointment she was left a measly $800,000 to which she then announced she was broke (serious shopping habit) and signed on for a reality TV show. Her divorce seemed to open the door to the feud with her mom that became very public. The sad part with this pair is that the feuding is so public…like much of the Spelling’s lives. Tori loves the attention of the limelight and her now very large family and reality TV show prove it. In the last few years the two have seemed to reconcile somewhat…but just recently Candy made a comment hoping her daughter will stop reproducing.

3 Nicole Richie - Given Up For Adoption

nicole richie estranged mom

Nicole Richie’s parents and heritage seem to be of great intrigue for people. She doesn’t look like Lionel Richie. Who was her real mom? Was she adopted? Nicole was actually born to Karen and Peter Escovedo who were friend with Lionel Richie and his then wife, Brenda. At the age of 9 Nicole went to live with Lionel and Brenda and was then adopted. Her parents were musicians and not very wealthy ones. They believed she would have a better life with Lionel. The marriage didn’t last long, though Nicole does remain close to both of her adoptive parents, she is estranged from her biological ones. There is almost nothing known about her biological mom Karen, and it’s reported that she has no contact. When she was little Lionel made her a promise that she would make her family with they had actually known her and had her back.

2 Demi Moore And Daughters - Too Much Partying

demi moore estranged from daughters

Demi Moore doesn’t have mommy issues, but she is the mommy issue for her three daughters Rumer, Scout and Tallulah. It has been a tumultuous few years with their erratic mother and her crazy antics. The girls have repeatedly cut ties with their mom making them estranged from her because they simply couldn’t take her partying and crazy behavior any more. Though they seem to reconcile it is a constant roller coaster as kids act like parents and parents like kids. Now it’s Ashton Kutcher’s turn for estrangement as he’s been banned from talking to Demi’s daughters from her ex-husband Bruce Willis. Ashton took this hard because he helped raise the girls for eight years when the pair were married. Family drama seems to be ever present in Demi’s life. Is it her or the nature of the Hollywood beast? It appears at the moment that Demi and her girls are on speaking terms again.

1 Azealia Banks - Mom Went Crazy

azealia banks estranged from mom

Azealia Banks has had a rough past. Growing up for her wasn’t all picket fences and puppy dogs. It was more like a crazy abusive mother, dead cokehead father, stripping and sleeping with married men. Yes, this was actually her past and “childhood” so to speak. After her father died when she was only two years old Azealia’s mother went even crazier than she was before. Threatening ex-boyfriends with mutilation, and beating a limo driver. Azealia says she’s literally crazy. She would dream of escaping as a child. Her mom would beat her then buy her stuff. Though Azealia is very good at starting trouble and drama on social media, even getting herself banned from Twitter, she doesn’t seem to have contact with her mom. I guess a childhood like that and she ran in the other direction. Maybe one day she will look past the crazy and try to reconcile with her mom.

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