15 Celeb Moms After Kids

Moms have to do it all. They carry the baby for nine months — providing it with a supportive and safe environment in exchange for their own comfort. They then experience labor and delivery; some women go through this for hours, and others for days. The next eighteen years are then dedicated to this little bundle of joy. A mother’s time is spent feeding them, clothing them, and making sure their healthy while also educating them, and helping them become productive members of society. While moms get a beautiful baby — or multiple babies — in exchange for this, it can take a little while for mothers to get their bodies back to where they would like them to be.

It can be a major cause of stress and depression for moms’ bodies not to bounce back right away. After the delivery, many mothers anticipate being able to jump into their skinny jeans within a day or so. Some women have the means to get their bodies back under extreme measures.

For these ladies, the typical eat salad and do crunches lifestyle is not enough. These moms will stop at nothing to get their pre-pregnancy bodies back, if not to look even better than they did before. Who are these women and what have they done to get their curves where they want them to be?

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15 Kailyn Lowry Goes From Teen Mom To Bombshell Overnight

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Back in 2016, Teen Mom 2 fans found out that mother-of-two, Kailyn Lowry, was undergoing plastic surgery to get the body she wanted, since she was unhappy with her figure post-pregnancy. This mom from Delaware traveled to see Dr. Miami — or Michael Salzhauer — in Florida to have her procedures done.

She had a Brazilian butt lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck. Not one to hide anything, Kail shared the graphic images on social media, stating the various procedures she was having. Lowry was told she would be unable to get pregnant again, but she recently gave birth to another son. Fans have been speculating that Kail is already unhappy with the way her body is not bouncing back. Another trip to Dr. Miami may be in the cards.

14 Kourtney K’s Hardcore Workouts And Strange Diet

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Kourtney Kardashian has always maintained a tiny physique — even after three pregnancies. She is constantly in the limelight with the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians filming her every move. After giving birth to son, Reign, Kourtney jumped right back into eating right and working out, and manages to stay under 120 pounds.

She allegedly swears by Ghee, which is a clarified butter. She also proudly eats the placenta of the baby, which is not for the faint of heart. Along with that, she eats only fresh foods. As seen in the television show, Kourt’s workout routine can be quite extensive with her trainer.

There is a great emphasis on cardio and core strength. Workouts can range from forty-five minutes to a few hours. Khloe will act as Kourtney’s workout companion from time to time. She works out almost every day — even if it is just walking with the kids.

13 Kate Gosselin’s Mommy Makeover

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Kate Gosselin has her hands full with two sets of multiples — twins and sextuplets. After the sextuplets were born, Kate got her claim to fame with Jon and Kate Plus Eight. This show led to a doctor offering her a tummy tuck free of charge. Dr. Lawrence Glassman kept his offer and worked on Kate’s overly stretched out tummy, which was wrinkled and saggy from holding all of those babies!

Her stomach was so morphed that television and other media sources would offer a warning before showing the picture. Kate now looks fit and toned and maintains a workout regimen to make sure she stays that way. Since the procedure, it has been said that Kate has had shots of Botox to keep herself looking young despite the eight teenagers she is now raising.

12 Shar Jackson — Prescheduled Surgeries To Happen Post-Baby

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Shar Jackson is not one to shy away from controversy. After having four children, she stated that her body looked like it had been attacked by horror movie villain, Freddy Kruger. She was upset by the stretch marks that covered her abdomen and the stretchiness of her skin.

So, she did what any respectable celeb would do and boasted that she booked a $15,000 plastic surgery session to help get her body back into tip-top shape after her last child was born. Shar underwent a four-hour surgery that include a tummy tuck and a breast lift.

The procedures were a great success — getting Shar back to her pre-baby self. Shar regained some of her lost confidence, part of which came from the way she looked and the other part to being left by the father of two of her children.

11 Blac Chyna Wanted A Six Figure Budget For Her Post-Baby Figure

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Blac Chyna recently gave birth to the newest member of the Kardashian family, Dream. Dream’s father, Rob Kardashian, took to his Twitter account to tell his followers that he paid over $100,000 for Blac Chyna’s surgeries just for her to leave him.

He also posted pictures of Blac Chyna nude and post-surgery. Chyna apparently had liposuction, a boob job, implants put into her hips, a Brazilian butt lift, and a variety of other procedures done.

The pregnancy allegedly had taken a toll on Chyna — and her relationship with Rob — so she wanted to make sure everything was fixed to her liking. It has been said that Blac Chyna may want to return to her former profession of stripping and that this body would help her earn more. Of course, she could just live off of that Kardashian money for a while.

10 Jessica Alba Doubled Up On Corsets To Get Back In Shape

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Jessica Alba’s figure has always been featured on the covers of magazines. After her last pregnancy, she wanted to get back to where she started. To help expedite this process, Alba did something known as waist-training.

She used Net-a-Porter to do so. Jess doubled up on corsets for three months after her baby was born to help increase the effects of the waist trainers. Waist-training has caused a controversy over the past few years for the damage it can do to the wearer’s organs. It is said that wearing one even for short periods of time can crush or move the organs.

Wearing two would be incredibly tight and uncomfortable. Alba confirmed this — also describing it as sweaty. On top of this, she started exercising again and practiced very clean eating, only drinking water until she reached her goal weight.

9 Jennifer Lopez Trained For Triathlons After Twins

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Jennifer Lopez loved being pregnant and adored the belly she had with her twins, Emme and Max. Once they were born, it was time for her to get back into shape. As soon as she was allowed to, Lopez started running, biking and swimming to get the weight off.

Her trainer would gradually increase the duration and difficulty of each of these activities. She trained to run short races at first — starting with a 5K. Lopez continued to train up to being able to participate in a triathlon only a short time after the twins were born. She successfully met this goal and allegedly participated in a triathlon of running, biking and swimming.

We can’t say we’re surprised that J-Lo would be able to birth not one — but two — babies and then strut her stuff across a finish line not long after. She’s always been in shape and shows no signs of slowing down.

8 Kim K Is Keeping Up With Her Body

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The Kardashian family members have to keep their bodies up to par. Kim Kardashian has always denied allegations on any kind of plastic surgery, with several allegations that she had implants in her infamous derriere. The representative for the Kardashian family will state that any weight loss or body change is due to a very diet and exercise regimen.

After giving birth to Saint, Kim almost instantly looked like her post-pregnancy self. A celebrity dermatologist that is very familiar with different forms of plastic surgery stated that Kim had undergone multiple procedures since having her son.

These procedures included everything from laser treatments to firm and tone her skin to a tummy tuck. While this is all speculation, it is rumored that this would cost near what Blac Chyna’s procedures tallied up.

7 Patricia Heaton Didn’t Want To Have The Middle Of A Mom

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Patricia Heaton — known for her roles in Everybody Loves Raymond and The Middle — did not shy away from the discussion of having post-baby surgery. Heaton had four C-sections with her pregnancies, which left scars and wrinkles all over her tummy. She also breast fed all of her children, which, as she stated, ruined her breasts.

In Hollywood, people are expected to fit a certain body type, and Heaton was quite familiar with that and was uncomfortable with herself. To fix these issues, she had both a tummy tuck and a breast reduction. On top of that, she treated herself to Botox injections to make her face look more youthful. She has no problem going back under the knife if she needs to. The procedures were all a success and Heaton continues to work in Hollywood today.

6 Brandi Glanville Keeps It Real Addressing Her Post-Child Body

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While most of the moms on this list have focused exclusively on their tummies and bums after having a baby, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, opted for a different kind of procedure. Due to derogatory comments that her now ex-husband said to her, Glanville decided to get vaginal rejuvenation surgery to make her lady bits go back to how they were before she had her babies.

Not only did Glanville do this as revenge, but she also charged this surgery to her ex without telling him what it was. The $12,000 fee was a surprise to him, causing speculation that she had other work done, since he could not see the results for himself. She is happy with the results and loves her new vagina, since her ex ruined her first one by impregnating her so many times.

5 Nicole Richie Wanted A Designer Body After Her Two Babies

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Nicole Richie is a known designer and socialite in Hollywood. After having her second baby, Nicole wanted to claim her body back. She kept her diet bland in order to help her lose the weight she gained with the pregnancies. This was not enough for her, though.

Richie has stated that breast feeding took a toll on her chest. She went on to say that by breastfeeding her children, she made her small breasts even smaller, and this made her uncomfortable with her body.

As a result, she got breast implants to make herself feel better about her body. Post-surgery, she was happy with the look of her breasts. Her bland food diet and workout schedule helped her lose the rest of her weight, bringing her back to her pre-pregnancy self.

4 Victoria Beckham May Have Practiced A Dangerous Diet

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Victoria Beckham has always been known for being incredibly lean, even while being in an all-girl group. Shortly before Fashion Week, she gave birth to one of her babies. In order to slim back down to Fashion Week standards, Victoria allegedly practiced what is called the Five Hands diet.

For this diet plan, a person can only consume five handfuls of food in a day. She would eat nuts and some fruits, fish, and vegetables. She was limited to what could fit in her hand — and to that five times per day schedule.

She also cut out all sugar from her diet. By the time Fashion Week came around, the media was buzzing about how amazing Victoria looked, despite just having a baby. She wore a skin-tight dress and made multiple appearances through the week, still maintaining that diet at the event.

3 Blake Lively Eliminated Major Food Groups From Her Diet

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Blake Lively gave birth to her daughter only shortly before starting to shoot her movie The Shallows. In this movie, Lively exclusively wears a wet suit. This meant she had to go from stunning mama to surfer girl in a short period of time.

To help cut her weight down quickly, Blake completely cut out two food types from her diet- gluten and soy. This eliminated most processed foods, making it so Blake had to have fresh foods for every meal. Cutting out soy is a Hollywood go-to in terms of losing weight quickly, since most consumable forms of soy are highly processed and make people gain weight. Blake was able to reach her goal for the movie by following this diet — with an added bit of exercise — and was ready to get into that wet suit the first day of filming.

2 Dayna Devon Was Extra Proud Of Her Post-Pregnancy Surgery

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Dayna Devon was a leading correspondent on Extra when she had two back-to-back pregnancies. She worked hard to lose the weight that she gained and did so successfully. However, she just couldn’t firm her stomach to where it had been pre-pregnancy.

It was intimidating to her to have that additional weight and skin on her body when standing next to Hollywood’s finest on the red carpet. To get rid of the extra, loose skin, Dayna got a tummy tuck from her plastic surgeon husband.

This tummy tuck cost them $15,000 and was a two-hour procedure. This surgery helped minimize Dayna’s C-section scar. It was a great success and Dayna is much happier with her body, especially when standing next to the beautiful actors and actresses she had to interview post-pregnancy.

1 Constance Zimmer Cut Portions And Made Workouts Harder

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Constance Zimmer, from the television series House of Cards and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., wanted to get back to her healthy weight of 115 pounds and was determined to get there post-pregnancy. When she had her baby, she started using a meal service that targets new moms to help them lose weight.

These meals are very balanced and have low carbs, but are easy to prepare for the busy moms out there. To supplement that, Zimmer started working out again. Not only was she exercising, but she wore a four-pound vest in order to burn calories quicker and lose weight faster. After using this meal service and wearing that heavy vest, Zimmer actually surpassed her goal weight and weighed in at 110 pounds. She shared her victory online.

Sources: E! News

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