15 Celeb Moms Who Dress Younger Than Their Daughters

The fountain of youth is an elusive remedy for aging that many moms wish they had access to. Years of sleepless nights and days filled with worry are just a part of the job when it comes to being a mother. Some mamas have decided to take control of their aging by continuing to dress like the youngins' do. This isn’t always the best of ideas.

While there are no laws against wearing youthful attire after a certain age, some unwritten fashion rules exist that it’s usually best not to break. There are reasons why most department stores have separate sections for junior girls and grown women.

According to fashion expert for WhoWhatWear.com, Meghan Blalock, “There’s something that happens in your 20s: Whether you want to or not...you grow up. Everything about your worldview becomes a bit more mature, and your style evolves along with it. While much of this evolution happens naturally, we all have those wardrobe pieces we stubbornly cling to.”

Among the things most moms should probably avoid are low rise jeans, little girl shoes, tube tops, festive tights, novelty headwear, tutu skirts, pajamas as clothes, anything from Victoria’s Secret PINK and tattered sneakers.

The moms that follow below have been caught dressing in duds intended for those younger than their own daughters. Someone call the fashion police!

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15 Bethenny's Bedtime Attire

Bethenny Frankel has one adorable daughter, Bryn, with her ex-husband, Jason Hoppy. In the pic above, she is decked out in her 4-year-old's Hello Kitty pajamas and slippers. They're a bit...small. She shared the shot on her personal account along with the caption, "This is my daughter's nightgown and PJ shorts. Think we're ready to start sharing clothes yet?" Um, nope!

Soon afterward, the judge in Frankel's divorce proceedings, Manhattan Supreme Court Justice, Ellen Gesmer, scolded the star for posting the photo. "No more pajamas!" Gesmer proclaimed. "It's not a joke. Her child is not a joke."

In her book, A Place of Yes: 10 Rules For Getting Everything You Want Out of Life, Frankel writes, "It doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks of your life. All that matters is what you think of it, and what you decide to make of it.” Unless, of course, the woman presiding over your divorce proceedings doesn't approve of your choices.

14 Madge's Black And Gold Get-up

The fishnets, the short shorts, the bling! The Queen of Pop is seen above decked out in all of her black and gold glory, ready for a night out with her daughter, Lourdes Leon. Our guess is that their plans don't include sipping chamomile tea, window shopping or heading home early, snuggling up in cozy PJs and watching a Romcom together.

The material girl has taken some heat in the past for partying with her daughter, long before her mini-me was of a legal age to be getting down in the club. Madonna, who will turn 60 in August, might be the coolest mom on the planet, or it might be time for her to put the fishnets away, allow her baby girl to spread her wings and party all night long all on her own.

13 Beyonce's Headwear

Beyonce is considered by many to be one of the greatest female performers of all time. The Grammy-winning mother-of-three was spotted hanging out courtside at an NBA game with her hubby, Jay Z looking a little younger than usual. The star is usually the epitome of sophisticated style. But, on this occasion, she chose to rock a whimsical beanie complete with mouse ears. She paired the hat with an absolutely fabulous gold necklace and a red plaid jacket. We can't help but wonder if she borrowed the hat in question from her daughter, Blue Ivy. Whatever the reason for her fashion choices on the occasion above, Bey looks quite pleased with her appearance. However, her ultra cool rapper hubby doesn't look quite so enthused with his lady love's childish attire.

12 Dina Lohan Lives Vicariously Through Lindsay 

The infamous mother, Dina Lohan, has been accused by many for pressuring her famous daughter, Lindsay, to stay in the spotlight, despite the negative consequences she has suffered as a result. It has been reported that Dina didn't mind one bit when Lindsay was partying at the hottest clubs in Hollywood while underage. Of course she didn't - she got to tag along and live vicariously through her out-of-control daughter.

Above, mother and daughter are seen looking almost identical with long, bleached blonde hair, sleek black blazers and movie star quality sunnies. Speaking about Lindsay's downward spiral into addiction, Dina has explained, "When she went out to Los Angeles when she was 19, I had to let her go and let her live and fall and fail and survive. Without failure, there’s no success. I was there in close proximity, but you can’t make your child not go out and go to a club and not get behind the wheel of a car."

11 Matchy-Matchy Mama

It's difficult to resist an adorable mother and daughter who are matching from head-to-toe but finding an outfit that is age appropriate for both can be a difficult feat. The irresistible pair above are posing in front of a cascading fountain looking divine in their poofy crimson dresses and matching red shoes. However, it's usually not a good sign when the word poofy is used to describe a dress worn by a grown woman. The mother above looks incredible, but her get-up is slightly on the juvenile side. When moms match with their young daughters, it may be better to keep the color scheme the same but steer clear of wearing the exact same dress. This mom may have been better served in a red pencil skirt. Sad, but true.

10 Mommy/Daughter Makeovers

A mother and daughter from the U.K. are on a quest to look like British model, Katie Price, and have spent over $86,000 on matchy-matchy plastic surgeries in order to achieve their bizarre goal. Kayla Morris expressed interest in getting a breast augmentation when she was just eleven years of age, and her mother, Georgina Clarke, was thrilled about the whole thing. Clarke told New Dog Media, "I was pleased Kayla wanted surgery." When Morris turned 17, she began stripping, and soon met a "sugar daddy" willing to fund the cosmetic procedures she and her mother longed for. Morris told People magazine, "We look how we want to look and we're having a good time...We are a bit closer to looking like Katie Price but not as close as we would like. Still, a bit to go." Clarke has gushed, "I'm really lucky to have a daughter like Kayla that spoils me and pays for my surgery and stuff. I'm just living the dream." Mmmmkay.

9 Kourtney's Kiddish Coat

kourtney Kardashian and Penelope leave khloe kardashian baby shower in Los Angeles, CA

Pictured: kourtney Kardashian and Penelope leave khloe kardashian baby shower in Los Angeles, CA Ref: SPL1669954 100318
Picture by: Pap Nation / Splash News

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Kourtney Kardashian and her young daughter, Penelope, recently attended a baby shower together. Some commented that Penny's white coat was better suited for her mommy, and vice versa. Both were decked out in girly hues from head to toe. Kourt carried a large pink balloon that, when paired with her baby pink coat dress, made her look a little girlish. The reality star doesn't really care what people think of her and is known for her bold fashion choices. She has said, "Unless someone has walked in your shoes, you can't really judge. Everyone needs to make the best choice for their life." Despite not letting others dictate what she says and does, it's likely that the mother-of-three gets tired of the constant criticisms her choices receive. She has also admitted that, "Sometimes [she] just [wishes] nobody knew who [she] was."

8 Yolanda Yearns For Her Youth 

Yolanda Hadid is a reality star whose two daughters, Bella and Gigi, have recently become social media darlings and fashion icons. The entire family is known for their impeccable fashion sense. However, it isn't uncommon to see Yolanda out and about dressed in clothing that is usually reserved for young starlets. Above, she is rocking a see-through lace top that shows quite a bit of skin and smart white pants. She definitely looks fabulous, but is the outfit she's wearing one that would better suit her much younger daughters? Hadid once mused, "I have always said, '40 is the new 20,' and I truly believe that, but it for  sure takes a lot of hard work, education, and discipline to keep it all together as we make our way to 50 and beyond."

7 Farrah's Childlike Fashion Sense

'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham with daughter Sophia at a pumpkin farm in Miami

When Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham's daughter, Sophia, was still a tiny tot, the two were spotted together sporting matching Uggsy t-shirts. The Uggsy brand is famous for the adorable monster costumes they make for little ones. And while they do make a version of the costume for adults, it's probably not something they recommend is worn while out and about on a regular basis. Abraham has taken heat for many of her parenting decisions and has even been accused of sexualizing young Sophia. In light of other accusations against her, dressing in a t-shirt made for youngsters is most definitely not a serious offense. Speaking about why she thinks adults should be more like children, the reality star has said, "Children already ignore others and take time on their own, and I think that is something adults should refer back to as they deal with the everyday hustle of the world."

6 Holly Loves Halloween

Star of the hit reality show The Girls Next Door, and former main girlfriend of the late Hugh Hefner, Holly Madison has worked hard to change her image since leaving the Playboy mansion. Since her days as a Playmate, she's gotten married, had two children, and is loving life as a mom. When starring in her own spinoff show, Holly's World, the star often sported kiddish pigtails and rainbow knee socks. Her style has become a bit more sophisticated since having kids, but she still loves to dress up from time to time. Speaking about her role as a mother, and what she wants to teach her daughter, she has said, "I don't want to be too strict, because I think kids can get rebellious, but I want to raise my daughter to be passionate about doing good things and pursuing real things and hobbies instead of frivolous materialistic stuff."

5 Mel B's Mouse Ears 

Former Spice Girl, Mel B, proved she was a kid at heart when she rocked some fierce mouse ears while enjoying a visit to the happiest place on Earth with her darling daughter. Her pastel pants match the springy hues in her little one's shorts, and we can't say we aren't impressed with the intricate details of her headwear. It's simply adorable that she and her treasured tot are both sporting mouse ears. To be honest, when one visits a Disney theme park, wearing something on one's head that resembles a cartoon rodent, is much more acceptable than when, say, at the grocery store or at a sporting event. Plus, the floral details on Mel's mouse ears make them look like the type of hat that would be worn to a royal wedding and not at all like a childish headband. Mel doesn't seem to mind too much if people don't like the look she 's rocking. She once confidently stated, "I know I'm not everybody's cup of tea. I'm just me."

4 Victoria's Posh Pajamas

Mother-of-four, Victoria Beckham, has become known for being impeccably dressed whenever she steps out. It isn't surprising that she had more than a few people scratching their heads when she was seen in public rocking a pair of silky pink pajamas that would have made a lot more sense if worn instead by her young daughter, Harper. Beckham rocked the look, which was made complete by her signature heels and stunner shades. Speaking about her fashion sense, the former Spice Girl, and fashion mogul once stated, "I love fashion, and I love changing my style, my hair, my makeup, and everything I've done in the past has made me what I am now. Not everyone is going to like what I do, but I look back at everything and it makes me smile."

3 Chloe Sims Steps Out

British reality television star, Chloe Sims, is best known for The Only Way Is Essex. She has one daughter, Madison, from a previous relationship. The duds Sims is wearing would look totally adorable on her tween daughter but aren't quite so cute on a grown woman. Monochromatic sweats and Ugg boots may be the most comfortable combination on the planet, but more than one fashion expert has weighed in on this combo and proclaimed that once a lady reaches a certain age, she's too old to pull it off. What is that age, exactly? Some say no Victoria's Secret PINK after 20, some say the brand should be banned for those over 30. We say Chloe looks comfy, and being a mom is hard enough without having to follow silly fashion rules. She's rocking those sweats. More power to her!

2 Heather's Hip Duds

Whenever actress Heather Locklear steps out with her daughter, Ava, it's difficult to tell who's the mom and who's the daughter. The two share the same piercing blue eyes and icy blonde hair, and they both dress like young starlets. The only problem is that Heather is no longer a hot young Hollywood star. In fact, in the pic above, in which Heather is wearing a red dress, black boots, and a black leather jacket, while Ava is rocking a barely-there black dress and matching pumps, we say that Ava's look is a bit more sophisticated and polished than her mama's, even if her skirt is slightly shorter. It's possible that the former Melrose Place star has never really come to terms with getting older. She once shared, "When I look in the mirror I see the girl I was when I was growing up, with braces, crooked teeth, a baby face and a skinny body."

1 Salma's Strange Day Look 

Steamy star Salma Hayek's style is usually on point. When she left the house one morning, wearing pajamas with a wild print, goofy glasses and cartoonish shoes, many were wondering what the heck was going one. Some came to the conclusion that she must have let her young daughter, Valentina, dress her. The fact that the actress was brave enough to leave the house wearing the look above, proves that she's courageous and confident in herself. Hayek doesn't care too much about what others think of her looks. She once stated, "People often say that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder,' and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves."

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