15 Celeb Moms Caught Looking Lazy With Their Nannies

Ever wonder what it's like to have a nanny at your disposal all.the.time?

For that matter, have you ever wondered what it was like to have a bodyguard, too?

I know I've wondered what the life of a celebrity must be like. To be perfectly honest, I'm not all that sure I would like it. From the outside, celebrities live glamorously and everything seems to be plush and comfy for them. Maybe it really is like that once you take a deeper look. I don't know?

The part I would hate is my business plastered all over the tabloids day in and day out. When you really think about it, photographers can see an innocent moment or catch a celebrity in the middle of something then capture it on camera. Juicy journalists have the not-so-honest job of turning that simple photo into the sin of the century.

So, what can we believe? Here's the thing - no one really knows!

It's all about what it looks like. In other words, you see what you want to. Such is the nature of perception.

So, when it comes to this little post here, it's sort of up to you what you see. I have a very hard time look at pics of celebrities with the children AND nannies. Especially when the celebrity is doing absolutely nothing and the nanny is doing all the work.

Many of you are probably very hands-on kind of moms like me, so it probably gets to you, as well. With that being said, here are 15 pictures of celebrity moms looking L.A.Z.Y with their nannies. Enjoy!

15 Britney Spears

THIS. This is ridiculous! As you can see, this is the notorious Britney Spears and Kevin Federline on a walk with their two boys. Most of us probably have the same opinion on Britney Spears' appearance. She either looks completely smoking hot (in a Pop star kind of way) or she looks like a serious hot mess.

Apparently, she was on it for this particular walk. Federline looks a little questionable, but that's sort of his persona so what can I say...

Who knows why in the world Britney can't push her own dang stroller or why the nanny even needed to be there with BOTH parents present. Maybe they were caught during a transition or maybe something was happening that I just can't see.

From the outside, this looks like nothing but two very lazy parents more worried about themselves than being parents.

14 Kim Kardashian


You know I can't write up a list dishing on celebrities without including at least one Kardashian. As much as we love to hate on them, we also love them for their "quality" entertainment.

Pictured here is the one and only Kim who still can't figure out the carseat. Her nanny is strapping Kim's kiddo in the car once again. Most likely she's reviewing the basics of carseat safety so that Kim can forget them again once she looks at herself in the mirror for the 12th billion time that hour.

Yes, carseats are tough. And, many parents never learn how to do it right. Once you conquer the carseat, I sort of feel like you've been inducted into all things mother. I'm guessing that Kim will never make it that far.

13 Mariah Carey  #1

*EXCLUSIVE* Did neighbor Mariah Carey steal Kourtney Kardashian's nanny?

Ummm, so where is the celebrity in this shot? Oh yes, she's not here. In fact, that particular female nanny isn't even her full-time nanny. (The other person looks to be a bodyguard.) If you recognize her, she's the usual nanny for Kourtney Kardashian's crew. No word yet on whether Mimi stole her from Kourtney or what exactly is going on here.

What we do know is that these are Mariah Carey's twins and they are headed to a gymnastics class. After gymnastics, they both went to a karate class.

I guess even us regular moms ask family members and friends to cover when we can't run our kiddos to their activities. We have no idea what exactly the diva was doing to keep herself busy, but apparently it trumped gymnastics or karate.

12 Mariah Carey #2


Okay, now I see the actual celebrity. Looks like Mariah Carey made an appearance in this particular photo. She looks as flawless as ever, but the hard-working diva looks like a lazy mom.

Her twins are comfortably riding in the stroller, but she's not really worried about anything but smiling for the dang camera. Her nanny (who also looks gorgeous btw) is the one in charge of the kiddos. She's got a firm grip on that stroller and her eyes are looking too and fro, not worried about the paparazzi.

Like I mentioned before, being a celebrity might be a tough job. I think a tougher job would be being a celebrity baby. Putting up with a parent who can't stop craving attention would be super annoying.

11 Naomi Watts


For those of you who don't know much about Naomi Watts, she was once struggling actress in Hollywood. Born British, her family moved to Australia where she became best fiends with Nicole Kidman. In fact, while she was going through a rough patch after just arriving in Hollywood, she was hired as Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's nanny.

So, she's been on both sides of the nanny/celebrity fence. Knowing that, it's a little odd to see her here letting the nanny do all the work...and having all the fun.

When it all comes down to it, Watts isn't exactly a Kim Kardashian kind of celebrity. What I mean by this is that she's not an attention hog. She doesn't have to be the center of attention 100%. In fact, when she was dating Live Schreiber, people actually pushed her aside to snap a pic of him because he was so recognizable.

Knowing that she's rather reserved, it's no surprise that she stands back to let her nanny have a moment in the spotlight, even if it is with her son..

10 Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale


Oh yes, the beloved Gwen Stefani, the fallen from grace Gavin Rossdale, and the hated home wrecking nanny Mindy Mann all in one shot. Obviously this photo was taken before everything went up in flames in this household.

You can see, though, that Gwen and her hubby are holding hands ever so lovingly. Their children are close to the nanny's side. Mann is even holding one of the kiddos while the parents stride hand in hand.

I'm not quite sure where in the world they were going, but this particular photo is all over the internet. Apparently, wherever it was, it was very important. They're picture perfect (as always) and the nanny is in tow. She must have been needed for something more than entertaining Gavin for this occasion.

9 Meg Ryan


Here's another celebrity/nanny combo that looks a little shady. This is Meg Ryan, her nanny, and her daughter Daisy True taking a leisurely stroll. To be perfectly honest, Meg Ryan and Daisy don't get out into the public eye too awful much.

When they do, it's usually just the two of them. Needless to say, this is sort of a rare picture. It's complete BS, too. The nanny is not only pushing the stroller, but she's also carrying the diaper bag, as well.

From the looks of things, Meg Ryan is trying to incognito. She's sort of a crabby mess here. Maybe she was just dealing with some exhaustion and needed that extra bit of help or something. Who knows? What we do know is that she's caught on camera letting the nanny do all the work.

8 Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck


Rare. Very, very rare. This photo and the scene depicted in it are hardly ever scene. Jennifer Garner is one heck of a mom. No matter that she's a celebrity mom, she's still a dang fine parent. You don't often see this particular family with any help.

You can see on Jennifer's face that familiar look of exhaustion. Maybe you've seen it on your own face. I know that I've looked in the mirror on more than one occasion and seen Miss Exhaustion staring back at me.

It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity mom or a mom like we are, you just get stinking tired.  Jennifer's look screams, "I've been working for hours and hours on end, trouble with the hubs, kids are demanding, and I'm beat." We get it Jennifer. So, here's your hall pass to "look" lazy, because we all know you're not.

7 Heidi Klum #1


Heidi Klum is a very busy woman. Not only does she have an array of business ventures to attend to, but she has an entire brood of children to look after, as well.

Since arriving on the scene back in the late 90s, she's only done well for herself. As a supermodel, she is ranked #2 behind Gisele Bundchen in earnings. Bottom line is that she is a very rich woman. I'm sure being married to musician Seal didn't hurt her bank account  either...until the divorce, of course.

So, all in all, she can afford the best help that money can buy! She's often pictured with her four kiddos and the same nannies that she always uses.

To be perfectly honest, Heidi Klum appears to be a very hands-on and involved kind of mom. It's just that four is a lot of kids to keep an eye on when you're constantly in the middle of a Hollywood crowd (or anywhere, really).

6 Heidi Klum #2


Alright, this Heidi Klum photo is a little more on the lazy side of life. Here she is with two of her kids going for a walk or shopping or something. Apparently, pushing the stroller for her one kiddo and holding the hand of the other at the same time is simply too much for this supermodel.

Maybe this is a little harsh- I don't know, but c'mon! There's a reason why everyone says moms never have enough hands. And yet, we moms somehow figure out a way to get the job done.

When I look at this picture, I just see privilege. I'm sure it's nice to take a relaxing walk instead of juggling kids around for a few blocks while hoping no vehicles actually drive by. Perhaps it just strikes a little envy within us regular Joe-moms.

5 Heidi Klum #3


This is THE last Heidi Klum picture, I swear! Like I said before, this women gets out and about with her kiddos a lot. I'm not sure if she is just on the move when the cameras snap a pic or if she really just relies on her helpers that much.

Both of the nannies pictured are regulars. In fact, the blonde one goes on vacation with the family pretty frequently. She's basically become part of the family. You can see why, too. She is very, very involved with the children. She does a lot of the work: pushing strollers, carrying bags, carrying kids, etc.

Heidi is more like a supervisor it seems. Maybe that's what it takes when you have four kids to look after. It might be more like a crew that she has to manage rather than a family. I'm sure you can understand that! Sometimes I feel like a captain aka mom!

4 Sarah Jessica Parker


Again, where is the actual celebrity. Usually with the twin girls of Sarah Jessica Parker, you will see the Sex and the City star side-by-side with a tall, always smiling nanny. One of them will push one stroller or hold one twin's hand. The other takes care of the other twin.

This time, however, both are out of the picture altogether. This very stern-looking nanny is incredibly large and in charge. The girls seem to feel safe with her, so I'm guessing she knows exactly what she's doing.

Like Heidi Klum, Sarah Jessica Parker is usually fairly involved with her children. When you see her children, you usually see her. Then again, very rarely do you ever see her without help. In this particular instance, she just let the help do all the work.

3 Amy Poehler


Being pregnant is hard, right? So hard that you can't even push a stroller while carrying a bag of stuff, right? Seriously, no, no, no!

I'll be the first to say that I'm a huge fan of Amy Poehler. She's made me nearly wet my pants in laughter on more than one occasion. Think the movie Baby Mama or even the sitcom Parks and Recreation. So stinking funny!

Because she's a funny, funny lady, she's a rich, rich lady. Needless to say, she can afford the help with her children. Honestly, I would have liked someone to push my stroller when I had a huge pregnant belly, too.

But, this particular photo just comes across badly. It makes Amy Poehler look lazy for making the nanny push the stroller when she is clearly capable of walking - even with a big belly.

2 Blac Chyna


You look lovely Blac Chyna, absolutely lovely. And what is that you have in your hands? Oh, a little red purse. You must have it weighed down with solid gold to be unable to carry your own baby or old your other child's hand.

Maybe it's the five inch heals that she's wearing that are preventing her from doing anything motherly. This pic just looks really, really bad.

She's not even walking side-by-side either. She's clearly out in front leading the way like only a diva would do. Isn't all the juggling kids how moms are inducted into the mom hall of fame? when you don't have to do all or any of that hard work, how do your kids see you. I mean, moms are heroes. My mom is. And, it's because of all the hard times she trudged through juggling all of us kids.

1 Kate Gosselin


Kate Gosselin is one of the moms I love hating on the most. I'm sooooo not a fan of her. Not only does she bark ordered like a Nazi guard, but she humiliates and degrades any other human in her path...including her kids.

It just makes me sick how her kids behave when she is around. The two twins by her side look like her personal punching bags. I know they're walking and are looking down at the ground, but even the expression on their faces and their postures say a lot.

Kate is so concerned with her own appearance nowadays that often you'll see her taking care of herself while her children are being pushed to the side. It's sickening and pathetic. She's another one of those moms who leads the pack like a cruel dictator, letting the help do all the real work.

I'm sure when they get home, she'll rip apart the nannies for this or that and then go powder her nose.

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