15 Celeb Moms Rocking Their Baby Strollers In Style

Most people like to think that motherhood always has been and always will be the same for every woman. And in some ways, that is true. But for the most part, this presumption is completely false. American motherhood has changed an astounding amount in the last sixty years and the changes are only more incredible when you look at the wider world.

One of the largest - and many say best - changes to motherhood is the dawning understanding that a woman doesn’t stop being her own person just because she has a baby. A mother is still a person with her own interests, passions, and pride in herself.

With this realization has also come the realization that moms can be good looking. Some even manage to be glamorous, though most moms will tell you that’s too much bother on most days! It’s not always easy to look good with a kid in hand and a diaper bag on your shoulder and sometimes a little motivation can be helpful for the mom who just wants a little extra push to pamper herself and rock the mom look. And we have just the push you need! These fifteen celebrity moms rock the walk with their strollers.

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15 Kourtney Kardashian

Any list of good-looking celebrity moms right now has to involve a Kardashian. The question is, which Kardashian to choose? Kourtney makes our list first and it is in no small part thanks to the vaguely retro casual look she rocks while giving her little one some love. She has paired a comfortably loose sweatshirt with peek-a-boo pocket cutoffs and low-profile canvas lace-up tennis shoes, all in pastel or neutral colors, for a summery look that would be easy to copy.

A sleek ponytail and the tidy cuff to her shirtsleeves add little-polished details, especially when paired with fresh, neutral makeup and a smile for the little cutie in the stroller! The basket under the stroller is obviously in use, probably holding Kourtney’s diaper bag to free up her hands and keep her look simple while out and about.

14 Victoria Beckham

Semi-Exclusive... 50935271 Singer Victoria Beckham takes her kids Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper to the Universal City Walk in Universal City, California on November 4, 2012. The family watched Cruz do some indoor skydiving. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

We might not be able to match Victoria Beckham’s grace and glamour factor, but we can certainly appreciate it. Her blow-out is absolutely fabulous, falling past her shoulders in sleek waves. The oversized sunglasses hide her eyes, but the rest of her makeup is understated and neutral, making it ideal for a day out with her little girl. Beckham pulls off a svelte summer dress that seems straight off a catwalk, the look both classic and fashion-forward with geometric cuts of black along the sides. Despite all this glamour, it’s clear that Victoria is a hands-on mom with a snack in one hand.

Beckham graced quite a few catwalks before she became a full-time momtrepeneur.

That training must come in handy to keep a sashay up while handling a stroller!

13 Keira Knightley

Drew might have rocked a comfortable winter look, but Kiera’s flowy summer look has us turning heads. It’s hard to tell if her skirt is a thin denim or a soft linen, but either fabric works perfectly with the fitted black cardigan and strappy gold gladiator sandals. Her quilted cross-body bag adds a little bit of texture to the look and we’re willing to bet that the hardware on the bag matches the gold of her sandals.

The frames on her sunglasses are winged and clear, giving a little nod to the vintage cut of her skirt, and her loose hair just screams “summertime”. This is a look any mom can wear, and the loose locks paired with neutral makeup add the little touch of poise that so many moms want to give off when they’re behind the stroller.

12 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani might not be as punk rock as she used to be, but she’s brought a lot of her old style back for a walk with her little one.

This photo isn’t exactly recent but Stefani’s style still fluctuates between the more sleep and safe fashions that she adopted after going more mainstream around the end of the last decade and the pop-punk look that was her go-to when she fronted the 90’s sensation, No Doubt. Just a Girl, indeed!

Her distressed black tank flares at the hips where it meets loose patterned leggings. Her bright yellow shoes are easy to spot and make a colorful addition to a generally muted outfit. Moms without a punk-rock career behind them might want to play it safer with yellow trainers instead of sandals for more of an “athleisure” look, but if they can rock the siren-red lips and the sleek ponytail with the look, they’ll pull of Gwen’s “too cool for you” stroller look.

11 Alex Gerrard

Alex Gerrard is another mom that, honestly, it really is just not fair to compare ourselves to. She is the wife of professional athlete Steven Gerrard and she is definitely one of those wives who stays just as fit as their footballer husband. Gerrard makes her stroller walk sporty with peek-a-boo mesh leggings and low-profile trainers in black and white.

This classic color palette extends to a black coat and purse, but little pops of color appear in her scarf with red flowers breaking up the red and white pattern. Large sunglasses and a sleek half-up-half-down hairdo finish the look. Everything about Gerrard’s outfit could be taken as a lesson in casual fashion and make the mom life look glamorous.

10 Kim Kardashian

You didn’t think we would stop at just one Kardashian, did you? And did you really think we would pass up Kim?! Whether or not you thought we forgot her, Kim rounds off our list and for good reason.

Her look seems simple enough: A pair of skinny white jeans paired with a vintage-print baseball tee.

It’s hard to go wrong with a baseball tee, especially when you’ve got a figure like Kim’s with all those awesome curves.

The polish comes to her look with the designer handbag looped onto the stroller handle for a secure hands-free carry and the nude strappy stilettos that she finished the look with. We wouldn’t want to try getting our strollers around while wearing stilettos, but Kim is way better with them than we are. Though her look is so cute, we might just give it a try. Either way, it’s worth a shot to get some of Kim’s poise while out with the kids!

9 Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin might be best known for her roles as Rogue and Sookie Stackhouse, mutants and mind readers that deal in the fantastic on a daily basis. The real Anna, however, seems to like to keep things simple and down to earth, especially when out and about with her little ones. Paquin’s near-iconic blonde hair is pulled back and, bless her, she has flyaways just like other moms! Her natural look is complete with makeup that is either barely there or not there at all, which is just one more thing that makes us love her.

What we can see of the outfit is no-nonsense: a warm jacket to keep her as snug as the kiddos in their coats and lap covers, a black shirt under that, and black boots. We’re willing to bet there’s a pair of nicely fitted jeans hiding behind the double stroller that Paquin is blazing along with. Round-framed glasses give a little pop of the unusual to a look that is as everyday-mom as you can get and we mean that in the best way possible because we are loving her look!

8 Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore burst into the public awareness when she was barely out of a stroller herself. Now that she is the one pushing the stroller, however, she is rocking it in a way that is uniquely her own. Barrymore pairs a thigh-length green coat with a black and white striped shirt and comfortable jeans. Her knit beanie seems to match the striping on her shirt, both pieces understated and classic.

The chunky gold necklace with a large heart pendant stands out against the simple lines and low-key colors in the rest of her outfit, drawing attention to the necklace itself as well as Barrymore’s trademark auburn hair. Unlike most moms on our list, her hair is down around her shoulders though it is prevented from flying wild by her beanie.

With her bags stowed under the stroller, Drew Barrymore is giving the mom look a subtle rock treatment that we can definitely get behind.

7 Jennifer Garner

Unfortunately for the rest of us moms, Jennifer Garner’s grace behind the stroller has nothing to do with her fashion and everything to do with being, well, Jennifer Garner! There are few actresses working in Hollywood today - or ever - who are reported to be as kind-hearted as the characters they play on-screen. There’s always some rumor of diva-esque behavior or rudeness to the crew members. Jennifer Garner has worked in Hollywood for almost 20 years and she still has a reputation that is as dazzling as her smile. She is something of a fan darling and that carried over when she entered motherhood

Garner doesn’t promote fad parenting trends, she doesn’t preach at her fans, and she does what every good mom tries to do: raise her kids right. From the carefree smile on her older child’s face and the alert expression on her younger child’s, we’d say she’s doing a pretty good job raising happy, engaged kids. Enjoying motherhood goes a long way to helping a mom rock the stroller strut.

6 Hilaria Baldwin

It is a little hard to recognize Hilaria in this photo, but her husband Alec is always easy to spot. The two of them are so adorable together, and the paparazzi are continuously photographing the pair out in public. In this photo above, Hilaria gets her stroller game on in a summer-loving outfit as she strikes a yoga pose on the sidewalk! Is she superwoman? We definitely think so. She is wearing tight blue jean shorts, a loose white top with a gray cardigan and yes, she is rocking a pair of beige heels.

As if it is not enough to do yoga while pushing a stroller but this beautiful mama is actually wearing heels too.

Alec is definitely one lucky man.

5 Lily Allen

Lily Allen is best known for songs that blast the status quo, most of them recorded at a studio that is one of the most environmentally sustainable on the planet. But when it comes to stroller style, she has the rocker look down-pat with unreserved grace. With her hair in a mom-worthy messy bun, she rocks the rest of the outfit with the kind of ease that only a celebrity could pull off. No "regular" mom in her right mind would ever dare step out in the heels that she is wearing and yet she doesn't appear to have any trouble walking in the stunning booties. We're also going to assume that she managed to stay upright in them and not fall as there are no pictures of her with busted knees on the web.

She may not be quite literally pushing the stroller, but she must have at some point!

4 Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow’s approach to the Mom Walk is a little different from the rest we’ve seen and so we’re going to approach her look a little differently. Her frilled white tank, cuffed capris, and red slip-on sandals are summer staples that would look just as good on most moms whether they’re behind their strollers or hanging out at the family barbecue.

The part of her look that has us going gaga, however, is the tone in her arms.

Every mom knows that the job requires a fair amount of upper body strength. Lifting kids only gets harder as they get older! But there’s no rule on the books that says a mom’s arms are likely to be as toned as Sheryl’s but we sure wish there was! Her trim, healthy look has us wanting to do curls with the diaper bag and lunges while we’re pushing our strollers. Hey, it has to help a little bit, right?

3 Jenna Bush Hager

You might not recognize Jenna right off, but you definitely know her dad. Jenna is the daughter of American president emeritus George W. Bush. Her time in the hustle and bustle of the White House might have something to do with how she looks so collected while she maneuvers her stroller through traffic, so we might be out of luck on perfecting that part of her look. But the rest of it we can definitely take for a test drive!

Her sleek blonde bob is a modern take on the classic look, her hair tight to her face and veering more towards a pixie cut than the flared looks that were popular ten or twenty years ago. Hager has paired a soft and comfortably fit white tee with blue leggings and athletic shoes for a put-together luck that would make dashing out the door on a summer day easy!

2 Tina Fey

Liz Lemon would have probably struggled to wrangle two kids, shopping bags, and a stroller but her real-life counterpart makes it look easy. Fey keeps her look casual with blue jeans, a comfortable tee, sneakers, and a quick updo which is a go-to look for just about every busy mom. The polish and grace for this look come from the relaxed but fitted cut of her clothes, the vaguely vintage style of her sunglasses, and - perhaps trickiest of all - the way that she and her elder daughter keep pace with one another.

Looking good while out with the kids is in part a matter of well-behaved children. Toddlers don’t always make this easy, but a slightly older child with the discipline to keep one hand on the stroller while out and about says “I am a mom who is in control!”.

1 Jessica Simpson

We’re going to go ahead and say what we’re sure a lot of you are thinking: this is not the most flattering picture of Jessica Simpson that we could have chosen. But, to be fair, it is important to realize that it’s impossible for any mom to look stunning all the time! You’re shocked, we’re sure. That being said, Jessica still looks fantastic which gives us hope that maybe we look more fantastic than we think we do too!

Her bright shoes attract a lot of attention, but if you manage to look upward, her blown-out blonde hairdo looks simply stylish in a beach-chic sort of way. Large sunglasses add a little bit of posh to her neutral, natural look. And what could be more comfortable than an oversized sweater, right?

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