15 Celeb Moms Smashing McDonald's

Let’s be real, here. Sometimes, mama needs a cheeseburger. The fast food drive-through calls out to tired moms on days when the baby won’t stop crying. Especially when the car is a sure-fire way to lull a wailing baby into a much-needed peaceful sleep. As children grow, some days are rougher than others. It’s no surprise that sometimes moms find themselves settling for feeding the little mouths they’re responsible for Happy Meals instead of organic vegetables and free-range chicken.

McDonald’s restaurants have become notorious for being the opposite of healthy. It doesn't help that the fast food chain's image has been majorly marred by headlines claiming customers are finding rats and chicken heads in their food orders. In recent years, the restaurant has gone to great lengths to assure the public it’s a great place to eat. Sure, sometimes McDonald’s gets a bad wrap, but there’s no arguing with the fact that the heavenly combination of their greasy fries and a bubbly soda can’t really be beat--not even by kale chips and salmon painstakingly prepared by a professional chef.

Celebrity moms may be rich and famous, but they battle cravings just like the rest of us. We can’t fault them for turning to McDonald’s fare for a cheap, delicious, albeit not very nutritious, meal every now and again. After all, it’s pretty much common knowledge that Big Macs and chicken Mcnuggets have been known to turn a frazzled mom’s frown upside down.

The following 15 photos of celeb mamas smashing McDonald’s may help the regular moms of the world go a little easier on themselves the next time they find themselves dealing with a food baby created at none other than good ole’ Mickey D’s.

15 Kim Kardashian

Kim K is one celeb who certainly loves her McDonald’s. Many different photos featuring the reality star hitting up America’s favorite burger joint are currently circulating the web. While she’s often with her main squeeze, Kanye West, when she gets a hankering for a burger and fries, she’s also been known to feast on food from the golden arches while flying solo.

The photo above of Kim getting ready to sink her teeth into some greasy goodness is certainly an epic example of the star’s love of fast food. Being a reality star can definitely cause a person to work up quite an appetite.

According to the mother-of-two, she doesn’t splurge on what many consider to be junk foods very often. She’s explained of her typical diet, “Every morning I have egg whites and avocado, and a piece of wheat toast. For lunch I love a salad, and for dinner, it's usually a risotto or a pasta."

14 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is a chart-topping singer as well as a mother of twins. She works hard to keep her voluptuous figure looking fly, but even Mimi has been known to treat herself to fast food from time to time. Speaking about her strict eating habits, she told E! News, “It’s really hard. My diet … you would hate it. All I eat is Norwegian salmon and capers every day. That’s it! I try to stick with the proteins. It’s the worst.”

The photo above proves that Carey allows herself to eat something other than her two go-to foods every once in awhile. No one can eat perfectly all the time.

Carey also told Shape magazine, “I realize that 90 percent of losing weight is my diet. Today my workout routine is more about getting and staying toned, and for me, that means either taking hour-long walks a few times a week or jumping in the pool three or four days a week to do 45 minutes of aquatic exercises.”

13 Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum has been able to keep her physique svelte through four pregnancies. The Project Runway host works hard to keep herself in tip top physical condition. When asked how she stays in such great shape, Klum revealed the various ways she stays active. She shared, “If it's with my kids...we’re going on a hike with the dogs or jumping in the swimming pool, or we have a gigantic trampoline in the backyard. Every once in awhile I go on the treadmill, but I don’t love that so much. I like the outdoors a lot.”

Speaking on her eating habits, Klum has shared, “'If I indulge more, I have to exercise more. I figured out what works for me. I'll eat everything but the pasta and bread. Do I want the pasta? I do. But I choose not to eat it.”

Klum may be super strict when it comes to carbs, but she has admitted to treating herself every once in awhile. She once admitted, “[I was] out to dinner this weekend, and truffles are in season. I had to have the truffle pizza and the truffle pasta. It's not like I don't [indulge], but not all the time. My mom fries everything and drenches it in cream sauce. Anytime she comes to visit, it's like—boom!—two pounds [for me].”

12 Amy Adams

Oscar-winning actress Amy Adams learned a thing or two about being a foodie when she starred in the 2009 film Julie and Julia. Speaking about her role in the movie, she told Access Hollywood, “Eating, eating, eating and eating. As long as the costumes fit, I could eat as much as I wanted, which was great.”

The mother of one admitted to gaining some weight while shooting the flick, but smartly avoided stepping on a scale to see the exact amount. She shared of her weight increase, “It was a byproduct, yeah. There was some weight gain but I didn’t weigh myself so I really don’t know.”

The photo above, which shows Adams going crazy over fellow Academy Award winner, Cristoph Waltz’s juicy cheeseburger, is a testament to the fact that the actress doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s one famous mother who has learned that balance is the best policy.

11 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is the mother of two beautiful babies. She famously packed on the pounds during both of her pregnancies. Especially her first one with her daughter, Maxwell. Since, the singer and actress has found a healthy balance between enjoying her favorite dishes in moderation and avoiding unhealthy foods most of the time.

Speaking of her weight gain during her pregnancies, she admitted on Good Morning America, "I was so insecure - I couldn't even believe what I weighed. I don't think that I ever expected myself to see the numbers that I have seen on the scale.”

The fashion mogul continued, "You are creating a life, and honestly it's not easy. It is a really hard thing to go through. And you deserve to eat your ice cream, you deserve to have your pancakes. Do whatever you want to do and then afterwards just know that you have to work really hard.”

10 Nicky Hilton

Rumors have been circulating for years that Paris Hilton's younger sister, Nicky, is battling an eating disorder. When the mother-of-one had finally had enough, she spoke out against the hearsay. She told People, “There's no truth to any starvation, eating disorders, rumors.”

She continued, "I think the press has been printing a lot of pictures of me from unflattering angles. My friends see the pictures and they're like ‘Oh my god are you okay?' And then they see me, and they're like 'Oh… ' It's really not that interesting or true."

Nicky sent a strong message to those who have accused her of not eating enough when she enjoyed some McDonald’s fries courtside at a basketball game. The above photo proves she isn’t afraid to enjoy delicious food. Scrutiny from the press can be brutal for famous moms, and we applaud Nicky for her choice to boldly enjoy fried foods whenever her heart desires.

9 Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is a mother of one known for her athletic figure. She’s admitted she works hard to keep her body in mint condition, even if she doesn’t always love it. She once joked, “My job comes with getting on that f***ing treadmill. I hate it so much. I hate it but it works. It f***ing works.”

“I was 80 pounds heavier after I had my baby,” McCarthy has revealed. “I feel pressure because I need to feed my kid and a lot of my work comes from maintaining my health and my shape.”

McCarthy may enjoy fast food from time to time, but when a photo shoot in which she’s baring all is coming up, she goes on what she’s dubbed a “soup diet." The diet consists of enjoying soup for lunch and dinner every day. The comedienne and actress has also shared, “Working out is for muscle tone, and if you eat a lot of bad foods, it will burn it off. But if you can’t work out, watch what you eat and you’ll lose weight. I’m meatier—you can see it. I’m heavier than I’ve ever been. I’m alright with it.”

8 Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields, pictured above enjoying some Mcdonald's chicken Mcnuggets, is a gorgeous mama who seems to get more and more beautiful and refined with age. She’s admitted that, while she values health and fitness, she’s aware that life can sometimes make it hard to stick to a diet or exercise plan.

Shields has shared, “Spinning is the only way I ever lose weight. It’s purely about keeping my heart rate up… I don’t think there’s a trick to being healthy; I think we all know what our limitations are."

She continued, "There’s no ‘drink lemon juice after fried chicken.’ It’s about being honest with yourself and saying, ‘Yep, I’ll have to eat less and exercise more than I’m consuming,’ or ‘I’m going to have to lay back on drinking and not sleeping.’ Balancing seems to be the biggest tip. It’s so boring but yet it’s true. It gets real simple; there’s no pill.”

7 Katherine Heigl

Actress and mother Katherine Heigl is seen above enjoying a delicious Mcdonald’s meal after a formal night out on the town. She splurges every now and then, but also diets to keep herself healthy and fit. She recently captioned an Instagram photo of herself and her husband, Josh Kelley, enjoying a delicious dinner of green veggies, protein and wine together, “Joshbkelley and I having a romantic diet delivery dinner together…a couple that diets together, stays together.”.

Heigl gained approximately 50 pounds during her pregnancy, and has admitted, “I had hoped to only gain 25-30 pounds like my mother during her pregnancies, but found that just wasn’t possible for me. Despite starting my gestation out on a pregnancy friendly meal plan and hiking my butt off 5 days a week, my weight kept creeping up.”

She also dished, “We’ve all heard about the gals who tone up and get right back into their skinny jeans weeks after [the births of their babies], but this was not me, nor was I trying for it to be. I have only lost 10 pounds since that first initial drop, but that’s ok because I decided from the start that I was going to lovingly but patiently reclaim my pre baby body, and forgive the glorious imperfections that would forever grace my new post baby body.”

6 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is another celeb mom who has been accused of struggling with an eating disorder. She spoke out against the rumors while pregnant, and stated, “Do I eat is kind of an understatement. I eat all the time, especially now. I’m constantly hungry. I’m eating at least every hour.” Richie added, “Just like any mother, you know, you want to take the best care of yourself, especially while you’re pregnant. And I’m definitely eating healthier now, and I’m really playing by the rules.”

The star has also shared of her eating habits while expecting, “I do not drink caffeine at all, cut out sushi. No alcohol … No marijuana … No pills … Nothing … No smoking around me.” On gaining weight during pregnancy, Richie has stated that she’s “totally okay” with putting on 40 of 50 pounds while she’s expecting and has said, “That is what my body needs to do.”


When Richie was asked point blank in an interview with Diane Sawyer if she had an eating disorder, she responded, “No, I do not have an eating disorder. I’ve never had an eating disorder. Ever. … It’s anxiety. It’s stress. It’s just not being careful.”

5 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is known for her healthy eating habits, but even those known for being strict about the fare they consume enjoy Mcdonald’s every now and again. It’s been reported that when Jolie isn’t treating herself to a burger and fries, she and her kids snack on bugs.

A BBC News clip recently featured the Academy Award-winning mother and her brood enjoying a feast made up of tarantulas and scorpions while on location for her film, First They Killed My FatherIn one shot, Jolie demonstrated for her twins, Vivienne and Knox, the best way to prep creepy crawly cuisine for an awaiting skillet. "See the hard part where you have the teeth?" Jolie asked the 8-year-olds, "Take the fangs out."

Speaking about eating bugs, the actress explained in an interview on Good Morning America, “I first had them when I was first in country. Crickets, you start with crickets. Crickets and a beer and then you kind of move up to tarantulas." On what her children’s snack of choice was, she dished, “They can eat a bag of crickets like a bag of chips.” Yea...maybe she should just stick with McDonald's. 

4 Beyonce

Queen Bey is pictured above chowing down on a cheeseburger with her good friend Nicki Minaj. She’s undoubtedly one of the hottest moms around, and her sultry curves are simply gorgeous, but even multi-millionaire mamas struggle to stay fit sometimes.

We love Beyonce’s honest revelation that it isn’t always easy for her to eat healthy, and that she’s had a hard time finding a diet plan that helps her avoid unwanted weight gain. The mother-of-three has shared, “I am not naturally the thinnest woman. I have curves. I have struggled with diets and finding something that works for me."

The sensational singer has had weight loss success when she’s relied on large servings of veggies to help her feel full. "The weight stayed off," she stated of her diet secret on Good Morning America. Another benefit? "I felt like my skin was really firm, a lot more than when I restricted myself.”

3 Melissa Gorga

Melissa Gorga is one real housewife known for her killer bikini bod. She works extremely hard to stay fit, but couldn’t resist the Mcdonald’s event pictured above. Breaded, fried chicken is pretty hard to stay away from.

Gorga has shared of her workout routine, “I actually do a lot of squats...and I do a lot of things to tone my legs, as well as a lot of sit-ups. I work my lower abs, my upper abs. I do thousands of sit-ups in the summertime because I'm always in a bikini and showing my stomach."

The mother of three has also admitted that she hasn’t always been a huge fan of exercise. According to Gorga, "I was the queen of excuses, thinking, ‘Oh, I don't really need to; I'm skinny, I don't really feel like it.' But, when you start working out, you see that everything starts to tighten up and everything starts to tone--and it's worth it."

2 Britney Spears

Britney Spears may very well be a slave to McDonald’s. Pictures of the pop star known for her amazing abs enjoying some fast food from the establishment are plentiful. Those who loved Brit before will adore her even more when they realize how down-to-earth she is when it comes to her eating habits. Sure, she tries to eat healthy, but she isn’t above dropping less than a dollar on a smooshed cheeseburger when it strikes her fancy.

She recently shared on her approach to eating, “I’m the healthiest I’ve been all my life. My diet has a lot to do with my getting into shape. I have no sugar. I don’t eat fruit or even fruit juice because of the sugar."

She continued, "I eat chicken and salmon and rice. I eat avocados. I’ll have egg whites for breakfast and sometimes turkey burgers for lunch. I try to do just 1,200 calories a day. It may sound like it’s not much, but it’s actually a lot of food if you eat the right things.” What guilty pleasures does Britney go without when she’s dieting? She has shared, “Frappuccinos - gone. I do still drink coffee, but just with Equal.”

1 Oops! Britney Ate At McDonald's...Again

We aren’t trying to pick on Britney at all, but we simply couldn’t resist adding a second picture of the mother-of-two thoroughly enjoying her McDonald’s. Moms need to treat themselves every now and then to help get themselves through the rough days they often face.

Along with trying to eat healthy, Spears makes sure to put in her time at the gym. The dancer is naturally athletic, and counteracts her McDonald’s runs with cardio sessions and weights. She has revealed, “I was working with male trainers and recently switched to a woman because she knew how to lean me out better.”

The moms listed above are some of the hottest famous folks on the planet. They are living proof that fast food is definitely good for mind, body and soul when consumed in small doses. Go ahead, be like Beyonce and have McDonald’s for dinner tonight. You know you want to.

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