15 Celeb Moms Still Being Bashed For Nothing

There are plenty of reasons to be up in arms about celebrity moms today. Between car seat mistakes that could cost them their babies’ lives and crazy publicity stunts, some celeb moms need to get their parenting game back on track. But in the midst of those bad moms, there are plenty of moms who are unjustly shamed for ridiculous reasons.

If it wasn’t hard enough being a mom in the first place, today’s celebrity personalities deal with being in the spotlight more than your average mom who can’t get out of the house without a toddler meltdown and a newborn diaper blowout. While regular moms bask in the glow of obscurity, high-profile moms don’t get any slack when the media descends on their lives. Sure, plenty of the criticisms of celeb mommies are justified, like when their kids are truly in danger. But most of the time, judgmental followers take one snapshot of their lives and bash a mom based on one moment in time.

Conveniently, cameras seem to be off every time celebs are just being normal moms. With social media trolls picking them apart daily, plenty of celeb moms are still being shamed for the dumbest reasons.

15 Jessica Simpson - No Bikinis For Her Mini


When Jessica Simpson took to Instagram to share a snap of her 5-year-old daughter, Yahoo Style reported, commenters flocked to her post. In it, her daughter Maxwell is wearing a bikini and posing with her scooter. Commenters suggested that Simpson was putting Maxwell in danger by posting a photo of the tot in her swimsuit, saying that the world is “filled with perves.”

Paranoid commenters went on to say that creepy pedophiles lurk around every corner, and they’ll take kids’ images and edit them for “disturbing use” and then circulate them to other undesirables. While this sounds a little far-fetched, we agree with the more sane commenters who noted that people like the crazed critics saying Maxwell’s suit is inappropriate are also the ones who are sexualizing a child because of her appearance. Maybe they should get some help for that.

14 Christina El Moussa - Catching Heat For Skin Shot


HGTV Star Christina El Moussa clapped back at mommy shamers who put her down for sharing photos of herself and her young daughter wearing matching bikinis. Beyond commentary on their lilac-colored swimwear, negative nancies jumped on El Moussa’s post for the odd pose, the Daily Mail reported, which included her daughter eating a donut and El Moussa herself holding their dog.

El Moussa retorted that not only does she live in Southern California where beachwear is normal daily wear, but also that the image was promotional material for a swimwear line she’s working with. However, that didn’t stop commenters from bashing the mom’s parenting choices and swearing off her show, Flip or Flop, for good. We’re pretty sure little girls in bathing suits aren’t the worst thing you’ll see on Instagram, so we’re not sure why these commenters are so nitpicky about every detail of the pic.

13 Kourtney K - Slammed For Grownup Look On Toddler


Even the Kardashians aren’t extreme enough to pierce their kids’ faces, right? Kourtney Kardashian’s followers erupted in a cloud of concern over a pic the mom of three posted to her Instagram with the caption “Yes, that’s a lip ring.” Perez Hilton quoted Kardashian’s followers, who mostly expressed disgust with the mom’s allowing her four-year-old to stick the lip ring on her face. Plenty of comments begged Kardashian to tell them it wasn’t real- but did they really need to ask?

Kids wear fake tattoos and fake earrings all the time- what’s so different about a fake lip ring? Obviously no mother in their right mind would pierce their 4-year-old’s face, so what is it about the Instagram post that caused such worry from random fans? We kind of think people are taking any opportunity to jump all over a Kardashian, regardless of whether it’s warranted or not.

12 Chrissy T - Attacked Online Over Dinner Date


Chrissy Teigen is no stranger to mommy shamers, and she often comes back with some impressive retorts of her own. Being a model and married to John Legend doesn’t allow Teigen any slipups, though, and she’s taken heat for everything from how she carries baby Luna to how often she changes the now-toddler.

But this mommy-shaming debacle has us scratching our heads. As the Daily Mail reported, Teigen and her husband went out to dinner one evening, and the next morning Teigen’s Twitter had erupted with tons of nasty comments about her mothering abilities. Baby Luna was less than two weeks old, and to online trolls, that obviously meant Teigen shouldn’t leave the house to have dinner with her husband for a couple of hours. At least no one thought to shame her hubby, since dads get to do whatever they want anytime, right?

11 Victoria Beckham - Shamed For Smooching Daughter


Plenty of people feel uncomfortable with kissing their kids on the lips, but does that mean no parent should do so? According to online commenters, it’s gross and wrong, and you’re just not supposed to do it. But that didn’t stop Victoria Beckham from posting a heartfelt Instagram post about her daughter Harper’s fifth birthday, complete with the mom and daughter duo sharing a poolside smooch.

ET Online noted that comments ranged from mild- “I would be uncomfortable doing that and I think most people would be,”- to disgustingly suggestive: “That’s one passionate kiss right there…Hope she gets so passionate with @davidbeckham”. We’re on mama bear’s side on this one, though- kissing our kids is normal and natural and it’s the weirdos who think it’s sexual in some way. We’ll keep on giving our kids love and affection while the trolls crawl back into their holes.

10 Reese Witherspoon - Actually Feeds Her Toddler


Mom to two teens and a toddler, Reese Witherspoon certainly has her work cut out for her. But in supermom fashion, and showing up most of us on Instagram, Witherspoon has been sharing her toddler son Tennessee’s breakfast plates online. Sadly, she’s caught a lot of criticism for it. One particular meal included two small cinnamon rolls and an apple slice, made into a smile.

Followers critiqued her choice of food for her 2-year-old, with Huffington Post quoting those who said it was awful food to feed a growing child and that there was too much sugar in the meal. While we agree that cinnamon rolls aren’t an ideal daily breakfast, Witherspoon’s posts show that she makes creative and healthy meals all the time, and that haters’ comments were completely unjustified.

9 Hillary Duff - Dissed For Kissing Son


Yet another celeb mom being mocked for giving her child a peck on the lips, Hillary Duff shot back at disgruntled followers who shamed her for kissing then-4-year-old Luca on the mouth. US Magazine reported that the star’s Instagram pic, captured at Disneyland, resulted in a cascade of commenters dissing the young mom.

Duff wasn’t having it though, and much the way she’s handled other criticisms in the media, she blew off the negative nancies who judged her parenting style. She notes that someone’s always a critic, whether it’s over a toddler’s meltdown in public or the way a mom feeds or disciplines her child, and it doesn’t end with celebrity moms, either. Duff is the mom to have in your corner when it comes to dealing with internet haters!

8 Kelly Clarkson - Slathering On The Shame


Glamour reported that following Kelly Clarkson’s cute pics and video of her two-year-old trying Nutella for the first time, the superstar singer was on the receiving end of trolling comments crying child abuse. One commenter told Clarkson that Nutella has been “confirmed to give cancer,” while others knocked Clarkson’s choice of spread for her tot based on its sugar content.

Some commenters even warned Clarkson that the sugary spread would make her daughter “blow up.” We’re pretty sure that the occasional treat won’t make toddler River obese for life, and it’s nice to know that celeb moms like Clarkson don’t take life too seriously. Besides, we all enjoy a treat or dessert now and then, and kids can enjoy those foods in moderation too. But hey, where’s our toast with Nutella, mama Kelly?

7 Angelina Jolie - Has Critics Seeing Red


There’s plenty of back-and-forth in the media about parenting transgender kids, but Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are often highlighted for their perceived apathy toward their children’s gender identities. Daughter Shiloh has reportedly gone by the name John for years, although Jolie refers to her in female pronouns in interviews. It’s also obvious that Shiloh enjoys dressing and appearing as a boy in public, keeping her hair short and wearing “masculine” clothing.

But the media has seized on Angelina and Brad’s acceptance of all their children’s preferences and self-expression, with a Hollywood Life article going so far as to consult an “expert” on psychotherapy on the subject of the Jolie-Pitts. That so-called expert reported that the kids just need more attention, and that Shiloh’s life choices might just be a phase. That’s funny, we’re sure her parents know more about that than an “expert” who’s never met her.

6 Kristin Cavallari - Accused Of Starving Her Sons


Laguna Beach star Kristin Cavallari has held her own in the spotlight for years, but when it comes to fans’ criticism of her parenting, she doesn’t hesitate to let them have it. Cavallari posted photos of her family, including toddler sons Camden and Jaxon, playing while on vacation over a Fourth of July holiday. Instagram followers flocked to the post to comment on her boys’ physical condition, People reported, condemning Cavallari’s healthy lifestyle and suggesting she was starving her children because they looked “obviously nutritionally deficient.”

While it’s nice to know that there are mommy police on every corner watching out for our kids, it’s safe to say Cavallari knows how to feed her children, since she’s fastidious about checking labels and preparing healthy meals. Besides, all people- including kids- are built differently, and a shot of the boys’ backsides doesn’t prove anything about their diet or overall health.

5 Charlize Theron - Temper Tantrum From Hell


By most accounts, Charlize Theron kept her wits about her as her son Jackson busted out with a temper tantrum as the mom of two struggled to get him into the car. But as Liftable reported, the celebrity mom was later labeled a “monster mom” by Ok! Magazine and called out by online commenters for her attempts to diffuse the tantrum, which took place in a busy parking lot.

Nearly every mom has been in Theron’s shoes at some point, dealing with a tired, hungry, grouchy, or otherwise uncooperative kid who doesn’t realize the dangers of flopping around on the ground in the parking lot. We commend Theron’s response to Jackson’s tantrum, since she appears to be doing her best to stay calm and move him into the car where he’s safe.

4 Kim K - Mama Handles Critics With Class


However you feel about Kim Kardashian, the fact is, she’s a powerful presence in the media. Not only does she handle her own business, but she’s also a seemingly hands-on mom to her two kids. While she’s made her share of mistakes with her kiddos- like Saint’s car seat snafu- there’s one thing Kim is unapologetic about, and that’s her body. The reality TV personality posted an Instagram shot that featured her nude, save for censoring “bars” across her private areas.

While commenters trashed her for posting up partially nude online, Kim later came back with a thoughtful response to the slut shaming and body shaming she constantly experiences. As Elle reported, Kardashian’s follow-up post mentioned that she’s proud of her body and hopes to instill the same courage in her daughter, North, to appreciate and enjoy who she is and not listen to critics.

3 Beyonce - Over The Top Photo Shoot Earns Criticism


Queen Bey doesn’t do anything halfheartedly, which is why her maternity shoot while pregnant with twins Rumi and Sir didn’t shock us. Heck, even their names attract speculation and commentary. Still, the photo shoot was a little gaudy for us, but if the goal was to stir up the media, Beyonce and Jay Z definitely achieved that.

Hollywood Life picked apart the photos Beyonce shared while pregnant, comparing them to classical paintings and religious art. While Beyonce didn’t publicly explain her photos, she caught criticism for likening herself to the Virgin Mary and other notable icons. Whether the styling was intentional or not, why can’t the superstar mama feel glamorous in her pics? Truly, no mom can get away with a maternity shoot free of public commentary anymore, but couldn’t they have let her enjoy her beautiful baby bump in peace?

2 Charlize Theron - Gender Police Report Mom To Media


Not only does Charlize Theron have her hands full with son Jackson’s behavioral issues while out in public, she also has to contend with a slew of angry comments and articles from people who are mad about her son wearing “feminine” clothing. In a number of photos circulating online, Theron’s adopted son wears box braids and dresses while carrying a princess-themed backpack. By his recent appearance in the media, most people (like BET) have begun to assume that Jackson is transitioning to female, although Theron has not made a public statement on the subject.

While Jackson continues to step out in pink fuzzy boots, leggings, and tutus, the internet is going nuts over the fact that he is not only adopted, but also black, as if that somehow mandates that he identifies as male even if that’s not how he feels on the inside.

1 Beyonce - “Selfish” Superstar Mom Poses With Twins


We don’t know of any mom of twins that looks quite as glamorous as Beyonce did when she debuted her one-month-old babies, Sir and Rumi. But of course, the moment Beyonce posted the image, critics flocked to her social media page and started bashing the superstar mom for her narcissism. That’s right- onlookers accused Beyonce of using her babies as a marketing ploy for her brand, and suggested she was selfish for posing for a photo shoot with the weeks-old babies.

We’re not sure why anyone would think a mom of twins is selfish or narcissistic for posting a photo of her holding her babies, even if that mom is super-glam Beyonce. We’re really annoyed by the people who say Beyonce was using her babies for PR when, as Harpers Bazaar noted, plenty of other famous parents have sold their babies’ images to tabloids for publication.

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