15 Celeb Moms We Love Seeing Pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Her nails grow easily, her hair is lush and she has that “pregnancy glow” that makes every other woman envious of her complexion. Some women even say that it’s the best time of their lives, that they’ve never felt more beautiful than when carrying their baby. There’s no better place to witness this transformation than in the celeb mom circle. They have access to the best products, best care and coolest trends, so we get to witness what seems to be the perfect pregnancy. We get to watch as they gracefully grow and somehow always find the perfect outfit to show off their better than ever figure.

That can also be a little daunting for the rest of us who don’t necessarily feel beautiful as that bump gets bigger and bigger, but don’t worry, there’s a list of celebs that don’t handle the growing girth well too.

Whether you’re finding that eating for 2 is more like eating for 6, or you still love taking your daily jog at 7 months pregnant, we can all appreciate the gorgeous moms who make pregnancy look like a dream (and we can relate ever so slightly to the moms who make it look like a nightmare).

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25 Natalie Portman

This mom of 2 knows exactly how to dress up her bump. We loved her fashion while pregnant with her now 5 year old son Aleph, and this time around was no different. Whether she’s attending a film premiere, laughing it up with Jimmy Fallon, or dressing down for a day of shopping, Natalie seems to always have the perfect outfit on for her body. My personal favorite was when she kept things classy on the red carpet at the 74th Golden Globe Awards by wearing a form flattering but not tight yellow floor length gown by Prada.

The couple welcomed their baby girl, Amalia, on February 22nd. The notoriously private mom said that she and the baby were happy and healthy post-delivery.

We’re hoping they don’t wait too long to go for number 3!

24 Lauren Conrad

Lauren is known for her fashion line, so it’s no wonder that she would be someone who knows how to dress all the new curves that come with pregnancy. Whether gracing the cover of Parents magazine or wearing the cutest little bikini on her tropical baby moon, Lauren makes pregnancy look easy breezy. And it’s more than looks- according to her, the pregnancy wasn’t that bad. She missed eating cheese and wine (who wouldn’t!) and had a few food aversions, but other than that, didn’t have any crazy cravings. She also had trouble putting on weight in her first trimester, an issue I’m sure we all wish we struggled with in pregnancy!

The 31 year old former The Hills star and her husband welcomed son, Liam, on July 5th.

23 Katherine Heigl

(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)

Katherine Heigl isn’t just beautiful on film, she has a beautiful heart too, which we all saw when she and her husband, Josh Kelley, adopted 2 girls before getting pregnant with son, Joshua Jr. Their first daughter was adopted back in 2009 from South Korea, then they added in a beautiful little girl from Louisiana in 2012. Joshua, Jr joined the family in December, completing the gorgeous family.

Katherine managed to look put together throughout her pregnancy, even though she suffered from sinus headaches and indigestion. She was also super real with readers of her blog, Heavenly Days, letting them know that she isn’t inspired to work out on a good day, much less when she’s pregnant. I don’t know about you, but I think many of us can relate to that!

22 Julia Stiles

The 10 Things I Hate About You actress is expecting her first child soon! She posted a very pregnant selfie on August 1st captioned “Alright, I couldn’t resist” and we’re glad she didn’t hold back. Julia is carrying pregnancy super well, looking pretty much exactly the same, except with a basketball under her shirt. She and fiancé, Preston J. Cook, have been together for a while, but only just decided to it was time to expand their cute little fam. They have said in the past that they’re taking their time with the wedding planning, but maybe this new addition will give them a push down the aisle.

The couple has been very hush hush as to the gender and due date of the baby, but we know that whenever he or she comes, they’ll be super cute and celebrated.

21 Kate Middleton

The beloved Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant again, with baby number 3 on the way. Being married to the future king of England means that Kate’s pregnancies are watched very closely by people all over the world. Luckily, she seems to handle it well, despite the fact that each pregnancy has given her extreme morning sickness. This form of morning sickness, called Hyperemesis Gravidarum, requires medication and medical attention to ensure that the mother doesn’t become dehydrated and that she and the baby gain enough weight throughout the pregnancy.

But you wouldn’t know that Kate suffers from this condition with the way she carries herself and how she seems so put together, often stepping out in heels and a dress, looking the part of a Duchess. Pregnancy goals for sure!

20 Behati Prinsloo

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 11: Singer Adam Levine and model Behati Prinsloo attend the 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)

Maybe it’s her South African-Namibian genes. Maybe it’s being married to Adam Levine. Maybe it comes with being a Victoria Secret Angel. Whatever it is, Behati makes pregnancy look GOOD. Like “somebody get me that girl’s workout routine” good.

The couple, who married in 2014, are expecting their second child only a year after their daughter, Dusty Rose, was born. Behati confessed that they don’t get much sleep, which will only get worse with another little one on the way. But when Behati steps out looking fresh and smiley, your last thought is that she doesn’t seem to be sleeping much.

To top it all off, it was just announced that Behati will be walking in the upcoming Victoria Secret fashion show in November. Imagine looking that good while pregnant!

19 Serena Williams

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 01: Serena Williams attends the "Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 1, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

The long-time tennis champ had her first baby, a little girl, born on September 1st of this year. She jokingly posted that her daughter already has one Grand Slam Title under her belt, because she was pregnant with Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr. during the Australian Open, which she won. Talk about handling a pregnancy well! Not only did she continue to work out, she continued to work which is saying a lot for a tennis champ. There were no desk days for this mama, who continued her intense workouts right into the 3rd trimester, a goal many of us want to have. And she made sure everyone knew that she wouldn’t be retiring once baby came. Way to go mama! I guess swollen ankles and pregnancy cravings can’t stop a tennis star.

18 Kim Kardashian

We couldn’t help but put the self-made businesswoman and diva on this list. She has nailed 2 pregnancies and now is having a 3rd kiddo through a surrogate. Yes, that’s right, a Hollywood celeb is being open and honest about using a surrogate. For Kim, it’s not about preserving her body which has already gone through 2 not so easy pregnancies. It’s a safety concern that she and her doctors talked about, finally coming to this decision. Her first pregnancies were both high risk due to a condition called placenta accreta which means that the placenta doesn’t detach after birth, so the doctor has to manually detach it. Not fun and very painful.

We love seeing Kim pregnant when she embraces all her curves and doesn’t play down the fact that she gains weight in her pregnancies, but we’re happy that she’s taking the safe route and growing her family through surrogacy!

17 Jaime Pressly

She’s 40 years old, pregnant with twins and looks this good? Yeah, you can see why she’s on the list. The My Name Is Earl actress and her longtime boyfriend have been trying to grow their family for a while. She already has a 10 year old son with ex Eric Calvo, but has been wanting to have a baby with her current and long term boyfriend, Hamzi Hijazi. They had started to give up due to her age and the length of time they’d been trying, only to be surprised that they are not only pregnant, but having twin boys!

She says that her son has been pestering them for a sibling for years now, and now he gets his wish times two, with the twins due this fall.

16 Nicky Hilton

You may be surprised to see the hotel chain heiress on this list, but a quick google search will show you exactly why she’s someone we love to see pregnant. She somehow makes pregnancy look like a fashionable accessory. Every outfit seems to complement the fact that she’s pregnant and glowing, and that’s not something that’s easy to do!

Nicky and husband, James Rothschild, have a daughter together who just turned one, which may seem a bit soon for a new baby, but Nicky’s mom said she’s a natural at motherhood and absolutely loves it. Nicky herself said that daughter Lily wakes her up at 5:30 every morning but it’s totally worth it to see her beautiful face. I hope she likes those early wake ups because it’s only going to continue with the new babe on the way!

15 Beyonce

Of course we love seeing Queen B pregnant- who wouldn’t?! She is the American version of royalty and she carries herself that way. She hasn’t been afraid to put on the pounds during her pregnancies and then work hard to get herself back into shape. Just look at pictures of her only one month after giving birth to twins, Rumi and Sir, and be amazed at her ability to bounce back post baby. And this is her second pregnancy, so you know that isn’t easy.

I personally love seeing Beyonce all dressed up, proudly displaying a not so little bump, wearing sky high heels like it’s no big deal. Apparently, the extra weight of 2 growing babies doesn’t affect this mama’s famously toned legs. Way to go Bey, you look fab and we love it!

14 Blake Lively

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Gabrielle's Angel Foundation)

Blake and husband, Ryan Reynolds, had their second baby girl last year. Blake sailed through her first pregnancy, making it look like the best time of her life. She even admitted that she never bought a single maternity piece, opting instead for more stretchy or larger clothes. She wanted to keep her style throughout her pregnancy since so much else about her was changing. She did the same thing for her second pregnancy, sticking close to her individual style and making her bump look all the more amazing.

The couple have daughter, James, who is 2 and little girl, Inez, who was born in September 2016. They want to have many more kids, and we really hope they do because we love watching Blake go through pregnancy like a pro each time!

13 Angelina Jolie

Rep 41547 Cannes, France May 15th,2008 Non exclusive 61st Annual Cannes Film Festival - Red carpet for "Kung Fu Panda" movie starring Angelina Jolie, Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman who made the voices of the main characters. Brad Pitt was with her 6 months pregnant wife Angelina Jolie. Among those attending were Natalie Imbruglia, Eva Longoria ... Pitt Brad;Jolie Angelina

First off, we have to mourn the fact that we won’t be getting any more Angelina and Brad babies, since the announcement of their divorce this time last year. But we will stil go ahead and celebrate the beauty of Angelina’s former pregnancies, which she showed off in a big way at events ranging from the SAG awards (vintage Hermes in Ombre- need we say more?) to the 2008 Kung Fu Panda premier where she wore that iconic green Max Azria gown.

Angelina has 3 adopted children, Pax, Zahara and Maddox, along with 3 biological children, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne, with ex Brad Pitt. Although we would hope that the 42 year old actress and humanitarian could squeeze in just one more pregnancy, we’re happy enough that she got in a couple before things ended with Brad.

12 Kate Hudson

Despite the pregnancy rumors swirling around right now (is she, isn’t she? Is it Brad Pitt’s baby??), we’ve put Kate on this list because of her past pregnancies. Her first pregnancy with son, Ryder, is known for the fact that she gained a TON of weight. And she even admitted later on that it was super hard to lose the weight, that she kept plateauing and feeling like she needed to hurry up and lose that weight. But she also mentions that she relishes that time in her life instead of regretting it. I’d say that’s a pretty great way to look at that season of life, rather than beating yourself up about it.

Her second pregnancy was totally opposite according to Kate. She had a much easier time with son, Bing, and is now known as one of those “fit moms”, even showing off perfect abs in her new athletic clothing line, Fabletics.

11 Heidi Klum

Being a Victoria Secret Model has its perks, not least of which is looking incredible through 4 pregnancies. Heidi and ex hubby, Seal, have 3 biological children together, Lou, Johan and Henry, plus Heidi’s first child whom Seal adopted, Helene. What we love about Heidi being pregnant? Her bump gets HUGE and she does not apologize for that or try to hide it. Instead she manages to dress herself in a way that is so flattering and put together. Yes, she bounces straight back and looks ridiculously good, which is totally unfair to the rest of us. But at least she isn’t known for “being so tiny” while pregnant.

While the 44 year old German native is probably done with having kiddos, we’ll happily use her past pregnancies for our future goals!

Aaaand now here are some celebs we really DON'T like seeing pregnant...

10 Rose Byrne

Rose Byrne and boyfriend, Bobby Cannavale, are expecting their second child, and we’re totally excited for them. BUT we don’t love seeing Rose pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, she’s gorgeous, but sometimes the lack of effort in her styling shows through and makes us feel little bit depressed.

In all fairness, she admitted that with her first son she felt like she was in a bit of a cocoon because it takes so long to get ready to leave the house and you’re so tired that in the end, you don’t want to leave at all. So she’s probably just completely exhausted and reached for the first thing she could find, which unfortunately in this case was a button down shirt with runners. Hopefully the next time she heads out, she grabs an outfit that goes together.

9 Kelly Clarkson

Now this isn’t going to be bashing Kelly time. The hit singer has been through her fair share of body shaming and bullying and we’re not going to add to that here. BUT she did decide to go out to Disneyland while heavily pregnant in black overalls, ballet flats and a little black hat, so we have to say something. It’s understandable that she went make up free in the hopes that no one would recognize her, but what isn’t understandable is why she chose this outfit to “lay low” in. It’s very noticeable (and not just because she was wearing a bright yellow shirt under those overalls), and it’s landed Kelly on the “don’t love” list.

We’re hoping that from now on Kelly chooses something a little less “rodeo” and a little more “pop star”.

8 Gisele Bundchen

Finally, a supermodel we don’t love seeing pregnant! For a little while there, it seemed like they were all perfect, but Gisele shows us that just because you walk around with wings on for a living, doesn’t mean that you’re an angel.

She’s been through three pregnancies and, in all honesty, she’s looked pretty great through them all. You wouldn’t even be able to tell she’s had children if it weren’t for the picture proof. But it’s not so much about what she wore or how she bounced back, it’s about how upset she always looked that landed her on this side of the list. Gisele made pregnancy look a bit miserable, which made us think, we don’t really like seeing her that way because we don’t like feeling miserable. So cheer up Gisele, you’re probably done having kiddos now anyway!

7 Mila Kunis

She’s one half of the adorable tv couple turned real life couple, with hubby Ashton Kutcher, and she’s been through 2 easy breezy pregnancies. It seems that the ease of the That 70s Show star’s pregnancies has caused Mila to be super laidback in her maternity style. So laid back that you might say she looks sloppy, which is so opposite for Mila who usually looks incredible at any event. But motherhood changes a person and comes with loads of compromises, so it’s safe to say that fashion doesn’t take the highest priority.

The Ukrainian born actress has one of those bodies that just bounces back after a pregnancy, so we know she’ll have no trouble at all getting back to her usual fashionable self now that she’s had baby number 2.

6 Kourtney Kardashian

(Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Women's Health)

The Kardashians are known as much for their fashion as they are known for their drama. But there is such a thing as taking fashion too far. Kourtney shows us that you really can have too much of a good thing, with this over lacey jumpsuit that sits in a very unflattering way on her growing body. Unlike her sister, Kim, she’s drifted away from the maternity style that she knows suits her well and decides to branch out into something that only ends up showing every bump, and not just the baby one!

Kourtney and hubby, Scott Disick, have had three children together, and at 38 years old, Kourtney is probably done now with the pregnancies. At least we won’t have to see any more bad maternity style!

5 Mariah Carey

Yes, Mariah Carey doesn’t look great here. She made a few mistakes when picking out this outfit, even if it was just to run to the car (stretchy and see-through don’t mix). But she’s actually on this list because her diva tendencies get compounded when she’s pregnant. The pop singer, who at the time was pregnant with then hubby, Nick Cannon’s twins, had a little tantrum on tv when she was co hosting on the Home Shopping Network in an attempt to promote her perfume. A camera caught her lounging on the couch with her shoes off, which she noticed and quickly got upset about. We get it, no one wants to be filmed at a bad angle, but Mariah doesn’t handle these sorts of situations with grace and poise like you would expect from someone who has been in the spotlight for as long as she has.

Sorry you got upset Mariah, but it was pretty funny seeing you like that!

4 January Jones

Culver City, CA - January Jones heads the Westfield Mall today and meets with a friend to over lunch. The expectant mom showed off her growing baby bump in a colorful ensemble, consisting of a orange tank top with a grey skirt and lime green designer bag. GSI Media August 1, 2011 To License These Photos, Please Contact : Steve Ginsburg (310) 505-8447 (323) 4239397 steve@ginsburgspalyinc.com sales@ginsburgspalyinc.com or Keith Stockwell (310) 261-8649 (323) 325-8055 keith@ginsburgspalyinc.com ginsburgspalyinc@gmail.com

January Jones took a laid back approach to her maternity wardrobe. A VERY laid back approach. She often looked less than stylish in leggings, oversized shirts and sandals. She opted for anything stretchy (we know, it’s comfy), but didn’t necessarily pick things that were body flattering. She ended up looking worse for wear which is why she’s on this side of the list. Of course, we have to mention that she chose to raise her child on her own with no baby daddy in the picture, so she’s also kind of a hero for being a single mom in Hollywood.

January is now 39 years old so there might not be any more maternity fashion in her future, but if this, we hope she has a different wardrobe for this one!

3 Jennifer Garner

Credit : Poersch/AKM Images.

The 45 year old Alias star only just recently split with hubby, Ben Affleck, so we’ll go easy on her here. The couple has three kids together so we’ve had a few rounds of Jen’s maternity looks, and unfortunately, they’re not great. Instead of glowing, gorgeous Hollywood celeb, she often looks like haggard, frumpy nerd mom. Ok, that might be a bit harsh. Let’s just say that she doesn’t put her best foot forward during pregnancy. Here her outfit of choice was washed out purple corduroys, a grey top with grey jacket and black boots (one pant leg out and one tucked in). She has messy hair and reminds us nothing of the gorgeous knockout that you often see on the red carpet.

Now she’s a single mom of three, so we’re cheering her on no matter what she’s wearing!

2 Hillary Duff

She will forever be Lizzie McGuire to us, no matter the fact that she is now almost 30 years old. The actress and singer had son, Luca, with now ex hubby Mike Comrie, and during her pregnancy, she was one of those moms that leaned towards stretchy fabrics that did little to flatter her heavily pregnant body. Hillary gained a lot of weight during that time and admitted that for her being pregnant meant a free pass to eat whatever she wanted. She even confessed that it was fun for her to put on all that weight, so we can’t really blame her for doing it. It makes you feel like the baby weight isn’t such a big deal after all. And it’s not. But please, don’t cover it all in stretchy cheap looking fabric.

1 Amy Adams

First off, let’s just go ahead and say that Amy looks absolutely incredible for being 43 years old. Secondly, let’s talk about how bad this outfit choice is. Like, it’s really bad. Not only should NO ONE wear capris, no one should ever wear white ones, especially when pregnant. I know, the thigh situation while pregnant isn’t great, but it’s not worth the cover up if you just end up looking frumpy. She would have been better off with a skirt or leggings. She wasn’t exactly fashion forward throughout her pregnancy, but she did manage to always look pretty happy which is encouraging for the rest of us.

Since she’s already 43 years old, I don’t think we’ll be getting a second run of her maternity style, but thanks for giving us something to talk about, Amy!

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