15 Celeb Moms Who Admit To (Sometimes) Hating Motherhood

There are many ways to "admit" things. Obviously, it would be easiest if people came right out and said what they meant. Honestly, though there is a lot of reading in between the lines in this list and jumping to conclusions.

In this list of celebs that "admit" to feeling a certain amount of hate towards being moms, there is sarcasm. There may also be some specific moments in which they totally were not a fan of motherhood. The getting "real" about motherhood moments. Don't we all sort of hate being a mother at times? Who looks at the blown out diaper of their infant and remembers to treasure this little bundle of joy? Who sees the tantrum throwing toddler at Disney and thinks "This is everything I ever pictured in motherhood. My reward has finally arrived for all the hard work I've put in."

It's alright to not love every second. Conversely, it's ok to be a positive Polly about it too. The goal here is to help everyone to feel at ease with their feelings. Also, to share those feelings in order to work through them. The work these celeb moms do to help the general public feel less shame when they find themselves overwhelmed with the demands of motherhood is something to be applauded. With that explanation out of the way- let's get the quotes and ideas that have us nodding in agreement or wondering if that is something on the horizon of our motherhood journey.

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15 Kris Jenner

Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Bruce Jenner, Kris Kardashian, Robert Kardashian and Kim Kardashian (Photo by Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage)

This one is more of a judgment based on actions than anything she has outright admitted in words. It seems that she prefers to be a manager than doing the hard work of mothering. Can you imagine having to distance yourself from your kids enough to allow their secrets and dirty laundry to be outed to the world? It would be a very hard thing to fight against the primal urge to protect the children that you gave birth to and instead consider the monetary gain of any given situation. This seems to suggest that she is admittedly not a fan of traditional motherhood. Many read the momager to be a cold and calculating woman for her ability to separate her feelings from the business aspect. There is no way to know if it is cold or if it is a way of taking care of her family. She has found a way to set up her children with ways to make money. Is that the goal of motherhood? Could be seen either way.

14 Dina Lohan

There are likely more than a few who wonder if she constitutes a celebrity. Agreed. There appears to be more than a little bit of living vicariously through her children going on. It might be why this motherhood gig doesn't seem to be a strong desire. The role she does seem to want to be is a friend. A friend that shares in the spoils of the daughter's hard work. This is why she makes the list. She has made a "celeb" of herself by capitalizing on her children, Lindsay Lohan was the first. It's hard to evenhandedly attempt any kind of explanation on some of the stories that have gone around about Dina's role in her daughter's problems. Therefore we can say that her inability to take on motherhood is an admittance that it isn't a role she cherishes. It has been long reported that motherhood was such a drag that she went ahead and took her underage daughter out to party.

13 Farrah Abraham

"So I said to them — and I proved my point because then the principal switched schools — I go, 'Well then you should take off your makeup. If you don't want little girls coming to school with makeup then don't wear makeup.' And then ever since I've seen that principal she hasn't had makeup on her face," Said Farrah. A mother that can't tell the difference between what a 5-year-old girl and an adult choose to do with their body and/face must admit that motherhood is going to be pretty rough. There are many other quotes in which she seems detached from realities of parenting. Some in which she claims she will not care if her daughter becomes a porn star. It would be like the birds and bees talk. Working in the sex industry does not make a motherhood a poor fit. To be clear the admittance of her hatred of motherhood has more to do with her unwillingness to consider other points of view, to educate herself, or seemingly to see the difference in children vs adults.

12 Kate Gosselin

Many people believe that Kate is a little bossy, and that might show a lack of enthusiasm about motherhood in general. At times on the show, her motherhood joy was overshadowed by her annoyance when things were not going perfectly. We can all agree that we have had these tips of people. In one particular interview on the Today show she struggled to have the oldest of her 8 kids (the twins) correct inconsistencies in what people think. The interview, unfortunately, came across as her trying to get them to say things.

'I'm getting to the point where I'm extremely frustrated and I don't spend time worrying about it because I'm busy raising my kids,' she said. 'And we know the truth and that's why they're here even though they're tongue-tied this morning, to say hey we're okay and doing well. Would that be accurate girls to say?'

Cara and Mady muttered an unenthusiastic 'yes' to their mother's question but perked up when Guthrie quizzed them on whether they had enjoyed being a part of the reality TV show.

11 Roseanne Barr

Quoted as saying "I hate every human being on earth. I feel that everyone is beneath me, and I feel they should all worship me. That's what I told my kids."

It seems that Roseanne doesn't reserve hatred for motherhood in general, but more of an overall contempt for all of the humanity. Having a difficult time deciding if that is better or worse in regards to her feelings about being a mother? You are not alone. I'm not sure either.  Could we get on board with our children and the world worshipping us also? I think we could. Somehow I don't think she would be up for sharing that. Therefore we will just have to keep on keeping on. At least she gets the information on there honestly.

10 Courtney Love

Addiction has likely had a great deal to do with a disconnect in this particular relationship between mother and child. Since Courtney Love lost custody of her daughter Frances Bean there have been some ups and downs in their communications over the years. The below quote from MTV was made after Courtney lost custody of her daughter. The quote speaks of her daughter in a pretty removed way, Leading a reader to believe maybe motherhood at this age was rough on Courtney,

"[Frances] thinks she has all this money, [but] the point is I have all the money she has ... I don't care really, I hate to sound cold, but any kid of mine who pulls this sh-- has lost her position," Love reportedly wrote. "The good news is now that Frances is clearly deluded that she [thinks she] can buy her grandmother a 'small house in L.A.' I'd love to see how that works. They'll incubate her until she's 18 and then have her sign all the indemnifications."

9  Olivia Wilde

Air travel without a toddler is goddamn spa day.

A post shared by Olivia Wilde (@oliviawilde) on

Do you remember when we discussed in the opening paragraphs that there was were days that we all might hate motherhood? That getting "real" about motherhood was refreshing for celebrities. Olivia Wilde is an icon in this department. She is able to humorously and seemingly effortlessly sum up what we are thinking. In one particular tweet she says "Air travel without a toddler is a goddamn spa day." Yepper, there are days where mothering a toddler is not easy. Being anywhere without that toddler can be glorious. It's possible to hate one small sect of motherhood or even a day without being the a bad mom. Don't beat yourself up if you are enjoying the silence at a stop light while you gain strength to get home. You are not alone,.

8 Blake Lively

Blake Lively is another celeb actress that has emerged as a voice of reason in motherhood. The below quote from Vogue sums up having a baby.

“Having a baby is just living in the constant unexpected,” she said. “You never know when you're gonna get crapped on or when you're gonna get a big smile or when that smile immediately turns into hysterics. It might be like living with a drug addict.”

In this quote, Blake lays bare the reasons that some women hate being a mother to babies. The are unpredictable and they are so new that you can't get a read on any of it in that first few months. You don't recognize their cries and you are sleep deprived in some cases. Motherhood may be kinder to you when those kiddos can tell you exactly what they need and when they need it.

7 Gwyneth Paltrow

Yikes. There is a lot of quotes from Gwenyth. She is the GOOP head, so she has a lot to say about lifestyles. Ummm, in some situations she seems down to earth and then you read something else and there is a little bit of a disconnect. The quote shared below seems pretty down to earth and admits her faults in the "maths" category. "Maths" I assume, is like math, but a classier English way to say it. She has a lot to say about being a working mom, and about making time to take care of yourself. Also in the process extolling her nannies teaching her kids Spanish in French. It probably took a lot for her to admit that there was something that she was terrible at. Good for her for taking that step and normalizing discussing hardships in her own way.

“I’m just like any other regular mum; cooking, cleaning, wiping butts, picking up after kids, being a wife and helping the kids with their homework. Mind you, I’m terrible at maths. I can’t even do my six-year-old’s maths homework with her.”

6 Kate Hudson

Well, this might be the most relatable, balanced quote in the whole bunch. Kate Hudson says the following "“Sometimes I feel like a bad mom … Some days I feel like I should win best mom of the day award, and some days I find myself doing strange things that don’t have any real purpose, in faraway corners in my house, and I realize I am literally and deliberately hiding from my children.”

Umm, yep. Sometimes we are the few, the proud, the best moms. Sometimes we are not that at all. We aren't exactly awful, but we might be a little too harsh or a little bit tired. We might not have reached the hug quota for the day. It's all a blur for the day because of a work thing. There are so many reasons that we feel like hiding or getting away and it's ok.

5 Jada Pinkett Smith

The way that Jada Pinkett Smith speaks about motherhood seems to stem from a good place, but it does come off hands off. Possibly there is more credit being given to the development of their brains when faced with adult situations that could be hard to figure out. In the below quote she wants to explain that rules are necessary. Depending who you listen to kids can be very comforted by some rules. It's a hard thing to teach them to be in the "real" world if you aren't going to teach them that the world expects something from you and has rules. If they had any other life, I'm not sure that this could be done.

"We don't have rules [for our children]. We come up with agreements. Kids are little people, and we're in life to guide them. Trying to rule someone is always an illusion, and it's no different with children."

4 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker actually has some pretty great quotes about this motherhood gig. She has many things that are relatable. In one particular quote she imagines her life without kids saying, "If I didn't have kids, I would be at the theater or the ballet every night of my life." There is no shame in knowing yourself. There is nothing wrong in daydreaming on these hard days. In admitting that you could see a different life that allowed a different type of entertainments.

Another quote admits exactly how much parenting can be right up there with acting when it comes down to it.  She says, " I love, love, love being an actor- it's still the hardest and scariest thing I do, outside of parenting. But I've always been someone who likes a busy day." Admitting that we may all struggle to find a balance.

3 Adele

There are few things that Adele says that don't ring true for a large part of the population. This quote certainly hits that mark. She says, "I think it’s the bravest thing not to have a child; all my friends and I felt pressurized into having kids, because that’s what adults do. I love my son more than anything, but on a daily basis, if I have a minute or two, I wish I could do whatever the f*^k I wanted, whenever I want. Every single day I feel like that."

There are times that women feel like having a kid is the only way to get credit for being woman. This sums up perfectly the pressure that some women are under to procreate. She also goes on to articulate that some days it would be great to do what you want, but the luxury isn't there.

2 Kristen Bell

Exclusive... 51926878 'House Of Lies' actress Kristen Bella and her daughter Delta spotted out for lunch in Los Feliz, California on December 10, 2015. Kristen's husband Dax Shepard and their other daughter Lincoln were not with the pair during their lunch outing. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

We can't finish up this list without at least a couple ladies from the movie "Bad Mom." Kristen Bell is another actress that is adored by many for her no-nonsense comedic approach breaths life into a long day. Her humor and ability to be relatable is a wonderful attribute.

This quote is a beautiful representation of how much she "gets it." "Every day when you're raising kids, you feel like you could cry or crack up and just scream 'This is ridiculous!' because there's so much nonsense, whether it's what they're saying to you or the fact that there's avocado or poop on every surface."

Here is another hilarious admission from Kristen Bell "I try not to interact with my kids too much before I drink my matcha because I need to be caffeinated to be nice to anyone." Can you relate to needing a little more pep in your step to face the day?

1 Mila Kunis

US actors Ashton Kutcher and his wife Mila Kunis attend the diving competition at the 2017 FINA World Championships in Budapest, on July 17, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / STRINGER (Photo credit should read STRINGER/AFP/Getty Images)

Another "Bad Mom" on the list with an unusual way of expressing the way she loves her kids. This quote doesn't admit to being bad at motherhood. Instead, it does a bit to make us question our own dedication. She says about her daughter Wyatt, “I think if she killed someone, I would literally be like, ‘I got it, where do you want me to help you bury the body?'” the actress says. “I wouldn’t even question it, and I can’t say that about anybody else in my life.”

We are fairly certain this is a hilarious way to explain the way your brain changes with a child and how you would do everything you could to save them discomfort.

Mila Kunis nailed everything that a mother feels in this quote "I felt like I was failing as a mother because I wasn’t there for her every minute of the day."

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