15 Celeb Moms Who Are Jealous Of Their Daughters

Trying to balance a career and motherhood can be a challenge, and finding a happy medium between the two is strenuous even for celebs. While most stars put in the time and effort to crawl their way to the top, their offspring often have an exceedingly easy time following in their footsteps. Growing a successful career as an actress, singer, or model can take years of hard work and dedication, and it’s probably frustrating for them to see their own children have an easy path to instant fame. While some celebrity moms are genuinely happy for their daughter’s achievements, others have a difficult time stepping off their throne and passing the torch.

Let’s face it – it seems like celebrities really do have it all: wealth, fame, fans, and people fawning over their every move. As mothers, we all strive to “have it all,” even though jealousy is a feeling we all can relate to. While some of us may find ourselves jealous of other mothers or even people without kids, some ego-centric stars don’t just stop there.

What do you think happens when a celeb’s jealous-streak trickles down to her own child? Noting good can come from an unhealthy competition with your daughter, but these stars are too greedy for their own good. To say these mothers are a tad bit narcissistic would be an understatement – here are 15 celeb moms who are super jealous of their own daughters.

15 Madonna – Puts Ego Before Everything Else


Madonna has been famous for so long it’s no wonder she can’t come to terms with anyone else stealing her shine…even if that person is her own daughter! While it’s abundantly clear that the pop music legend has a hard time accepting the fact that she’s past her prime, the attention-seeking star can’t stand it the public takes notice of her daughter, Lourdes Leon. The apparent beef between Madonna and her own offspring stems all the way back to 2009 when Lourdes was barely a teen herself. According to reports, Lourdes was getting tons of praise for growing into a stunning young lady and her famous mother became green with envy. The magazine suggested that Madonna can’t stand the heat of having competition who is younger, prettier and more poised than she is, and that the star need to be number one at all times. While most mothers would consider having such a lovely daughter a compliment, Madonna’s jealousy, much like her ego, grew too big to be contained.


14 Demi Moore – Trying To Steal The Spotlight


Once upon a time, Demi Moore used to be an A-list actress, but the interest in her has seemingly decreased over time. Demi used to have her pick of any movie role she wanted, but now she’s taking a backseat behind her daughter, Rumer Willis, who is rapidly ready to become the next big sensation. Although it used to be Moore who got invited to lavish star-studded events, she’s now been reduced to coming as daughter’s date. While Rumer is the product of Moore’s former relationship with fellow actor Bruce Willis, their daughter hasn’t been wasting any time establishing herself as an entertainer in her own right. Demi has been struggling with losing her luster for quite some time now, and we’re sure that Rumer’s rise to the top only fuels her jealousy. Rumer has aspects of her mother’s signature good looks as well as a natural knack for acting…not to mention she is young and has her whole career ahead of her. In contrast, Demi has rebelled by taking bit roles in D-list films and dating men young enough to date her daughter (remember when she wed Ashton Kutcher?). To make things even more difficult for Demi, everyone was raving about Rumer when she recently won her season of Dancing With The Stars. Notably present on the sidelines was Demi, cheering on her daughter while secretly wishing that it was her taking center stage like she did in her glory days.


13 Kris Jenner – Wishes She Was In Kim’s Shoes


If we’re being honest…is there really another mother on the planet who’s more jealous of her own offspring than Kris Jenner? Everyone knows that Kris is responsible for her daughter’s tremendous success, but it’s also common knowledge that Kris is living out her lifelong need to be famous through them. Jenner has notoriously pushed her daughters into doing all kinds of outlandish things in order to stay relevant, and while Kim and Kylie keep getting more publicity, Kris is laughing all the way to the bank. The Kardashians are some of the most talked about stars on the planet, and even Kris herself tries to emulate their image every chance she gets. Jenner has gotten ample plastic surgery in order to “keep up” with her own daughters and she will go above and beyond in order to capitalize on their success. Remember when she tried to star in her own daytime talk show that failed miserably when it came to ratings? Kris should get comfortable being behind the scenes while her famous girls rake in the dough, because her envy is so obvious it’s embarrassing.


12 Melanie Griffith – Won’t Watch Daughter’s Movies

As a Golden Globe winner, it’s rather safe to say that Melanie Griffith has had an astounding career as an acclaimed actress. Although Griffith’s peak as a sultry star may have come and gone, she certainly paved the way for her daughter, Dakota Johnson, to follow in her famous footsteps. Many know that Dakota became a household name upon landing a lead role in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, but some believe that her mother isn’t exactly over the moon about her rise to the top. While Griffith portrays a supportive mother in the public eye, she has admitted to not watching her daughter’s major film debut and many insist it’s purely out of spite. Of course, Melanie used to be the one to score starring roles as the sultry seductress in movies, but now that she’s older she appears uncomfortable with her daughter picking up where she left off. During the 2015 Oscars, Dakota seemed annoyed at her mother’s refusal to watch her big screen debut, and jealousy could be a major factor of her defiance.


11 Goldie Hawn – Pretends To Be Supportive


Being an aging actress can’t be easy, and when your daughter has taken over as one of Hollywood’s hottest stars, it’s no wonder that jealousy would ensue. Of course, Goldie Hawn has been one of Tinsel town’s leading ladies for decades, but it didn’t take long before her daughter, Kate Hudson, swooped in and caught the acting bug in a major way. By now, Hudson has become so famous that her reputation often precedes her mother’s. Because Kate’s star-status is so current, many people in this generation refer to Goldie Hawn as “Kate Hudson’s mother” instead of referring to Hudson as “Goldie Hawn’s daughter.” It can be understandably difficult to rise out from underneath a famous parent’s shadow, but Kate Hudson has managed to do so flawlessly. Even though Goldie and Kate pretend to be super close in front of the cameras, there’s no way Goldie isn’t a bit jealous of her daughter’s high-profile standing in Hollywood. On top of that, Hudson has developed a knack for landing some in-demand suitors including singer Nick Jonas and baseball star Alex Rodriguez just to name a few. Yup…we just might be jealous of her too.


10 Dina Lohan – Enables Bad Behavior For Her Benefit


While we’ve all probably heard a few horror stories about seriously bad celebrity parents, few of them can rival Dina Lohan and her selfish ways of parenting a young star. Dina’s daughter, Lindsay Lohan, has been acting since she was just a young child, but once she landed her first big role in The Parent Trap, Dina began to covet her daughter’s success. Dina always had dreams of being a famous dancer and performer, but her aspirations were put on the back-burner when she settled down and started a family. Once Lindsay’s career really took off with the film Mean Girls, Dina took it upon herself to limit her role as a parent and increase her role as her daughter’s partner in crime. At the peak of her hard-partying ways, Lindsay was often photographed out at nightclubs with her mother by her side. Instead of being a positive role model to Lindsay, Dina decided to be her biggest enabler while using her daughter’s status as an excuse to spend money and party like she was still in her twenties. Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan has had her fair share of run-ins with the law and struggles with sobriety, and she can thank Dina for being a detriment to her well-being. Instead of trying to leech off of her daughter’s fortune, she only pulled Lindsay further down the rabbit hole of bad behavior…all because she wanted to live the life of a celebrity at Lindsay’s expense.


9 Caitlyn Jenner – Desperate To Keep Up With Kendall & Kylie


After being responsible for raising two of the most-followed celebrities on the planet right now, it’s no surprise that Caitlyn Jenner would be a little jealous of her daughters. Of course, Caitlyn had been living a double life for decades before she finally decided to announce that she identified as a woman, and having Kendall and Kylie Jenner as daughters must have been tough for her. For starters, Caitlyn has mentioned that she would watch her girls get their hair and makeup done for A-list Hollywood events while secretly wishing that she could do the same. Jenner has also stated that she used to envy all of Kendall and Kylie’s designer duds and would even sneak off to steal a few signature pieces from time to time when no one was around. In recent years, Caitlyn has been pretty vocal about the hidden jealousy she has harbored to her two biological children, as well as her famous step-children.


8 Candy Spelling – Still Talks Trash About Tori


Tori Spelling and her mom Candy have been at odds for what seems like forever, and their ongoing habit of making up and breaking up shows no end in sight. Of course, Candy was famously married to esteemed producer Aaron Spelling, and the spoiled matriarch has a reputation of always getting her way. While both women have published explosive tell-all books about each other, Tori believes that the real root of their issues is due to her mother’s underlying jealousy. According to the actress, Aaron played a major role in the decline of their mother/daughter relationship from an early age, stating, "I think he created a lot of the competition between us. He was the good guy, so everyone vied for his attention, and a lot of that attention went from her to all me." It’s no secret that Tori was always her father’s favorite, and while most mothers would fawn over seeing a loving father dote over his daughter, Candy Spelling has clearly harbored resentment towards Tori ever since.

7 Krista Keller – Exploited Her Daughter For Fame

There are a lot of celebrity stage moms who have been known to do just about anything to make their child famous, but Krista Keller completely crossed the line when she encouraged her teenage daughter to wed a middle-aged man. Courtney Stodden became the subject of national headlines when she married actor Doug Hutchinson due to the fact that she was only sixteen and he was in his early fifties. Of course, because she was underage, Courtney needed permission from a parent to say “I do,” and Krista eagerly signed on the dotted line. Years into Courtney and Doug’s nauseating love affair, it was revealed that it was Krista who initially coerced her jailbait daughter into having a relationship with the star in the first place. Obviously, there were some serious problems with Krista’s parenting, and the tumultuous mother/daughter relationship between the pair sunk to new lows when they both starred on a reality show called The Mother/Daughter Experiment. During filming, Courtney aired all of their dirty laundry by disclosing that her own mother had tried to seduce her husband on a number of occasions. To make matters a whole lot worse, Krista even admitted to being jealous of Courtney’s marriage and even wanting Doug for herself.

6 Patti Wilkinson – Willing To Spill The Dirt On Kendra


Most mothers would cringe at the thought of their eighteen year old daughter moving into the Hefner Mansion and starting a polygamous relationship with a man old enough to be her grandfather…but not Patti Wilkinson! Viewers of the hit reality show The Girls Next Door might remember that Kendra Wilkinson’s mom promoted her behavior, and she often enjoyed the perks that came along with life at Hefner’s mansion. Some of Patti’s favorite pastimes included partying alongside her daughter at elaborate parties full of debauchery and scantily clad women. But when Kendra decided to leave the mansion in favor of a life of normalcy with husband Hank Baskett, that’s when things between the mother/daughter duo hit an undeniable rough patch. Since then, Kendra has written a couple of salacious books detailing their stormy relationship, and the two have starred together on few reality shows including Family Bootcamp. On the show, Kendra alleged that Patti is envious of her own daughter’s happy home life. To add insult to injury, Kendra claimed that Patti only used her for her fame and fortune - and Patti retaliated by threatening to write a tell-all book of her very own. Yikes!


5 “Mama Joyce” Jones – Kandi Coated Nightmare


Anyone who’s seen an episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is surely aware of how jealous Kandi Burrus’ mother, Joyce Jones, is of her daughter’s vast success. Long before was a reality star, Kandi rose to fame as a member of the 90’s girl group Xscape. In addition to her career as a singer, Kandi amassed a small fortune as a song-writer after penning massive hits including TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’. Needless to say, Kandi Buruss is worth a whole lot of moolah…and Mama Joyce firmly believes she is deserves access to all of her daughter’s earnings. Mama Joyce has made no secret of her entitlement, insisting that because she raised Kandi she is worthy of a lavish lifestyle on her daughter’s dime. To make matters worse, Mama Joyce won’t let anyone get in the way of her free flowing funds to Buruss’ bank account – even if it means publicly trying to sabotage Kandi’s marriage in order to do so. Mama Joyce has single-handedly attempted to destroy her daughter’s relationship with Todd Tucker because she feared that he would be get all of her hard-earned dough. Can’t Kandi just be happy without her overbearing mother trying to manipulate her every move!?


4 Crystal Workman – Emancipated & Unappreciated


There have been a number of child stars who have been so mistreated by their parents that they have been granted legal emancipation, and Ariel Winter is notably one of them. For years, Ariel’s mother, Crystal workman, had earned herself a reputation as a harsh stage-mom who would do just about anything to push her daughter into the spotlight. Tired of her mother’s constant torment and abuse, Ariel decided to sever the relationship between her mom – both personally and professionally. Once Winter dropped Crystal as her legal guardian and manger, the ousted mother began a brutal smear campaign against her own daughter. Workman often spoke out against Ariel in the press, alleging that she dresses too provocatively and that she owed her money for one random thing after the next. It became quite apparent that Workman was exceedingly jealous of her daughter being young, hot star on a popular sitcom with millions of dollars to her name. Bitter, party of one!

3 Naomi Judd – Jealous Of Her Famous Girls


When it comes to rocky celebrity rivalries, there aren’t many who can relate to the kind of drama that has been brewing between the famous Judd family dynasty. Many know Naomi Judd as a legendary singer, but daughters Wynonna and Ashley simply know her as their jealous mother figure. The dymanic between Naomi and her daughters has been notoriously contentious for as long as we can remember, and perhaps it all is due to Naomi’s resentful ways. Even though Naomi and Wynonna even toured the world together as a country music duo, things between them soured and the matriarch was very public about her feelings toward her firstborn. Naomi has accused Wynonna of choosing her boyfriend over her and things only got worse when Naomi wasn’t invited to their wedding. On top of that, Naomi has been known to pin Wynonna and Ashley against each other depending on who she’s closest with at the moment. Momma Judd couldn’t ever deal with the fact that Wynonna did just fine without her mother shadowing her music career and she resents Ashley for having a bountiful career as an actress, and she continues to feud with her own family because of it.


2 Kim Basinger – The Mom With Malicious Intent


Kim Basinger used to be the crème de la crème of elite celebrity beauties in the 80’s and 90’s, but since then she has virtually faded away into obscurity. The well-known actress and model had a high-profile career way back when, but in recent years it’s actually her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, who’s got everyone buzzing. Ireland Baldwin is the product of Basinger’s one-time marriage to Alec Baldwin, and she has been heating up Hollywood as a rising fashion model. Naturally, one could assume that Kim would be proud of her daughter’s success, but mommy dearest has earned a reputation for being vindictive and spiteful over the years. Afterall, it was Kim herself who leaked that infamously shocking voicemail of Alec berating Ireland when she was just a child in a bid to slander his name and ruin his chances at getting custody, so why would her divisiveness be any different this time around? Due to their strikingly similar looks, Ireland has often been compared to her mother at the pinnacle of her career. Needless to say, Kim’s stock as a marketable celebrity has long past, and Ireland Baldwin is the perfect person to replace her. Even though Basinger hasn’t been doing much these days, it’s safe to say that she is jealous of her daughter’s beauty and affluence as an up and coming starlet.

1 Blythe Danner – Intimidated By Accomplishments


Let’s face it – we all know that Gwyneth Paltrow is an A-list actress and public figure, but few people may realize that she was only following in her mother’s footsteps. Gwen’s mom, Blythe Danner, made a name for herself in the entertainment industry decades before her famous daughter even dreamed of making it big. Danner had been awarded multiple Primetime Emmy Awards for her on-screen work and she even received a Golden Globe nod, but her achievements have been largely overshadowed by Gwyneth’s star status. Instead of being known as Blythe Danner the seasoned actress, she is more often referred to as “Gwyneth Paltrow’s mother” and it’s got to irk her to the core. In the past, Danner has accused the public of disliking her daughter because she is so “extraordinarily accomplished in every area" but as time goes on it’s clear to see who the jealous one really is.

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