15 Celeb Moms Who Are Richer Than They Seem

Let’s be clear about something, here. This is something that most normal people do. They throw on sweats (or just don’t change out of the ones they’re already wearing) and head out to the store or the café. They pick up their kids from school wearing a flannel, leggings, and whatever the F is the most comfortable.

Why not?

But we’re used to seeing celebrities on the red carpet, in magazines and ads, and during talk show appearances after an entire team of people have acted as what’s come to be known as their “glam squad.”

Someone has styled their entire look, from head to toe. Their hair is freshly colored and styled just so. Their makeup is done professionally – and often heavily – including things like false eyelashes, booby inserts, and teeth caps or treatments. It’s all a beautiful façade.

And in this high-definition world we live in, it sort of makes sense, I guess, that people in the entertainment industry go to great, great lengths to look completely and totally picture perfect as often as possible. (I recently realized maybe it would be a good idea to use the word “perfect” less often around my own young daughters, so they don’t think that this is the ultimate goal in any of life’s endeavors.)

So here we have these celebrities – who are also moms – and they (gasp!) leave the house not wearing tight and carefully chosen clothing, sans makeup, or with messy hair.

Just for fun, and to highlight just how real celebrity people can be, let’s peruse 15 celeb moms who look homeless (but are actually more like filthy rich).

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15 Khloé Kardashian Keeping Up With Those Trends


Khloé Kardashian’s look has changed significantly since I last paid a bit of attention to the adventures, trials, and tribulations of her and her brother and sisters (and mom, and half-sisters, and their various boyfriends and husbands and buddies).

From the younger and perhaps less polished looking sister who appeared in the early seasons of the family’s famous reality show to the very blonde, very made up woman we often see in Instagram posts these days (often subtly promoting that the star is pregnant and soon to be a mom), she’s made a big transition, to be sure.

Now, if you look closely, you might actually see much more than a huge, baggy army coat, ripped jeans, and shoes that look like something the Cat in the Hat might throw on if he had to go shower in a locker room.

She’s got on some very trendy pieces from a few years ago, throwin’ it back hard to that glorious period known as the 1990s.

14 Drew Does Democracy


Throwing up a peace sign with her left hand and sporting very casual clothes, the one, the only Drew Barrymore gets active by promoting the fact that she voted. During politically divided and heated and pretty insane times, she keeps it cool and flashes a serene smile as she stands by the polls with Democratic signs in the background.

In California, she looks a lot like so many other people you see everywhere, all the time, your entire life – of all different socioeconomic classes. It’s a beautiful thing.

A loose and comfortable T-shirt is paired with long and lose ombre hair which she seems to be letting grow out without re-coloring.

Very minimal (of any?) makeup is worn, and she sports what some described as a “messy brow.”

She’s keepin’ it real.

13 LC Out The OC


Lauren Conrad started appearing on TV when she was pretty darn young. As I understand it, a clique of high schoolers in wealthy Laguna Beach, California were given the chance to have their faces, forms, relationships, and dramas (perhaps played up just a little) on a “reality” series for none other than longtime teenage thought influencer MTV.

The queen bee cool girls battled for the affections of the tan surfer dude. The jock from a rich family broke hearts and cheated on that girl with this girl and on this girl with that girl.

Although Conrad really clung to the whole fame thing, appeared in The Hills, and is still out there promoting her name and using it to make money, there are surely some (actually) real shots of her out there just bein’ a girl.

12 Kim K And Kanye Wear His And His


If you are used to seeing her in form-fitting dresses or bikinis, or very little at all, the site of Kim K in an oversized (mens??) plaid shirt might cause you to take pause.

Beige sweatpants are sported down below.

But my best guess is that those boots she wears may actually still be heels, maybe even stilettos – that I do not know.

Maybe she’s just being comfy as she and her man head out for something to eat. Who doesn’t love being comfortable?

But then does it sort of look like an ensemble that she actually planned and wears quite intentionally? Who knows?

Dark hair is worn down, straightened, and parted in the center. The two stroll along as if they’re actually normal people or something! How about that!

11 All About Angelina Jolie


Whether in an older video of the megastar or a still photo from her much younger years, the beautiful Angelina Jolie appears quite different from the very slender, dark-haired creature posing perfectly on the red carpet, the one it was almost impossible not to see on all the tabloids and magazines as you passed by for, well… I guess on and off for a decade or so.


I’ll always think of the Angelina from Girl Interrupted, who shortly thereafter seemed to be featured in large and glossy photos everywhere, along with her very full and very pouty lips.

She has a certain unique look that she really rocks, and I think there are actually hints of it to be seen here.

A vintage T and long, loose hair say ’70s (or ’90s… or right now) California cool, and the pose is one of a confident youth out on an adventure.

10 One More Time With Britney Spears


Ah, the various ages and stages of Britney Spears.

Remember when she shaved her head?

Well, I guess even celebrities are allowed to through periods of change. Everyone faces challenges that must be overcome. Everyone copes with the various stresses and joys and events of life differently.

Here, although a strand of pearls is visible beneath the clothing, it’s mainly bared teeth that seem to be held as if in a grimace, a head buzzed nearly to the bone, and a slightly baggy simple gray sweatshirt that really stand out.


I kind of remember hearing about when things started to… change for the pop princess. Even though we never followed closely or cared much, everyone knew her first hit song and who she was.

Teens everywhere were like, she did what? She married who? And of course the story only continued from there.

9 Gwen Stefani’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S Fashions


There is No Doubt (sorry, couldn’t help it) that Gwen Stefani has made what many would consider to be some quite bold fashion choices over the years.

I personally paid the most attention and admired these choices the most during (or I suppose slightly after) the Tragic Kingdom (1995 album) days. (Okay, guys, swear to god, I just typed out the date of that album without looking it up – I must have really studied that CD cover back in elementary school while listening to “Sunday Morning,” “Don’t Speak,” “Spiderwebs,” “Just a Girl,” and the other 10 tracks on repeat on my boom box.)

Here she chooses a loose sweat suit (with the pants simply rolled up, it would appear, to make them the right length). An oversized argyle print adorns the terry suit, while an overcoat in plaid is worn up top.

Guess she was trying to stay cozy!

8 Whitney Port Heads For The Hills


This is one of my personal favorites. Whitney Port, I believe, has even confessed herself to sort of stopping caring how perfect everything appeared once she became a mom.

And I guess you become a mom, in a sense, once you are pregnant!

The world was introduced to this California blonde via MTV’s The Hills, where she made lots of funny reaction shots with wide and rolling eyes in response to fellow cast members such as Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, and Audrina Patridge (all of whom are doing the baby thing, as well, nowadays, by the way).

The lived in the world of marketing, promotion, and “fashion,” and in the “reality” show, they were always made up and dressed in careful little outfits, and discussing this or that drama of the week.

Here, Nike (shower?) sandals, wide-leg lounge pants, and a sweatshirt that stretches over the bump are sported, along with hair thrown up in a bun.

7 Molly Sims Dressed For A Mess


Well this looks realistic; that’s for sure. She’s a mom out at the park with her toddler. Both are dressed in what could be worn for lounging or sleeping on a weekend day – and one of them is partially covered in mud.

Yes, model and actress Molly Sims is wearing (probably rather high-end) eyewear, and jewelry adorns her wrist, but like many other real moms out there, a messy bun allows stray hairs to fly wildly in the fresh air.

I bet those might be like her longtime favorite sweatpants, too. (I don’t know for sure, but I do know what it’s like to have a certain pair of leggings or sweats or boxer shorts that you just want to throw on the minute you get home and not take off again until you really, really have to.)

With a simple gray crewneck sweatshirt up top, she’s ready to bend, move, and chase a little kid.

6 Hello, Katherine Heigl


Katherine Heigl is one of those celebs who has been so very much in the spotlight on and off throughout the last decade or so that, due to the very nature of being such a huge celebrity, there are myriad pictures out there of her.

Some of them are flawless and carefully styled photoshoots from her younger years – or from today.

There are promotional shots for all of her shows and movies, of course, and her going very much for the blonde bombshell look on the red carpet and at award show events. She can be that lady in red, to be sure. She’s good at those careful poses and presenting the right face at the right time.

But then she also seems to be good at getting caught on camera looking more like a regular human, without all the careful makeup, styled hair, glitz, and glam.

5 Jenny From The Block


Sometimes, a girl just wants to put on a sweat suit and eat a bag of chips in a parking lot.

And I’m totally serious. We have probably ALL been there before!

And in all seriousness, although it’s loose sweats and junky snacks that might first catch your eye, neatly slicked back hair worn half up, large earrings, and sunglasses are also in the picture, so it’s clear that although J.Lo may be going for comfort in this particular instance, she’s still, like, groomed and everything.

And especially in California (and then following suit in the rest of the world, quite often), sweat suits have a way of really coming in and out of style as, like, real outfits. (You may have caught on, also, to how often many Californians, ahem, still say “like.”) Remember Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats 14 years ago? How about Juicy terry cloth and velour suits? And of course higher end brands come out with their own versions to be sported casually, as well.

4 (Olivia) Wilde Eyes


This shot has been celebrated – or at the very least grabbed a healthy dose of attention – for actually quite accurately capturing what motherhood can feel like some days. Okay, many days. Alright, alright – most days.

You are not entirely sure what has happened to you. You know that you love your little bundles or growing kids more than pretty much anything or anyone ever in this life – but beyond that, it’s all a little like, WHAT.

You managed at some point to throw your hair up to keep it away from a baby’s pulling and ripping grasp during diaper changes (and nursing sessions, and all the rest of the time).

Your eyes are tired, you may not be sure when you last showered or ate, and your head may feel sort of like an overwhelming and bizarre assortment of fishes is swimming around in it.

Okay, that last one may be getting a little weird and specific, but if Olivia Wilde was going for the idea that she was feeling underwater, it worked.

3 Think Pink


Many out there admire Pink for her unique style throughout the years. She took pop to a fashionably different place, and the young’uns started paying attention.

Here, she lacks the bold makeup that has often accompanied her signature look. The roots of her bleached blonde hair – as often these days, cropped very short – are clearly visible, perhaps part of the look she’s going for even.

She sweetly snuggles and it would appear also breastfeeds her child. What a nice moment!

There’s a tired and dark feel to the shot, and it doesn’t seem to matter, of course, that hair and clothes are disheveled.

This mom probably just wanted to capture the intimate moment of bonding with her little one.

Especially with my first baby, I would take photos similar to these often. With my second, I just sit and try to soak in the moment.

2 Just Jessica Alba


Here, there’s no careful lighting. She’s not seen on a set or in a lovely yard promoting the growth of her family or of her brand.

She’s just a woman, eyes partially shut, gettin’ into a car.

Why is it that it can be so darn fun to see celebrities looking tired, messy, or basically much more like normal people?

Probably because they and their publicists and stylists and estheticians put so, so much effort into making sure they look flawless and as close to perfect as possible for as much of the time as they can.

But everyone must go about life somewhat normally, at least sometimes, and that necessarily includes not always being in the perfect pose, wearing the most carefully applied makeup, and smiling brightly as you emanate youthful exuberance.

1 You Down With SJP?


Again, I’m completely familiar with this look. Women of all ages sport it, sometimes their entire lives, in the Golden State.

Hair is worn long, loose, and colored light (to mimic being out in the sun all the time). It’s a lasting reference to the flower children and hippies who were here before us. It’s classic California cool.

Greenish eyes sparkle out from within a happily smiling face.

Daytime makeup with a bit of a smoky eye has been carefully applied.

Sarah Jessica Parker has been around forever, starring in comedies for adults, films for families (Hocus Pocus, anyone???), and of course incredibly successful and long-running TV series.

From fabulous fun in the 1990s to Sex in the City near the turn of the millennium, she’s been going strong as the one, the only SJP.

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