15 Celeb Moms Who Don't Look Like The Motherhood "Type" But Are

What does a mother look like? There’s the old school June Cleaver type. You know her. She’s pretty, put together, always waiting for the kiddos with a batch of from-scratch chocolate chip cookies and always waiting for dad with a scotch. She stays home with kids, cleans, cooks, bakes and does all of those super-mom things you’d expect.

Then there’s the modern mom. She’s wearing yoga pants, her S.O.’s old college sweatshirt (which is stained with various forms of spit-up), her hair is in a messy bun and she’s hunched over from carrying the heaviest diaper bag on the planet. Oh, and her fingers are caked with dirt from making mud pies, she’s got a continuous group text loop going on with the other moms in the preschool soccer carpool and she’s ready to hit the pinot five minutes after reading “Goodnight Moon” for the last, last time.

Okay, okay, so mamas are somewhere in between the two “types.” Or maybe there really isn’t a true mommy type. But when it comes to celebs, some of the fabulously famous don’t seem like their moms at all. Hey, that doesn’t mean they aren’t parental or are in any way “bad moms.”

These mamas are the glam girls you’d never imagine getting down and dirty with finger paint or changing diapers on the plastic fold-out table at the mall. Um, so maybe they aren’t really all about the same type of parenting activities that us regular ol’ mommies types do on the daily. But, they’re still moms. Check out the celebs who, if you didn’t know it, would never even imagine were totally into mom-ing!

15 Sarah Jessica Parker

She’s super-stylish and all about being the single gal. Okay, so that was her “Sex and the City” TV persona. Yeah, yeah, we know…Carrie eventually married Big. But, she was never, ever the mommy type. At least, not on the show.

With a now-teenager (James Wilkie) and twin girls (Marion and Tabitha), Parker is definitely not like her on-screen character. Unlike some celeb mamas, Parker didn’t move her brood to an L.A. manse or have a live-in nanny around 24-7 to raise her kids for her. The actress, like many non-celebrity moms, also had to figure out how to balance work and life. She continued to act after becoming a mom, making her kind of one of us! Hmm. That is kind of.

Even though Parker’s decision to have kids was very un-Carrie of her, the celeb’s fashion sense remained on point. If her designer duds make her an unlikely mom so be it. We love the fact that she’s got a majorly fashion-forward style and still manages to be a totally hands-on mom too!

14 Sienna Miller

Like Parker, Sienna Miller is also one of the more stylish of celeb mamas. The gorgeous blond actress may not look like your typical soccer mom, but she’s just as much a parent as the rest of us. Miller co-parents her young daughter Marlowe with ex Tom Sturridge.

Even though the mama is no longer with her baby daddy romantically, she still manages to stay on friendly terms – especially when it comes to their child. Miller has admitted that she, like every other mom, feels that special sense of guilt that comes along with being a parent.

She may be a glam girl who graces the silver screen (and plenty of magazine covers), but when it comes to bedtime tuck-ins and all the other parts of parenting, she’s actually the mom type.

Sure, you won’t see many moms at preschool pick-up who look like Miller, but that doesn’t mean she’s above getting her hands dirty and doing the same things that most of us parents do.

13 Victoria Beckham

Come on, she’s posh. Literally. She’s literally “Posh.” When it comes to always being on the high end of style, you really can’t beat Beckham. She’s supermodel skinny, dressed to impress and looks nothing like a dowdy ol’ mum. But, she is. Okay, skip the dowdy part. That’s a word that describes Beckham said no one – ever.

The mom of four seems to have it all. Not only is she a super-celeb, but she’s got an equally (if not more) famous hubby who just happens to be one of the hands-down hottest men on the planet. Even though she’s always looking posh, that doesn’t mean she’s a hands-off mama. Yes, she’s got her beautifully manicured hands dipped well into the parenting pool and doesn’t leave raising her kids up to a herd of nannies and other paid employees.

Of course, that’s not to say Beckham doesn’t have some help. But, there are plenty of real-life mamas who rely on sitters and nannies to provide extra care during work hours. When it comes down to it, she may not look like a mom, but Victoria Beckham very much is.

12 Kim Kardashian

Going on superficial outward appearances only, you really can’t get less “mom-ish” than Kim Kardashian West. The reality star turned media mogul falls into that same super-stylish category that many of the celeb mommies do. She’s dressed to impress, is always well made-up and would never be seen in public (at least when the cameras are following her around) in a messy bun or with spit-up covered yoga pants on.

Let’s face it Kim K doesn’t look like the typical mama. She looks more like someone who just walked out of the front row of a fashion show than someone who deals with sibling squabbles, diaper changes or any of the other things that come along with parenting.

Even though Kim doesn’t look like the mommy type, she’s not ready to stop at two kids. The celeb reportedly wants North and Saint to have a baby brother or sister, and is often supposedly “confirmed” to be expecting number three. Of course, those are rumors (or are they?). In any case, Kim’s a mama who might not look like the traditional “type,” but is totally onboard with parenting.

11 Nicole Richie

The celeb may not look like your everyday mama, but with two kids in tow (Harlow and Sparrow) she definitely is. The reality star turned fashion designer and her musician husband Joel Madden even took their kiddos on tour with Madden’s band Good Charlotte.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly the typical family lifestyle. After all, how many kids get to tour the world with their dad’s rock band? But, that doesn’t mean Richie isn’t the “mom type.” She’s all about her children and puts them first. This Hollywood mom may travel the world and look more fashionable than the rest of us could ever dream of, but she’s also a hands-on parent who takes care of her kids.

10 Gisele Bundchen

Supermodels are lazy, self-centered and all about the runway. Right? Um, no. Well, some are. But, not this one. Bundchen might be one of the most beautiful woman on the planet, but that doesn’t mean she’s not the “mom type.”

Yeah, she isn’t the stereotypical mom. Not by a long shot. She’s slim, stylish and doesn’t have that, “Holy crap I can’t even get it together long enough to take a shower and toss my hair into a ponytail” look to her. Even so, she’s an awesome mom who rocks her model good looks while still getting down and dirty with parenting.

Oh, and as if we weren’t jealous enough of Bundchen (aside from that face, that hair and that body, she’s got a super-hot quarterback husband, is fabulously wealthy and has enjoyed a major modeling career), the mama claims her home water birth was pretty much painless. Geez. Could she be any more perfect? Hmm. Probably not.

9 Miranda Kerr

File this one under more model moms who we kind of hate. Okay, we don’t hate Kerr at all. We’re just majorly jealous of her. Not only is she outrageously beautiful, but she has a child with super-hottie Orlando Bloom. Even though this relationship didn’t work out, the mom finally found love with the crazy-successful founder of Snapchat Evan Spiegel.

The Victoria’s Secret model may seem more like an angel who struts her stuff down a star-studded runway than a regular mom, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t fit the “type.” Okay, maybe she (like many of the other not so of the norm celeb mamas) redefines it.

Yeah, we kind of wish we had her model beauty or her rich BF. But, that doesn’t mean we don’t think she’s part of the mama club. Apparently, Kerr’s parenting is so on point that ex Orlando Bloom Insta-brags about her, posting, “she’s a wonderful mother a great friend and co parent so blessed and grateful.” Aww.

8 Charlize Theron

The actress may seem like she’s all about her career, but that doesn’t rule out parenting. Sure, she doesn’t look like what you think of when you imagine the “mom type.” But. That Theron is – she really, really is. Mom to two (Jackson and August), Theron adopted her children and is parenting by herself. Okay, so that’s not say she doesn’t have help. It takes a village, right? That said, Theron is a single mama who is dealing with tantrums, diaper duty and so much more without a baby daddy there to share the load.

Like other celebs, Theron is a working actress. That means she doesn’t have time to sit at home, kick back, relax, get a mani-pedi and watch as someone else raises her children. She has to handle the same type of work-life balance issues that the rest of us do. Sure, hers may be a bit different than what we experience (when was the last time you had to leave you kids with the sitter to hit the red carpet?). But when it comes down to it, Theron is a working mama who is just trying to raise her kids the best she can. And that totally makes her the “mom type.”

7 Halle Berry

Halle Berry isn’t the typical “mom type” on so many levels. Obviously, she’s gorgeous, super-successful and incredibly well put together. Hey, that could describe any of us moms. Right? Maybe. Yes, there are plenty of real-world mamas out there with Berry-like beauty, tons of success and the ability to walk out of the house with something other than a stained t-shirt, sweats and two different shoes on.

But when it comes to being picture perfect, Berry is kind of on a whole different level. Oh, and then there’s the age issue. When you think of first-time mama you might think of someone in her 20s or 30s. Berry had her first baby, daughter Nahla, at age 41 and her second at age 47. Yep, that’s 47. Whoa! Even though there are considerably less women who get pregnant over 40 than in other age categories, the number of “more mature” moms is on the rise. At least, according to the CDC’s statistics. So, if it seems like Berry’s age makes her not so much the “mom type” think again.

6 Eva Mendes

She’s seriously hot and doesn’t look like any mama you know. The curvy actress is beyond beautiful and doesn’t seem like the “type” to be doing diaper duty, midnight feedings or playground playdates. But, she is. Oh, and did we mention that her baby daddy is nonother than hottie Ryan Gosling?

With two daughters, a career and one of the most drooled after boyfriends in the world, you’d think Mendes would rely on a live-in nanny to care for her kiddos. Nope. No way. Mendes and Gosling are totally hands-on. Even though the actress may not immediately seem like the mommy type, she is. She definetly is. She even told InStyle magazine, “I’m a very hands-on mom; I don’t have a nanny. No matter how tired I am, I just do it.” Hey, we applaud Eva for her attitude about parenting. We can see how it easy it would be to hire out her parenting duties. But, this mama keeps on going just like the rest of us regular folk do.

5 Snooki

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi may have made waves on the Jersey Shore, but this party girl changed her ways and settled down when she became a mama. She rose to fame on the MTV reality show that captured her often-crazy antics and nights (and sometimes days) of drinking. Scenes of Snooki staggering around the boardwalk hardly screamed, “I’m gonna be an awesome mom someday.” When it comes to being the typical “mom type” this Jersey Shore girl definitely didn’t seem to fit the bill.

But then she met her now-husband Jionni LaValle and everything changed. Okay, not everything. She still enjoyed reality star fame and she still had some of her trademark craziness. Of course, that doesn’t mean she was still staggering around the beach. No way. When she got pregnant with son Lorenzo, and later on with daughter Giovanna Marie, Snooki made some major changes. The former party girl put her priorities in order and showed the world what an amazing mom she could be.

4 Chrissy Teigen

Yep. She’s yet another model turned mom. Blessed with amazing looks and a super-sweet guy, Teigen may have seemed like more of a fun and fashionable woman than the mommy type. The first-time mama got flack about her parenting choices from the start. After going through IVF to conceive, Teigen revealed publicly that she and hubby John Legend chose to have a daughter. The couple had their pick of embryos and decided that a little girl was what they wanted. The Internet was quick to run with this story, spreading it across social media. That’s when the judging (and mommy shaming) started.

Oh, but the judging didn’t end there. After posting pics on Instagram plenty of people shamed the new mom for how she supposedly held her baby “wrong.” Months later Teigen posted some of the negative comments that she’s been getting about her baby. Ranging from the baby’s facial expressions to how Teigen dresses her, it seems like everyone is jumping on the model’s parenting choices. Hmm. It kind of seems like she is the mom type. After all, don’t we all feel judged when it comes to our parenting prowess?

3 Angelina Jolie

We all know Julie as the super-mother that she is now. But, she didn’t always seem like the mommy-ing type. Long before she ever adopted or gave birth, the now-mom of many was a Hollywood wild child.

The beauty, and Oscar-winning actress, was known for her stunning good looks and absolutely outrageous behavior. Yes, she’s now a well-respected professional, Un goodwill Ambassador and fab mama. But there was a time when she was better known for wearing a vial of Billy Bon Thornton’s blood around her neck, reckless behavior and a too close for comfort kiss with her brother. Oh, and then there was her, “I’m so in love with my brother” moment during her Oscar’s acceptance speech.

There once was a time when no one would have predicted that Jolie would morph into a fairly tame mom. But here we are years later, and the actress is indeed is the mom type.

2 Jada Pinkett Smith

As part of a major Hollywood power couple, Pinkett Smith may not be the typical mom. She’s hot, she’s got a hot husband, she has a major career and she isn’t exactly sitting at home baking cupcakes for the PTA fundraiser. Well, maybe she is. While we don’t know what Jada does in her private time, the celeb mom might not strike fans as the mommy type.

Of course, the actress turned out to be more than the mom type after all. Not only did she have and raise two awesome kids, but she also took a turn in one of the major mommy flicks that we’ve all come to know and love – Bad Moms. So, playing an onscreen mama doesn’t exactly turn her into the “type.” Hey, we don’t care. After seeing what am amazing job this working mom has done balancing her career and her parenting duties we don’t care if at first impression she doesn’t seem like the mom type. Pinkett Smith is a hands-on mama who has spent years worrying about, caring for and raising her kiddos.

1 Blake Lively

Yeah, you know you’re totally jealous of her. At first look you might not think that the Hollywood starlet is the mommy type. She’s a busy actress who also happens to be married to one of the hottest make celebs. As it turns out both she and hubby Ryan Reynolds are in fact the parenting types. Yep. They’re much more than just pretty faces and amazing actors.

After daughter James was born both Lively and Reynolds took on their parenting duties sans nanny. Reynolds has very publicly admitted that he totally enjoys his daddy gig and regularly pitches in to pull his weight. Along with raising her two children with her hubby’s help, Lively also does something that most of us non-celeb moms do too – use mom and dad for help. That’s right, her parents also help out with the childcare duties. Which makes perfect sense given the couples’ hands-on approach to parenting.

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