15 Celeb Moms Who Got Caught Drinking While Pregnant

These celeb mamas were busted for getting their mommy juice on carrying their unborn baby.

Mommy juice-- we all know what it is. Whether we are trying to shield impressionable ears from the debaucherous liquid delights of adulthood, or are trying to sneak in a humorous Facebook or Instagram update past young eyes, there’s always a time and place for the word “mommy juice.” Likewise, there’s plenty of moms out there who will tell you that there’s a time and place to hit the bottle and relax with some mommy juice. After all, “It's wine o'clock somewhere.”

Unfortunately, sometimes in our journey of mommyhood, we can’t get our mommy juice fix, matter how much we crave it. Like when we're pregnant.You might wonder if it’s OK to have a sip at Thanksgiving dinner or during New Year’s Eve celebrations. The advice you might get from your doctors and friends, much less Google, can be no doubt confusing and even contradictory at times.

Sure, views on drinking while pregnant have changed over the decades. Moreover, while some cultures look down on mommies hitting the bottle, other cultures actually encourage a pregnant mommy to indulge herself every now and then. Regardless of where you stand on the debate, here are 15 celeb mamas who were busted getting their mommy juice on while pregnant.

15Gwyneth Paltrow Gets Caught Drinking A Beer

We can probably thank Ms. Goop, queen of shilling overpriced Target goods, for setting off the “trend” of making it acceptable to hit the mommy juice while pregnant. In 2006, Gwyneth Paltrow, 5 months pregnant with her second child, was famously snapped by paparazzi at a swanky sushi bar with then-husband Chris Martin.

To her credit, some moms swear that a swing of the Irish stout nourishes their growing body (and baby!) as a much needed source of iron. In fact, there was a point in time when pregnant women and nursing mothers were advised to drink Guinness to obtain the necessary iron intake to prevent anemia! On the other hand, considering that Gwyneth Paltrow takes the advice of a doctor who only eats between 6pm and 8pm for 6 months of the year, maybe we shouldn't follow in her footsteps.

14Britney Spears Downs Drink By Drink 

We watched Britney Spears evolve from a cute kid on the Mickey Mouse Club to global megastar who hit rock bottom only to redeem herself with a massively successful Vegas residency. To say her journey to super-stardom has been a difficult one is a major understatement. Ever the target of overzealous paparazzi, Britney Spears has been photographed doing everything from entering public bathrooms barefoot (yuck!) to shaving her head and infamously attacking a car with a plastic umbrella. There was also that time she was caught drinking while pregnant.

Back in 2006, Britney Spears was spotted downing drink after drink at a birthday party for Kevin Federline (‘member him?). Reps for Britney repeatedly denied the pregnancy rumors until the star confirmed her pregnancy. Later, Britney's reps tried to cover up for her by saying that the drinks were mocktails in order to fake out pregnancy conspiracy theorists. What a mess!

13Kate Hudson - 6 Months Pregnant But DGAF

Golden girl Kate Hudson is Hollywood royalty who can do practically no wrong. She’s made smart career choices that have further cemented her status as an A-lister, earning her tons of accolades and award statuettes along the way. It’s perhaps because of her picture perfect appearance people were stunned when she was spotted nursing a glass of mommy juice while 6 months pregnant with her second child. Needless to say, when the pictures hit the ‘net, a scandal broke out, igniting yet another round of “What’s the big deal?” to “OMG call child services!”

Complementing a vacation in Argentina with a glass of the finest locally produced drinks must be a dream for some, but for Kate Hudson, it was a controversial move. We can all agree that mom-ing is hard, and we all need vacations every now and then, but is hitting the mommy juice while pregnant the way to go?

12Jodie Sweetin Puts Herself And Daughter In Danger

Seems like the life of a child star is simply a path of self-destruction and Jodie Sweetin is no exception. Jodie Sweetin started life off on the wrong foot- adopted at a very young her her biological father was killed in a prison riot, while her biological mother struggled with substance dependency issues. While she found fame as Stephanie Tanner on the mega hit 90s TV show, Full House, Sweetin’s decades long addiction to illegal substances began in 1995, not too long after Full House ended in 1995.

The Full House reboot, Fuller House, and a stint on Dancing with the Stars led Sweetin to publicly confess the shame that she felt drinking while pregnant. “I not only put myself in danger, but also my daughter, who I loved more than anything.” Now on 6th year of sobriety, we wish Sweetin and her daughter all the best.

11Brooke Mueller Checks Into Rehab While Pregnant

Brooke Mueller’s issues with drinking and illicit substance abuse came to light during the very messy divorce proceedings she went through with then husband, Hollywood bad boy, Charlie Sheen. A friend insisted that Mueller go to rehab when empty bottles were found in her car. At the time, she was apparently five months pregnant with her twin boys when she checked into alcohol rehab.

Later, during the child custody hearing, Brooke Mueller apparently refused to have her twin sons tested for fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) because she was afraid that she would lose custody. The characteristics of FAS include physical deformities, mental retardation, learning disorders, vision difficulties, behavioral problems, and heart health issues. It should be noted that one of Mueller’s twin boys was born with a heart problem, to which Charlie Sheen pinned the blame on his then wife (despite the fact that he, too, is a heavy drinker).

10Jenni "JWoww" Farley Takes A Shot Of Tequila

There are plenty of moms out there who can relate to Jwoww’s pregnancy snafu. Therefore, it's bit unfair that she's on this list, but for posterity's sake, here she is. Jenni Farely, who rose to fame as JWoww on the hit MTV show Jersey Shore, was “caught” doing a shot of tequila at club appearance in Missouri in late 2015. The only problem was that Jwoww was pregnant with her second child at the time.

Jwoww later broke it down for those who found it hard to believe that a mom could “not” know that she was pregnant: “I conceived end of August, early September...I’m just about 13 weeks pregnant. Do your math before you try to make it look like I would do anything to harm my son and choose to drink.”

9Jamie Lynn Spears Drinks In Her First Trimester

We’ve already spotted big sis Britney Spears on this list, so is anyone really surprised to see Jamie Lynn Spears on here as well? K-Fed, Britney’s ex-husband, claimed that he witnessed pregnant teen Jaime Lynn Spears drinking and smoking during her first trimester. Being a mom at 16 while juggling a blossoming career and relationship woes must definitely be nerve racking It seems that Jamie Lynn continued to defy her parents with going out with her friends and late-night partying for some stress relief.

Friends, however, came out in support of Jamie Lynn Spears by saying that she didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, hence all the drinking, smoking, and partying throughout her first trimester. Hard to believe that no one tried stopped her, not only considering that she was pregnant, but because she was 16 years old at the time!

8Sienna Miller - A Glass Of Sparkling Mommy Juice

It’s safe to say that Sienna Miller is perhaps known more for her celebrity relationships and her love for a good time than for her acting roles. Are any of us surprised that a party girl like Sienna Miller would have difficulty cutting back on drinking? Or maybe she was getting a headstart at motherhood by indulging in the classic treat, mommy juice? Back in 2012, the Factory Girl actress was spotted nursing a glass of sparkling mommy juice while out on a romantic Italian getaway with her fiancé Tom Sturridge.

First, a proposal in Paris, then off to Italy for champagne with the man of your dreams- that’s pretty romantic, minus the whole putting your unborn child at risk part. Let’s give Sienna Miller the benefit of the doubt. After all, who’s to say that her drink wasn’t non-alcoholic? Let’s just hope that she cut back on smoking while pregnant.

7Rachel Weisz - "In Europe, They Drink"

Unlike the other celeb mamas on this roundup, Rachel Weisz hasn’t been photographed with a drink in her hand while pregnant. Yet, we can infer from her nonchalant statement that she may have enjoyed a few glasses of mommy juice throughout her pregnancies. Her exact words? "I mean, in Europe they drink."

The simple remark caused a flurry of outrage and controversy, causing a rep for the star to issue the following statement: “She was speaking only about herself and what her doctor said was okay for her...She believes everyone should consult their own physician to see what is right for them.” We might be able to chalk this one up to cultural differences. In the USA and Canada, drinking while pregnant is heavily frowned upon. However, UK guidelines at the time claimed that it is OK for pregnant women to drink one or two small glasses up to two times a week.

6Meghan Edmonds - Not Once But Twice

The Real Housewives of Orange County star, Meghan Edmonds, was accused of drinking while pregnant during a 2016 trip to Ireland to learn more about her ancestry. As social media erupted over the star’s controversial drink of choice while abroad, Edmonds responded on her personal blog by saying, “Doctors will tell you that it is perfectly fine to have a glass of wine while pregnant, but I thought it was extremely nice of the Irish pub to offer me non-alcoholic beer to join in the fun. It was disgusting, by the way.”

Fans of the show will remember that the Irish pub crawl wasn’t the first time Edmonds was accused of drinking during her pregnancy. When news of her pregnancy first broke out, she was spotted drinking champagne during an episode of her hit reality TV show. She later cleared up that it was ginger ale, not bubbly, in her glass.

5Jenelle Evans' Bad Behavior

Are any of us genuinely shocked to see that another Teen Mom alum was caught drinking while pregnant? Just like Maci Bookout, Jenelle Evans has been plagued with rumors of drinking throughout her pregnancies. But, in Evans’ case, the rumors actually turned out to be true: During her second pregnancy she reportedly sent a text to a friend asking hang out and engage in sketchy illegal activities while being 5 or 6 months along, adding that the substance helps to alleviate her morning sickness. Another friend even claims then-boyfriend Nathan Griffith told Evans that a couple of fireball shots wouldn’t harm their unborn baby.

Later, when en route to the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Jenelle and her boyfriend now husband David Eason were photographed in a limo with two suspicious drinks when she was supposedly pregnant with her third child. Like Maci Bookout, Jenelle Evans is currently battling rumors that she’s expecting baby number four. Here’s hoping that if she is indeed pregnant, she knows better now to lay off on certain substances.

4Amy Childs - A Glass Of Bubbly And A Burgeoning Belly

Speaking of non-alcoholic drinks, Amy Childs of Towie fame sparked an intense online frenzy in late March 2017 when she was supposedly spotted drinking Prosecco while pampering herself at an upscale salon. The heavily pregnant star was photographed with a burgeoning belly and a glass of bubbly, which salon staff graciously refilled as Amy Childs relaxed in her seat.

The backlash Amy faced prompted her to respond via her Instagram by writing, “So it seems I’ve been criticised following a set of photos which surfaced yesterday.. The pictures you are all referring to have been taken out of context...I’ve found a non-alcoholic version of my favourite drink,” while conveniently name dropping the manufacturer of the bubbly. A simple misunderstanding or publicity stunt? Either way, get that product placement money, girl!

3Belinda Carlisle Drank Every Day 

Known worldwide as the lead singer of the widely successful all female band, the Go-Gos, and for her equality prolific career as a solo artist, Belinda Carlisle’s rocky road to motherhood is just as famous as her achievements. While with the Go-Go's, she became heavily dependent on cocaine and alcohol, and also developed an eating disorder as well. The substance dependency continued even when she was pregnant with her only child, resulting in Belinda Carlisle drinking every day of her pregnancy.

In August 2017, Carlisle revealed that she took her son, now in his 20s, to rehab after learning that alcoholism can be genetic. The trip was done in order to prevent him from dabbling in substance abuse and heading down the path of self-destruction that claimed the lives of so many of her friends and acquaintances.

2Kerry Katona - A Troubled Past

Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona is no stranger to controversial lifestyle choices. After years of denying her dependency issues, she confessed in 2008 that she was indeed alcoholic. The revelation comes a year after she admitted,"I was smoking 20 a day before I was pregnant and I've cut down to one. I honestly don't think a couple of puffs are going to do that much damage."

If she’s publicly gone on the record stating that it’s perfectly fine to puff on a few ciggies while pregnant, can you really be surprised that she drank throughout her pregnancies? She blames her troubled childhood for her substance abuse issues but claims that it’s after being branded an “unfit mom” that she decided to clean up her act. Non that she’s a mom of five, let’s hope that Kerry Katona has truly gotten her act together.

1Maci Bookout - Always A Drink In Hand

Another young mom making an appearance on this list alongside Jaime Lynn Spears is Teen Mom veteran Maci Bookout. One thing you’ll notice about her that whether it’s on social media or on the show, Bookout is almost always seen with a drink in her hand. Both fans and haters even speculated that she was even drinking when pregnant with her third child.

Still, Maci Bookout insists that she didn’t know she was pregnant until she was nearly 21 weeks along, a claim that she backs up with her public battle with polycystic ovarian syndrome and carry excess weight from her second pregnancy.. So what is the truth, Maci? Right now she’s battling rumors that she’s pregnant with baby number 4- let’s hope that she’s learned her lesson and will stay off the mommy juice this time!

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