15 Celeb Moms Who Were 'Too Posh To Push' The Baby Out

Any woman who has ever had a child knows that childbirth, no matter how it's done, is no walk in the park. Whether you have a baby the good old fashioned way or if you end up requiring a cesarean section, both can be difficult and painful and require a lot of postnatal recuperation.

Childbirth is painful, messy and in many cases an incredibly long process, often resulting in a trip to the operating room after hours and hours of labour. Cesarean sections are often dreaded by many mothers in labour, but are also often necessary to ensure the safe and healthy delivery of the baby and the health of the mother.

Any woman who has experienced a c-section knows that it's pretty serious surgery that requires a lot more recovery time than a natural labor. After all, it's hard to tend to a newborn when your stomach is being held together by staples!

Still, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding childbirth and often that leads to women choosing to have their babies via c-section instead of waiting to labour naturally. After all, having a baby is scary and being able to control even one aspect of it makes some women feel better and more in control. Celebrities and many of the social elite are often accused of being 'too posh to push' by scheduling their own c-sections so they know exactly when they're going to have their baby. Some are even more worried about what their body will be like 'down there' after baby and think that a c-section is the answer to making sure everything remains the same after baby!

Whether because of convenience, fear, medical necessity or simple laziness, these celeb moms opted to know exactly when their babies would arrive instead of waiting for nature to take its course.

Here are 15 celebrities who had scheduled c-sections that were definitely too posh to push!

15 Victoria Beckham - The Original 'Too Posh To Push' Mama

The Spice Girl formerly known as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham, is one of the celebs who is said to have inspired the term 'too posh to push' after a series of celebrity moms-to-be opted for scheduled c-sections instead of attempting to labour naturally.

Beckham is the mother of four children, Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz 12 and Harper, 6 who were all delivered by c-section. The pop group superstar turned fashion designer has always claimed that her c-sections were medically necessary due to an unspecified medical condition.

Some sources refute this however state that Beckham was simply fearful of the pain of childbirth and opted to schedule the births of her children.

When the mother of four became pregnant with her daughter, Harper, she was under intense media scrutiny with many claiming that four c-sections is simply too much for a body to handle. I know a woman who has had 6 successful c-sections, and of course Michelle Duggar had four c-sections.

Something tells me that someone with Victoria Beckham's bank account and access to only the best doctors was perfectly safe during all her labour and deliveries!

14 Denise Richards Likes To 'Plan Things'


It was in 2004 when Denise Richards, then married to Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen, were expecting their first child. Not one to mince words, Richards admits she scheduled her own c-section, not because she was too posh to push, but because she wanted to know exactly when her daughter would arrive.

The couple had scheduled Richards c-section for 10 days earlier than her due date, as that would coincide with a week-long break that Sheen would have from his regular shooting schedule on his then hit television show. “It was convenient,” Richards told PEOPLE Magazine at the time. “We like to plan things.”

Babies are unpredictable, and the day before Richards was scheduled for her c-section she went in to labour naturally while at home. Still, Richards had a c-section and her daughter, Sam Sheen was born on March 9, 2004.

13 Kate Hudson - The Lazy Way Out Of Pushing

Anyone who has ever had a c-section knows they're anything but lazy! I've had three c-sections, including one failed VBAC, as well as one natural birth and I can promise you I would have given anything to not have had a c-section.

When Hudson was pregnant with her first son, Ryder, now 13, she had opted to undergo an elective c-section instead of being induced. Knowing the paparazzi were waiting for her and trying to get a picture of the heavily pregnant actress, Hudson instead opted to for a c-section instead of induction which would require her being sent home from the hospital.

Recently, the actress angered a lot of mothers when she  answered a questionnaire during an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine where she referred to her c-section as 'the laziest thing I'd ever done.'

Naturally, women everywhere were fuming after Hudson's remarks and definitely made their feelings known.

12 Elizabeth Hurley - The Model Mom


Elizabeth Hurley shocked many when she announced she was pregnant. The model and sometime actress had just ended a long-term relationship with actor Hugh Grant when she announced she was expecting a child with an American millionaire named Stephen Bing, whom she had an on / off relationship with.

Bing initially denied paternity until a court-ordered DNA test confirmed he was indeed the father. It didn't matter, because Hurley had planned to be the amazing single mom she is and had no problems raising her son, Damien, on her own.

Part of that planning included scheduling her son's birth. Hurley had an elective c-section scheduled and delivered her son on April 4, 2002. Sources told PEOPLE Magazine it was both swift (one hour) and tidy (the incision was made just below the model-mom’s bikini line).

A model mom's gotta do what a model mom's gotta do!

11 Claudia Schiffer's Convenient Excuse?


German Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has three children with her film director husband Matthew Vaughn, all reportedly delivered via elective c-section. Her eldest son, Caspar, was delivered via a scheduled c-section after the model had reportedly broken her foot.

She was seven months pregnant when a fireplace reportedly fell on her foot while at a party, breaking three bones. The supermodel underwent surgery, and then it was rumoured that she would be scheduled for a c-section because of her injury. I can't imagine the pain of having to endure a broken foot while 7 months pregnant, but I'm also not sure why that would require a c-section?

It's also stated that the fashion designer underwent scheduled c-sections for her next two children, daughters Clementine Poppy and Cosima Violet.

There was never any confirmation if Schiffer was indeed too posh to push or her elective c-sections were simply deemed medically necessary.

10 Kelly Ripa - The Best Pregnancies But The Worst Births

It almost feels like I've grown up with beloved talk show host Kelly Ripa. Before watching her every day on her morning talk show, I used to watch her on All My Children. Ripa and husband Mark Consuelos are one of Hollywood's most enduring and genuine love stories.

The couple has three children together, Michael, Lola, and Joaquin, and despite Ripa having 'the best pregnancies' she can't say the same about her childbirth. While some celebrities simply choose to schedule their c-sections to fit in around their schedule, Ripa's first c-section was the result of an emergency.

Even though the talk show host had planned a natural birth with son Michael, it resulted in an emergency c-section. She hoped for the same with daughter Lola, even employing a doula, yet she still required a c-section. It was reported that she delivered Joaquin via a scheduled c-section, which is probably what I would have done after having two already!

9 Christina Aguilera's Need To Know


Christina Aguilera has been very open and honest about being too posh to push when it came time to deliver her first child, son Max Liron Bratman, in 2008.

The Dirrty singer opened up scheduling her son's c-section and her exact reasons for opting for surgery instead of attempting labour.

"I didn’t want any surprises," she told PEOPLE Magazine. "Honestly, I didn’t want any vaginal tearing. I had heard horror stories of women going in and having to have an emergency C-section anyway."

She did say there was one aspect of scheduling her son's birth that gave her pause. "The hardest part was deciding on his birthday. I wanted to leave it up to fate, but at the same time I was ready to be done early!”

Aguilera also had a scheduled cesarean with her second child, daughter Summer Rain.

8 Kate Winslet's Big Lie

Via: Google Images

Like Kelly Ripa, Kate Winslet falls into the category of moms who weren't necessarily too posh to push, but ended up having a c-section anyway.

Winslet had long maintained that she had delivered her first child, daughter Mia, naturally, when in truth she was actually delivered via c-section. Winslet finally admitted the truth, stating she felt 'traumatized' by having her c-section.

"I’ve never talked about this. I’ve actually gone to great pains to cover it up. But Mia was an emergency C-section. I just said that I had a natural birth because I was so completely traumatized by the fact that I hadn’t given birth. I felt like a complete failure. My whole life, I’d been told I had great childbearing hips. There’s this thing amongst women in the world that if you can handle childbirth, you can handle anything. I had never handled childbirth, and I felt like, in some way that I couldn’t join that ‘powerful women’s club.’”

Fortunately, Winslet was able to deliver her second child naturally after experiencing a successful VBAC.

"So it was an amazing feeling having Joe naturally, vaginally. Fourteen hours with no drugs at all, but then I had to have an epidural because I was so tired. I honestly thought I’d never be able to do it. It was an incredible birth. It laid all the ghosts to rest. It was really triumphant.”

7 Julia Roberts - The C-Section Mystery

Julia Roberts had long been known as America's Sweetheart with the huge megawatt smile, so fans of the actress were overjoyed when she announced she was expecting. They were even more overjoyed when she announced she was having twins.  Being that she is a super famous Hollywood actress, it wouldn't surprise me to learn that Roberts had planned out her delivery, but it seems that her pregnancy wasn't quite so predictable.

The actress ended up being hospitalized after she began to experience premature contractions during her pregnancy, and was placed on bedrest. Despite her taking it easy, Roberts went into early labour with her twins at 36 weeks gestation.  The children, Phinneaus and Hazel, were born via c-section.

Roberts never disclosed if her c-section was planned despite the twins early arrival, but she did state that she was enjoying her time off from work while caring for herself and her babies.

6 Brooke Shields Takes It Easy On Herself


Brooke Shields underwent 7 rounds of in vitro fertilization to get pregnant with her first daughter, Rowan. The actress explained in her book Down Came the Rain that she had a romanticized version of what childbirth would be like.

"I had always imagined that birth would be the closest thing to grace I'd ever experienced," she wrote. Unfortunately for Shields, her first childbirth experience turned out to be more trauma than grace. After 24 hours of labour the former child model and actress ended up having an emergency c-section and suffering from debilitating postpartum depression. When she became pregnant with her second child she decided to make things easier on herself and schedule her c-section, a decision she was perfectly thrilled about.

Speaking about both her surgery experiences, she said with Rowan she was just “whisked away” from the delivery room, but with Grier's planned c-section she “got to feel Grier, kiss her, and they put her right on my chest.”

Sounds like being too posh to push was the right plan here.

5 Britney Spears - A Fear Of Pain


Britney Spears may be a pop princess and Queen of Instagram, but she's also a very busy and involved momma of two boys. Spears was only 23 years old when she had her first son, Preston, with then husband Kevin Federline. Spears stated she always wanted to be a young mom, but she wasn't quite prepared to deal with the pain or unpredictability of childbirth. Both of Spears's labours were scheduled c-sections, and it looks like we can thank Britney Jean Spears's own mom for making her daughter too posh to push.

During an interview, the singer hinted that she would be scheduling her labours.

"I have a feeling I’m going to have an operation. I don’t know why, but I hope so. My mom said giving birth was the most excruciating thing that she’s ever gone through in her life. So if a cesarean doesn’t happen, I’ll be like, ‘Epidural, please!’ Hopefully my athletic abilities will take over.”

4 Jennifer Lopez's Change Of Heart

We know that when a woman is pregnant with twins there are some extra added precautions they take. Jennifer Lopez has long claimed that since she was pregnant with twins, she was advised to have a scheduled c-section. For someone as busy and as glam as JLo, something tells me she didn't mind it that her delivery would be scheduled instead of having to labour for hours on end to deliver her babies.

The superstar even admitted that she almost regretted being too posh to push and scheduling her c-section, that is until she watched her sister give birth naturally.

"Because I had twins and it was recommended for me to have a c-section, and there was a part of me [that] had thought, 'I didn't get to do it the way that everybody else does.' But when I saw my sister pushing that baby out, I was like, 'Maybe this was all right! Maybe this was a better out.' So that was an experience."

Definitely sounds like she was too posh for all that pushing!

3 Gwyneth Paltrow's Not So Goop-y Delivery


One would think that the woman who gave us the concept of shoving jade eggs up our vagina and drinking $200 smoothies each morning because it's Goop-tacular and great for our health wouldn't be the kind of woman who is too posh to push. Well, you'd be wrong.

After the Goop founder endured a 70 hour labour with daughter Apple, Paltrow decided to give her body and brain a break and schedule a c-section when she was due with son Moses.

While it might not have been the perfectly Goop-y way to deliver that she was hoping for, we know that every delivery is different and you definitely have to do what's right for you and your baby. Because 70 hours is a really, really long time and no woman should have to deal with that. Ever.

2 Gwen Stefani's Bad Position

Rumour has it that rocker Gwen Stefani has been trying to get pregnant with baby #4 now that she and Blake Shelton are a couple. Many different publications have stated The Voice judge and singer has been undergoing treatment to get pregnant. If she does, she'll be like Victoria Beckham, undergoing her 4th c-section which many fear is not only dangerous to the mom, but to the baby as well.

Stefani has three sons from her previous marriage to rocker Gavin Rossdale, all whom were delivered via elective c-section. The singer has reportedly stated that her c-sections were necessary as both her sons Kingston and Zuma, her first two children, were in breech positions. Son Apollo was also delivered via c-section.

At least Stefani is proof that you can have rock hard abs even after three c-sections!

1 Jessica Simpson's Close Timing


Jessica Simpson certainly didn't hold back when it came time to have babies. The singer, actress, and successful businesswoman welcomed her daughter, Maxwell Drew, just 14 months before she welcomed her son, Ace Knute.

Simpson delivered her daughter Maxi, via a scheduled c-section reportedly because she was simply afraid of childbirth. Simpson seemed fine with being too posh to push and simply scheduled her delivery date on the calendar.

Of course, son Ace's delivery was also a scheduled c-section, more so probably because his delivery was so close to his older sisters. I had two children 14 months apart and I wasn't even allowed to think about a VBAC, and I'm assuming that even though Simpson would have opted for the c-section, she probably didn't have much of a choice.

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