15 Celeb Moms Who Had Difficult Pregnancies

One thing about pregnancy is that it affects every woman differently. It doesn't matter if mom is young, old, fit, a couch potato, famous, or the girl next door, each pregnancy is as unique as each woman.

Although most expecting mothers experience similar symptoms, some have it worse than others. And celebrities aren't exempt from this picking and choosing. Most women can hide the really awful symptoms, medical scares, and general feeling (and looking) "blah." But, celebrities choose to live in the spot light and the spot light only shines more brightly on those celebrities who are expecting.

Another thing about celebrities is that they are notorious for waiting until later to have children. Not that this is a bad thing, but it does leave them open to experience a more risky pregnancy. Besides the "35+ and pregnant" trend, celebrities are under more pressure to look a certain way.

While we regular women face a great deal of societal pressures to stay goddess-like during pregnancies, celebrities face it even more. Sometimes, the combination of all these challenges can get to be too much making pregnancy a difficult journey. Here are 15 celebrities who, for one reason or another, had very difficult pregnancies.

15 Golden Goddess Kate Hudson Turns Back Time

This blonde bombshell had a pretty normal and low-drama pregnancy with her first baby. Though her easy pregnancy record changed the second time around. She experienced a little too much of what most people call the "pregnancy glow." Basically, her hormones went into overdrive and her skin resorted to acting 16 years old again. Her acne was awful!

So her skin seemingly regressed by resorting to acne, but her hair jumped forward a few decades and decided to fall out. Usually hair loss is natural after you give birth, but not during pregnancy. Lastly, Hudson gained more the second time around and had a difficult time bouncing back. Claiming to have plateaued at a healthy size, she definitely struggled with baby number two.

14 Jennifer Lopez Decides To Be Selfish


Jennifer Lopez was 40 when she gave birth to her twins, and 39 when she discovered she was pregnant. She and her then-husband Marc Anthony took their sweet time getting pregnant, but neither of them worried about it. In fact, Lopez finished her tour and took the rest of the pregnancy off. She told her then-husband that she was going to be selfish for a little while and she needed him to take care of her.

It's a good thing she did, too, because her pregnancy was no walk in the park. She spotted blood in her urine and was ordered to bed rest for most of the pregnancy. Granted, she didn't even announce that she was expecting until her fifth month. But after that she was in mommy-mode 100%. Given her high-risk twin pregnancy, her motherly instincts seemed to kick in at the perfect time.

13 Kelly Clarkson's Worst Moments Of Her Life

For some women, pregnancy is a blissful and amazing experience. Kelly Clarkson is not one of those women. In fact, she claims that it was the "worst moments of my life." When she sees a pregnant woman while out and about all she can do is hope the best for them because of how tough she had it.

During her pregnancy, she couldn't keep anything down. What she faced was more than your everyday morning sickness. She was taken to the hospital to have fluids put into her body through an IV on several occasions. From extreme dehydration to the yucky feeling of vomiting a dozen or more times a day, Clarkson struggled through two pregnancies. She is calling it quits and stopping at two.

12 Mariah Carey Is Given Anything But A Diva Pregnancy


When Mariah Carey decided to begin a family, she had trouble from the very start. She suffered a miscarriage and decided to undergo fertility treatments. The main form of treatment was progesterone supplements, which she ended up taking until the 10th week of pregnancy with her twins.

Not only did she deal with gestational diabetes, but Carey found carrying twins to be incredibly difficult. She was in a great deal of pain most of the time. She later dealt with preeclampsia and it became unsafe for her babies to remain inside. At 35 weeks, her twins were delivered by C-section. She was in the 40+ group at the time, so her pregnancy was considered high-risk all around.

11 Kim Kardashian's Reason To Hate On Pregnancy


The Kardashians might seem like they are baby-making machines, and they are. They have an enormous family and are adding to that family what seems like every other day. Though for Kim Kardashian, the adding part has been a little harder. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia and placenta accreta making having any more babies after her first risky.

But, she did it anyway. After undergoing three surgeries to repair her uterus and then turning to in vitro, she finally got pregnant with her second child. From extreme morning sickness to backaches, from swelling to the weight gain, Kim was hating on pregnancy most of the time. Lastly, her baby ended up being breech and she had to undergo another painful procedure to try to turn him.

10 Salma Hayek Planned For One Thing And Got Another

Salma Hayek faced several different and unique challenges during her pregnancy with her daughter. For starters, she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. As you might know, this alone can lead to a number of other problems. It's sort of a really awful version of dominoes where gestational diabetes starts the cruel falling pattern.

On top of this, Hayek was told that her baby would likely have birth defects. Specifically that her child would have Down's syndrome. Of course, the world has rightfully come to embrace children with Down's syndrome as a vital and special part of society. Hayek does, too. Though, she really didn't need to think such introspective thoughts as her daughter was born without the syndrome and was perfectly healthy otherwise.

9 Gwyneth Paltrow Takes One Step Forward And Two Back

Although hailed to sit a little too tall on the motherly pedestal, one thing is certain about Gwyneth Paltrow - her pregnancy story didn't have a happy ending. Paltrow has two kids with ex-husband Chris Martin. Even before their divorce, that's how it was going to stay. At least according to nature.

We're not certain what life-threatening symptoms Paltrow suffered, but whatever they were caused her to miscarry her third baby. She managed to stay out of the spotlight during the situation, but revealed her feelings about it afterwards. What we do know is that it put both Paltrow's life and the baby's life in danger. And, only one survived. Experiencing this made Paltrow afraid to have more kids in the future. Now that the too celebs are divorced, she says that door is shut for good.

8 Tori Spelling Gets Risky Rather Than Risqué


We all know that Tori Spelling's husband thinks she's the most attractive when she's pregnant. So, is it any wonder that she's pregnant a lot? During her fourth pregnancy, though, things got a little risky rather than risqué.

She was diagnosed with placenta previa, which meant that her placenta covered the opening of her cervix. The condition is not entirely rare, but it can be life threatening for both baby and mother. Spelling was assigned to bed rest and ended up giving birth at 37 weeks.

That's not the end of the story. Three weeks later, her surgical scars ruptured and she had to have emergency surgery. Of course, she came out of surgery just fine and both mom and baby are healthy now. Then, she went on to have one more...

7  Adriana Lima And Mother Nature Disagreed


Even supermodels aren't guaranteed a perfect pregnancy. Adriana Lima is definitely proof of that. She was diagnosed with preeclampsia during her pregnancy with her daughter. She was put on bedrest at 32 weeks pregnant, but didn't stay there very long. Not that she wasn't following her doctor's orders. It's that her baby girl was ready to come out.

After two weeks of bed rest, Lima gave birth to her 4.4 pound baby. Reportedly, she was the smallest baby in the hospital. Lima had originally planned on a home birth, but was thankful that the hospital staff took good care of her and her baby. Naturally, Lima was very stressed during the entire situation and it took her several weeks for her emotions to level out from all the anxiety.

6 Michelle Duggar And The One That Made Her Stop


For some women, the second or third child results in a difficult pregnancy. For others, like Michelle Duggar, it's the 19th baby that does it. Duggar was diagnosed with preeclampsia and suffered a painful gallstone. She was admitted into the hospital because of severe pain.

She carried her baby until week 25 of her pregnancy when her doctor decided to perform an emergency C-section. Her condition had gotten bad enough that it wasn't safe for either her or her baby. Upon delivery, the baby was just over one pound and required weeks of aggressive medical care. Fortunately, both mom and baby survived and are doing well now. As far as we know, that was the last time Michelle gave birth.

5 Mila Kunis Can't Keep Up With It All


Sometimes a mom's life takes a completely different turn with each new baby she has. What I mean is that your life is unquestionably different after the first baby. Then, when the second baby arrives, you change more and you keep changing and developing the more kids that you have.

This was the experience of Mila Kunis. With her first baby, she was a typical first-time mom in that she tracked her baby's development each day. With the second one, she claimed that she couldn't tell you how far along she was because she was so busy with her first baby, working, and life in general. Sound familiar? Well, like many moms, this weighed heavy on her emotional well-being. She struggled emotionally during her second pregnancy and decided to call it quits on the baby-having endeavor after two kids.

4 Angie Harmon Could Not Get Through Two Good Days


There's often that one pregnancy that confirms to a woman it's time to stop having babies. For Angie Harmon, it was with her third baby. Both her previous babies had been sideways or breech, so she'd already been through the ordeal of trying to turn them and resorting to a C-section.

During her third pregnancy, she tore a disc in her back and couldn't care for herself or her kids like she wanted to. In addition to the back troubles, she experienced horrible morning sickness. Then, after the morning sickness, she got anemia. It was one thing after another. She said, "So with this pregnancy I have not had two good days in a row." One thing she did have that some women do not was a good man to help her through the process. She said you could play "angel music" every time her husband walked in the room because of how amazing he was.

3 Camila Alves Knew Something Was Wrong

We've come to realize that sometimes the third time is not a charm. And, it most certainly wasn't for Camila Alves, the model/fashion designer wife of Matthew McConaughey. Her first two pregnancies went on without a hitch. But, the third resulted in a number of problems. Never quite elaborating on specifics, here's how Alves described the pregnancy:

"This time around it has been a really tough recovery. I had a really tough pregnancy. I had all kind of things happen. Throughout the whole pregnancy I had really strong pains and I kept telling the doctors. We kept trying to figure out what it was, what was happening. Nobody could figure out what it was. So, we ended up having to do a C-section. I told the doctor right before, 'Once I'm there, just take a look because I know something's wrong.' They ended up finding all kinds of things in there that we had to take care of."

2 Brooke Mueller Loses Control


So many rumors surround this pregnancy. Some say that Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen's ex-wife, was addicted to crystal meth and hid two rehab stints from the doctors. Other say that her in vitro was not medically needed, but wanted to have twins because she could only stay sober for one pregnancy. And others still claim that she terminated one of her babies leaving her with twins not triplets.

What we do know is that she was diagnosed with three major medical problems during her pregnancy with her twin boys. She dealt with preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and cholestasis. The fraternal twins were born seven weeks premature, but survived. Though because of Mueller's drug abuse, the twins are more often in the care of Sheen's ex-wife Denise Richards. There is speculation of them having Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, as well, but they've never been tested.

1 Mira Sorvino Didn't Let It Slow Her Down


Another survivor of placenta previa, Mira Sorvino was diagnosed with this condition in her third pregnancy. Many complications can arise after a placenta previa diagnosis. Doctors typically recommend bed rest when one of their patients is struggling with this condition. As well as bed rest, they're typically kept under close watch.

It's a very good thing, too! Sorvino's doctor later discovered a blood clot. She was hospitalized for nine weeks of her pregnancy to help her recover and prevent any further complications. At 41 years old, Sorvino gave birth to a healthy baby and she recovered fully, as well. Although many thought she was done with the whole pregnancy thing, she went on to surprise us all by giving birth to baby #4 at age 44.

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