15 Celeb Moms Who Look Good Despite Their Size

Being a mom is not easy, but being a celebrity mom is even worse. You are watched almost 24/7 and you are judged not only on your parenting skills, but your post baby body as well. Us women know hard it is to get our bodies back to the way that they were before we had kids, it can be almost impossible and these days there seems to be a lot more body shaming going around than there is of people loving each other’s bodies. Celebrities are criticized if they gain weight during pregnancy and they are bashed hard by the tabloids if they seem to have more weight on them upon leaving the hospital with their children. There seems to be too much hate circulating around these days and we women need to recognize that we are beautiful no matter what size we are and that it is impossible and pointless to live up to the standards of the rest of the world when it comes to how we should look. So in this article we will see pictures of 15 celebrity mammas of all shapes and sizes that are just downright beautiful no matter what anyone has said about them in the past.

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14 Jessica Simpson Is Still Steamy After 2 Kids

For the longest time Jessica Simpson was dubbed as one of America’s hottest women, especially after the world saw just how good she looked as Daisy Duke in The Dukes Of Hazzard. We have not seen much of Jessica in recent years, but paparazzi has snapped some photos of her that really got people talking about just how much her appearance has changed since she had her two kids. Even though she might not be the size 2 that she used to be, she still looks stunning, despite what other people may think. We really can not go off of what we see from the paparazzi either because their job is to capture people at their worst in order to cash out on these candid pictures, so I would not be too quick to judge someone next time the paparazzi decides to post a not so flattering photo, because it is after all their job.

13 Kelly Clarkson Has Fabulous Curves

Kelly Clarkson is a well-known American singer that got her start when she won American Idol. She has since then continued to put out amazing music and top the charts every time she puts out a new album. She had her first child in 2014 and her second child in 2016, but with Kelly’s children came a new body that has since received a lot of criticism. When she first started out her career she had a slim figure, but after having her kids she developed curves in places that she did have them before, like many women do after having children. Despite these newfound curves and the nasty things that people had to say about them, Kelly still looks drop dead gorgeous in a dress and I think that most people would agree when I say that she is one good-looking mamma.

12 Keep Flaunting It, Hilary!

Hilary Duff was first noticed for the part she played of Lizzie in Disney’s TV show, Lizzie McGuire. After the show ended she had a short go in the singing world, but we have not heard a lot from her since then and most of you are probably wondering what happened to this actress. In 2010, she married the love of her life and together they went on to have a son. In 2016 however things went downhill for the couple, and they got a divorce, but despite having had a child and going through a divorce this Ex-Disney star managed to maintain her rocking body and now she is one hot and very single mom. I wish I could look this good after having kids, but not all of us get that lucky.

11 P!nk Still Rocks The Red Carpet

Pink has always been one bad a** pop rock star ever since her first album debuted in the year 2000. She has an amazing voice and an even better attitude, and she never really seemed to care what anyone had to say about her. Every album that pink has released has been a complete success and although she has never really had that typical female pop star look to her, she has never really received hate for it. Pink believes that the definition of beauty is not really about how you look in a dress, and she had some pretty inspiring words for her daughter during the MTV music awards, who thought she was ugly and no one liked her. Pink may not have the typical girly girl look, but she still rocks any outfit she wears, and she looked amazing in this picture with her daughter.

10 Drew Barrymore Is So Underrated

Drew Barrymore has been seen in several movies throughout her life, such as: “50 First Dates,” “E.T.,” “My First Kiss”, and most recently, the Netflix original “The Santa Clarita Diet.” She has always been an outstanding actress, but when it comes to her looks she receives way less credit than she deserves. A lot of people seem to think that Drew Barrymore is about 4 on a scale of one to ten, but I would have to disagree with them, because she actually has some deep down beauty that not a lot of people seem to realize. In this photo in particular, she looks prettier than most actresses I have seen and you can barely tell that she is a mom. She definitely deserves more recognition than she receives.

9 Who Doesn't Love Melissa McCarthy?

Melissa McCarthy is a rather funny actress that got her start in Gilmore Girls and has since then appeared in several shows and movies with the most recent one being the remake of Ghostbusters. Melissa is married to Ben Falcone and together they have two young children. She has been recognized greatly for her amazing talent as an actress, but no one really looks at her as an attractive female, but rather a funny actress. Perhaps after seeing this photo though, people will start to notice the true beauty this actress beholds. She may be plus sized, but she has one of the most beautiful faces in Hollywood and her husband surely is one very lucky man. From her bright smile, to those gorgeous eyes everything about this star screams beauty.

8 Amber Portwood Has Curves In All The Right Places

August 27, 2017 Englewood, CA Amber Portwood MTV Video Music Awards 2017 held at The Forum © O'Connor/AFF-USA.com

Amber Portwood is known for her appearance in the original, 16 And Pregnant and her continued appearance in the MTV show, Teen Mom OG. Amber has faced a lot of criticism over the years and has been made fun of for her size in the past, and after struggling with some self-image issues she has finally begun to accept herself for who she really is. Who she really is, is a beautiful and curvy mamma who deserves to be loved and appreciated. Amber may not be the tiniest mom on the show, but she has curves in all the right places and an angelic face that everyone should love to see. Amber has come a long way since 16 and pregnant, she has grown so much as a woman, and she is now someone that her daughter can aspire to be.

7 Hayden Panettiere Is One Hot Mama

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 14: Hayden Panettiere filming James Lapine's "Divorce" on May 14, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Steve Sands/GC Images)

Hayden Panettiere has played in multiple shows and movies over the years, but is currently known for her role as Claire in the show, Heroes, which was very recently canceled due to low ratings. Not only is she an actress, but she is also a model, singer, and an activist making her a truly remarkable individual. Hayden is currently married to Wladimir Klitschko and together they have one child. Hayden has always been a very pretty and very fit young woman, and now at the age of 28 years old and after having had one child she is looking better than ever. Hayden has a strong yet very beautiful look to her and her husband is a very lucky man, although he probably already knows that. She is what people call a, hot mom, and that is something a lot of us women strive for.

6 Christina Aguilera Doesn't Just Have A Good Voice

Christina Aguilera is an American singer with a powerhouse voice that everyone knows and loves. She was originally married to Jordan Bratman, but they divorced in 2011, and she is now engaged to a new man named Matthew Rutler. Christina has two children, and she is now 36 years old. Any 90s baby will tell you just how amazing Christina is, and they can probably recite all the words to genie in a bottle. Christina Aguilera is another star that just does not seem to age because she still looks just as stunningly beautiful as she did when she first started singing. She has piercing eyes, a stunning smile, and an amazing body that most girls wish that they could have. She is the kind of person that is not only beautiful, but also smart and successful and a true idol for her children to look up to.

5 Mariah Carey Is Always On Point

Mariah Carey has been around forever, and she is best known for those incredibly high-pitched notes that she manages to hit without any problems. Mariah is now 48 years old and has been singing since around the year 1990 when her first album debuted. She has been married twice, once to Tommy Mottola and once to Nick Cannon. Both of those marriages ended in divorce and the most recent one was with Nick Cannon, whose divorce was finalized just last year. She has two children and despite her age and everything that she has been through in life she still looks like the same diva that she was when her career first started out and her voice, although changing a little with age, is still just as good as it used to be.

4 Beyonce Is Queen For A Reason

Who doesn't know who Beyonce is? Beyonce is an iconic pop singer who is currently married to the rapper Jay Z and together they have three children, two daughters and one son, although you would not be able to tell by looking at her. Beyonce has a beautiful singing voice, but lately she has been criticized for her odd lyrics. Odd lyrics aside, she is still killing it in the music industry and you definitely can not tell by looking at her that she has had three children. Most women who have kids (especially more than one kid) tend to have more sagging skin and body changes that no one likes to have, but this diva still has a tight body that we would kill to have, I wish I had genes like those.

3 We See You Kirstie Alley

#7514588 Kirstie Alley continues to flaunt her figure as she leaves her hotel in Tribeca New York on June 25, 2011. Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

Kirstie Alley has faced a lot of criticism in terms of her weight, probably more so than any other actor or actress out there. Kirstie is an actress, comedian, and spokeswoman who was seen as the face of Jenny Craig, a weight loss system for the longest time. Through Jenny Craig she was able to lose weight and get into the best shape of her life, but after she put the weight back on a few times she started receiving a lot of hate. She has struggled with maintaining her weight throughout her entire life, but even when she was at her heaviest, she was still a beautiful woman. Kirstie is now 66 years old and has two children of her own, and she is not ashamed of how she looks anymore. Good for her.

2 Oh, Britney Spears

Britney Spears is a very talented pop star whose peak was in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She was a big hit in the music world, but eventually the fame got to her, and she had a complete mental breakdown and the media did not help with this one bit. Britney was however able to come back from this break down, and she is now an amazing mother of two little boys. At the age of 36 she is no longer seen producing new albums, but does still perform and occasionally appear as a judge on some shows. I think that everyone can agree with me when I say that Britney looked like a hot mess when she had her breakdown, but now she looks like a very mature, very steamy single mom.

1 Reese Witherspoon Ages Like Fine Wine

Reese Witherspoon is an American Actress that most of us know for her role in Legally Blonde. She has been married twice and her current husband’s name is, Jim Toth, she has three children and is now 41 years old. Despite her age, marriages, and three children, Reese Witherspoon still somehow looks as if she has not aged a day since her lead role in Legally Blonde. She has somehow managed to not only keep her slender body, but her hair is also just as blonde and full, and there does not appear to be a single wrinkle or line on her face. This is one juicy looking mamma that makes us other ladies wish we could be so lucky to still look 22 at the age of 41, but no such luck for us.

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