14Jessica Simpson Is Still Steamy After 2 Kids

For the longest time Jessica Simpson was dubbed as one of America’s hottest women, especially after the world saw just how good she looked as Daisy Duke in The Dukes Of Hazzard. We have not seen much of Jessica in recent years, but paparazzi has snapped some photos

of her that really got people talking about just how much her appearance has changed since she had her two kids. Even though she might not be the size 2 that she used to be, she still looks stunning, despite what other people may think. We really can not go off of what we see from the paparazzi either because their job is to capture people at their worst in order to cash out on these candid pictures, so I would not be too quick to judge someone next time the paparazzi decides to post a not so flattering photo, because it is after all their job.

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