15 Celeb Moms Who Looked Way Better Before Getting Work Done

Let’s face it, even the most confident woman has felt a tad bit insecure about her looks at one point or another, and there’s no shame in admitting that we all have our good days and our not so good days. Especially if you’re a mother, it’s rather common to feel less than satisfied with the way you look after going through the rigorous effects that pregnancy and raising children have on us. Of course, our children are always our top priority, but there’s nothing wrong with carving out some time to get a mini makeover or do something to get your groove back and make you feel happy in the skin that you’re in. Just because we’re moms now doesn’t mean we have to be less happy with our outward appearance than we were before starting a family.

In some instances, looking good is a quick fix to feeling good, and when you’re famous image becomes an even more crucial factor than usual. While it’s incredibly common for some stars in Hollywood to get a nip and a tuck to keep up their appearance, some go above and beyond when it comes to getting cosmetic procedures. After all, while plastic surgery certainly isn’t for everyone, those who just can’t live without it should live by the mantra that “less is more”. The key to getting elective enhancements is to improve your natural features without looking overdone or in some cases, downright scary. These stars simply couldn’t hide their poorly done and super obvious alterations. Here are 15 celeb moms who looked way better before getting work done.

15 Lil Kim's Total Transformation


Lil Kim may have paved the way for female rappers everywhere, but when she recently resurfaced at a red carpet event the unmistakable star was virtually recognizable due to her excessive plastic surgery. Although Kim has developed a habit of getting work done over the years, her affinity for cosmetic procedures has clearly gone too far. The notoriously raunchy rapper has seemingly cleaned up her act since becoming a mother to her adorable daughter Royal Reign in 2014, but Kim's overall obsession with changing her appearance has only gotten worse over time. The star has gotten multiple nose jobs and and implants to increase her cup size, but that's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Kim's shocking physical transformation. Now that she has a daughter of her own, hopefully she teaches her to love her looks without projecting her own insecurities onto her little one. It goes without saying, but Lil Kim looked much better before going overboard with getting work done.

14 Farrah Abraham's Image Overhaul


While some people try to be super hush-hush about the amount of work they're gotten done, Farrah Abraham is so proud of her cosmetic procedures that she practically shouts it from the rooftops. The Teen Mom star embarked on her plastic surgery journey shortly after the birth of her daughter, Sophia, and naturally MTV's cameras were there to capture Farrah's journey to get a bigger bust. While Abraham understandably cited pregnancy and breastfeeding as a two major factors for wanting to get them operated on, there's really no excuse for the number of cosmetic procedures she has had since. Farrah has been incredibly candid about getting work done on her nose, lips, chin, tatas, and even her backside. While the reality star seems to be satisfied with the results of her various procedures, we can't help but wonder when she will finally stop getting so many alterations. There's little denying that all of the changes that Farrah has made with her face and body have ultimately aged her and made her look far older than she really is. After taking a look at how drastically different her appearance is now, it's obvious that Abraham looked much better before she embarked on her massive image overhaul.

13 Nikki Cox's Lips Don't Lie


Nikki Cox spent most of the 90’s as a successful actress who was well-known for her notably good looks. In fact, her image played a pivotal role in some of the parts she played on television, including her starring gig on the sitcom Unhappily Ever After. Nikki has always been a standout beauty, and she eventually captured the heart of comedian Jay Mohr. The couple married and shares a six year old son together, but Nikki’s career (and her outward appearance) took a turn for the worst in recent years. Cox made heads turn when she was first seen sporting a new set of incredibly large lips at a Hollywood event. Long before Kylie Jenner could take credit for popularizing the plump pout, Nikki had done some serious damage to her face due to her desire to get work done. It’s hard not to stare at the actress’s over-inflated lips and excessively Botoxed face, which makes her look much worse than she ever did before visiting the plastic surgeon’s office. When you’re a striking natural beauty, why on Earth would you possibly want to ruin it with unnecessary procedures? The outcome is clear: Nikki Cox looked much better before discovering Botox and collagen.

12 Tori Spelling's Mega Metamorphasis


Of course, it's not uncommon for celebrities to get a nip here and a tuck there...especially when they have spent most of their lives in front of the camera. For obvious reasons, Tori doesn't deny that she's underwent her fair share of cosmetic procedures. Spelling looks vastly different than she did earlier in her career and she has fessed up to getting her nose and her bosom reworked on various occasions. While many could assume that Tori Spelling's rise to fame playing Donna Martin on her famous father's hit show 90210 may have attributed to her need to get some work done, the actresses's issues with her appearance started long before she began gracing our TV screens. In her first published book, Tori revealed that it was actually her mother, Candy, who first suggested that she get a nose job when she was just a young girl. According to Tori, when she asked her mom if she was pretty Candy ruthlessly replied, "You will be once you get tor nose fixed". It's hard to imagine telling an impressionable child that she wasn't pretty enough by her own mother's standards, and Tori expressed her desire to ensure that her own children never grow up feeling that way. Spelling, who has five children and two of which are girls, vowed to teach her little ladies to love the way they look. It's no secret that Tori never needed to get all of that excessive work done on her face and body because she definitely looked dazzling before.

11 Hayden Panettiere's Impromptu Enhancement

At the height of her career, Hayden Panettiere succumbed to the pressures of Hollywood to look perfect and opted to get a simple enhancement done to her body. Although Hayden’s signature petite frame suited her quite well, the Nashville actress simply wasn’t satisfied with the small size of her chest. In 2013, Panettiere popped up with a significantly perkier top half that she proudly showed off in a bikini top while frolicking on the beach. After getting over the initial shock of her suddenly bigger bust, fans quickly noticed that the star’s chest augmentation wasn’t exactly picture perfect. Panettiere’s surgery was obviously botched as her chest appeared to be disproportionate with a significant ripple effect that was a clear indicator of bad plastic surgery. While most doctors advise women to hold off on getting their bosom enlarged until after they are done having children because pregnancy and breastfeeding causes them to change in shape and size, Hayden may have jumped the gun this time around. The following year, she gave birth to her first child with professional boxer Wladimir Klitschko, likely ensuring that her chest is even worse shape than it was right after going under the knife. This is definitely a prime example of a celebrity mom who just should have appreciated the body she had.

10 Fergie's Fixation With Her Face


Fergie has been an incredibly famous face ever since she made her big debut as the lead singer of The Black Eyed Peas. Since then, she has successfully branched out as a solo artist, but her face has become quite a topic of conversation among her fans and followers. It’s no secret that just by looking at Fergie you can tell that she’s had a decent amount of work done. The mother of four year old Axl Duhamel seems to look a bit weathered after substantial amounts of fillers injected into her face, leaving her looking much older than she really is. The star’s skin looks uncomfortably tight and her nose appears much smaller than it once was. Of course, it can be tough to always look your best in Hollywood, but Fergie looked just fine before she started tampering with the face she was born with.

9 Haylie Duff's Unnecessary Alterations


Aside from being Hilary Duff's older sister, Haylie Duff has made a name for herself as an actress, author, and television host for her own cooking show. On top of all that, in 2015 Haylie even added "mother" to her lost list of credentials following the birth of her daughter, Ryan. While Haylie has been soaking up the spotlight almost for as long as her sister has, fans noticed something substantially different about the star when she resurfaced a few years back. Anyone with eyes can see that Haylie underwent a handful of cosmetic procedures in hopes of changing up her look, including rhinoplasty, a chin reduction and lip injections. Duff hardly even looked like the same person after showing off her new face to the public and we wouldn't be surprised if you had to give her before and after photos a second glance. Although this hard-working momma knows a thing or two about juggling her career and motherhood, she doesn't seem to know when to say 'enough is enough' when it comes to plastic surgery because she looked a lot better before.

8 Courteney Cox's Bad Botox Habit 


It’s often been said that getting cosmetic procedures such as Botox can easily become an addictive habit if not carefully monitored, and judging by the looks of things it appears that Courteney Cox has fallen victim to the procedure’s tempting ways. Cox, who is quite possibly best known for her role on the hit sitcom Friends, has clearly become a fan of injectables over the years. Cox, who shares a daughter with ex-husband David Arquette, has always been an ageless mom, but the substantial amount of work she’s had done has left fans quite concerned and confused. When Cox recently made a red carpet appearance, she received an ample amount of shock for how vastly different she looked. Ultimately, Courteney came clean about her obsession with getting fillers in her face, stating, “I grew up thinking that appearance was the most important thing. That’s kind of sad because it got me in trouble. I was trying so hard to keep up, and I actually made things worse”. Hopefully, Cox has learned a valuable lesson and can appreciate the way she looked prior to getting so much work done.

7 Shauna Sand Will Make You Do A Double-Take


There are some people choose to get minor work done to themselves in moderation…and then there are people like Shauna Sand. The former Playmate and ex-wife to soap star Lorenzo Lamas is a mother to three daughters, but her main priority appears to be keeping up her appearance at all costs. The model looks vastly different than she once used to, and that’s largely because of her obsession with getting elective cosmetic procedures. Shauna looks extremely unnatural with her aggressively overdone lips, fillers, and surgically enhanced chest. While it’s nearly impossible to accurately guess the number of procedures Sand has gotten, it’s very obvious to see that she’s a huge fan of changing her look in a major way. Perhaps Shauna likes the synthetic Barbie doll look, but many would argue that she look lightyears better prior to getting crazy amounts of plastic surgery.

6 Britney Spears Did It Again


It's no secret that Britney Spears looks a lot different than she did when she first stared out on her quest to be a pop star, and her change of appearance comes down to much more than just getting older. The thirty-five year old mother of sons Sean Preston and Jayden James has been dabbling in getting little bits of cosmetic work done here and there over the years, and she's even admitted to getting lip injections and Botox, referring to the procedures as "fun stuff". However, even though Britney has been refreshingly forthcoming about certain things she's had done, it looks like this past year the star went a little too far when it came to tweaking her image. Of course, she's still one of the hottest celebrity moms in the business and has a body worthy of making anyone envious, but when it comes to her face Britney may have taken her modifications to extremes. Spears has been spotted sporting a distinctly smaller nose in addition to her over-plumped lips. There's simply no denying that Britney looked much better before she ever decided to make changes to her famous face.

5 Heidi Montag's Body-Altering Blunder


We've all heard the expression "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" and that pretty much sums up our thoughts on Heidi Montag's seemingly never-ending relationship with plastic surgery. The former star of The Hills just recently became a new mom to a beautiful baby boy named Gunner Stone, but long before she ventured into motherhood Heidi was making headlines for entirely different reasons. At the pinnacle of her realty television stardom, Montag made the major decision to have multiple cosmetic procedures done all in one sitting. After operating on nearly a dozen different parts of her body including her nose, chin, neck, ears, brows, and buttocks, Heidi instantly went from the 'girl next door' to dangerously curvy in a matter of moments. Along with her new look came an even surprisingly newer attitude, and Heidi went on to embrace her villainous role on the popular MTV series. Although Montag received ample attention for her shocking makeover, she also endured a series of complications stemming from her various surgeries. Now that she is a mom, Heidi insists that her priorities are completely different and that getting work done isn't even on her radar. While Heidi won't come out and say that she regrets her decision to go under the knife, she does admit that she has her reservations about her choices, saying, "I certainly wouldn’t do it again and I certainly wouldn’t recommend it".

4 Courtney Love


Courtney Love may be the long-running wild woman of the entertainment industry, but aside from being an outspoken and oftentimes outlandish star, she’s also a mother to daughter Frances Bean Cobain. While she has never really been the perfect parent by her own admission and has always had a rocky relationship with her daughter, Courtney’s mistakes exceed far beyond her lack of child-rearing skills. Over the years, we’ve witnessed the single mother’s face transform due to excessive amounts of plastic surgery. Of course, there was a brief period where Love looked classy and even refined, but that phase was short-lived once the star fell back into her old routines and continued getting more work done than she ever needed. Courtney has publicly admitted to getting her nose done, and she has also had Botox injections, facial fillers, lip injections and a possible face lift. Needless to say, Courtney Love’s obsession with getting cosmetic work done is to the extreme, and she absolutely looked better before she ever started letting any plastic surgeon touch her face.

3 Naya Rivera Is Copying The Kardashians


As a main character on the hit show Glee, Naya Rivera skyrocketed to fame playing saucy cheerleader Santana Lopez. The gig served as a major breakout role for Rivera, but fans soon noticed that as the show’s popularity progressed and Naya got more famous, her look would begin to drastically change. Not long after Glee came to an end, Naya promotly got married and announced she was expecting her first child with husband Ryan Dorsey. Rivera gave birth to her son, Josey in 2015 but motherhood surely hasn’t stopped the starlet from wanting to modify her look even more than she already has. While Naya’s natural look was wholesome and endearing, her ample plastic surgeries have left her looking like Kim Kardashian’s clone rather than the actress we’ve all grown accustomed to. It’s clear to see that Naya certainly has no problem with getting some work done, but we seriously think she looked much better before.

2 Victoria Beckham's New Additions

As one-fifth of the popular girl group The Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham became a huge celebrity following the band's international success. It's been almost two decades since Victoria and her counterparts became household names, but a whole lot has changed for her over the years. For starters, Victoria married famed soccer star David Beckham and together they welcomed four children. There's no denying that with a brood of her own, motherhood plays an integral part in the singer's day to day life. But judging by the looks of things, marriage and maternity weren't the only huge changes for Victoria. The star has openly admitted to having some work done on her exterior, including adding a few cup sizes to her bountiful bosom. Initially, Beckham praised the results of her surgery but over time she began to regret her decision, calling her augmentation "a sign of insecurity" while advising other women to "just celebrate what you've got". Victoria does make a valid point, as she did look significantly better prior to having any work done.

1 Christina Aguilera's Big Change


After finding fame when she was still just a teenager herself, Christina Aguilera has been a staple in the entertainment industry for as long as we can remember. Of course, Christina has become the queen of reinventing herself and she’s never afraid to try something new when it comes to her appearance…even if it means getting a little work done. The singer welcomed her first child, Max, in 2008 but before that she was spotted with a noticeably fuller chest. Aguilera went on to become a mother of two in 2014 when she welcomed her daughter, Summer, and her image continued to shift much like that of a chameleon. While Christina has always been a beautiful lady, we think she might have gone overboard with her elective plastic surgery. The procedure made her top half look misshapen and out of place for her figure. Feeling confident in your body is always important, but Christina definitely looked a lot better before she decided to amp up her bust size.

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