15 Celeb Moms Who Slay In Jogging Pants

From the first moment we discover that we are pregnant we begin to undergo a series of changes to be able to adapt to the growth of our baby. One of the many things we must do to prepare for the arrival of the baby, in the course of those 9 months, is change our style. After the childbirth, thoughts on how to dress will fall down on our list of priorities. I do not mean that new moms look like someone who lives isolated in a cave, but the truth is that it is normal that when we enter to the moms club, we would look for clothes more comfortable than glamorous.

However, today we have role models such as Blake Lively, Kim Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen who showed us that just because we are/were pregnant that doesn't mean we should stop looking spectacular or leave our high heels in the closet forgotten. Of course, for them, it is easier because they have a whole team around them that helps them choose their outfits and look so beautiful, while for mortals... Well, we must put a little more of our creativity to look like that, but it's not impossible.

So what about mothers who want to look beautiful but at the same time want to wear more comfortable clothes? Well, today we will talk about 15 celeb moms who slay in jogging pants, which show us that even jogging pants can be gorgeous and fashionable. There is nothing better than seeking inspiration from our favorite celebrities for creating the perfect outfit.

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15 Khloe Kardashian Has Worked Hard To Slay

Daily Mail

Khloe Kardashian, one of the sisters of the Kardashian clan, came to fame with the rest of her family thanks to her reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" that first aired in 2007. Since then these women have created an empire, launching lines of clothes, being host in special programs and being influencers of these new generations. In addition, all the Kardashians have been recognized for their great sense of fashion.

Khloe especially is the one who has worked the most to achieve her ideal look, and she's spectacular every single time.

Last year everything seemed wonderful between Khloe and Tristan Thompson, basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers, with whom she was expecting her first child together. But sadly, days before Khloe gave birth, TMZ brought to light a series of photos of the basketball player kissing other women in a club. But according to Dailymail UK, Khloe was recently seen in one of Tristan's team games against the Toronto Raptors. And according to Eonline.com, a source told them that "She has not given up on him yet, but she has not really been focusing on their relationship." And it seems to be true, that after all the reality show star is going to give him a second chance.

14 Chrissy Teigen, When Is She Not Perfect?


Chrissy Teigen is an American model who made her big debut when she appeared in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2010. After that Teigen has participated in shows like E!, TMZ, MTV, America's Next Top Model, Watch What Happens Live, and Lip Sync Battle. Chrissy has been married to singer John Legend since 2013, and they're one of the most recognized couples in Hollywood. They are simply two cutie pies.

Chrissy is the mother of Luna Simone Stephens who was born in 2016 and the model is currently pregnant with her second child with the singer.

This well-known model and host has been an influence in terms of style and motherhood showing us that we can be pregnant and still wear our heels.

Chrissy through their social networks promotes feeling beautiful in our own skin and has always been very honest on Twitter, commenting on each stage of her pregnancy and sharing her experience with her fans, showing us that she is human like us. In fact, she recently wrote on her Twitter "My pregnancy nose is huge. my nose has its own BMI, " she wrote in reply to a selfie video. "how will you gain weight in your nose. this is fascinating " and a fan replied "I am so glad you mentioned this because all the women in my family get the pregnancy nose so literally thought it was hereditary," so it's not a surprise that she knows how to rock those jogging pants.

13 Jennifer Lopez's Intense Exercise Is Working


Jennifer Lopez is an American singer, actress, dancer and fashion designer known internationally for her music and some of her movies. Lopez, from Puerto Rico, has the powerful curves of a Latina and is the mother of her twins with salsa king Marc Anthony with whom she was married between 2004 and 2014. She remains active in the music industry, in fact she recently released her new single "El Anillo" from her album in Spanish "Por Primera Vez". She has also been promoting the new season of her dance program "World of Dance" with celebrities like Derek Hough, NE-YO and Jenna Dewan Tatum who are judges of the show.

But Jennifer has generated a lot of talk lately due to her relationship with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez. 

In fact during an interview with Ellen Degeneres, Jennifer confessed some details of her first date with Alex, saying "It was cute, it's sweet ... We're eating dinner and getting to know each other, and then he leaves and goes to the bathroom for a second," then she added, "He's walking back toward the table and I see him coming and my phone beeps, and I think it's my girlfriend and I look down. and he goes, 'You look [amazing],'" she said. "And I was like, 'OK!'". And yes, we've all thought the same as Alex, Jennifer is spectacular and no matter what she wears, this diva knows how to look like a queen.

12 Kylie Jenner Is More Popular Than Ever

Via: StarStyle.com

Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the Kardashian clan who, like the rest of her sisters boosted her career and her personal brand thanks to the reality show from the beginning of 2007 that is already going for its 14th season.

Kylie, like all her sisters, has become an influencer in social networks, popularizing avant-garde styles such as blue hair and many of her bold outfits that show us that she is not afraid of anything and that she can make fashionable almost everything, even sports clothes.

At the end of the last year there was speculation about a possible pregnancy, and this year the star of the reality show with her boyfriend, the rapper Travis Scott, whom she met thanks to Kanye West, confirmed the birth of their daughter Stormi. And it seems that the birth of their baby has helped their relationship. Recently the couple went on vacation to Turks and Caicos, to celebrate the 26th birthday of the rapper. And according to In Touch Weekly an insider told them that "Kylie cannot keep [herself] off Travis and he's loving every minute of it," an insider told In Touch exclusively. "Travis jokes with her and tells her he wants her to go back home. Kylie just gave birth to their little bundle of joy three months ago, so it's probably a good idea for them to hold off on another pregnancy for a while, but we're glad to hear that the magic is not gone after becoming parents. As a matter of fact, it's stronger than ever." 

11 Britney Spears Still Slays After All This Time


Britney Spears throughout the years has shown us how multifaceted she can be, right from her tender beginnings in the Mickey Mouse club in 1990s. Then in 1999 she conquered the world with her hit "Baby One More Time" and become the princess of pop. And although we know that the career of the American singer had ups and downs, especially after her breakdown in 2007 and a series of failed relationships, Britney seems to have returned to the top. She has two beautiful children from her marriage to Kevin Federline which ended in 2007. In 2013 she recovered again her role as princess of pop thanks to her show Piece of Me presented at the AXIS auditorium located at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The show, which opened in December 2013, was initially established for two years but was so successful that in 2015 Spears' contract with Planet Hollywood was extended for two additional years, concluding the residency in December 2017.

Britney, along with her new boyfriend, the personal trainer Sam Asghari, whom she met while filming the music video Slumber Party, shared a video on the singer's Instagram account showing a routine of exercise as a couple, which left us with dropped jaws.

This is why it's no surprise that Britney even looks spectacular with jogging pants.

10 Kim Kardashian, Of Course


Kim Kardashian, probably one of the most sought-after celebrities on the internet. She and her family have become influencers of these new generations who seek to imitate everything she does, from exercise routines to food, makeup, and style.

And although she rose to fame thanks to her family's reality show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" in 2007, Kim was already quite popular for hanging out with her socialite friends.

From an early age Kim had shown excellent taste for fashion, for which she used to advise her friends and create their outfits before going out to party.

The life of the television star has always seemed to be involved in dramas, but with respect to her love life, Kim seems to have found what she was looking for. After two failed marriages, the first one with Damon Thomas, songwriter and producer, with whom she was married between 2000 and 2004, and the second with Kris Humphries, an American professional basketball player, whom she married in 2011 but divorced in 2013. Her current husband is the rapper and producer Kanye West, who she married in 2014 and is the father of her 3 children: North West who was born in June 2013, Saint West who was born in December 2015, and Chicago West who was born by means of a surrogate in 2018.

9 Fergie The Fitness Guru


Fergie the American actress, singer, and songwriter stole our hearts when she was part of the hip-hop band The Black Eyed Peas. But then she launched as a soloist in 2006 achieving hits like "Big Girls Don't Cry", "Glamorous", and "Fergalicious. "

Fergie is a businesswoman who is not afraid to be creative with her style and always go further, which is why this confident woman knows how to turn heads even when she is wearing jogging pants.

Fergie is the mother of Axl Jack Duhamel who was born in 2013, with actor Josh Duhamel, known for films like the Transformers franchise, "Life as We Know It" and "Lost in the Sun". The celebrities were married from 2009 until 2017, and the reason for the split was because the actor wanted to get away from the spotlight of Hollywood and have another child. According to Eonline! one insider shared "Josh is very down to earth and a do-it-yourself kind of guy," the source also explained. "He's out in the morning every day doing normal things like going to the hardware store or taking [their 4-year-old son] Axl to breakfast. Fergie's in a totally different world." the source said "They have not one big fight or final straw. They have a lot of love for each other and for each other's families and there's no bad blood."

8 Miranda Kerr Is Perfect In Simple Styles


Miranda Kerr, the Australian model is known for coming to fame as one of the Victoria's Secret Angels.

The beautiful 35-year-old model has always stood out for her sober and elegant style. There's nothing Miranda wears that looks bad, and of course, that includes jogging pants.

Due to the beauty of this Australian it is no wonder that she has stolen the heart of English actor Orlando Bloom. According to Glamor Magazine UK, when they started dating Miranda was not very convinced because she hated "the idea of dating a movie star". In fact, she rejected him several times, but she stated "I think it was his persistence," Miranda admitted, "maybe he wanted me because he thought he could not have me." In 2010 they got engaged and in July of that year they married. That same year they also announced that they were expecting their first child, Flynn Bloom, who was born in January 2011, but they ended up divorcing in 2013. However, Miranda did not spend too much time single in the dating market. In 2017 she tied the knot to Evan Thomas Spiegel, an American Internet entrepreneur. The model is currently pregnant with her second child.

7 Carrie Underwood Is Always Classy


Carrie Underwood is an American sweetheart. Originally from Muskogee, Oklahoma, she was fortunate enough to be the winner of the tv show American Idol in 2005, winning the hearts of the audience with her voice. Underwood is known for hits such as "Jesus, Take the Wheel" 2005, "Before He Cheats" 2005, and "Good Girl" 2012, among others. The American singer is also married to the Canadian, Mike Fisher, professional ice hockey player, and center for the Nashville Predators. They've been married since 2010 and have a son named Isaiah Michael Fisher who was born in February 2015.

And although Carrie has always dazzled on red carpets and shows for her excellent fashion sense, after suffering an accident at home that ended in a broken wrist, and facial surgery with 40 and 50 stitches, the American singer has kept out of the spotlight.

But recently during an interview for People magazine, the singer revealed that she already feels better about her health and physical appearance, in fact in recent months Carrie was back at the stage at the ACM awards, debuting new music. In addition, she has already returned to her exercise routine showing us her versatile style and that nothing stops her. And of course, Carrie knows how to rock those jogging pants.

6 Charlize Theron Looks Good In Anything


Charlize Theron is an actress of South African and American origin, known for having starred in numerous films in Hollywood, and according to her biography on Wikipedia she has participated in films such as " Mighty Joe Young " (1998),"  Monster " (2003), "The Road" (2009 ),"  Snow White and the Huntsman"  (2012), "Prometheus "(2012), "Mad Max: Fury Road "(2015), and "The Fate of the Furious "(2017).

Charlize, thanks to her roots, has an exotic beauty. But besides that she is smart. Nothing more dangerous in women than have the two virtues, so that's why it's not surprising that she has been linked with different actors throughout her career. According to Bustle, the actress has been linked with celebrities such as Craig Bierko, Keanu Reeves, Alexander Skarsgård, and Sean Penn. Her relationship with actor Stuart Townsend, the longest relationship she had till now, was solid between the years 2001 to 2010. Theron so far has not been married. However, that did not stop her from deciding to adopt her two children, August Theron, and Jackson Theron.

This actress not only dazzles us with her acting skills and as an exemplary mother but also has always stood out for her elegant and sober style. However, in her day to day, Charlize has shown us that even some jogging pants can be gorgeous.

5 Victoria Beckham: Fashion Icon


There was a time when the British band the Spice Girls conquered the world. Between 1994 and 2000 we met "Posh Spice", Victoria Beckham, one of the members of the band.

Victoria, throughout her professional career as an artist and businesswoman, has always been a lover of the fashion industry. So it is no surprise to see her dressed as a goddess all the time. Victoria has also excelled in her role as a mother of her 4 children: Brooklyn Beckham who was born in March 1999, Romeo James Beckham who was born in September 2002, Cruz Beckham who was born in February 2005, and Harper Seven Beckham who was born in July 2011. In addition, Victoria has made her marriage to former footballer David Beckham, one of the most desirable men in the entertainment industry, survive under the spotlight for more than 20 years since they married in 1997. Although we should not be surprised because Victoria seems to be like wine: with the years she looks more beautiful and gets better. Besides, this woman is multifaceted, especially when we refer to fashion.

Victoria is one of those women who knows how to turn from the simplest outfit into something worthy of a catwalk.

4 Jessica Alba Doesn't Feel Glamorous When She's Pregnant


Jessica Alba, like many stars in Hollywood, started her career from an early age, and according to her bio in IMdb.com her big break came when she was chosen for the sci-fi series Dark Angel on Fox. From then on, Alba has captivated the audience with her performances in movies like "Honey"," Sin City", "Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World", and "Some Kind of Beautiful" among others.

Meanwhile, in 2008 the actress married Cash Warren whom she met on the set of the movie Fantastic Four. But since they welcomed their first daughter in 2008, Honor Marie Warren, Jessica seems to have focused more on her family and on new work projects that do not involve being in front of the cameras. Today, the couple have 3 children.

But the actress known for her gorgeous screen roles, during an event for Baby2Baby, told reporters how her pregnancies had changed her body and the way she felt about herself.

"I don’t feel glamorous at all when I'm pregnant, so it’s nice to kind of dress up and feel beautiful," she told the reporters on the red carpet.

"I usually feel sort of like Humpty Dumpty, slothing around and hormonal, and nothing fits the same. But in this dress, I actually feel kind of pretty." She also added "Don’t be hard on yourself. Doing your best to be present wherever you are is what’s important,". But the truth is that for us Alba continues to look spectacular with whatever she puts on, this mother of 3 knows how to look beautiful even with comfy clothes.

3 Jessica Simpson Is A Knockout


Jessica Simpson is an American singer, actress, and fashion designer, who captivated us during the early 2000s with her boots that were made for walking and showing off that spectacular figure. She was also married to singer Nick Lachey between 2002 and 2006, and then they decided to have their own reality show " Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica", broadcast by MTV.

After her failed marriage with Lachey, the singer decided to focus on business. In 2010 she launched a documentary series, "The Price of Beauty", which sought to show the different perceptions of beauty around the world. She also launched her own line of clothing and accessories. The brand rakes in about $1 billion a year at retail. Jessica has always been a fan of the fashion industry so it is not surprising that she wanted to venture as an entrepreneur in that field. From her beginnings, under the lights of Hollywood, the American singer has enjoyed playing with different styles.

Even during her pregnancies, Simpson showed us that she could look spectacular wearing whatever she wants.

In 2014 Jessica tied the knot with Eric Johnson a former American football player in the National Football League. Currently, the couple has two daughters.

2 Eva Longoria Is Always Stunning


Eva Longoria actress, producer and American businesswoman of Mexican roots, who after participating in various television series achieved international fame thanks to her role as Gabrielle Solis on the ABC television series "Desperate Housewives" that was on the air from 2004 to 2012 with 8 seasons.

Eva is one of those women who show us that size does not matter and that sometimes the best things come in small packages.

The actress, who is 1.57 m tall, has always stood out for her curves and for her good fashion sense, making even casual clothes look spectacular, that's why we have her on this list today.

And although Eva is known to steal some hearts in Hollywood, she, unfortunately, had two failed marriages, the first with actor Tyler Christopher (2002-2004), followed by her marriage to Tony Parker, professional basketball player for the San Antonio Spurs, ( 2007 -2011). But it seems that the third one is the winner because since 2016 Eva has been married to Jose Bastón, president of Televisa and businessman. According to the website InStyle, they met in 2013 through mutual friends and although they had no chemistry the first time they met, after 6 months the spark between the two arose, and after a while dating he popped the question in Dubai. Currently, the actress is pregnant with her first child.

1 Sarah Jessica Parker Still Channels Carrie Bradshaw's Fashion


We all met Sarah Jessica Parker thanks to her role as Carrie Bradshaw, a journalist living in New York City. Between 1998 and 2004 the audience followed the adventures of Bradshaw and her friends in this concrete jungle in search of love. And although Sarah had starred in other roles and participated in other successful films such as "The Family Stone" (2005), "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" 2009, and currently works for the HBO series "Divorce" (2016- present), we will all always remember her as Carrie for her innovative, fashionable and unique style.

Playing the role of Carrie seems to have triggered in Parker a greater fascination for the fashion industry. In her daily life the paparazzi have captured Parker wearing clothes that make us want to steal her outfit.

She is definitely is one of the best celebrities nailing it the street style, and knows how to turn any garment into something fashionable and how to combine them. Parker has been married to actor Matthew Broderick since 1997, being one of the most stable marriages in Hollywoods. The couple has 3 children, James Wilkie Broderick who was born in October 2002, and the twins Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick and Tabitha Hodge Broderick, who were born in June 2009.

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