15Kylie Jenner - Dad Is Now Mom

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Kylie Jenner is famous for being a member of the Kardashian clan. She grew up in the public eye, making regular appearances on her family’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians. It

may come as no surprise to hear that many of them suffer from daddy issues to varying degrees. With the older siblings, the children of Robert Kardashian, these issues likely stem from their father’s early death. With the younger Jenner children, these issues may stem from their dad now being their mom.

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Kylie’s father, Bruce Jenner, was once most famously known for being an Olympic athlete, having competed in the 1972 and 1976 Summer Olympics. After marrying into the Kardashian empire, he became known mostly as Kris Jenner’s husband. In 2015 Bruce became, quite possibly, the most famous transgender person in the world when he revealed his transition to Caitlyn. There are those that believe that Kylie has never really come to terms with Caitlyn. They speculate that her daddy issues form the basis of her somewhat questionable dating choices. It was recently revealed that Kylie may be expecting her first child with her boyfriend Travis Scott.

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