15 Celeb Moms With The Best Maternity Style

Any woman who has carried a baby knows how hard it can be to style a baby bump. Since the belly is constantly growing, it’s hard to find clothes that fit properly. One day pants fit fine, and then the next they can’t even be  buttoned up. Dressing a baby bump when it's new is a challenge, to say the least. That’s why it's awe-inspiring of these celebrity mothers who make acing maternity style look like a piece of cake. These moms-to-be were always dressed to impress during their pregnancies, and we want to know their secrets.

Not every celebrity mom has had an easy time with maternity wear. Kim Kardashian has famously been poked fun of for her fashion-forward maternity style. Even Hollywood bombshells like Elsa Pataky and Keira Knightley have been criticized for their fashion choices while pregnant. It really shouldn’t matter what a mom is wearing when she’s expecting. After all, she’s busy creating life. We totally get only wanting to wear sweatpants and a tanktop when you’re 9 months in and ready to burst. But the fact that dressing stylish while pregnant can be so difficult is more of a testament to these ridiculously fashionable expectant celebrities.

Some of these celeb mommas have effortless, relaxed styles that are easy to replicate. We love them for how easy they seem to achieve such a chic look. Other times, the pregnant celebs look even more glamorous than when they’re not expecting. From sequins to curve-enhancing gowns, they know how to rock a baby bump and make a statement. Every expecting mom who wants to look fashionable while expecting should take note from these successful celebs.

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15 Mila Kunis

We’ve been big fans of Mila Kunis since her breakout role on That ‘70s Show- and, that’s also where she met her husband, Ashton Kutcher. The couple share two adorable children: daughter Wyatt, 2, and son Dimitri, 1. Aside from her impressive acting skills, we’ve come to love Mila for her enviable pregnancy style. During both of her pregnancies, the actress was often spotted in casual and comfy outfits that didn’t compromise her style factor.

Mila gravitated towards loose-fitting clothing when she was expecting. We often saw her pictured in trendy maxi-skirts or palazzo pants and cotton tank tops, all of which are perfect for warm Californian weather. Even on the red carpet, she opted for comfortable formal wear, often sporting flowy black dresses and medium-height heels. Despite her casual style, Mila still managed to look effortlessly put-together in every outfit. Her easy and breeze maternity style translated well into her role as a new mom, and Mila is still as fashionable as ever.

14 Olivia Wilde

This mama loves her leather jackets! Olivia Wilde has been known for her edgy, street-style inspired sense of fashion. And when she was expecting both of her children, she never let her pregnancy compromise her style. Olivia is engaged to actor Jason Sudeikis, and the couple have two children, son Otis, 2, and daughter Daisy, born October 2016. We’ve loved seeing how her maternity style has progressed through the past few years, and hope that the Wilde-Sudeikis family will be expanding their brood sooner rather than later.

Olivia tends to prefer a dark palette when it comes to getting dressed. Even 9 months into her pregnancy, the actress was still rocking fitted leather jackets and tight jeans, giving us major style envy. At red carpet events, she was always dressed to the nines during her pregnancy, often wearing form-fitting gowns that showed off her growing baby bump. If you can keep up your signature style when you’re expecting, then you know you’re a Fashionista.

13 Beyonce

Obviously Queen Bey has impeccable maternity style. We got 9 months of maternity fashion inspiration from Beyoncé when she was expecting Blue Ivy several years ago, her first child with husband, Jay-Z. Now the musician is expecting twins in 2017, and the few glimpses we’ve gotten of her pregnancy fashion has us itching for more. We’re so excited to see how Beyoncé dresses her growing baby bump, and we’re even more excited to eventually meet (okay, see on Instagram) her little ones.

Beyoncé has a very glamorous style in general, often rocking sparkly, stand-out gowns on the red carpet and statement pieces even when going for a casual look. During her last pregnancy, she wore a lot of flowy gowns in bright colours and still maintained her dazzling sense of style. The musician has also never let pregnancy stop her from wearing sky-high heels, and we wish she’d let the world in on her secret. We can’t wait to see how Bey slays the pregnancy fashion game this time around.

12 Nicky Hilton

Nicky Hilton is a Fashionista in her own right. While her sister Paris has always been into girly pieces and the color pink, Nicky has maintained a consistent classic look with a bit of bohemian flare. Her put-together, sophisticated sense of style has made her a favourite among fashion magazines. The socialite recently welcomed her first child, daughter Lily Grace, with her husband, James Rothschild. And the world loved seeing how Nicky styled her burgeoning baby bump.

During her pregnancy, Nicky continued wearing tight jeans and structured outfits until her last trimester. Every paparazzi photo shows the new mom in a perfectly coordinated outfit, making us wonder how she does it. She also tends to favour floral and bohemian patterns as well as bold colours. It seems like dressing in maternity wear was a piece of cake for this celebrity because her pregnancy fashion is basically no different than what she wears when not expecting.

11 Kourtney Kardashian

A lot of people gave Kim Kardashian heck for the way she dressed when expecting daughter North. And that’s one of the reasons the actress stayed out of the spotlight during the last few months of her pregnancy with her second child, son Saint. But Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has always been admired for her on-point maternity style. Though she is definitely fashion-forward and known to take some risks style-wise, her pregnancy outfits were always a success.

Kourtney has three children with her long-time partner, Scott Disick: Mason, 7, Penelope, 4, and Reign, 2. During her pregnancies, the reality television star has often gravitated towards blacks. For causal looks, she tends to favour tight-fitting cotton dresses that are breathable and also sexy. She loves athletic wear, and can be spotted in leggings and runners while pregnant and out and about. Kourtney has never been afraid to wear form-fitting gowns and rompers on the red carpet while pregnant, which expertly show off her baby bump. But we’re most impressed about how this star never trades in her heels for flats during big events. Nine months pregnant or not, Kourtney is always dressed to impress.

10 Reese Witherspoon

We’re been dying over Reese Witherspoon’s pregnancy style since the early 2000s. The actress has three children. She shares her eldest children, daughter Ava, 17, and son Deacon, 13, with her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe. She also has a younger son, Tennessee, 4, with her current husband, James Toth. During all three of her pregnancies, Reese has let her Southern Belle charm shine through, which makes us want to raid her closet pronto.

During casual outings while pregnant, the actress has tended to opt for clothing made of breathable fabrics. She’s been a fan of casual summer dresses, which often hide her baby bump against her petite frame. Still, her outfits are always put-together and sophisticated, even if she’s just going to the grocery store. Likewise, Reese’s pregnancy style on the red carpet is always on-point. She has often chosen classic silhouettes for her dresses that delicately drape over her baby bump, meaning it’s both flattering and comfortable for her. If Reese has any other children, you can be sure her maternity style will be as fashionable as ever.

9 Chrissy Teigen

As a model, we’d expect Chrissy Teigen to have a great sense of style. And the celebrity affirmed that statement during her first pregnancy last year. Chrissy recently welcomed her daughter Luna with her husband, musician John Legend. Whether she was posing on the red carpet or posting a photo to Instagram, Chrissy always looked radiant and stylish during her pregnancy. Not to mention, her style is exceptionally fashion forward regardless of if she’s pregnant or not, which made for some striking maternity style moments.

Chrissy loves tight-fighting dresses, and she wore a variety of them while pregnant, which showed off her growing baby bump. During her pregnancy, she wasn’t afraid to experiment with trends like daring cut-outs, thigh-high slits, and knee-high boots and socks. Her hair, makeup, and outfit always made it seem like she’d just come from the runway. Even while rocking causal looks, Chrissy remained glamorous and sophisticated during her entire pregnancy. You’d never mistake Chrissy for an average mother in her stunning maternity wear.

8 Kristin Cavallari

Not everyone will recognize Kristin Cavallari for her time on Laguna Beach. But a lot more people know Kristin for her stunning sense of maternity fashion (and her adorable family). Kristin is married to athlete Jay Cutler, and two share three children together, Camden, 4, Jaxon, 2, and Saylor, 1. Even though she’s busy balancing her career while taking care of her growing family, Kristin has looked absolutely fabulous during all three of her pregnancies.

The actress and personality has always been known for her refined sense of style. Kristin has the magical ability to always look stunning in whatever she’s wearing. It’s clear she’s the one wearing the dress, and not the other way around. Her classic style translated well into maternity wear, and Kristin was spotted in everything from breezy summer dresses to tight-fitting gowns. Her hair and makeup are also always on-point, adding to her perfect maternity fashion. The actress had so many children in such a small amount of time, so we wouldn’t be surprised if she announced another pregnancy any time soon. The world needs more of Kristin’s Pinterest-worthy maternity style.

7 Liv Tyler

As the daughter of Steven Tyler, actress Liv Tyler is rock n’ roll royalty. We’ve loved keeping up with her pregnancy style throughout each of her pregnancies. The actress is a mom to three children. In 2004, she gave birth to her son, Milo, with her then-husband, British musician Royston Langdon. Over a decade later, in 2015, Liv welcomed her second child, son Sailor, with her boyfriend, David Gardner. The couple also welcomed their second child, Lula Rose, in July 2016.

Liv is known for her mod sense of style. She always appears fashion-forward, yet at the same time has a hint of classic style. Whatever she’s wearing, Liv is always sophisticated and put-together. During her pregnancy, she used layering to expertly disguise her bump during outings. And, on the red carpet, Liv wasn’t afraid to wear form-fitting outfits that showed how far along she was. But, what we love most about Liv’s maternity style is that it’s easily replicable in everyday life. The outfits she wears are ones we would totally rock while pregnant (you’ll note the actress rarely wears heels while expecting), and that makes us love her fashion sense even more.

6 Blake Lively

Blake Lively is one of the decade’s finest style icons. So we knew when she announced her first pregnancy that her maternity style would be iconic. The actress did not disappoint, and was stylish and sophisticated during both of her pregnancies. The actress is married to fellow actor, Ryan Reynolds. The couple share two young daughters, James, 2, and Ines, 1. We hope the Blake-Reynolds family decides to expand asap, not just because their two babies are absolutely adorable, but because Blake’s maternity style is pure perfection.

The mom-of-two has always been attracted to feminine silhouettes, and prefers clothing that is both seductive and classic. Blake is absolutely stunning, and known for preferring sporting designer names and sometimes fashion-forward outfits. During her pregnancies, she wore dresses of all shapes that both hid and flaunted her growing bump. She never shied away from a plunging neckline or major cut-outs, and her maternity fashion wasn’t all that different from her regular style. Blake is a true style goddess.

5 Jaime King

We’ve always loved Jaime King’s whimsical sense of style since she made it big in the acting world. Jaime met her future husband, director Kyle Newman, in 2005 and the couple were married by 2007. Jaime has been open in the past about her struggles with infertility, and being diagnosed with endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndromes. But the actress finally welcomed son James Knight in 2013, and then in 2015 she delivered her second son, Leo Thames (Taylor Smith is his Godmother!).

Jaime King maintained her feminine sense of style during each of her pregnancies. She often sported billowy dresses in bohemian or floral patterns, or oversized shirts and shorts. She gravitated towards light fabrics, most likely to keep cool in those warm L.A. summers. The momma also flaunted au natural makeup and hair, which complimented her effortless, relaxed style. We wish we could look so chill and suave with such minimal ease as Jaime King. Total style goals.

4 Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has been a style icon for ages, and we wouldn’t expect anything less than for her to have excellent maternity style. The singer-turned-fashion designer has three boys with her ex husband, Gavin Rossdale: Kingston, 10, Zuma, 8, and Apollo, 3. During each of her pregnancies, Gwen stayed true to her edgy, bold fashion sense. The singer continued to wear sky-high heels (even to do errands!) and rocked everything from sultry gowns to leather pants.

Gwen has always been one to dress-up, even when it comes to casual days. She’s rarely seen without rocking a bright red lip, and perfectly styled platinum blonde hair. Gwen’s attention to her looks didn’t diminish when she was pregnant, and we love how fabulous she looked each time she was photographed. Her fashion-forward attitude was on full display just like her baby bump. This is one mama who is the definition of fierce.

3 Kate Middleton

Of course the future Queen of England would be iconic even while pregnant. Kate Middleton received international attention for her classy and stylish maternity wear. Kate has two young children with her husband, Prince William: George, 3, and Charlotte, 1. During both of her pregnancies, the Duchess accompanied her husband to many functions and events. Each time she was dressed to the nines from head to toe. She always pairs a conservative yet trendy dress with a structured jacket and mini heels, giving us serious style envy.

Kate has a distinctive conservative style yet she manages to keep it fresh and stylish. She goes for figure-flattering silhouettes that show off her petite frame, and her accessory game is always on point. Not to mention she consistently has gorgeous makeup and hair. Many have said she’s the Grace Kelly of the modern day, and she definitely didn’t dispute that title during her pregnancies. This future Queen never compromises her sophistication or regalness.

2 Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana and her husband, Italian artist Marco Perego, have been busy expanding their family in recent years. The couple has been married since 2013, and share three sons together. Their twins, Bowie and Cy, were born in 2014, and their third son, Zen, was born in 2017. As excited as we were to see her kids when Zoe announced her pregnancies, we were more excited to see how she styled her baby bump. And, this actress does not disappoint!

The actress looked absolutely stunning throughout each of her pregnancies. Zoe has never been one to shy away from dramatic prints or striking silhouettes, and that was true when she was expecting. She wore everything from midi dresses to ruffled gowns to plunging cocktail dresses. She proves that you shouldn’t be afraid to experiment with cuts that may be out of your comfort zone, even while pregnant. Zoe makes dressing a baby bump look like a breeze.

1 Kristin Bell

Veronica Mars is a mom! Kristin Bell made a name for herself on shows like Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl. In real life, the actress has been with her now-husband since 2007 and the couple have two little girls, Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 2. We loved getting inspiration from Kirstin during her two pregnancies, which happened practically back-to-back. The actress has a great relaxed vibe to her style, which is perfect for the mom who loves to be laid back and stylish.

Just like all of us, Kristin is a fan of comfy clothing both when she’s pregnant and when she’s not. She often rocked leggings or jeans while she had a baby bump as well as loose sundresses with a cute jacket over top. Kristin always makes sure to finish her outfits with accessories, so her pregnancy outfits were accessorized to perfection. Photos often showed the actress sporting large purses, colourful scarves, and (of course) sunglasses while out and about. Kristin’s maternity style is comfortable and totally easy to replicate, which makes us huge fans of her cute pregnancy fashion.

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