15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

The breastfeeding versus bottle feeding debate seems to be everywhere people look. Is it better to breastfeed? Is it okay to bottle feed if mom just absolutely hates it? Breastfeeding isn’t easy for everyone. Different women face different battles. Some women don’t ever get their milk in. Other moms struggle to keep their supply up as their little one is growing and demands more milk. Sometimes the baby is born with a tooth, and it’s too painful to breastfeed.

And it’s not a battle that only certain moms face. Every mom faces these issues, even celebrities! Celebrities, who have almost unlimited resources at their disposal still struggle with breastfeeding. They still have times where they want to quit — and sometimes do quit breastfeeding. Celebrities could pay a ton of money for their own personal lactation consultant to be at their beck and call, and some still choose to bottle feed. Celebrities also have those horrible times where they feel like a failure as a mom.

So why is it an issue if some moms choose to bottle feed their baby? Why are certain moms so judgmental when moms decide they don’t want to breastfeed? So maybe it’s time we start cutting each other a little slack with this whole debate.

15 JWoww

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

If you don’t know who JWoww is, her actual name is Jenni Farley. She got her big break and became famous by being a cast member in the MTV reality show, Jersey Shore. Jenni and Snooki, another cast member of Jersey Shore now have their own show titled, Snooki and JWoww.

Jenni currently has two children, Meilani and Greyson. With her first child, her daughter Meilani, she talked about how her she wasn’t able to breastfeed as much as she wanted to. On her website she explained that her filming schedule was so crazy when Meilani was a baby. That caused her to not be able to exclusively breastfeed like she would have liked to. With her second child, she wanted to breastfeed more and decided she was going to commit more time to breastfeeding.

14 Tamera Mowry

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Tamera Mowry started acting with her twin sister Tia when they were just kids. Tamera’s first big hit role was in the show Sister, Sister. She has also appeared on other shows on the Disney Channel, including the movies Twitches and Twitches Too. It appeared like they took time off for a little while and are now back doing appearances here and there.

Tamera currently has two children. She admitted that she stopped breastfeeding when her baby was seven months old, and she was happy about it. Tamera talked about how she was jealous of all these other moms who lost their baby weight right away, as she couldn’t lose the baby weight until she stopped breastfeeding. Only then was she able to cut her daily calories and work out more often.

13 Kristin Cavallari

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Kristin Cavallari got her big break when she landed a role as a cast member in the reality television show, Laguna Beach. It was about her and her friends and all the drama that surrounded it.

Kristin is married to football star Jay Cutler, and they currently have three children together. Kristen quit nursing her son at five months old. However, she didn’t like the heavily processed store bought formula options that were out there, so she opted to make her own — and boy did she stir up some drama. She shared her recipe of her homemade goat’s milk formula, and doctors went crazy. Most of them were saying that it was very unsafe for her kids and the formula didn’t contain the precise nutritional needs that babies need to have.

12 Rachel Zoe

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Rachel Zoe is a fashion designer and basically an all around business woman. She has worked with many celebrities and has been in the fashion industry for what feels like forever. She is known for having exclusive A-list clients. She also had her own reality television show on Bravo titled, The Rachel Zoe Project.

Rachel Zoe currently has two children. She doesn’t seem to be ashamed of the fact that she feeds her children formula bottles. She started feeding her children formula at three months old, and she couldn’t be happier. Her older son even helps feed her youngest son a bottle every so often. Rachel obviously realizes that there is nothing wrong with formula, and that she will do what’s best for her family regardless of what other people say.

11 Coco Rocha

Coco Rocha is a supermodel. She got a lot of unwanted attention and criticism after posting an Instagram picture of her daughter drinking a bottle of formula. She wrote, "Getting a lot of unwanted advice based on my last post. Not that this is anyone's business - I loved breastfeeding Loni for the first 5 months of her life and then one day my milk went dry. It happens to every mom at different times.

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

She's been on formula for a few weeks now and seems to be doing just fine. In the last 4 weeks she gained another 2 pounds, grew another inch and is in the 90th percentile for her age. Anyone who has a negative comment to make on the way I raise my baby will be blocked. This is not a democracy, everyone doesn't get a say.”

10 Kym Marsh

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Kym Marsh is a British former singer. She has talked about how she feels sad that she wasn’t able to breastfeed her daughter and about how she got a lot of criticism, calling her a lazy mother.

She responded to the trolls, “I stayed in bed for three months to bring my baby into this world after losing one so do not dare ever criticize me”. To another comment she said, “For your information, you idiot, I did breastfeed for as long as I could, I wasn't producing enough for her to come off her IV and was advised by her consultant to give formula so we could get her off the drip, not that I need to explain myself to u.” Seems like she knows how to handle herself!

9 Elisa Donovan

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Elisa Donovan is an actress who is most recognized for being in the film, Clueless. She talked about how breastfeeding was a huge struggle for her. She also mentioned about the lack of support for women who don’t breastfeed.

She commented, "It went without saying that I would breastfeed my kid. I was utterly and completely unprepared for the reality that I couldn’t do it. Not only was it not working, and excruciatingly painful for me beyond anything imaginable (yes, even beyond the pain of labour), I also realised that, wait for it, this is gonna be a doozy, I HATED IT. Everyone is well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding, and there is a plethora of information out there in support of it. Yet there is zero info on what to do if you are one of those women who can’t - or who chooses not to.”

8 Molly Sims

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Molly Sims is a model and actress. She is most known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and also for her role in the show, Las Vegas. She has openly talked about her struggle with breastfeeding following the birth of her son. Her main struggle was that her son was born with a tooth!

She explained, "I did nipple shields, nipple guards, supplemental nursing system, it was horrible. He was literally like a vampire on me for three months - it was unbelievable. Cut to I'm not breastfeeding and I'm proud of it. I felt awful and ashamed. I wanted to breastfeed because it’s so good for the baby, so I worked with a lactation specialist. After three months, she said, ‘You’re done. You don’t have any milk.’ I’ll try breastfeeding again, but if it doesn’t work, I won’t push it.”

7 Bethenny Frankel

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Bethenny Frankel was one of the wives of The Real Housewives of New York City. She also founded Skinnygirl Cocktails along with a bunch of other business endeavors. She openly admitted to her struggle with breastfeeding. Even though she started out breastfeeding, Bethenny said that her baby was mostly formula fed by the time she was three months old and that it made her feel like a failure.

She commented, "Breastfeeding was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. It’s so time-consuming and you really don’t have your own life … not that having a child you have your own life anyway …. But the feeding and the pumping is very time-consuming,” Celebrities are just like you and me. Having money or status doesn’t mean that breastfeeding is magically easier.

6 Ricki Lake

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Ricki Lake is a long time actress and talk show host. She has been very open about her breastfeeding journey and how it made her feel like a complete failure. Instead of moms feeling like failures, my hope is that we could all rally around each other and let other moms know that we support them.

Ricki said, “For me, I had to have a breast reduction in my early 20s and at that time I couldn’t even fathom having children. I was able to breastfeed but not solely, I had to supplement. I had to have a lactation specialist come to my home and help me. I could afford one, but it was not easy for me. I remember feeling disappointed, like my body failed me in some way. It was hard for me."

5 Christina Applegate

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Christina Applegate is an actress who has been in too many shows and movies to count. This list includes the show, Married... with Children, and the movies, Hall Pass and Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy. Christina had a breast cancer diagnosis and got a double mastectomy, so she obviously couldn’t breastfeed. I’m hoping Christina didn’t receive any negative feedback, but my question is why any mom receives criticism for her choice to not breastfeed?

Christina said that even though she formula fed, she was still able to create an amazing bond with her baby girl. She said, ”I felt my heart literally open up for the first time and, like, wrap itself around her. It was profound. And I'm more in love with her every minute of the day.”

4 Brooke Shields

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Brooke Shields has been extremely open about her struggle with post natal depression. While she started out breastfeeding, she eventually switched to formula. She has been so thankful for the whole situation that she even became a spokesperson for Bright Beginnings Formula. In her book, Down Came The Rain: My Journey Through Postpartum Depression, she talks about how Bright Beginnings formula helped her realize that just because she feeds her baby formula, it doesn’t mean she’s not a wonderful mother.

Brooke says, "My association with Bright Beginnings infant formula has been a wonderful experience. Bright Beginnings has been great for my baby.” It only takes one person to make a difference, and hopefully Brooke can start to make a difference in the war with breastfeeding moms and formula feeding moms.

3 Angelina Jolie

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Angelina Jolie is a mom to six children. When she had her twins, Knox and Vivienne, she made the transition when they were about three months old. I could barely breastfeed one baby, so I have no idea how a mom to twins is able to breastfeed and keep a supply for two babies! Either you have to feed them both at the same time or you have to feed them right after each other. I can’t even imagine!

Angeline went on to say, “[That was] about as much as I could do. It’s very hard … very hard. You think, ‘Ah, if anybody can do that, I can do that.’ But it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books. I did [simultaneous feeding] a few times, but [mostly] I would take turns. It just takes a long time.”

2 Jennifer Lopez

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Jennifer Lopez is one of those moms who openly admitted to feeding her twins formula right after birth. First of all, I don't know how anyone can breastfeed twins and not go crazy, so I have absolutely nothing against her choice. Jennifer said, "My mom didn't breastfeed, and I think that was the thing for me. You read and figure out what's the best thing for them."

Can you imagine all the backlash and criticism she received for this one? People were coming out of the wood work and talking about how breastfeeding is clearly the superior choice. Some people were even saying that formula was absolutely not best for them. Jennifer didn’t seem to have a rebuttal for these trolls, but that’s probably because she didn’t need one. It’s her choice and she doesn’t need to explain it to everyone.

1 Beyonce

15 Celeb Moms You Didn't Know Chose To Bottle Feed Instead

Yes, even the queen Bee herself formula fed her babies. Celebrities are just like any other mom. They struggle with breastfeeding. Sometimes they even hate breastfeeding. Some of them even have issues and they can’t breastfeed. And they shouldn’t feel like a failure for choosing not to breastfeed either.

Beyonce breastfed her daughter, Blue Ivy when she was born. There are even photos of her breastfeeding. But at 10 weeks she decided to switch to formula, and she had never been happier. She admitted that she did love the breastfeeding experience, she had no issues switching to formula, even though Blue Ivy was still young. Breastfeeding or formula feeding, all moms are the same. The sooner we all realize that, the sooner we will all learn to support each other regardless of our choice.

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