15 Celeb Moms You Forgot Were Actually Fierce Before Kids

Pregnancy can do a number on a woman’s body and celebrities are no different. Many famous moms lose their pre-baby shape and never find their way back

Pregnancy can do a number on a woman’s body and celebrities are no different. Many famous moms lose their pre-baby shape and never find their way back to their old body. These ladies face scrutiny from the media. It can’t be easy to be in the public eye and struggle with weight loss and a new figure. In a way, it’s comforting to see the human side of celebrity moms. It can be fun to look back and remember when the rich and famous were fabulous and skinny.

For other celebrity moms, motherhood tempered a wild streak. The same woman that we see championing breastfeeding on social media once posed topless on magazine covers long before she was with child. That demure actress who rubs her baby bump as she stars in a commercial for stretch mark cream once drove men wild with her flat belly. A mother of six used to be a man-eater and a seductive home wrecker.

It’s true that people often change when they become parents and these famous moms are just like regular moms, in many ways. They struggle to drop the baby weight, post cute pics of their kids on social media, and love being a mama. Yet, they have an entire career that spanned for years before they gave birth. Many of these ladies are still sexy in their own right, but they’ll probably never go back to the seductive women they once were. Here is a list of 15 Celeb Moms You Forgot Were Actually Fierce Before Kids.

15Drew Barrymore

We all know the Drew Barrymore of today to be a tame mom of two little girls, Frankie and Olive. Drew posted pics to social media of her daughter having a meltdown at Disney World and quickly became one of us, a harried mother trying to get by. She’s openly discussed her weight loss struggles and secrets for shedding the baby weight and is totally relatable.

Yet, Drew was quite the wild child before becoming a mom. She was a child star in the 80’s and confessed to abusing drugs and alcohol at Hollywood parties. Pre-mom Drew had a curvy little figure when she posed for Playboy magazine in 1995. She also famously hopped onto David Letterman’s desk during an interview on his show, pulled up her shirt, flashed him, and did a sexy little dance. She later played the role of a smoldering private detective in the Charlie’s Angels films.

14Janet Jackson

In 1993, singer Janet Jackson was 24-years-old and released a new album entitled, janet. This was long before she gave birth to her son, Eisaa Al Mana, at the age of 50. During that time, Janet was on top of the world and on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine in a racy photograph featuring her wearing nothing but unbuttoned blue jeans, and a set of hands over her bare breasts. The image created quite a stir and her sexy figure was featured in many of the music videos from that album.

She faced even more controversy when she performed during the 2004 half time show for the Super Bowl. During the performance, Justin Timberlake pulled off part of her costume, exposing her breast to tons of viewers. Janet Jackson made a career out of flaunting her pre-baby body and fans will never forget how juicy she once was.

13Mariah Carey

Singer and diva, Mariah Carey, has been rocking a curvier frame after giving birth to twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Ever since her pregnancy, which was so intense it gave her back problems, she’s carried more weight than usual and has been called out as a chubby celebrity. She still squeezes into tiny sequined gowns and prances around on stage but you may have forgotten that she was once a tiny little thing in her signature blue jeans.

Mariah strutted her stuff in the music video for her 1999 top song, Heartbreaker. Fans watched on as she shimmied, shook, smacked her butt, and hit every high note. Known for her hourglass figure, Mariah produced video after video where she busted out some seriously sexy moves. Motherhood and age may have taken a toll on Mariah’s waist line but we’ll always remember the little firecracker who sang her way into our hearts.

12Denise Richards

There was a time, before Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen and he ruined her life, when she was quite the vixen. Before she was a mom to three girls, Sam, Eloise, and Lola, Richards posed for Playboy Magazine and made men all over the world swoon from her juicy-ness

When she was younger and had yet to take temporary custody of Charlie Sheen’s two sons he’d had with Brooke Mueller because each of them had to go to rehab, Richards kissed Neve Campbell in a swimming pool in the movie, Wild Things. The girl-on-girl smooch caused quite the controversy at the time. The actress and former model seems to be the only reasonable person involved in Charlie Sheen’s kids’ lives. It’s all too easy to forget that she gave up a successful movie career to be a mom. Not long ago, if you remember, she was a sassy and provocative woman.

11Christina Applegate

Actress, Christina Applegate, is still a total hottie but we’ve seen her transition into playing roles that are a bit more conservative as of late. Most recently, she played the prim and snobby PTA mom, Gwendolyn, in the film, Bad Moms. It was different for fans to see Applegate all buttoned up because there was a time in the 1990’s when she was one of the sexiest television characters, ever. She played the role of Kelly Bundy on the hit show, Married With Children.

Episode after episode, Applegate put on skmipy outfits, teased her blond hair, and wore her best sex kitten face. The character became iconic and Applegate cemented herself as a comedic heavy-hitter and one to watch at the young age of 15. She’s still a vibrant woman since becoming a mom but you may have needed a reminder of just how seductive she used to be.

10Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt burst onto the scene in the series, Party of 5, when she played the character, Sarah Reeves. Fans of the show were immediately taken by her striking beauty and cute little body. So, it was somewhat of a shock to see Hewitt bare her baby bump in a commercial for Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, talking about the prevention of stretch marks. It was a far cry from the sensual characters she’d played on television over the years.

Hewitt was said to be the inspiration for John Mayer’s hit song, Your Body Is A Wonderland. With lyrics like: “One mile to every inch of your skin like porcelain. One pair of candy lips and your bubblegum tongue,” one can only imagine the body that inspired such racy lyrics. She’s still a stunning beauty but it seems that since becoming a mom, she’s lost a bit of her sex symbol status.

9Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie is a mom to six children, three of which were adopted. She was a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations and has done humanitarian work all over the world in countries who need aid. Jolie is a successful actress, writer, director, and producer of many successful films. She’s gorgeous, smart, and maternal. There is no doubt that Jolie is a sexy and intelligent woman.

Yet, there was a time when she quite the juicy wild child. During her marriage to Billy Bob Thorton, the couple wore a vile of each other’s blood around their necks. They both also talked very publicly about their kinky sex life. Then, she famously gained man-eater status when she stole Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston, when Pitt and Jolie fell in love on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. The two have since divorced, making Jolie a single mom to six children.

8Alyssa Milano

Actress, Alyssa Milano, is the mom to two kiddos, Milo and Elizabella. She is a vocal supporter of nursing moms and has been known to post controversial photos while breastfeeding her babies on social media. When followers called her out for being inappropriate by exposing her breast in the images, she went on the defense and became a champion of nursing moms, everywhere.

Milano came to fame when she was just 10-years-old when she played Sam in the show Who’s The Boss. She later stared in television shows like Charmed and My Name Is Earl. Mostly, she’s know for her sexy looks. From nude scenes in movies to posing topless on the cover of Maxim Magazine, Milano has flaunted her curves more than once in her life. It’s slightly ironic that she was called out for exposing herself while breastfeeding her children. The world has seen a lot more of Alyssa’s breasts.

7Kelly Clarkson

Singer, Kelly Clarkson, is the mom to her daughter and son, River Rose and Remington. She has struggled with her weight over the years, unable to shed the extra pounds that she gained during pregnancy. The media has scrutinized Clarkson for her size but there was a time when she was much thinner. Long before she became a mother, she won the first season of American Idol and took the stage in tiny outfits.

Clarkson danced and pranced her way through the 2003 movie, From Justin to Kelly. She graced the cover of magazines, from Cosmopolitan to Lucky, with a thin frame. Self magazine featured her on the cover and caught some flack for retouching a slimmer photo and admitting that they retouched the images with Photoshop to make her look a bit more svelte. Yet, we all may need a reminder that Clarkson was not always a voluptuous mom-of-two.

6Hillary Duff

Hillary Duff has faced some scrutiny about her shape since becoming a mom to her son, Luca. It seems like every time she posts a candid shot of herself and her son on Instagram, the haters come out in full force and claim that she’s fat. Duff has spoken up in defense of normal “mom bodies” and called out the media for fat shaming her.

Before she became a mother, Duff was a fresh faced girl that played the lead in the Lizzie MCGuire series. She was a Disney Channel darling and charmed the fans with her all American good looks. The world watched on as she grew from a cute teenager to a stunning young woman. Duff was featured on the cover of many magazines, including Elle and Cosmopolitan. She is still just as beautiful as ever but motherhood has made a mark on her body and sassy reputation.

5Kristin Cavallari

Reality star and shoe designer, Kristin Cavallari, is mom to three kids, Camden, Jaxon, and Saylor. She is the proud wife of Jay Cutler, the quarterback for the Miami Dolphins. Cavallari loves posting family pics on Instagram and often shares photographs of her everyday life with her children. It’s obvious that she treasures being a mom.

Yet, we all know that there is another side to her. Fans loved watching her prance around in a bikini on MTV’s reality show, Laguna Beach. She seemed like a total witch when she competed with Lauren Conrad for the affections of Stephen Colletti. The world later watched her become quite a party girl when she was a character on the show, The Hills. We’ve seen her get drunk, shake her booty, and fight like a mean girl. She may be a mom now but Cavallari was once a saucy little heart breaker.


Christina Aguilera is a powerhouse singer who has had an ever-changing figure. She is mom to two kids, Max and Summer Rain. Her weight has fluctuated over the years and she’s been called fat more than once by the media. She’s a pop star, diva, and was a judge on the American show, The Voice. Fans have watched her grow up over the years.

Yet, not too long ago, Christina was known as Xtina. She was a leather chap wearing, hip pulsating, butt shaking, sex kitten who shocked the world with her video for the song, Dirrty. In the video, she gyrated in a puddle of water and rubbed against various men and women. She pushed the edge of decency and seemed to enjoy every naughty moment. Aguilera is still an amazing singer and a sexy woman but she’s hung up the butt-less chaps and stepped into the role of mom.

3Jessica Simpson

Let’s face it, Jessica Simpson is still juicy after giving birth to her kids, Maxwell and Ace. Her weight has fluctuated and she’s been fat shamed by the media. Compared to the average mom, Simpson is hotter than ever. Yet, you may have forgotten that she played the role of Daisy Duke in the remake of The Dukes of Hazard movie. She was perfectly sculpted and in the best shape of her life.

Who could forget when she strapped on a teeny tiny bikini and washed The General Lee in a barn in a music video for the film? What about when she stripped off a trench coat and walked in slow motion in the same swim suit? Simpson will more than likely be super hot for the rest of her life but we should never forget when she wore those little jean shorts and pranced around as Daisy Duke.

2Vanessa Lachey

We can’t talk about the ex Mrs. Lachey without talking about the current Mrs. Lachey. mother and wife, Vanessa Lachey is mom to her three children, Camden, Brooklyn, and Pheonix. She is another Instagram mom that is always posting sweet family moments with her husband, Nick Lachey and their kiddos. She often does product placement for various kid products and seemed like every mom when she shared a picture of a homemade meatloaf, fresh out of the oven.

Yet, there was a time, before she was married to Nick, when she was Vanessa Minnillo. She is steal super attractive but we may not remember that she once graced the cover of Maxim magazine. Fans saw her sprawled out in various sexy positions in lingerie. She may be a demure mother now but she was a sex symbol for years before she settled down into the homemaker that we all know now.

1Melissa Joan Hart

Actress, Melissa Joan Hart, has matured right before our eyes. She is the mom to three boys, Tucker, Mason, and Braydon. Fans have watched her grow up, as her career began when she played the lead in the show Clarissa Explains It All. She also stared in the television series, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, and later in the show Melissa and Joey. Hart has been a fixture of prime time television and her innocent good looks have charmed viewers for years.

Since becoming a mom, her weight has fluctuated a bit and she’s faced some scrutiny for losing her girlish figure. She joined Nutrisystem in 2016 and shed 40 pounds, proudly posting a picture of herself in a red one-piece swimsuit on Instagram. Many of her fans could relate to her weight loss journey but we’ll never forget when she was a teenager and won our hearts as America’s sweetheart.

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