15 Celeb Nannies Tell Why They Quit


Anyone who wants to know the dirty little secrets from Hollywood only needs to ask a nanny. They can tell all. From the crazy demands to the marital spats, nannies have the scoop. They're there in the background seeing all the things that we can only dream of--what celebs are really like when they're not in the public eye or being followed by the paparazzi.

For instance, how many readers know Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner played the part of happy mom and dad until the sun went down. According to their nanny, the blazing arguments started once the three kids were all sound asleep.

And we can't forget about Kanye dishing out 2K to the nanny if she could keep the kids quiet the whole night. Then there's the time Kourtney Kardashian flipped out because her nanny called her Kourtney instead of madam. Drama, drama!

The dirt we're going to scoop out is about why nannies quit their celebrity nanny jobs. Usually the outrageous demands are swept under the rug. The paychecks typically help out in this department, no doubt. When a nanny is getting a couple thousand a night then it's a little easier to call her/his boss madam.

The really juicy stuff is wrapped up in the boss/nanny affairs, though. For some nannies, the paycheck wasn't enough apparently. These situations make good entertainment, but heartbreaking events that break apart families and the lives of the kids involved.

Here are 15 celeb nannies who tell us why they quit. Enjoy!

15 Kate Gosselin


Of course we're going to start this gossipy post with one of the most feared celebrity moms - Kate Gosselin. As you may know, she is the mother of the sextuplets from the show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Apparently, she's not only a nightmare to have as an ex-wife, but she's a nightmare to have as an employer, as well.

After having gone through nearly a dozen nannies, one of them spilled the beans. Ariel Cantara quit her celeb nanny gig insisting that Kate was driving her "insane."

An insider close to the situations ays that Ariel found Kate to be "controlling and a neat freak" (no kidding!) and was fed up with her ridiculous demands. The source reveals:

“Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

14 Jon And Kate Gosselin

Oh no, we're not finished with the Gosselin's just yet. Maybe there is a deeper reason Kate treats her nannies so horribly. It's very possible that the answers can be found in the past. Let's check it out...

So, Jon and Kate went through the whole boy meets girl era like normal couples do. They married and had twin baby girls followed by a fertility-treatment induced sextuplets. All these kids burst them into the television spotlight on the show Jon and Kate Plus 8.

If you watched the show you know that life was never easy or perfect, but they were a family nonetheless. Then, Stephanie Santoro entered the scene. She was the couple's nanny, and decided to play with more than the kiddos.

This affair inevitably ended the marriage of Jon and Kate. In case you were wondering, it ended Stephanie's career, as well.

13 Madonna

Chime For Change: The Sound Of Change Live Concert In Twickenham

Madonna is beautiful, talented, and seemingly ageless. She has make a musical impact across decades and generations. Yes, yes, we all know this. Tell me something I don't know.

She's a B to work for. How's that?

Her former nanny, Angela, handed in her notice for personal reasons. By personal reasons we mean she is a human and had other professional paths to explore in her life. There was no animosity towards Madonna at the time.

Evidently, this was unacceptable to Madonna. Instead of allowing Angela to complete her notice period, she demanded her to leave the premises immediately. To make matters worse, Madonna decided to tell the poor nanny just two hours before she was due to go on her annual month-long leave.

So, if you were going back and forth between working for Madonna or not working for Madonna, maybe the latter would be more tranquil a life for you.

12 Victoria Beckham

When you work for Victoria Beckham, she runs the show. You do what she wants, go where she tells you to go, and talk to whom she tells you to talk - or doesn't. Abigail Gibson learned this the hard way.

Abigail was the nanny of the Beckham's three children. She was caught (by Victoria's sister) talking to Victoria's former beautician. This particular beautician had reported to a British newspaper that she'd gotten it on with Victoria's husband, David. The accusations never came to life, but Victoria has never forgotten it.

When he found out that her nanny had been talking to her enemy, she went ballistic on her. Victoria was furious and told Abigail to stay away from the beautician because of the trouble she'd caused their family. Abigail quit, citing she could no longer work under those circumstances.

11 Kate Middleton


Don't get too excited, because the perfect princess, Kate Middleton, is still pretty perfect. She's the epitome of grace. She's a gorgeous and intelligent addition to the royal family. To top it all off, she's one great, down-to-earth mom. Di would have been proud of his son for marrying such an amazing woman.

So, why is she on this list? Well, her nanny quit on her. Albeit her nanny is 71 years old and only came out of retirement to help out the wonderful Kate. It was all supposed to be temporary, so in true Brit fashion, it was exactly that. She was Prince George's trusted caregiver on a short-term basis.

Jessie Webb originally cared for both Prince William and Prince Harry. Naturally, the new royal parents wanted to employ someone they were incredibly fond of. Who is to blame Jessie? At 71 years old, she's about due for a break!

10 Eva Amurri


For those of you who don't know who this is, Eva is the daughter of the gorgeous and talented Susan Sarandon. Three cheers for her hubby, though. She's married to Kyle Martino who is a retired American soccer player and current sports commentator. Oh, and he's incredibly handsome. At least we can agree with the nanny on one thing.

Apparently, Kyle fired her. The nanny foolishly texted Kyle incognito: “OMG. Girl, did I mention to you how hot and sex my Boss is. I would love to f--- his brains out ha haha"

The incognito approach didn't work so very well for her, because it was easily traced back to her. The "oops, I sent it to the wrong person" approach didn't work either.

More than quitting, this nanny got kicked to the curb. I guess there are some good guys left in tinsel town. Way to go Kyle!

9 Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale


You may know the story already. Most likely you've been watching this Gwen, Gavin, Blake, Miranda saga drag on and on. Admittedly, it's entertaining, so we get it. Here's the scoop.

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale had been married for a whopping 13 years. In celebrity-time this is like 5 bazillion years, so they were consider a "super couple" at this point. Well, Gavin didn't quite get the hang of Apple devices (which we all know Gwen is super involved with the company).

Gwen busted Gavin after discovering racy text messages on the family iPad. Mindy Mann was the nanny's name. She's a former nanny now, of course. He had been in a relationship with this nanny for three years, and she'd been the family's long-time nanny.

To make matters worse, it was another nanny that told on Mindy AND the affair was going on during Gwen's pregnancy with Apollo!

8 Rob And Sheryl Lowe

HBO's Post 2016 Golden Globe Awards Party - Arrivals

Another good man emerges from Hollywood. Rob Lowe and his wife Sheryl Berkoff have been together since 1990, and no nanny is going to change that. One did try and landed herself out of a job.

While living in London, Rob and Sheryl hired Jessica Gibson. She apparently had a reputation for having an overly flirtatious manner. It was reported by another staff member that she'd drop her bottoms right there in the kitchen (Lowe's) in attempts to seduce the male faculty.

Rob and Sheryl decided to send her packing back to the U.S. It was then that Rob found himself the target of a sexual harassment lawsuit. Jessica claimed that Rob had touched her inappropriately and sexually harassed her. It was later tossed when Jessica finally admitted that she'd just wanted the $200 she felt the Lowes still owed her. It sort of backfired on her, though.

7 Maria Shriver And Arnold Schwarzenegger


If you love scandals then you're in the right place. One of the most scandalous incidents was when former Governor of California (aka Terminator) secretly fathered a son with housekeeper, Mildred 'Patty' Baena.

Although, Patty wasn't necessarily hired as the nanny for the Terminator's brood, she pitched in where needed. There were four kids to take care of...well, soon to be five. So, we're keeping this dirty little secret on the list!

It's reported that Patty gave birth to her son just days after Maria gave birth to her first child. This love-child's name is Joseph. The two, father and son, have made their attempts at a relationship. Unfortunately his existence is proof of Arnold's infidelity, and that's something the Schwarzeneggers couldn't not work through - even after 25 years of marriage.

6 Ethan Hawke And Uma Thurman


The breakup between Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman was heartbreaking. They were a gorgeous young couple who had two children together. Together for five years and estranged for two, this marriage just couldn't stand the test of time...or the nanny.

Although only the two within any marriage can truly know exactly how the relationship breakdown happened, many speculations have been made on this particular breakup. It's been said that he was caught kissing another woman in a Montreal bar, and blamed Uma's more successful career on the relationship's breakdown.


From babysitter to bride is more like it. The nanny, Ryan Shawhughes, is now Ethan's wife. Isn't a nanny's job to take care of the kids rather than romance the boss?

5 Robin Williams


Beloved funny man had a few skeletons in his closet while he was still in the land of the living. He was married twice. His first wife was Valerie Velardi and his second was Marsha Garces. Most people would lay down a cold $50 that the two wives do not like each other, and for good reason.

It's been reported that Marsha was employed as the nanny for Valerie and Robin's son Zachary. Apparently the two hit it off, because Marsha's employment (as the nanny) and Robin's marriage to Valerie both ended.

Robin and Marsha married in 1989 and stayed married until 2010, so the married far outlasted the nanny employment. Although, Marsha was technically employed by Robin as his personal assistant on many films.

4 Jude Law And Sienna Miller


Jude Law clearly has a thing for the girl-next-door look. He definitely had a thing for miss Daisy Wright. She was his children's 26-year-old caregiver.

Here's the deal: Jude had three children with his wife Sadie Frost. They married in 1997 and divorced in 2003. He met the beautiful Sienna Miller that same year. The two were engaged in 2004. By 2005, he'd been busted. He issued a public apology to Sienna for having an affair with his children's nanny, Daisy.

It didn't work out well for Daisy, though. She lost the nanny gig and the hunk. He moved on from nannies to models and decided to have two more children. We're not sure if he's "had" anymore nannies, though.

3 Seal And Heidi Klum


After seven years of marriage, Seal wasn't getting a kiss from a rose. So many accusations have been made, especially on his part. No one true knows what happened. Like we've mentioned before, it's impossible for anyone else to truly know the intimate details of a relationship.

It's been mentioned that Seal had a volcanic temper that would erupt. The supermodel also said he was a hard partier. If true, the combination would have been disastrous.

However, the real dirt is on the accusations that point to Heidi having an affair with the family bodyguard. His name was Martin Kirsten. Seal said the breakup happened after Heidi decided to "fornicate with the help."

They couple have four children together. They also have a new bodyguard.

2 Mick Jagger


There wasn't a song written about Jagger's "moves" for nothing. According to the former nanny, it took all of two days for her to be enticed. Upon first meeting the hired help, Claire Houseman, Jagger decided to introduce himself in the nude.

The story goes that he was taking a shower when she arrived for her first day of work. Jerry Hall, Jagger's longtime girlfriend, was sitting on the bed (they were in a hotel on tour). Jagger stepped out of the shower only to go introduce himself to the new nanny in nothing but his birthday suit. Apparently this wasn't a big deal because Jerry didn't react to the situation.

She reacted later, though, when she found out that they'd gotten it on while she quietly slept in another room just 30 feet away. Needless to say, the nanny had to find a new line of work.

1 Sara Evans


This case is a he said she said kind of ordeal. Alison Clinton Lee was the nanny for country singer Sara Evans and husband Craig Schelske. Craig was accused of having an affair with the help, but denied it. He even passed a lie-detector test.

They called it quits after 13 years of marriage resulting in three children together. Even after the successful lie-detector test, nanny Alison's name still remains in the divorce papers as one of the 11 reasons why they split.

A very bitter legal battle ensued after the marital breakdown. Alison and her husband  actually sued Sara over the whole ordeal. To make matters worse, Alison was Sara's personal assistant and co-president of the singer's fan club. This may be one nanny who was innocent!

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