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Of course we're going to start this gossipy post with one of the most feared celebrity moms - Kate Gosselin. As you may know, she is the mother of the sextuplets from the show, Jon and Kate Plus 8. Apparently, she's not only a nightmare to have as an ex-wife,

but she's a nightmare to have as an employer, as well.

After having gone through nearly a dozen nannies, one of them spilled the beans. Ariel Cantara quit her celeb nanny gig insisting that Kate was driving her "insane."

An insider close to the situations ays that Ariel found Kate to be "controlling and a neat freak" (no kidding!) and was fed up with her ridiculous demands. The source reveals:

“Shifts can last up to 24 hours, and you have to go on trips with the family. Sleepovers are often required, and there is no set schedule with days off. You work when Kate says she needs you to work.”

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