15 Celeb Nannies Who Seriously Stole The Spotlight

One of the most important jobs of a celebrity is to keep their looks up. It might seem like a very superficial and trivial thing on which to focus. It's true, though. And honestly, it's our fault.

I mean, do you really want to look at faces and bodies on the big screen (and small screen and tabloids and magazines...you catch my drift) that look just like your own? Of course not! You and I both want to gaze upon perfectly groomed, larger-than-life, near-demigods when we do our gossip meandering.

So, the celebs rise to the occasion. With professional make-up and body conturing, an array of personal trainers, and a plethora of free high-end clothes at their fingertips, it doesn't seem like it should be that much of a challenge.

I'm going to be honest, I have no idea how challenging it it for some of these stars to look the way they do each morning. For me, being the normal everyday woman that I am, there are days where it's a miracle if I remember to put deodorant on.

While this doesn't exactly fall under the "glamorous" category, it does give you an idea just how tricky this looking perfect business really is.

On top of that, we judgmental mortals are going to compare, compare, compare. Celebs must know these and again they rise to the occasion. Most of them (especially the ones listed) go to great lengths to look pristine and definitely better than whoever they happen to be standing beside.

In this case, we were comparing them to their nannies. Whether it's a side-by-side pic or a cheating scandal, we reacted by comparing the two. And - gasp - sometimes the nanny won the beauty contest...or at least became the celebrity's equal.

Check out these 15 celebs looking way worse than their nannies. Enjoy!

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15 Kourtney Kardashian


It is not often that you see anyone outdo a Kardashian, especially not in the outward appearances department. Even in Kourtney's pregnancy days, she could outshine just about everyone. This "outshining" business is sort of their thing.

Well, Kourtney has a regular nanny who, if you've seen her, is absolutely gorgeous. She's not all glammed up, but she is a natural beauty to behold. The nanny you see in the pic is also pretty darn hot!

Kourtney look decent, but her hair is just pulled back, a jacket which doesn't allow her shape to shine through, and those sunglasses are covering up most of her face. Her nanny, on the other hand, is smoking hot in her cool aviators and leggings. She's clearly got a set of perky breasts and isn't shy about showing them off. Her legs look 10 miles long and that hair came straight from a music video. Nanny won this contest.

14 Kate Moss


I know that Kate Moss is supposed to be this amazingly gorgeous supermodel who has a career that has spanned more decades than most. But, she is still one of those ladies that either looks smoking hot or completely and utterly horrible.

I'm going to blame her horrible days on her addictions and her bad choices. It doesn't forgive her for the eye sore, but it sort of helps me understand how someone so hot could look so bad.

In this pic, her nanny (one that she later had a beef with) is looking like a fairly normal human. With her big, beautiful smile and sparkling eyes, she completely outdoes the washed out look of this supermodel. I'm guessing Moss was either high or drunk in this pic, which would be normal. One thing is clear, she's coming in second place right behind the nanny.

13 Kate Gosselin


I'd be willing to guess that most of you LOATH this women. Well, I do too. I'm sure she does have it all together, but I think her control issues have hurt a little too many people for my forgiving heart.

You look at her two oldest daughters and you wonder what is really going on in that house...shudder!

In this particular picture, you see Kate walking with most of her brood. Right there in the middle, you have this stunning woman in a black shirt. I mean, this woman is absolutely gorgeous!

Her outfit is simple, but very classy. She's not trying too hard with her makeup or her hair, but is completely pulling it off. She's lovingly holding the hands of two children and gracefully keeping the pace of the pack.

Compared to the bossy mom generally known for trying waaaaaay too hard to look great, this nanny is flawless.

12 Naomi Watts


You've probably seen this picture before for many reasons. For starters, it's a little hard to tell which celebrity that actually is covering herself up and hiding in the background while the nanny takes the lead. Well, it's Naomi Watts.

While going on a little stroll, she decided it best to hang back and give the nanny the spotlight with her kiddo and scooter. Naomi is not known for stealing any spotlight out in public. She is usually very quiet and collected, so this photo is not shocking.

What IS shocking is that the nanny is so incredibly gorgeous. She outshines Naomi by like 1,000 watts! Did you see what I did there...watts vs. Watts. Witty, I know!

I don't even have to explain how much the nanny wins this beauty contest because all you have to do is open your eyes and look at that gorgeous woman!

11 Victoria Beckham


I'm not sure about you, but I am absolutely enamored with Victoria Beckham. She has such a unique history, is uber successful, and seems to have it all under control at home. Plus, she does most of this with this incredibly stern, smile-less facade. I just don't get it?

Well, much like a Kardashian, this former Spice Girl is all about her fashion. She sort of has to be, she's in the business. Nevertheless, it's a rare occasion that you see her in any way but perfect.

In this photo, Victoria doesn't look horrid, but I think the nanny looks better. Victoria looks wiped out and her hair is a ragged mess. Even with the sunglasses covering most of her face, you can see she's drawn and drab.

Her nanny is perky and lively, though. she's got color in her face and her hair looks full and luscious. Her one downfall is the flip-flops. Even with these $1.99 shoes, she's looking like a ray of sunshine while Victoria just needs a nap.

10 Jeremy Kyle's Ex (Carla Germaine)


For those of you who aren't in the know with English actors and TV personalities, this is one of them. Jeremy Kyle is actually most well-known for his controversial tabloid talk show. His ex-wife is Carla Germaine (the woman pictured in the fedora trying waaaay too hard to look cute).

His hot new girlfriend is Vicky Burton (the cute, voluptuous blonde with the white t-shirt in the pic). It must be said that she was not the cause of the breakdown in Jeremy and Carla's marriage. Vicky and Jeremy didn't even become an item until after the marriage was over.

In fact, the reason behind the divorce is actually not Jeremy. Carla was the one who was allegedly cheating on Jeremy.

Vicky stepped in and wowed everyone with her incredibly simplicity and her gorgeous curves. Carla Germaine was taken aback by the news and is apparently trying even harder to look super cute, but Vicky already took that blue ribbon home, so tough luck.

9 Mel B


The story of Mel B makes me sad every time that I read it. First, she gets caught up with a bad apple aka Eddie Murphy who doesn't even want to claim his own child. Then, she gets an even worse apple, if that's possible, and marries the jerk-face Stephen Belafonte.

This guy has abusive personality written all over his ugly mug and I can't stand it! On top of that, he hires a super hot German nanny for the children. Although, she is already married to her own very attractive hubby, she apparently can't keep her hands off other people's hubbies either (cheating allegations with Belafonte).

Pictured above is Mel B and her nanny Lorraine Gilles on a family vacation. Mel B looks as fabulous as she ever has, but the nanny is just as fabulous. This is a huge no-no in the world of stars.

You have to outshine, not be equal. Mel B sort of met her match on that boat. But, it got her out from under Belafonte's thumb, so I'm sort of glad she met that nanny.

8 Sarah Jessica Parker


Sarah Jessica Parker's nanny is one of my all-time favorite celebrity nannies. I totally want to be friends with her. She's been the twins' nanny for most of their lives and from the looks of things, she gets on with SJP quite well.

It is a very, very, VERY rare happening that SJP isn't perfectly put-together on an outing with her kiddos. Her nanny usually accompanies her on her big city walks. Her nanny, who is pretty darn fashionable herself, is usually just a few steps below SJP on the fashion scale. It's probably in her contract to be like this...knowing SJP.

On this particular occasion, though, she apparently broke that contract to look a cut above the big city star. While SJP has her hair in a ratty bun, the nanny has hers neatly pulled back letting the ends flow in the breeze. Her jacket is top-notch compared to SJP's frumpy sweater.

Even though SJP tries to cover up most of her face with the big sunglasses, we can still see how wiped-out she looks compared to the youthful glow of her nanny. Don't tell SJP, but she has been outdone!

7 Jennifer Garner


Jennifer Garner is one of my favorite celebrity moms. She seems to be neck-high in all things mom-related and I'm digging it. Actually, both her and her cheating ex-hubby Ben Affleck seem to be winning at the whole parenting thing.

Like I mentioned before, there are certain stars who can look one of two ways. Either they look out-of-this-world gorgeous or they look horribly drab. Garner sort of falls in that category. I attribute it to her hands-on parenting style, so I tend to overlook this about her.

Here, in this photo neither of the star or the nanny look especially tasteful. Still, I think the nanny came out on top here. She's wearing a really cute, fitted, striped shirt while Garner is letting it all hang loose in a frumpy t-shirt. Also, the nanny is sporting some cute jeans and all Garner managed to do is throw on some cargos. Must have been a crazy morning at the Garner/Affleck household!

6 Kim Kardashian


I'm probably breaking the law in saying that anyone looks better or has ever looked better or that anyone ever dared to think someone else looked better than Kim Kardashian. But, I'm going to say it anyway...rebel that I am!

First, I'll say this - on Kim's worst day (which was probably the one where she dressed like an orca while pregnant), she still looked better than 99.9% percent of the world. This woman is nearly flawless when she comes to her looks. I mean she IS the queen of conturing.

Here, though, she's pictured with what is documented as her nanny. The gorgeous women to Kim's right is the one I'm talking about. Kim is covered from head to toe, big sunglasses letting her hair cover her face.

The nanny is wearing a unique and fitted top with a statement necklace. She is also sporting the famous Kardashian ponytail. I wonder if she got fired for looking too awesome?

5 Gwen Stefani


The story of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale is another cheating/nanny scandal that sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. I just don't get it. I mean, it's Gwen-freaking-Stefani! How stupid is Gavin Rossdale?

Enough ranting, though. On to the nanny. This notorious she-beast...err, nanny is Mindy Mann. I'm pretty sure you already new that. Did you also know that she is a Gwen wannabe?

I mean, the girl was successful at stealing Gwen's hubby and consistently dressed like Gwen up until...actually I think she still does.

In her defense, she looks pretty darn good. Granted, Gwen Stefani never looks bad, so looking better than her might be a stretch. This Mindy Mann chic can definitely step up to the plate, though. I think this makes her the perfect look-a-like nemesis.

4 Britney Spears


The queen of sexy, seductive Pop is hotter than ever nowadays. This also means that she is qualified to have some pretty hot help and that's exactly what she did, too. Britney is usually pictured with an older nanny who doesn't exactly pose a threat to the Toxic singer.

Here, while on a trip with her kiddos, she has a smoking hot nanny in tow. In Britney's defense, she also looks incredible. In super high peep-toes, her legs looks very toned and sexy. The nanny is wearing her own pair of peep-toes and looks equally as sexy.

The nanny's dress is flirty and fun while Britney toned it down in color, but kept the notorious short length. Britney's hair is darker than normal and looks a lot like a hot mess. The nanny has locks that are bright with color and life with the beach-look going on. Very hot!

3 Heidi Klum


It's pretty much a given that you're never going to look better than Heidi Klum. She's known for using the same nannies day after day and we're all accustomed to seeing them. One nanny sort of came out of the blue and gave the supermodel a run for her money.

Heidi is a pretty hands-on sort of parent, but there are a lot of other hands helping her out, as well. Usually, she's pictured hand-in-hand with one of two of her four kiddos. Strolling along beside her is a helper or two.

This particular nanny is looking mighty fine. Heidi is indeed a sight to behold in a stunning black dress trimmed in white accents. The nanny also has a stylish dress of her own and it has a little more shape to it. The nanny is wearing uber cool sunglasses. Neither women appear to be hiding their faces, but guarding their eyes from the sun. Both have a head full of hair that is flawless.

Like I said, outdoing Heidi Klum might be impossible, but this nanny sure did walk her own runway!

2 Uma Thurman


First, let me say this - Ethan Hawke is an idiot for ditching Uma Thurman for the nanny. I know relationships are difficult and just because a women is a star doesn't make her the perfect girl for any fellow. But, still...

Now, Uma Thurman has a unique look of her own. She has this lazy, calm, relaxed sort of natural face. It suits her, but it is very much Uma Thurman. Her straight blonde hair and famous fringe are her thing. She used to go without eye makeup a lot and really focus on her lips. All in all, she's a sight for sore eyes.

Ryan Shawhughes is the home wrecker that stole Ethan away from Uma. She was the couple's nanny and decided it might be nice to play wife, too. So, she did.

I'm not saying that Ryan has anywhere near Uma's looks, but if you stare at enough side-by-side pics of the two, you are definitely going to see some similarities. If only Uma had Ryan's freakishly large (and freaky, did I say that already?) eyes then maybe the two could be twins.

I can't bring myself to say that nanny wins this beauty contest, but she won the man. That's saying something...

1 Tori Spelling


I'm not sure which side of the Tori Spelling fence you fall on - the "Tori looks like a horse and I hate her" side or the "Tori deserves love because Candy stole all hers and I love her" side of the fence. Whichever way you decide to go, it's undeniable that this former 90210 star likes her fashion.

I think it would be stretching the truth and the laws of nature a bit to say that Tori is a natural beauty, though. I mean, if you set this star in the midst of us regular Joes, gave her some Wal-mart makeup, and Old Navy jeans (that were on the clearance rack), she'd probably be no winner.

But, just look at that nanny walking next to them all. She IS a natural beauty. With her simple yet classy style of clothing and minimal makeup look, she is rocking it. Plus, the hat gives her that youthful essence about her. Tori might be trying with all her little Spelling heart, but this nanny probably rolled out of bed like his.

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