15 Celeb Parents Who Went On Vacation Without Their Newborn

Babymoons are all the rage these days. Moms and dads decide to jet off for a bit of a break before the baby arrives, usually enjoying the beach or another fun locale before they have to get to the diapering and the late-night feeding sessions. But there are a lot of parents who need a vacation after the baby is born, and they won't let a newborn stand in the way.

While most new parents plan family vacations, there are plenty who want to have their alone time. There are lots of celebrities who are guilty of leaving the baby at home and heading for the beach or the spa or something. Brittany and Jason Aldean just inflamed parents everywhere for leaving their little guy at home at just a few months, but they are not the only ones.

Some people have fessed up on social media, while others were spotted by paparazzi being tourists or lounging in the sun or running through the airport. Some of them may surprise readers. Being a new mom is hard, and we don't think that some people might need the stress break. And these celebrities have nannies at home to take care of the little one.

Here are 15 celeb parents who chose vacation over their newborn.

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15 Jason And Brittany Aldean's Post-Baby Beach Trip

Brittany Kerr Aldean and her man, country music star Jason Aldean, needed some mom and dad time just a few months after they welcomed son Memphis. So they jetted off for a beach vacation just three months later. And yes, Brittany heard about it from people who were not happy that she chose vacation over her baby.

"Just a word of wisdom for all the parent-shamers . . . vacations are OK for new parents to take. Sometimes after being pregnant for almost a year cooped up in a house for weeks at a time, you need a little sunshine and adult time," Brittany wrote on social media. But she still got a bunch of nasty troll comments, slamming her for a post of her looking at a photo of her baby while she flew to her vacation. Brittany stands by her choice for a quick getaway and says she and her husband are happier for it.

14 Duggars Ditch The Little Kids

The Duggars can't do anything without stirring up controversy, and going on vacation is no exception. In 2016, Michelle and Jim Bob were criticized for visiting Central America and leaving the little kids at home. The trip was a surprise visit to their daughter Jill, son-in-law Derick and grandbaby Israel, who were serving a mission trip at the time.

Even though the Duggar parents were actually visiting a child, people were concerned that they left their younger kids back home in Arkansas. Their youngest Josie was already 6 at the time, so we're not sure that it was such a big deal, especially when there were a ton of older siblings around to help take care of the kids. But of course, that is another criticism that people love to throw at the Duggars, so we shouldn't be surprised by the vacation controversy.

13 Serena's Bachelorette Weekend


When you are having a baby and planning a wedding at the same time, there are some dates that are certainly going to collide. That's what happened for Serena Williams, who welcomed her daughter Alexis Olympia in September and then her wedding set for just a few months later. The baby went on the honeymoon, but she wasn't quite old enough to make it as part of the member of the bridal party, so she missed bachelorette weekend.

In November, Serena went off with a bunch of her besties to New York City, including her sister Venus, Ciara and LaLa Anthony. The girls took a party bus around town and partied all night, according to Us Magazine. Then they enjoyed being pampered at a spa the next day. It was definitely a weekend for the big girls, and the baby stayed home.

12 Jenelle Evans Leaves Baby Behind

Let's admit it, we haven't had high expectations for the young women who starred in the Teen Mom franchise. And Jenelle Evans was one of the biggest culprits when she had her first kid and had to get a lot of help from her mom. With baby No. 2, we thought she was older and wiser and was going to put the baby first. But still, she chose vacation over her little guy, Kaiser.

Jenelle took off with her boyfriend to St. Thomas for two entire weeks when baby Kaiser was about six months old. Jenelle's boyfriend Nathan did pop the question during the trip, so we're sure she was happy to spend the time with him (although things didn't exactly work out in the long run). Jenelle posted a bunch of sweet reunion photos on social media when she got home. Both she and Kaiser were definitely happy to be back together again.

11 Kylie's Hotel Stay

All throughout her pregnancy, Kylie Jenner stayed behind the scenes, and we all thought that meant that she was putting her baby before everything, including her social life and her business. She stayed close to home for nine months, though, so we shouldn't be surprised that it didn't take long until she headed out on a little vacation.

We didn't see Kylie on the beach, but there was a suspicious photo of her leaving a hotel with her beau Travis Scott. The photo showed what looked like a bruise on her eye, so that got all the attention. But most people didn't notice that she was leaving a Miami hotel just weeks after the birth of her baby in Los Angeles. Stormi was at home while Kylie met Travis for a weekend getaway all the way across the country. It seemed very early to leave the baby for a vacation to us.

10 Colin Farrell Flees Newborn

#4103993 Colin Farrell and girlfriend Alicja Bachleda-Curus set to depart from Los Angeles Airport Saturday morning. However, noticeably absent was their 7 week old baby Henry. The two lovebirds look primed to escape from their stressful celebrity lives for a vacation, but is it irresponsible to be apart from their new baby so early in his development? Fame Pictures, Inc - Santa Monica, CA, USA - +1 (310) 395-0500

The beginnings of parenthood can be pretty overwhelming. It's not so surprising that parents would want to take a vacation from it, but when a newborn is still so tiny, we couldn't imagine leaving them with the nanny. But that's what Colin Farrell and his girlfriend did in 2009, when their son Henry was just seven weeks old.

They were spotted in Mexico having a good old time sans baby. Granted, they were probably actually getting their first good night's sleep in more than two months. And the fact that this is just past the time when doctors give the all clear for "togetherness", we bet they were doing some catching up on their relationship. Some people were torn on whether or not it was OK to leave a baby for a vacation at that tender age, but Colin and his paramour didn't seem to mind either way.

9 Royal Baby Break

Kid-free vacations are definitely a perk for those who have good help with the baby. It's easier to get away when you have a good nanny or at least a grandparent to help out. And who has better support than the royal family? William and Kate slipped away for a getaway when Prince George was just 8 months old, but while the boy was just fine back at home, the couple faced a royal backlash.

Kate's parents stayed with the boy, and we're sure there were nannies and aides to help, but that didn't stop people from judging the future king and queen. The couple's vacation to the Maldives may have been a bit marred by the negative reaction from the media and the commoners, but we're sure that George was just fine when they got home, albeit probably a little spoiled by his grandparents.

8 Bradley And Irina Take Time Off

When you have a Hollywood love affair, your vacation buddies might be some pretty high profile, amazing people. But when they come before the baby, people will look at you with questioning eyes. Bradley Cooper welcomed his first child last year with model Irina Shayk, and when they took their first post-birth vacation, it was quite an illustrious affair.

Bradley and Irina went to Tahiti with some of the biggest names in media and fashion, including actress Allison Williams, newscaster Anderson Cooper, television mogul Andy Cohen and fashion icon Diane von Furstenberg. But they left at home their daughter Lea, who was only about 4 months old. It may have been an A-list affair, but there were plenty of people frowning that the new parents didn't bring the baby along.

7 George And Amal's Getaway

Even if you are the sexiest man alive and one of the smartest lawyers on the planet, it's still tough to get through parenthood without a break. Last month, George Clooney and his wife Amal slipped away for a quick trip to Big Sur in February to celebrate the international law expert's 40th birthday, and they left at home twins Ella and Alexander, who were about 8 months old at the time.

George is a first-time dad at age 56, so we imagine that the lack of sleep was getting to him. Plus, Amal had definitely reached a big milestone that was worth a night out on their own. The two were only away overnight, and they headed back to the babies the next day. It was a quick getaway without the kids.

6 Kim K.'s Tokyo Trip

(Photo by Jun Sato/GC Images)

It's tough to be a working mom, especially when your job involves traveling. But most moms can at least stay home with the baby for a few months before they travel because of maternity leave. For moguls like Kim Kardashian-West, though, maternity leave isn't really a thing. Kim traveled to Tokyo when her newest baby Chicago was just 6 weeks old.

Kim couldn't skip the filming schedule for Keeping Up With the Kardashians, so she flew across the Pacific for a few days with her sisters Kourtney and Khloe. According to People, Kim's husband Kanye West and her mom Kris Jenner took care of Chicago, as well as her big sister and brother, North and Saint, but we bet there were also nannies helping out. Sources stressed that the trip was for work and not vacation, but we're sure there was plenty of fun going on as well.

5 Reality Star's Custody Reality

Kim K isn't the only mom reality star these days. She may be the most famous, but there are plenty of others who have turned their lives into a television show and a livelihood, and they have to work too. Joseline Hernandez was the breakout star of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," which chronicled her life and roller-coaster relationship with Stevie J. She gave birth to her daughter Bonnie Bella in a television special, but now she is apparently choosing her vacation over her baby girl.

Joseline, who calls herself the "Puerto Rican Princess," quit Love & Hip Hop, and now she has a new reality show that is supposed to capture her antics in a new city, Miami. She's already been spotted on the beach, but her baby girl is not beside her. That's because she's in a big custody battle with Stevie J, and neither are allowed to leave Georgia with the baby. Joseline chose to go to Miami, and she might suffer because of it, according to DallasBlack.com.

4 Kristin Cavallari's Bali Vacation

Since her own reality television days, Kristin Cavallari seems like a different person. We've been really impressed with how much of a hands-on mom she is to her three kids with football player Jay Cutler. But that doesn't mean that the girl doesn't choose vacation over the baby sometimes.

In 2016, Kristin documented a trip to Bali, where she did sightseeing, enjoyed cocktails and the beach without a baby in sight. Bali is all about relaxation and meditation, and that can be hard when you are chasing toddlers. We're sure her kids have passports, but she didn't seem to take them on this trip. It's tough to be a mom every day of the year, so let's hope that the vacation rejuvenated her so she could get back to being a good mom.

3 Kelly's Work Trip

Kelly Clarkson is definitely a world traveler, but ever since she became a mom, she brought her kids along with her. But sometimes the things mom and dad are doing aren't really kid friendly. That's what happened when Kelly went to the Super Bowl earlier this year. Kelly performed at the NFL Tailgate Party, and all of the rest of the festivities seemed to be too much for her kids, River Rose, 3, and Remington Alexander, 1, so they stayed home in Nashville.

Kelly said she was really nervous to leave her babies at home, but she admitted that she and her husband Brandon got the best night's sleep — plus, a date night. She told E! that her daughter River didn't mind being left behind, as long as there was ice cream at home.

2 Kourtney's Kidless Adventure

We're on our third Kardashian-Jenner on our list, although we must admit that oldest sister Kourtney has definitely waited longer to ditch her kids for vacation than the other sisters. She travels a lot, so this may not be her first kidless vacation, but last year she caught some slack for leaving her three youngsters behind while she was jet-setting with her young new boyfriend.

Kourtney's romance with Younes Bendjima, who is 14 years younger than her, has mostly taken place on yachts and beaches and other hot vacation spots. She left behind Mason, Penelope and Reign as they traveled all around having some fun. But Kourtney has been pretty devoted to her family, and we think she was probably avoiding the kids getting too close to her boyfriend before she knew if it was real. Considering what her baby daddy Scott Disick was up to during this time, we think that Kourtney's vacation without the kids was probably pretty tame.

1 Kim Z.'s Adult Vacation

Kim Zolciak-Biermann has a bunch of babies at home. She had two kids when she rose to reality show fame on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but when she met her football player hubby, they added four more kids to the bunch. Her youngsters were one reason that she skipped a bunch of RHOA trips to bond with the girls — or at least she claimed that. But recently Kim ditched her babies to go on a tropical vacation with her man.

We found out soon enough on Instagram that the vacation wasn't exactly kid-friendly. Kim apparently wanted some alone time with hubby Kroy, as she snapped selfies of the two both topless on the beach. This was definitely an adult trip, so her kids stayed home and let the grown ups play.

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