15 Celeb Pics That Prove It's Better To Not Have Babies

While having kids is considered a privilege for many, it's a life path that many women are choosing to abandon, and for good reason.

As the lives of Hollywood's most rich and famous women are constantly targeted for news of babies, baby bumps, and baby gender reveals, we have to take pause to consider just how crazy all of this is. In a world that has been modernized by feminism and powerful women, the fairer gender is still constantly put under the microscope when it comes to maternal pressure. While having kids is considered a privilege for many, it's a life path that many women are choosing to abandon, and for good reason. As the world becomes overpopulated and resources begin to diminish, environmentalists are seeing the disadvantages of procreating. At the same time, celebs and career-focused woman alike are choosing to focus on achieving success and building enough clout to create positive change in the world.

With celebs like Khloe and Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton stealing space in the tabloids when it comes to their baby news, publications are becoming less and less fixated on female celebs who are doing much more than simply getting knocked up.

Without children, women are able to dedicate a lot more time to things that matter to them, like their profession, entrepreneurship, their health, and notable causes. And for celebs, that commitment makes an even greater impact since their voice demands to be heard.

For these famous women without children, we have to highlight the fact that they are doing something right (even if that doesn't include making babies).

15Cameron Diaz Still Rocks A Six-Pack At 45

As a former model, actress, and woman who is rocking at life, Cameron Diaz has been succeeding at a career that has taken her from The Mask to the Shrek franchise to modern comedies like The Other Woman and Bad Teacher. She's also been one of three fierce and independent women to star in the Charlie's Angels movies, and that independence perfectly translates into her own life. At forty-five years of age, Cameron is proving to us that she has the capabilities to defy that number and maintain her sleek physique, no matter the year. And it is not just in her movies that we're seeing Cameron make a name for herself. She has written two books on the art of feeling great in your aging body, The Body Book and The Longevity Book. Without children, Cameron proves that success and a toned bod cannot only be achieved, but they can each thrive.

14Jennifer Aniston Has A Body That Just Won't Quit

One of Hollywood's most stalked women when it comes to seeking out that long-awaited baby bump is Jennifer Aniston, but Jen has told us time and time again that children are just not in the cards for her, at least not anytime soon. Jen is not in any rush to care for little ones, especially since her career is still in full swing and her marriage to Justin Theroux is still fresh and going strong. At forty-eight, Jennifer is completely satisfied with her life and isn't looking to fulfill it by becoming a mother. With a promising and rewarding career, great friends, and a loving hubby, she has everything she's ever wanted, and more! Without any kids, Jen has the free time to relax and maintain that healthy body of hers by way of pilates, yoga, and downing gallons of water and vitamins.

13Rashida Jones Has A Youthful Glow That Makes Her Look Years Younger Than She Actually Is

Rashida Jones is downright adorable and you'd never guess that this former Parks & Recreation star is in her forties! The daughter of Quincy Jones and Peggy Lipton, Rashida was born from celebrity parents, but she's totally branched out from their namesake and carved out a career based on female empowerment and intellect. With a degree from Harvard, Rashida decided to pursue comedic acting at a time when women were becoming prominent players in the industry. She's been entirely outspoken about how women should not have to dress sexy to get the roles or men, and that a more conservative nature should not be ignored. She refuses to undress for a part, which is both admirable and shows us that she has values that position her as a great female role model. At forty-one, Rashida may not have kids, but she is proving that life for a woman doesn't need to be defined by her ability to procreate. Not only that, but she looks super youthful for her age!

12Sandra Bullock Proves That Birthing Babies Does Not Make You A Mother

When it comes to power celeb, Sandra Bullock, we can't help but admire this down-to-earth woman. At fifty-three, Sandra doesn't have any biological children. Instead, she has two adopted children – one boy and one girl – Louis and Laila. Both were adopted from the U.S. foster system and, in doing so, Sandra made a small impact on the hundreds of thousands of lives currently affected on the nation's youth. She managed to change the lives of two children in a way that many youths could only dream of, instead of creating new life and ignoring the problem like so many choose to do. Sandra is truly a hero to be able to bestow love and opportunity to two very lucky children. Even though she chose to not have children of her own, we can clearly see that she's hasn't missed out on anything.

11Oprah Winfrey Is Seriously Winning At Life

Since 1986, Oprah Winfrey has been influencing a nation with her daily talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. In addition to her long-running television program that is adored by millions, including celebs, Oprah is also an actress, author, producer, and philanthropist. Instead of spending her days caring for children, she spends her time caring for others through her influence on the media and her charitable nature. With a net world of approximately 3 billion, the sixty-three year old has been named the most influential person in the world several times, she has been named as the richest African-American, the greatest black philanthropist in history, and the first black multi-billionaire. Her success grew despite having two minorities against her: being a woman and being black. Even so, her career and financial worth would probably not be where it is today had she took the time to be a mother.

10Renee Zellweger Still Looks Like A Fresh-Faced Teenager

Renee Zellweger won over audiences early in her career when she starred alongside Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire. And who could forget her wild and spirited performance in the 90's cult classic, Empire Records? Since then, Renee has strengthened her acting chops and turned her career into one that has allowed her to take six years off from the biz to simply enjoy life. As Renee makes a long-awaited comeback, she looks happier and younger than ever, and at forty-eight, she's made a lot of skeptics question whether or not she's had work done during her hiatus. She's adamant that she didn't alter her appearance in any way, except for the natural perks to truly living a happy and fulfilling life away from the industry. During her time off, she spent time with friends, traveling to exotic destinations, and volunteering in Africa. Had she became a mother instead, we can't say that her youthful glow would have held up.

9Tyra Banks Maintains Her Style Versatility

Tyra Banks is a supermodel with a long list of successes that does not just include her walking the runways or posing for magazine covers. Tyra Banks has built a dynasty around her name with her entrepreneurial mindset and drive, making this forty-three year old a fierce and powerful woman with an endless beauty, fashion sense, and youthful personality. In addition to her modeling career, Tyra has been the face of America's Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks Show, and is a judge on America's Got Talent. She is a bestselling author, actress, pioneer behind cosmetics line Tyra Beauty (which she earned a certificate from Harvard Business School just to create), and runs an e-commerce cosmetics website. She is also a professor! To teach Personal Branding, Tyra lectures at Stanford University, inspiring would-be marketers with her advice and guidance. All of that could not happen if her time was being spent with kids demanding her attention.

8Chelsea Handler Is Living Her Best Life

Chelsea Handler is famously against having children – preferring the company of her dogs, Chunk and recently-deceased Tammy – and that's more than okay for her and the world as she makes us question whether children truly do keep you from achieving your dreams. At the age of forty-two, Chelsea looks both gorgeous and unbelievably happy with the life and career she's built for herself. She's a comedian, actress, talk show host, and author, and has a wonderful deal with Netflix unlike any celeb has had before. With her Netflix-exclusive show, Chelsea, has the freedom to discuss anything she wants with her exclusive guests, with nothing being off limits, including profanity. She also had a documentary series on the streaming platform called Chelsea Does, which followed the star throughout various, controversial aspects of her life. She's refreshingly honest and makes no apologies for her independent and prosperous life (and love of alcohol).

7Kylie Minogue Looks Half Her Age

Can you get a load of this age-defying chick? Kylie Minogue is an Australian goddess who is pushing fifty. FIFTY! She's rocking the face of an angel and the body of a twenty-something millennial, making this singer and dancer an icon among middle-aged women. At one time, Kylie has been titled both the "Princess of Pop" and the "Goddess of Pop", an honour that was rightfully held before the likes of Britney Spears entered the scene in the 90's. In addition to her fame, she's put her influence to great use, choosing to advocate for humanitarian ventures through fundraising and charity work. Her passion for creating positive change in the world is bountiful and continuous, even as she struggled through overcoming breast cancer in 2005, which gave way to the "Kylie Effect"; a movement that encourages young girls to continually check themselves for signs of breast abnormalities.

6Betty White, Still Rocking

Betty White is one of the most famous ladies of Hollywood and has stood out to audiences more in the second half of her life than in the first. Betty celebrated her ninety-fifth birthday with an interview by Katie Couric, where she wore a turquoise pantsuit and bright pink lipstick. Katie gifted her with a stuffed sloth, which she jugged like a little child as she admitted to having quite the stuffed animal collection. At such an old age, you'd never believe that Betty was pushing a century. With her youthful energy, humour, and spirit, Betty was always smiling, proving that without the stress of children weighing on you, life can be vibrant long beyond your twilight years. Her life has brought about entertainment and positive change with her animal right activism and collection of self-written books.

5Kim Cattrall Has A Healthy Glow At 61

In her sixties, this Sex in the City alum is rocking a hot bod and a face that utterly glows (who needs a pregnancy to achieve such a look?). This youthful appearance is just the surface of what makes this Canadian starlet such a prominent, childless figure in Hollywood. In addition to her career in film and television, Kim has penned three novels, Kim Cattrall Sexual Intelligence, Being A Girl, and Satisfaction: The Art Of The Female Orgasm. She is one of the first female celebrities to speak out about the erotic side of women, which is both empowering and liberating for women worldwide. She recently spoke out about how the SATC series prevented her from having children due to demanding work hours, and her consideration of IVF treatments (right around the time of the show's success) was permanently delayed. Instead, she has replaced the motherly desire with helping young women and mentoring the next generation of female actresses.

4Bo Derek Is Flawless & Full Of Energy

In her early sixties, Bo Derek – former supermodel and actress – has remained a toned and healthy stunner as she slowly inches towards retiring from the industry. At her age, she hasn't slowed down, which is partly due to her lack of children to stop her, and partly because she takes time for herself to make sure she is happy and healthy in every way possible. Her youthful glow is just the start of how this woman acts as a role model to women everywhere. Just last year – at the ripe age of sixty – Bo competed in a swimming marathon in Greece, proving to us that her endurance is remarkable. When she's not training her body to withstand gruelling competitions, she also spends her time being an activist for animal rights and an advocate for other noble causes, including the rehabilitation of war veterans.

3Diane Sawyer Influences & Inspires A Nation

Currently owning the title of one of the most famous and influential journalists ever, Diane Sawyer has surpassed the ranks of men in her industry, such as Anderson Cooper and Dan Rather. At the age of seventy-one, Diane shows no evidence of slowing down and is looking fresh as a daisy while continuing to impact the lives of many. Her wild success is due to her inability to take no for an answer and continuing to push boundaries and her own capabilities as a businesswoman. Without children, Diane has managed to earn the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism, an honorary Doctorate of Letters from Brown University, a Peabody Award, and even an Emmy for her presence in the news and across televised documentaries. Her awards are numerous, but it is in her high-profile interviews that she truly has made a name for herself.

2Ashley Judd Is Setting Out To Change The World

Another gorgeous woman who is on the brink of turning fifty is political activist and actress, Ashley Judd. Aside from looking impeccable for her age, she's setting out to change how the world responds to sexual harassment and assault. As one of the first women to come forward with an accusation against Harvey Weinstein, and a writer of a memoir which details previous assaults that she's endured throughout her career and childhood, Ashley is shaping up to be a woman whose voice could impact millions. She often shares tips for young women on ways that they can stand against assault, but she has also teamed up with politicians whose power can truly create change. As such, Ashley had a recent hand in drafting a proposal for the government to put an end to sexual harassment. Without children, Ashley acts as a nurturer to young women nationwide in opting to try and protect them and provide them with a voice.

1Ellen Degeneres & Portia de Rossi Are The Happiest They Can Be

Two famous women – each with differing resumes – have found love in each other, which acts as a support system to each of their successful careers. Without children, Ellen and Portia are happy as ever and are completely fulfilled by the life they have built with each other. In addition to their work loads, they find fulfillment at home by acting as each other's best friend, sharing laughs, meals, and a lavish home together. Between Ellen's daily commitment to her talk show and Portia's acting demands, the two wouldn't have the time or energy to bestow upon their children even if they felt the desire to have them. Even though Ellen is turning sixty in the new year, she has proved through her dancing that she still has a vibrant, unstoppable energy that will surely carry on long after she retires from the biz.


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