15 Pregnancy Pics These Celeb Moms Want Erased

Expecting a baby is an absolutely magical and exciting time in any woman's life. In fact, some may feel even more beautiful than ever. Why then, do celebs shy away from many photo ops when they are preggers? Not surprisingly, this moms-to-be have their reasons. The paparazzi are not always looking for the most flattering photos. In fact, quite the opposite!

Whether it is baby number one, or baby number four, many celeb moms-to-be try to stay on the DL when they are with child. It's personal. However, nobody's life (particularly celebs) gets put on hold because of an ever-expanding baby bump. Life goes on, bellies get bigger, and mamas get a bit less tolerant of nonsense. This is just a fact.

Sooooo...Enter the paparazzi pregnancy photos that have been immortalized forever in magazines, online, and strewn about the television? What's a mama to do with those sometimes embarrassing shots? Well ladies, while it is completely understandable that the desire to delete those pics exists, we "non celeb" moms tend to feel a bit better about our own photo mishaps when we see that the rich and famous have the same issues as well. So thanks for the giggles, and for allowing the pics to stay in circulation.

Remember, everyone is in this crazy life together!!

15 Jessica Alba's Extra Roll

Poor Jessica Alba! Seen here preggers with baby number three, Ms. Alba was obviously caught off guard by the presence of paparazzi as she attempted to exit her vehicle. Swarmed by cameras and microphones, it is rather obvious that she did not notice what she was holding in her hand!!

Toilet paper?! Who gets out of their car holding toilet paper? Most of us don't, but perhaps she is certain that the place she is headed is likely to run out? Or maybe, carrying that baby bump that makes her pee every five minutes has caused her to become more particular about the brand she uses?

In any case, I have little doubt that this pic is something that she would love to have deleted. However, if you're listening, Ms. Alba, please accept our thanks for making us feel normal!

14 We See You, Kelly Clarkson

Personally, I find Kelly Clarkson to be absolutely adorable! Not only does she have the voice of an angel, but she is funny, smart and spunky to boot. Although she is most certainly a sweetheart, she is also known not to take much crap from anyone!

This pic may certainly reflect one of those moments. Dressed head to toe in a fun little outfit that just happens to hide her identity (well at least an attempt) Kelly is strutting her preggo self down the street without much concern for what others may be thinking of her.

That being said, her little onesie mama outfit may not have been her first choice if she had known she was going to have a run in with the paparazzi. Though it is certainly not the most flattering outfit for a photo shoot, Ms. Clarkson appears to be taking it all in stride.

13 Jessica Biel's Busting Bump

Some moms-to-be hunker down during the final stretch of their journey to motherhood. Celebrity mamas are no different. The only difference between us and them may be that when celeb mommies finally step outside of their warm comfy homes, paparazzi are often lurking nearby, in hopes of grabbing a pic of their poor, unsuspecting, and overtired targets.

In this case, obviously Jessica Biel was not ready to go out and walk the red carpet. Honestly, she barely looks ready to walk and grab a quick smoothie at the corner or perhaps a less healthy package of cookies. Her outfit is certainly not one that she would choose for a photo op!

Oh well. It is what it is, and she still looks cute as ever. A mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do!

12 Drew Barrymore Keeps It Unbuttoned

Drew Barrymore has certainly never been accused of being soft spoken. She is always willing to give her opinion whether anyone has directly asked her for it or not. So while the hormones are having their fun, and the world is continuing to spin, it is not surprising that Ms. Barrymore was giving it right back to the paparazzi that was invading her personal space.

While adorable as usual, the look on her face is certainly not one that conveys anything other than disdain and annoyance for the camera. Can't say I blame her a bit. It appears that she is at home and trying to mind her own business.

With unbuttoned pants and a rumpled and wrinkled shirt, I completely understand why Ms. Barrymore may want this pic deleted, but for our sake, once again it is nice to feel normal.

11 Mila Kunis Isn't Too Pleased

This girl (Mila Kunis) looks seriously ticked off, doesn't she? Oh my goodness it looks like this is certainly not the first time she has been approached by paparazzi where she believes they should be leaving her alone. The expression on her face is truly one of disbelief.

Of course she doesn't like it!! Sheesh!! Here she is, comfortable and just minding her own business when BAM! There they are again! Not the most flattering picture of poor Ms. Mila either. Maybe Ashton should have come out to give those guys a run for their money. Haha.

Again, I totally understand why this pic may not be a warm and fuzzy memory for this sweet girl, but hopefully it will eventually work its way into a funny memory.

10 Naomi Watts Swatting Away The Cameras

Naomi Watts is certainly no wallflower when it comes to expressing her discontent with the paparazzi! Check her out in this bizarro pic!! She's actually shoving the camera out of her personal space. I say good for her!! Those guys have another thing coming if they think she is just going to stand by and allow them to repeatedly invade her privacy.

I have to wonder what the rest of the people standing around were thinking when this was taking place. Not only was she obviously pregnant and angry, but she is actually becoming physically aggressive towards the cameraman. Not a good situation.

In any case, I can't say I would blame her for being slightly embarrassed by this pic, but she was definitely not in the wrong!

9 Haylie Duff Has Bigger Fish To Fry...

Haylie Duff is certainly not going to give the paparazzi the satisfaction of seeing her get flustered. She is marching about her business and pretending they aren't even there. Personally, I give her a lot of credit for just taking the high road. She knows they are more than likely capturing some unflattering pictures, but she appears to have bigger fish to fry.

Obviously she was getting quite close to her due date when this picture was taken, and so as with any mom-to-be, she doesn't have the time or energy to deal with silly nonsense. Good for her!

As far as the picture is concerned, good for you, Haylie! I think this pic reflects the spirit of a strong and smart young woman.

8 Gwen Stefani Or Princess Leia?

Gwen Stefani may indeed be the most photogenic human on the face of the planet. She is just absolutely gorgeous, no matter what state she may be in at the time. That being said, when she was out for a walk with her little guy, with an ever growing baby bump in progress, she was obviously not in the mood to be photographed.

Princess Leia hair to the side, Ms. Stefani does not look too amused with the camera that is currently pointed in her direction. The old saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words", can certainly apply here. There may be some bad language associated with her words at that particular moment though.

Well, Gwen, kudos to you for standing your ground. I understand that these may not be your favorite pics, but to me, you look flawless as always.

7 Olivia's Wilde Side...

Olivia Wilde may just be living up to her name a bit in this interesting pic. What in the world is going on here? I guess it may be an ok shot for her significant other to have stored on their phone, but released to the public? I don't think this was your best judgment, missy!!

To each their own, I suppose, but my gut tells me that in retrospect, this mom-to-be was not too happy with her spontaneous decision to bake her literal buns while showing off her figurative bun in the oven!! Haha!

Oh well. Live and learn. She looks beautiful, but it seems a bit inappropriate for a photo session. Maybe it's just me?

6 Beyonce Is That You?

Beyonce? Is that you? Oh my goodness, that is some outfit you have on, my dear. What in the world is that? I am assuming there was some sort of story behind this "interesting" outfit, but what could it be? The designer? The level of comfort? Did you ACTUALLY want to wear it? These questions may never be answered.

In any case, you did wear it, and now there is proof strewn around the internet for all eternity. I know, I know...you may not like this picture now, but at least the rest of us can revel in the fact that even Beyonce has trouble finding maternity clothes that are flattering to her body.

Looking at this pic, I kind of have to wonder what the others in that very crowded room may have said while still in the moment. Must have been a fun night!

5 Jessica Simpson Is Full Of Hot Air...

Oh, poor Ms. Jessica Simpson. People were really mean to her while she was preggers. Everybody is different when carrying their baby bump, and personally, I hate it when people are so critical. Did she gain weight? Yes. Did she want to have people giving her crap about it? I have little doubt that the answer is no.

Unfortunately, the paparazzi had a field day with Jessica, and the number of unflattering maternity pictures of her is truly staggering. Whether it was the clothing, the weight, or the expression on her face, the photos just kept coming and coming.

At some point, I think she waved he white flag and just went with it. I'm sure she doesn't love all of the less than perfect pictures, but once again, she allows us to feel better about ourselves.

4 Marcela Valladolid Gives In To Her Cravings

Marcela Valladolid is absolutely adorable. I actually love this pic because it kind of reflects how the majority of us would love to spend some time during our last few months of pregnancy. For me, I was never so hungry in my life as I was when I was expecting our son. I would literally wake up from a dead sleep at two in the morning...STARVING!! My guess is that she was having a boy because I was far less hungry with my girl...but maybe that's just me.

Anyway, I am fairly certain that she did not find this to be the most flattering picture, and probably would have been okay with it being deleted...however, since it still exists anyway, thank you, Marcela, for letting an honest picture of yourself slip through the cracks. It's much appreciated.

3 See Ya, Ciara

This pic seriously cracks me up! It looks like our friend Ciara is in some sort of bizarre game of catch! What exactly is going on here? Her butt is sticking out, she has a look of surprise on her face, and her hands look like they are ready to catch something! I'm not sure if it is the butt, the belly, or the shocked face that is making me giggle, but I suspect it is the combination of all three.

It looks as though this mom-to-be was a good sport about letting her picture be taken while she was obviously involved in some sort of physical activity. I would guess that there were more flattering shots to choose from though.

In any case, she is absolutely adorable, and even though the pic makes me giggle, it is all in good fun.

2 Lady Madonna

Okay my peeps, we're talking Madonna here. Back in the day, nothing, and I mean NOTHING embarrassed this legendary icon. However, that was when she did everything on her own terms. She may have "bared all", but it was because she had creative control, it was certainly not through any random paparazzi.

This pregger pic of the material girl isn't really that bad or anything, it just appears that Madonna is absolutely irritated with the invasion of privacy that is taking place. Can't say that I blame her a bit. Nobody wants to be stalked by cameras.

I have no doubt, however, that this photographer got an earful, and most likely has not bothered her much since.

1 Who's The Boss? Melissa Milano

I just adore Alyssa Milano! She is not only beautiful and smart, but she is also a talented actress and all around kind human being. Honestly, in my humble opinion, I don't think a truly bad picture of the girl exists, but from her perspective, the story may be a bit different.

All moms-to-be love their snacks...that is just a fact. Most of us, however, are not photographed in the middle of wolfing down a double fudge sundae! How does she look so adorable even while chowing down? Maybe it's just a well guarded Hollywood secret.

Anyway, although this may be far from her favorite pic of herself while sporting the baby bump, it is a realistic shot that makes the rest of us smile.

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